Survivor Cagayan Review!

Survivor Cagayan has been a solid season this far. It’s really entertaining. The “Beauty Vs Brawn Vs Brains” thing is really working. I just want to have another solid season after a really solid previous season (Blood Vs Water). The premiere of Cagayan is one of the best premiere I’ve ever watched, coming second after an amazing premiere from Heroes Vs Villains. From the premiere, It’s pretty obvious who’s gonna be the Villains, the Heroes and who’s gonna be such a sweetheart and who’s gonna go far. There are lots of glimpses of what will happen for the entire season. I didn’t get to this. In this post, there will be my five most favorites players. And my least favorite five and have to step it up. And my wishes for the whole season. I know It was a bit unfair that Garrett, David and Brice have been voted out. Actually Garrett is one of my favorites player, but because he’s gone, I have to replace with another player. The elimination of Garrett definitely shocked me. I honestly thought It was gonna be J’Tia. It was such a travesty for Garrett to go home because from the premiere, Garrett kinda get the winner edit. He’s smart. He got the Idol. For David, I’m not really a fan of him. So I’m not mad that he’s gone. But, here is my five favorites players:

5. Jefra Bla

S28_Jefra_BlandJefra Bland as my favorite player is totally debatable. Some of the Survivor Fans were all just dissapointed and just hated that all she does is complaining. She’s such a sweetheart. She’s really nice too. I think that she got that root factor quality in her. You know, take an example of Amanda Kimmel. If she popped out of the screen, she just got that root factor that immediately put you in the situation where, “Okay, I might root this girl”. And another example is Parvati Shallow. Everytime she’s on screen, Parvati got a root factor quality that Jefra also has. I have never doubt her social ability. Because out of the three girls, I think Jefra has the best chance of getting far because she’s socializing really well. The Beauty Tribe does best is socializing. Jefra definitely lived up to that word. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna go far in this game.

4. Spencer Bledsoe

S28_Spencer_BledsoeWhen I first saw the Cass Assesment on Youtube, I’m pretty sure that he’s going to be biggest jerk in the game this season and gonna be so cunning and ruthless and super sneaky as well. First interview and he’s already talking about loving to blindside another player. Even himself. That’s what Jeff said. But, surprisingly, Spencer has been one of the most enjoyable player to watch. The Odd man out. The last guy standing from the Brain Tribe. And easy to root for. He’s smart. He just have to be really careful to talk about game near Tasha, J’Tia and Kass because If the girls got it wrong, he’s gonna be out in a blink of an eye. But I hope that Spencer can last long enough so that I can see him strategizing and being a part of a blindside of course. A really big big blindside.

3. LJ McKanas

S28_LJ_McKanasTalking about winner edit. LJ has it. Last year, I wish that the edit would be less obvious. They kinda really spoiled it from the beginning and it’s getting obvious that Tyson is winning the whole thing. But this season, It’s much better because there’s no clue of who’s going to win. But LJ got the winner edit these two episodes. LJ already suspecting Morgan on the first episode. And he got the Idol and found it with no clue. That is really smart. But Garrett has it too. And he got blindsided. I’m scared that this might happen with LJ as well. Becuase who knew that LJ might get blindsided before the merge. But LJ is a really smart player. And he can keep the group together. And he can build the shelter really well. He can be a good strategists.

2. Sarah Lacina

S28_Sarah_LacinaShe’s a cop. I watched the premiere and suddenly just captivated by Sarah. She’s my first pick to win the game. Because she’s just so enjoyable and she’s such a really nice and down to earth player. And her suspecting Tony that fast is really smart and really entertaining. Cops have never won the game. I hope that she can break that trend because she’s working really hard for her tribe. She’s physically so fit and in Immunity Challenge, she’s really impressive. Sarah just need to shut up and just play under the radar. I’m just scared that her decision and idea to throw the challenge can hurt her. I hope that she’s not alligning with Tony because Tony is cunning and she might get played.

1. Morgan McLeod

S28_Morgan_McLeodThe outsider from the Beauty Tribe. LJ picked her as the weakest link and dumped her. And she returned to the camp earlier and decided to find the Idol instead of helping the tribe. Couldn’t find the idol. The rest of the Beauties arrived earlier and she had no more time. She lied about it. She told the other that she picked rice. I don’t know, just reminding us from the beginning. Morgan has been my favorite since the beginning. Her lie though. Really smart about it that she can escape it. Eventhough, LJ suspected it. And smells something fishy. Morgan is now the lone fighter. Lone survivor. She has no one. She has no ally, no friend. And she’s fighting on her own. I just hope that she can find her way back and maybe create an alliance with the girls. Or with Jeremiah. Or just hope that there is  Tribe Swap and she’ll be safe. She’s really likeable. She’s really sweet. She’s quiet. And she’s really mysterious. Not mentioning that she’s impressive in challenges. Love her!

Morgan McLeod, Sarah Lacina, LJ McKanas, Spencer Bledsoe and Jefra Bland are my five favorites from Survivor Cagayan: Brawns Vs Brains Vs Beauties. But I have other favorites. I’m just gonna mention it really quick. Lindsey Ogle seems like a fighter and seems like a fearless player. She might be really bitchy, but she’s really likeable. I love when she breaks down everytime the Brawns won the challenge. She really want to win the game. I just wish that the fire is there with her. Alexis Maxwell, she’s a bit under the radar. She’s a bit invisible. But she’s the first one to think about the split vote and from the confessionals, she seemed really smart and know the game really well. She’s really calm and she’s really sweet too. I see her getting far in this game. Tasha Fox is the only one from the Brain Tribe for me that is really indicates what is Brain. She’s strategizing. She’s really into the game and into talking about strategy. And she’s smart. I’m scared that she’s overstrategizing. She’s the one who told the tribe to practice and the practice scenes cracked me up. She’s pretty much the leader from the tribe. My least favorites player has to be. Cliff Robinson, I don’t know and I don’t care about the NBA thingy, I’m not into it. I don’t really care about it. He has no personality. And he’s boring. J’Tia Taylor is my least favorite too. It is ridiculous to keep her after dumping the rice and being a total bitch. And performed really badly in the challenges. Make zero sense. Tony Viachos, I see him as a Russel Hantz wanna be. I hate everytime he speaks. It’s annoying. And the Spyshack thing is really ridiculous.

So that’s it. I’m really rooting for this season. So far, It’s been solid. And the confessionals have been entertaining than ever. Lot of personalities and more diverse cast. I’m excited to see the next episode. Okay now some thoughts. Will the Brawns throw the challenge? I don’t think they will throw the challenge. I don’t think any of them will go. I think that It’s gonna be the Brain who will lose because from the picture, it seems like miss J’Tia is struggling. I hope that Morgan can find her way back into the game and be safe. I hope that Brawn suspect Tony for having an Idol. And I hope that Spencer can make an alliance and send Nuclear engineer J’Tia Taylor home.

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