American Idol Top 12 Review: It was not a great night for a “Home” Theme!

American Idol Season 13 has been one of the most dissapointing season so far. But no where close the awful Season 12. But both seasons have something in similiar. In both seasons, I don’t know who am I rooting for. But near the end, In Top 6 was when I suddenly fell in love with two country gals, Kree Harrison & Janelle Arthur and wished both of them could at least make it to the finale. Candice Glover wasn’t my cup of tea and so is Angie Miller. Amber Holcomb is boring and seriously not gonna talk about how badly the guys sucked last year. This year, with much more diverse talent and much more younger ages, they should be getting a lot of viewers because of the ages that these most people are now. Lots of them are in 17s. It was pretty clear since the beginning that I was rooting for Kenzie Hall and Brandy Neelly which sadly none of them make it even to the Top 20. And from that point, I was rooting for Brianna Oakley and sadly, she failed cracking to the Top 13. Right now, my favorites are Jessica Meuse, Malaya Watson, Sam Woolf and Ben Briley. And thankfully all of them are still on the show right now. I have a strong feeling that these four will be staying quite longer.

The theme for the Top 12 is “Home”. I’m a bit confused with the season. There were so many changes, especially the themes. Which kinda sad because I feel like they’re not given any direction with such themes like “Home” and even last week “This Is Me”. Kinda wished they would go back to the old theme. “Their Personal Idols”, “Year They Were Born” and maybe “Now And Then”. And these lucky twelve remaining will have a direction of what song they would pick and hopefully It will get better for the season. Last night, I was so dissapointed. Not all of them sucked, fortunately. Malaya Watson performed really well and redeemed herself. Dexter Roberts did well too. Sam Woolf did it justice. But there were really not so great performances such as MK Nobilette and Emily Piriz. And I must say, I’m a bit surprised by America’s decision by sending Emily Piriz home because I thought that If It’s not CJ, It’s gonna be MK. But both of them were all safe. I’m a bit surprised that Jena Irene was in the Bottom Three, maybe beacuse she performed first. And I honestly felt like one of these country guys has to go home.

Jena Irene – Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall: B-

I really love Jena, I think despite of being the wildcard, I felt like she’s gonna go really far into the competition. She has a beautiful voice. Everytime she opens her mouth, something alive comes out. Her single is so good that I think It might have been one of the best one I’ve ever heard from thecontestant. Tonight, she took a song from KT Tunstall, about nine years ago. Which really not a long time when the contestants aretaking 2000s songs. This performance allows Jena to actually kinda move around the stage and actually move the crowd and as the opening act, I think that It was risky when you don’t have enough momentum on the performance. What I love about the performance is this is an uptempo song, and I love when someone performs an Uptempo song to officially open the night. It was good, but It was energy and excitement that were lacking.

Alex Preston – I Don’t Want To Be by Gavin De Graw: C+

Alex has never been my favorite on this show. I think that everyone is over praising Alex. None of his performance really moved me. His best performance was actually from last week, “A Beautiful Mess”. This performance was almost a hot mess, but kinda saved my how beautiful his voice is. Alex has the serenity and the calmness in his voice that makes eveyrone who’s gonna be listening so relax and enjoy it. I love that he kinda changed it a bit from the original version. And I love that he made this song his own. I admit that Alex is super creative and super talented, but when he’s performing, not every aspects and every excellence really came together and really came into one piece. It was a lackluster performance, but definitely still one of the most talented guy in the competition.

Jessica Meuse – White Flag by Dido: A-

Jessica Meuse freaking sang this song! It was a really really great performance. I think that the judges came down really hard on Jessica that night because Jessica kinda nailed the performance. Eventhough It wasn’t her best vocally and what I want from her is for her to be really really relax up on stage and really own the stage. She should’ve realized that the stage is hers when she sang. Everyone is listening to her, and she should make everyone comfortable by listening and watching her perform on stage. Some pitch issues here and there. But the chorus is perfect! I felt like the performance got so much feeling and emotion that delivered really well from Jessica to the audience at home. It was a great one! Eventhough kinda had to agree with JLo that the conviction was missing right there.

Dexter Roberts – Lucky Man by Montgomery Gentry: B-

I’m not feeling it at all. I don’t get it. With all the praises and the pimping. Dexter sounded better than last week. Last week, he should’ve went home. There are too many country guys here that we should get rid at least one of them. Dexter vocally sounded really great. But I’m not enjoying the performance as much as I want to. I raelly want to enjoy it and really want to really feel and be emotional only by listening to the performance and Dexter’s voice. But I couldn’t. There’s nothing special in Dexter and in this performance that made me want to vote him next week. Eventhough, If we’re talking about redemption, he kinda redeem himself from last week’s awful performance. But, this performance failed to turn me into Dexter’s fan.

Emily Piriz – Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez: C

Okay, It’s not like really really really bad because It kinda moved me a bit. She really owned the stage and moved around the stage. And for me, that is important because you need to move the crowd. The performance wasn’t boring, not at all. But It was messy. First, she came out really confidence and JLo kinda helped her getting that confidence level because the camera keeps on shooting JLo having fun that her song was actually being covered on the show. Let’s face it. Emily sang better than JLo. At the end, It was too karaoke for me. Too messy. But still giving her credits for being so brave singing a Jennifer Lopez song, but there’s nothing in this song that can help her improve and showcase her voice better. This one wasn’t good. The only one that was good is when she’s singing two high notes. Sigh.

Caleb Johnson – Working Man by Rush: B+

Tonight’s performance came down to Caleb and Malaya. Both of them performed really really great. The difference is, Caleb has been really consistent throughout his journey, while Malaya redeem herself. It didn’t make me crazy like “Pressure And Time”, but It definitely made me smile and laugh of how he worked that stage. Madness and craziness are the two combination that perfectly described his performance. His vocals were always amazing and also his stage presence. But I have to agree with the judges, Caleb needs to bring something new and fresh to the table becuase If not, he’s gonna be really boring and people might not be voting for him for the upcoming weeks.

MK Nobilette – Drops Of Jupiter by Train: C

What MK has been lacking everytime she performs is the energy. And a bit of stage presence. And everytime she performs, her face went blank and It’s just not pleasant to see. Again, I felt like MK has no energy. She should’ve been so excited that she actually got a chance to perform after filling a spot in the Bottom Three. I just didn’t feel like she wanna be there and the excitement just wasn’t there. Her voice is so gorgeous. But It was pitchy even on the first line of the song. Eventhough, I actually feel like she’s having fun a bit better than last week. But she’s having fun on her own, she’s not sharing it with the audience. So I’m disconnected with her. She’s gonna be going home in a week or two.

CJ Harris – Waiting On The World To Change by John Mayer: C

Actually wished that either Sam or Alex will sing this song, but CJ instead. CJ is like my least favorite one. None of his performances really moved me. His voice isn’t my favorite and he didn’t really do me favor. But I gotta say, this performance was less-boring than his previous performances. There were pitch issues. But there’s nothing really memorable in this performance. Like If I would rank from the highest to lowest most attractive performer. CJ would be at the bottom of my list. There’s no attractiveness from CJ. CJ never dragged me in into the performance. So disconnected that I feel like It was such a shame that It’s CJ who gets to sing the song. It would’ve been better if Alex or Sam even Ben the ones who are singing it.

Sam Woolf – Just One by Band Pilot: A-

I usually never like WGWGs. I hated to see Phillip won last year, but Phillip has been growing on me on his songs. “Raging Fire” is amazing! Amazing! I’m not a fan of Scotty Mccreery winning either (I’m a Haley Reinhart fan). There has been a discussion saying that It’s pretty clear who’s gonna win the entire season. It’s Sam. We’ll never know. In the season of Country guys, one of them might win. And Jessica Meuse might win too. She probably got the most fans on twitter on the girl side. Sam performed a song that I never listened. I love that he’s sitting near the girls where the girls were getting crazy and nuts because Sam is sitting only few inches in front of them. I felt more confidence from him. The thing that has been questioned. Sam sang it really really beautifully. It touched my heart and I felt it. This is one of my favorites performance so far this night. And gonna be one of the best of the entire season. Vocally was awesome. His tone is just gorgeous. It was a great one!

Malaya Watson – Take Me To The King by Tamela Mann: B+

Malaya is freaking back!! After a messy performance last week, she landed in the Bottom Three. I know that never in Idol that someone who spent the first week in the Bottom Three have made it into the Finale. But, here’s hoping that Malaya could break that trend. Malaya sang this song in so much conviction and so much feeling into it. The emotion was there, the feeling was there. I heard a couple of notes that were pitchy. But, I love that she kinda play with the melody here a bit, showing that she definitely can be a really really great singer. The high notes at the end was terrific! That is a really really hard notes to reach and I didn’t say that she hit it effortlessly, but she definitely sang this song really well and at the end It was a really moving performance. Redemption!

Ben Briley – Turning Home by David Nail: B-

If I was about to name someone that is the least famous or least known and least visible, It has to be Ben Briley. Actually, I’m a bit shocked that he made it into the Top Thirteen. But he’s my favorite country guy! His personality might be one of the best (besides, Malaya. Obviously). We need these kinda singers that aren’t boring. I have to say that he’s too busy focusing on the technique of singing that he forgot that he needs to deliver well too. Just like Harry said. The emotion wasn’t there. The message wasn’t there. The feeling wasn’t there. And It was kinda a lackluster. Despite delivering pretty solid vocals, It was just something missing when the feelings wasn’t there.

Majesty Rose – Fix You by Coldplay: B-

It was such a risky move to sing a song that is so well known and so famous out there that everybody knows because everyone kinda started to expecting more and more from the performance. That is how I feel about Majesty Rose. After solid performances three times in a row, Majesty needs to be so consistent. Majesty sang it and told a story. It touched my heart. The message was delivered well. Eventhough there were notes that were pitchy. I wasn’t a fan of the arrangement. For me, It was super weird. It was kinda a bit underwhelming from the new arrangement and from that arrangement I spot a lot of pitch issues with Majesty. Before the chorus, It was really pretty when It was just Majesty and the guitar, but after we came into the chorus, It was a bit underwhelming and the feelings wasn’t there. Majesty delivered a big note at the end which for me didn’t really matter because the big note wasn’t helping the whole performance. Still a fan of the gap teeth, though.


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