There will be lots of people who will be confused by the list that I just made, I know, some of them are debatable. There are names who aren’t oncluded in the game, becuase I don’t really watch Borneo till Panama. I started to watch this from Cook Islands. And I decided not to watch Redemption Island and South Pacific too because those two are really shitty seasons. This list was updated so that I can put some of the great players from Cagayan on this list. As the season keeps coming, It’s getting harder for me to put it into the list becuase this list are my favorite players. And the list is going to change too. THe ones who’s at #30 might be at #20 in the upcoming seasons. Because I change my mind a lot. And here are my 30 favorite players:


When you see Bob Crowley for the first time, you’d immediately say that this player won’t last long. “He probably wouldn’t make it till the merge or even tribe switch”, but It turns out to be a big shocker that Bob managed to make it through the switches, through the merge and end up winning. Can you imagine that? The other reason why I put Bob Crowley, 1. He’s so nice. He’s helpful, he’s likeable. He’s fun. And he’s that kind of guy who everybody wants to hangout with. Just like what Sugar said, eventhough this sounds confusing, I’d rather see the good guy win. No one thought of voting him out. Becuase no one thought that he would win so many Immuntiy Challenges. So many memorable moments with Bob. The family visit? I cried. Bob also did a really memorable job by creating a fake Idol and let Randy played it. It’s such a funny thing to do. He’s also sociable. He can socialized and bonded well with villanious characters like Corinne and Randy. And still can be likeable too. I think that he’s winning not becuase the Juries felt pity to him. Becuase at the end, Bob played an enormous game. Outlasting so many young players, so many fit players and end up being the oldest player to ever win the title. Bob sure does belong in this list.


Not the most memorable player. Especially in Blood Vs Water, when you have Ciera Eastin, Brad Culpepper, Vytas Baskauskas, Hayden Moss, Marissa Peterson and these are just the newbies. It’s just sad to see John voted out so early. If John didn’t take the clue, he would’ve been staying much longer. I am impressed by everything that he does. He’s so nice every single time. You can watch the clip when Marissa and Candice preapring something to say to Brad, and John just sit there and do nothing. He’s just not that kind of person. And how fast he accepted Brad’s apology while Candice seperated herself. And I’m just impressed by the fight that he gave in Redeption Island, which is impressive to see it. One of the players who stayed pretty long in Redemption Island. And he could be very strategic too. It’s a great decision not to flip with Candice in the First Impression Twist which is really stupid. John might not be everyone’s favorite, but I really really respect his heroic gameplay!


File:Yul Puka.jpg

File:Yul Aitu 2.jpg

File:Smash and grab yul.jpg

We all know Yul Kwon. The winner of Cook Islands. I’m so messed up. I wanted to put Yul Kwon on this list ,but I forgot to insert his name. Yul Kwon is one of my favoriet players because Yul Kwon played all three aspects of the game. Yes, he has never won a challenge. But, he can bring small Aitu into the FInal Four. By the help of challenge beast, Ozzy and also the physical body, Yul. Yul has one of the most physical body in Survivor and used that so that the Aitutaki can win. Strategically, he’s always strategically spot on. He strategized with all the Aitu which is pretty remarkable that all the strategic moves that he made were all understand-able. I know, It’s not even a word. And socially, who hates Yul? Come on. He answered all the questions in Final Tribal Council so well and properly. He usually used logic moves and his Idol play changes his game. Yul seems really like a nice guy and I’d love to hangout with him. Still confused why Jeff hasn’t bring him back yet. For Winners Season maybe? We’ll just have to wait.


Can you believe that Alina is the only player from Nicaragua who made it through the list? That is how horrible that season is. Like, just horrible. And I’m still confused why Jeff didn’t ask Alina back, well Jeff asked her back, but, I don’t know why Alina doesn’t really appear in any seasons. But I’m sure, she will. Not really a memorable player. It was tough to be her. NaOnka hated her the most, and she’ such a target. For being a big target (for aligning with Kelly B), It’s really impressive when you can make it till the merge. I really hate when she and Naonka both stole the foods, I think that she should get rid of that. Alina is that kind of sweet girl, who would do anything to win the game. It’s really heartbreaking to see her crying becuase of how much she wants that spot (when Purple Kelly and Naonka quits), I understand it. I totally understand it. She wants to play the game, and It’s sucha  shame that there are two people placed higher than her for doing nothing and for quitting. I like her because she still be positive when she’s hated. Like she doesn’t start any chaos and don’t act bitchy. She’s still lovable and still being nice. I just wished that we could see all three aspects shown on her game, that would be flawless. Come on, Jeff! If Francesca can return, why not her?


Still confusing to some people of how she could win both seasons. The reason is, because she’s fabulous. If someone wins, that means that person is the best player. There are three aspects of the game, Social gameplay, physical gameplay and strategic gameplay. You can see her being strategic, eventhough her strategic moves weren’t all spot on. Physically, i know. She sucked at challenges, eventhough with body like her, she could at least do fine in challenges. Even Cirie can do much better than her. Social gameplay, this is why she win the game. She’s socializing well. She treated the Heroes well, she didn’t pissed and upset the Heroes, because she knew, she coulnd’t and wouldn’t get the votes from the Villains except Courtney, and she picked the Heroes as her bridge to win the game. She’s loyal and fierce. I love everytime he spoke up and how openly she said that she hates Russel. I think it’s just entertaining to watch her. Definitely deserved both title of sole Survivor. Eventhough I know she wouldn’t come back for another season and I don’t think I want to see her, because there are still lots of people who needs to get another chance to win the game.


Trish has like one of the most underrated gameplay ever. Nobody realized how smart she is on the game, eventhough we realized it later on the game, a little too late, but she also made a big impact on the season. Trish is the one who convinced Kass to flip. And just like her Jury speech (one of the strongest jury speech), I really could put that Jury Speech in one of the bests Jury Speech, no one trusted Tony, they trsuted Trish. And Trish had to convince everyone so that they would do what Tony wanted to do. Everything she does, It’s all for Tony. She’s loyal. And she’s actually one of the most sociable player. Even Woo realized it, that If Trish makes it to the end, she will win because she’s a sweetheart. The thing about Trish is, she’s playing under the radar, no one realize all the moves she made. And when she made it to the Final Tribal Council, the juries will think that Trish played the best game because no one expected it. Trish might not be the strongest physically, but all she’s doing in the latest season of Survivor, is winning. And I actually starting to love Trish even more.


Parvati is that kind of player when you switched on your TV to watch Survivor on the first premiere and you would totally support and root for her to win the game. Micronesia, she’s not that obvious to win the game, but I knew she would be sailing her way right to the end. Her strength is her social skills. She can socialize well with all the players she wanted to and stab them in a blink of an eye. Jeff Probst said that she is the best player on the Girl Side. I totally agree that she is one of the best, but I don’t know if she’s the best player. She’s able to win challenges that is meant for guys to win too. In Heroes Vs Villains, she definitely played her game really well, a lot different than Micronesia where everyone wants to be friends with her, but in Heroes Vs Villains everyone seemed to know of how much of a threat this super flirtatious girl could be. But still managed to pull this thing off and ended up being the Runner-Up, so impressive. When you can play three aspects of the game like Parvati, there’s no doubt that you’ll be on everyone’s list.


Earlier in the game, she’s already been everyone’s favorite. Just she looks smart. In the first episode, she knew that Tony is a cop. And she said she has that copdar, Cop radar. Playing an impressive game in the first episodes. But, when she went to the Tribe Switch, that is her downfall. And on the merge, she’s overthinking, and she felt like she’s the Queen of the Jungle and unfortunately voted out because being so threatening. Sarah has played one crazy short game. That no one noticed. Physically, Sarah is really physical, she’s good at puzzles, she’s great in challenges, she’s looking fir the whole time. And If we put her in the Brain, I think the Brain will survived longer days and more numbers. Socially,  I think Sarah is being so fun to be around with. And Strategically, she’s overthinking everything. In the mege, Sarah just need to calm down and join Tasha and the others and she’ll be fine! But, I don’t know, I can see her playing in the future seasons, because she’s likeable, and Jeff likes him. And I know taht It would be different. She would stay longer in the game.


Penner is one of the players that have never won but deserved the title. Played three times, have never won. On Micronesia, he was evacuated. I knew he could’ve gone further If he wasn’t evacuated. He’s actually a really smart player. On Philippines, returned and being one of the most dangerous and threatening player of the season. Came with a huge target on his back. Socially, he might pissed people because of his joke. Physically, he’s a really great physical player. He did won several challenges. Strategic games, he strategized well. He knew what’s good for his alliance, not just for him. And on Philippines, I think he went pretty far. He’s funny and entertaining, I guess that’s what made him so fun to watch. And you know, he might not win any seasons, but he left with a great impressions. Super harsh sometimes, great attitude. And just so fun to watch.


AuFgK6-CAAAl71k survivor-blood-water45 ustv-survivor-blood-vs-water-big-bad-wolf-still-2

I don’t care what anyone thinks, I like her! I know, she’s way too paraonid and way too busy with some stuffs. She’s so nervous the whole time. But I’m just so inspired by everything that she said in the Final Tribal Council. Deserved more than one vote. I think that most of them are just so done with her tears and her overreacting. But, I think It was totally genuine and It was from the bottom of her heart. She’s honest. Sometimtes, I really wanna punch her becuase she’s not doing what everyone want her to do, to flip to the other side. But, she wants to get to the end with Tyson because she thought taht If she gets to the end with Tyson, most of them will vote for her because Gervis is not playing any game and Tyson being hated by the Juries. Physically awesome. Just awesome. She won so many Immunity Challenges that impressed me. Strategically, when she’s strategizing with Tyson and Gervis, sometimes I think that this is one of the best Trio, but I really hate Gervis, so I relaly wanna take that back. At the end, Monica might be a bit annoying, but everything about her is so genuine to me. She’s really nice, she’s really helpful and she doesn’t really lie? She haven’t lie isn’t it? One of the strongest women to ever play the game. Her goal is not just to be Brad Culpepper’s Wife and a mother of her children, well, Monica, you’re not. You’re a competitor and you’re an amazing player.

Laura-morett-survivor Survivor-27.7-Laura-Morett survivor-2013-bvw-epi05-recap-tc-03
Watching her play in Samoa, is so painful to watch. That is like on my least favorite season, becuase it filled with bunch of idiots. You never expected him to return, because If she hadn’t had a drama with Shambo and Russel, you wouldn’t remember her.But, she’s great physically. Maybe Jeff likes that. And at the end, she’s actually the only girl with Natalie that I respect the game. Coming back with her daughter, I honestly thought that she’s not gonna go far. But, by the help of Redemption Island, she came back and slayed everything. Unstoppable. Just like a robot, unbeatable, invincinble. That’s how everyone see her. She’s that strong in physical. Hot mom. The last remaining couple in that season. Physically, she’s awesome. She has beaten big strong guys like John, Vytas, Aras, Brad, Hayden. But lost to Tina? Like waht the hell? I love that everything she’s doing is for her daughter. I love that she’s rooting for her daughter so much, but still be competitive every time. Strategically, I love to see her being strategic, and I love when Ciera taught her mom about doing the moves. That is really great. And without any doubts, the best couple in that season. Laura M & Ciera, who wouldn’t root these two?



Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands


Definitely not my favorite from Tocantins, to see him play the game, It’s really cunning, sneaky and ruthless. But now I know that all he wanted to do is to win the game. And I really accepting the fact that he’s attempting to win. Not so fabulous game in Tocantins. And so not fabulous in Heroes Vs Villains. But one of the best game in Blood Vs Water. How can someoen take the driver seat from the beginning to the end wihtout no one even attempting to vote him out. Finding the Idol so easily. Exactly the only one who’s looking for it. I can see his vulnerable side in Blood Vs Water, i can see the fire in him, he has that winner edit in him in Blood Vs Water. In Blood Vs Water, he played all aspects. And he played it really well. He blindsided Aras. He brought Gervis and Monica to the end which is great. A great strategic moves to him. He’s cocky, but he’s fun to awtch. He’s so entertaining to watch. That is why I started to like Tyson even more. Eventhough sometimes he pisses me off, but at the end, he played one of the best game I’ve ever seen someone plyed the game these days.


Well known for the best player to ever play the game. Not sure about that. It took four seasons for him to win the title. If you’re asking me who knows the game the most, and who knows the game so well, I would answer Boston Rob. He didn’t get to the end in all seasons. But he really know how to be strategic, how to be sociable, how to be physical without even seen as a theat. Well in his first two seasons. And he’ super smart. He’s thinkng about long term possibilities. In Heroes Vs Villains, It’s such a bad comeback from him not even making to the jury. And he fought back in Redemption Island, and won easily. In Heroes Vs Villains, It’s just, he’s not strategic enough. He’s not trying hard enough to win. He has that root factor quality in him that when you look at him, you’re going to root for him no matter what. Eventhough we won’t likely to see him return to the upcmong seasons, but he made a great impact on the show.


Was medically evacuated the first time playing the game. And came back to one of the best seasons ever. We all know determined he is. He returned to proof that he can win. And he did. He played one hell of a game. No one ever really write his name. Nobody really wanted to vote him out. He’s likeable. He’s funny. Outgoing. Funny. Skupin aligned himself with RC early in the game. And I think that this is going to be the greatest Duo. But, unfortunately, I root Skupin-Lisa more than Skupin-RC. Skupin can be super strategic, and he can be so deathly. He’s one of the most strategic in the seasons, I still don’t get it that Skupin only received 1 vote in FTC. He played a great physical game. He’s attempting to win. At the end, If we’re looking back at this journey in Australian Outback and Philippines, It’s a big different. He has grown so much in this game. And that is impressive.


Another goodlooking guy, one of. Colby Donaldson is like every fans favorite player. He’s so famous, and so famous because he’s that likeable. He’s that one player that anyone would love to see coming back again and again. He looks physically fit. He looks like a nice guy. It cost a million dollar when he decided to bring Tina Wesson to the Final Three when he got the chance to vote her out. He came back in All Stars but he went home early in the game. In Hereos Vs Villains, I didn’t see him being that physical. I feel like he doesn’t really belong there. I feel like he felt it. But, I still like the way he play the game. He’s so physical. He’s still strategic in some points. There’s just something from Colby that you rarely seen from anyone. He’s so calm. He’s genuine.

Premiere aras
Seems like a likeable guy, with the coolest name, and one of the most goodlookin guy to ever play the game. Seems like an outgoing person as well. Aras likeablity is all I can say If you ask the reason why he won Panama. Not only because of this factor, but I’m sure he’s strategically great too. Aras is always in the driver seat in his game. And he’s super calm. He’s not paranoid, he’s not freaking out, that’s why everyone is so comfortable being around him. I’m sure If they didn’t vote him out on the first day of the merge, he would’ve been in the Finale. I believe. In Blood Vs Water, Aras is playing a really nice and convincing game. She’s being sociable. Everyone likes beeing around home. Nothing much. No different. The thing is, It’s really hard for a winner to comeback for the upcoming seasons, Because If you’re not playing this game as great as you’re playing the last time you won, you wouldn’t win the game for the second time. Because everyone is preparing to vote you out. Aras is being so confident that he’s not going home, but he did. And I’m surprised that Aras lost the Redemption Island Duel. But, Aras is a really great player. He’s strategic the whole time. He’s so positive every time. And as the Survivor seasons keep on coming, there’s no way that Aras is not on the list. He’s still be on the list.
Premiere Tina-Wesson (1) Tina-Wesson
First of all, Shame on me because I’ve only watched her compete in Blood Vs Water. And early in the game, she’s such a loveable person. Such a nice, loveable, outgoing person. Coming to the game, yes, I expected her to be like the sweetheart who plays with Social skills and play with kindness and helping others. That’s waht I’m expecting coming from Tina in Blood Vs Water. We didn’t get to see Tina much. In Blood Vs Water, she put her daughter first, she loves her daughter. I still feel the competitive side of hers. And I love that about her. On the merge, too bad she’s alligning with Baskauskas Brothers and these both couples were seen as a threat. I love how they see Tina as a threat. And she went to Redemption Island, winning duels, of course with a little bit of luck. And came back!! That was impressive. Looking at her age and still looks amazing in challenges is pretty impressive. Beating the unstoppable Laura M and the ones taht i thought would come back, Hayden Moss. Social gameplay, she’s playing socially great, It’s just the alliance thing because Aras is so big of a threat. Strategic side of her, I don’t know If I’ve seen her been strategic, but I think If she’s put in the different circumstances, she can be strategic. It’s so sad to see her and her daughter competing in Redemption Island. Yeah, coming fourth is really impressive and something to be proud of when you’re looking at your history in the game. Tina is a likeable player. She’s root-worthy.


Corinne started her magnificent game in Gabon. Season 17. One of the firsts season. Playing a really personal game. Which sometimes really hated by Survivor fan, but that could be interesting for TV. I love Corinne because first, she’s entertaining. I know, It seems fair, but It’s not “THE BEST PLAYER” list, It’s, “MY FAVORITE SURVIVOR PLAYER” list. And the second, she’s not afraid to voice her opinion in front of public. Third, she’s fierce. “I hate her. I hate her”, an example of how much Corinne hated Susie. And “I would love to vote Julia because she’s so boring” to Julia. Like who said these things? The fact that she is so hillarious, so entertaining and so lovable eventhough she said mean things. In Gabon, her game came short because she doesn’t really socialize with any other people but the Onion Alliance. In Caramoan, she could’ve stayed longer. She could have. But, she made an alliance with the wrong people. If she aligned herself with Dawn and Brenda, she could have stayed much longer. WOuldn’t that be amazing? To see her bash Sherri and Dawn in the Final Tribal Council? Gosh! Physically, I would still call her a girl who is attempting to win the cahllenge and not given up. And strategically, she’s so strategic throughout the game. But, It seems like her game is far much better in Gabon than Caramoan.


He started the game in Philippines, being the most likeable guy, at least one of. In Philippines, he started in a very dysfunctional tribe. You see, lots of viewers love this kind of player. The underdog .Justl ike Spencer, both started in a very bad tribe but they can pulled the thing off and end up placing really high. Malcolm isn’t as confident as Spencer. Socially, he’s playing the game really well. He’s likeable. He’s the guy that every guys want to hangout with and every girls want to date. And I think it also played well in Caramoan. The different is, I think It’s harder for Malcolm to think about antoher strategical gameplay because he hadn’t had enough time. It’s a back to back season. And everyone seen of how much of a threat he was in Caramoan. But he made a pretty huge moves, he gave the Idol to Eddie. And that seems like one of the craziest Tribal Council in the histroy of the show. And in challenges, he’s like one of the most physical guy in Caramoan. Physical threat. Malcolm is dangerous. If he’s returning for another season, I think he might be the early boot. Just because of how great he is on the game. It’s not that hard to put him on this list.


First time playing Survivor, she got blindsided because of flirting too much. On her second time, she got blindsided too. She’s not learning that much, eh? But, on her second play, she played a more convincing, agressive and more stunning and smooth game. She’s so pretty, so keep your distance. She’s gonna kill you in a wink. She admit that she’s playing awarely, which means, she’s paraonia all the time. Which is good, but not the paraonia that annoys people. No. Just when people are whispering, you gotta know what are they whispering, what are they talking about without being so annoying and being so busy. This is so Dawn. She played a great phyiscal game. She won challenge, yes, and that is pretty impressive. I love girls who can win challenges in Survivor and beat the guys. She’s the one who realized earlier than the others that Brenda is such a threat because she hasn’t upset any jury yet. And unfortunately, she couldn’t make the move becuase once again, she was blindsided. She’s so determined to win the game, and we can see the fire and the passion that she’s really going to steal the title If you’re not play as hard as her playing the game.


Not purely because of her sexiness and her looks. No. I don’t know, it might be one of it. But, there’s just something in her that I like so much. If It’s all about looks and the body, I would’ve put Alexis and Jefra in this list. I would’ve put sexy players in this list, but that’s not the case. Early in the game, she was voted out by LJ. And she was sent to the tribe earlier, she picked Idol. And she can pulled a lie. A fast lie. A lie that she made was perfect. Everyone believed it. Well, LJ smell something fishy. But, she could pulled the lie and managed to escape it easily. And she’s just so loveable. I don’t know. Her confessionals, some might say that It’s bitchy and rude. But for me, It’s just…sexy. Physically, she’s pretty impressive in challenges. At least she’s attempting to win. When she leave the game, she leave a mark on the game. Well known for her confessionals, her harsh confessionals to Kass. And I think her sassiness is really shown which I love sassy girls. Queen Morgan, I’m not shocked to see her return for another seaso.


Kim Spradlin a.k.a Survivor Goddess. Who won easily in One World. Without any doubt. I think I have never watch Survivor and the one who I wanted to win, win the game. Because in One World, I don’t know who am I going to root for. I love Kat Edorsson, but she seems like a dumbass. And I had to go with Kim. She played the game so smooth. What amazed me about her gameplay is, she’s surviving day after day without even seen as a threat. Nobody freakign realized that she is a threat. And nobody even had any guts to do the move and vote her out. Pretty amazing, huh? She made a back up alliance with the male, incase the girl alliance didn’t worked. And she aligned with the girl too. Bonding with girl. I think that she’s really likeable. Becuase the girls were so attached to her. And I remember the question in a Reward Challenge, most of them wants to be stranded in an Island with her. She’s so reliable. Physical threat. Social threat. Strategy threat. Every aspects of the game, she owned it. She owned the game and she stood up behind her moves. She’s impressive in challenges. Come on..Do we really need to dicuss how amazing she is in challenges? But, I’m not that excited and I wouldn’t want her to return because I know without any doubt taht she’s gonna be one of the firsts to go, everyone is gonna realize that she’s a threat, and If someone realizes it, that she’s a threat, she’s gonna be going home early in the game, and that is going to destroy her reputation of the best player ever. If only she plays again and could pull the thing off like what she does in One World. It might happen.


Miss Foxy! Tasha Fox! Personally one of my favorites. And It seems like everyone’s going to agree with me on this one. Wasn’t a fan of hers since the beginning, but she’s the only one who really wants to win the thing. When Luzon is on the losing streak. She came up with a rehealsal. This is one of the funniest moment of the season. And the song. So dope! Tasha leads her tribe to and encourage and to put a fire on them so that they’re all willing to win a challenge so that they’re not on a losing streak as bad as they could’ve If Tasha didn’t encourage the team and If no one is willing to lead the tribe. She has an immunity run. Three times in a row. The first African-American to ever do that. Which is impressive coming from Tash. Strategically, she’s always into something strategic. She’s always strategic. Especially in Luzon. The reason why we hadn’t seen her being strategic in merge because she has no one to strategize with. Because she’s on the bottom and all she can do is to win challenges to guarantee her spot in the game. She’s so sassy and fierce. And that comes naturally everytime she’s on screen. Maybe that’s why I love her, she’s natural. She didnt pretend to be sassy, she’s not pretending to be likeable. Because she is already likeable. And I would love to see Tash returning again in upcoming seasons. She might win.


103340_D06942b awards_ciera ?????????????????????????

The reason why I place her so high on this list is because at the beginning of the game, I had no faith in this girl. I thought that she’s gonna be under her mom’s wings all the time and just couldn’t do a move and waiting to be voted out. But, I was completely mistaken. She proved me of how a dumbass I am. She’s playing so safe and just an under the radar game till the merge and till she met her mom in the merge. Since the merge, I can see her being so convincing and being so fired up. And so Into the game. She’s like, I don’t know, everything that she does, surprised me. She’s so unexpected, that’s why she’s such a great player. She aligned herself with Gervis, Monica and Tyson which is great. And she voted her mom out. And that was one of the heartbreaking moment of the season. No, It was. It was one of the most heartbreaking moment of the season. She flipped back to Hayden and Katie because she thought that she wouldn’t stood a chance of winning with the three guys. Which is a great bold move by Ciera. She’s physically not that great. She’s so small, and that might be the disadvantage when she’s on the  challenges, but she’s able to win an Immunity in the perfect time. She’s strategic. She bonded well with Tyson. She wanted to win the game. She’s going to play dirty. That is the player that we want. That is the player that all the viewers have been waiting for. She impressed me in every aspects of the game.


J.T or the youngest person to ever win the game. The first player to play a perfect game in Tocantins. In Tocantins, I had no idea that he’s gonna go far. Because I felt like there are so many big characters. I believe that Coach could be at the Final 2. I know that J.T is gonna be everyone’s favorite, but I don’t know If he’s gonna win. His gameplay in Tocantins is magnificent. From every aspect of the game. Physically, he’s so physically fit. He can win every challenges. When It’s all about puzzle, I’m sure he can be so smart and do the puzzle well. Physical challenges, he nailed it. His body might not be the best body of all guy, but, J.T proved us that he’s so strong in challenges, not only in Tocantins but both in Heroes Vs Villains. Strategically, I know that most people were upset with the decision that J.T had to make, giving the Idol to Russel. I think that the reason why J.T gave the Idol to Russel is because he wanted to work with Russel. But he failed. And at the end of the game in Tocantins, he’s proved to the jury that he deserved to win. And he can convinced the Jury that he’s so capable and deserving of the million dollars. In Heroes Vs Villains, him and Amanda is the only two who’s actually into the game. Him and Amanda played to win, the other play to survive. He played a bit dirtier than his previous season. But, I think that J.T played a great social, physical and strategical gameplay. One of the best?


At the beginning at the game, nobody thought that Spencer is gonna be this lovable character.  We all thought that he’s way too arrogant, too cocky and full of himself. And we know that he’s gonna be one of the firsts to go. And we’re so sure of that. This is what happens, when we’re not expecting great things to happen, It turns out to be much better. All the Survivor fan are shocked that Spencer is such a lovable player. Such a great player. He started the game in Luzon, one of the most dysfunctional tribe ever. And fought back, and he’s on the Tribe Switch and on the top of the alliance. And he’s back on the merge, and on the bottom of the tribe. And he fought back. He wins Immunity to stay in the game. And not only he performed in challenges greatly, strategically, he can convince some people to do a move and he’s great in talking and eventhough not all of it works, at least It made sense and he’s attempting to make a move and attempting to sway and manipulate and every words that came from his mouth were all made sense to me. If It worked, It would’ve been ten times better. I’m just sad that he’s not lucky enough just for one time. Like he wasn’t meant to play the game. But If he’s not at the bottom of the totem pole, he wouldn’t get all the love, he wouldn’t be RHAP’s Fan Favorite, he wouldn’t get the highest in every poll and he wouldn’t be such a huge fighter and such a great underdog. I would love to see Spencer returning, to see him play in a different circumstances. I know it’s going to be great. And I know that Jeff is 100% going to ask Spencer to go back, It’s now came down to Spencer If he wants to go back or not.


Rustle Feathers hayden-moss-survivor-hdr w-survivor-hayden

A champ from Big Brother 12. You can expect from the beginning that Hayden could be the straregists of the season and easily become the Fan Favorite. Well, It’s really hard not to like Hayden because he’s a nice guy. At the beginning of the game, he’s a bit overshadowed by the other players. John, Brad and Vytas all have more screentime than Hayden in the first episodes till the merge. The decision of not flipping with Kat is perfect. Becuase Kat is not gonna go far anyways. I think that Hayden has more chance of winning at that time, and I’m glad that he didn’t flip with Kat in the Redemption Island. The one thing that I’m really shocked coming from Hayden is, he’s not performing that well in challenges. I would expect him to win one or maybe two Immunity Challenges. I know, for some physical challenge, he contribute enough for the tribe that he’s in. But for Individual Immunity, he always fell short. His best moment is going to be the Rustle Feather Tribal Council. He can convince Ciera to flip and the power of Hayden, which is really strong can flip the game. He might be invisible in the pre-merge, but he’s so into the game in the merge. He’s super strategic. Not surprise to see him back for upcoming seasons, player like him will return for so many times on this game. Just wait.


Another pretty absurd player to end up third. Which is huge thing. Everyone remember her for her love relationship with Adam Gentry in Cook Island. Candice started the game being super sweet, nice, being a hero, it seems like. But, suddenly, BOOM! When there’s a mutiny, she did that. She upset the other members of the old tribe. Everyone said It was selfish. But Jeff Probst said, “It is about standing up for herself, and brave enough to tell that she doesn’t belong in the tribe that she abandon. For me, that is heroic” I’m not really annoyed with what Candice done. I think that If she doesn’t belong in that tribe, then why should she stay there? If the tribe lost, It cost her game. I think she did what she needed to do. She knew what to do and she stood up and own her mistake (If you’re gonna call it a mistake). The aspects of the game, she doesn’t really have a magnicifcent social game. Because in three seasons, It seems like Candice is not playing the social aspect of the game. Which she needs. But, physically, she did awesome in challenges. She killed it. Especially in Redemption Island, I think that the reason why she lost is, she wanted to give her husband a chance to play the game longer. I 100% sure that she managed to pull that thing off and beat Brad Culpepper. But, one of them had to sacrifice for the other. And Candice unfortunately has to do it. Candice’s gameplay has been such an emotional ride. Being hated in Heroes Vs Villains, but she returned in Blood Vs Water and that is when eveyrone started to respect her gameplay.


She started her fabulous game in Panama. Ended up really close at winning. Placing fourth. Returning for another season Fans Vs Favorites. Had no allies since the beginning. You know, If you see the circumstances, she would’ve been gone because she doesn’t really have alliance. But she can manipulate the tribe to vote out Yau-Man. Becuase she thought that Yau-Man is a huge threat. Had a fight with Penner but still won the argument. If you’re a Survivor fan, you all would totally agree on this and agreed that Cirie Fields played one of the most fabulous game and the most convincing game for twice. Unfortuantely it came really short and came really close at Micronesia. She could’ve won If she’s on the Final 2. Against anyone who’s standing right beside her. Being so lovable and being so fun to watch and entertaining is what Cirie does best. If she’s on screen, you’d love to see more and more. That’s why she’s getting most of the screentime and most confessionals in Panama becuase she’s entertaining and she’s funny. Her laugh. Contagious. The other aspect of the game that we need to appreciate and praise her is the social aspect of the game. That she can be so friendly and she can be so sociable with every players. She’s not that weak in physical challenges (not as bad as Courtney and Sandra). Not shocked to see her return one more time, and there might be a possibility that she might be returning in future seasons. I’d love to see that. Another great players that never won, but should have.



Amanda Kimmel is my favorite survivor player of all time. Alright, Alright, I know..some of you will be so confused at this. You would expect big players on the first place. The thing is, I haven’t watched old seasons. Amanda’s gameplay has been my favorite since Micronesia. She’s a Hero. If you all still confused about why Amanda returned for Season-twenty. It’s because all she never really betray anyone. She stick true and she’s playing the game without being a bitch, without upsetting anyone, without backstabbing anyone, without swearing at everyone, without having a fight and drama with anyone for three seasons, without making fun of everyone, without saying bad rude things on confessionals. Admit it, If you’re the one who’s playing Survivor, you’d probably say mean rude things to someone that you really hate. She didn’t do it. She is basically playing like an Angel. I would put her in the same category with Cirie Fields, Rupert Boneham and Russel Hantz, palyers who have never won but fought hard to win. Yes, her weakness is her performance in Final Tribal Council. It seems like nerves got the best of her every single time. In Micronesia, she played such a strong and convincing game. Aligning herself with Parvati. And being super physical but managed to escape the “physical threat factor” until The Final Six .WHich is impressive. Nobody even thought of voting her out till that time she used the Idol. And It was one of the best moments ever from the franchise. And she played a graet social game. Eventhough there has been a downgrade from her in every aspect of the game in Heroes Vs Villains, but still, she played one of the best game out of other Heroes. All of you who disagree can really talk to me on the comment section below and I’ll explain why she’s playing the best game out of all the Heroes in that season. Amanda has that root factor quality inside her. I’m dying to see her return in upcoming seasons. Maybe a season filled with returnees who have never won? That might be a killer season!



  1. Did I seriously read in Jame’s description, “Physically, he might not the best physically.” ARE YOU CRAZY?! He’s easily one of the best physical players. Also you left out favorites like Tom Westman, Ozzy Lusth, Stephanie LaGrossa, Ian Rosenberger, Rob FUCKING Cesternino, Ethan Zohn. Like come on man.

    • James might be the strongest and i know he’s a physical guy, but he’s not the best. Did he ever win Immunity? I guess not. But that doesn’t mean that he’s not a physical guy. Not one of the best. Tom Westman, i don’t know kinda mixed for him. Ozzy Lusth, he’s arrogant especially on South Pacific. Stephanei LaGrossa, beleive it or not, I’ve considered to put her name up here but I think Naonka would be perfect for the 30th spot. I didn’t watched All Stars, Africa and Amazon. Sorry.
      But this list might change in the future, since there’s Blood Vs Water, I’m going to put Laura M, Tina, Hayden Moss, Aras and Vytas. So we’ll see. I might put Stephanie and replace it with NaOnka because people have been asking why did I put Naonka because NaOnka is the biggest joke. So..stay tune.

  2. you obviously have not watched Palau, Guatemala well if you watch those two you will see the strength of Stephanie lagrossa in Heroes VS. Villains.

    • You need to read the description. I’ve only watched Cook Island, Fiji, Micronesia, Gabon, Tocantins, Samoa, Heroes Vs Villains, Nicaragua, One World, Philippines, Caramoan, Blood Vs Water & Cagayan.

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