American Idol 13 Review: The Top 11 Battling for the Spot In The Summer Tour!


Well, when everyone seems like giving up on Idol. And the judges seems like they’re also frustrated with these bunch of people they have found during the Audition. I disagree if Harry said that these are the best group of talents since season one. Becuase that is so far from the best (must have been forgotten season 11). But I have to say that this season got the most diverse out of any seasons. When Idol is on the sinking ship, the contestants seems like they are starting to wake up from their naps. I think that the “Songs From The Movies” night was the best night so far this season. There are some great performances. Jena Irene did really well, Caleb Johnson did really well too. But there is one person that really captivated me and really moved me and made me a fan. Alex Preston. If one of the girls went home, I’d be so mad. I’m praying that either CJ, Dexter or ugh Ben goes home. My prediction for the Bottom Three are Ben, Dexter and Majesty or MK. I believe that Dexter can go home with that performance and Majesty can be a shock boot. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I have never predicted things right. 

1. Sam Woolf – Come Together (Across The Universe) by The Beatles: C+

I have never seen the movie. And I first heard the song when Candice Glover sang this last year. I felt like Sam showed a bit of less-awkard side of him. When he’s playing his guitar and sing, there are few awkward moments. This time, It’s different. I love seeing him relax a bit. But I didn’t really enjoy the performance. I thought that he’s so stiff. He didn’t moved naturally. There were no special moments during the performance which kinda dissapoint me. He didn’t challenge his vocal. It was flat and It was a bit lackluster. I like Sam. But this is not a great one. It wasn’t the performance that I expect coming from Sam.

2. Jess Meuse – The Sound Of Silence (The Graduate) by Simon and Garfunkel: C+

I really like Jess too. I think that Jess is really unique and competent and able to really kick some ass. When she sings, It broke me to tears. Last week’s performance was one of Jess’ best moment. Eventhough not everyone agreed with the statement. This week, Jess kinda flopped. It was not a great performance. I thought that Jess didn’t really show her passion and her determination. She really wanna win and she said that she believe in herself. But I didn’t see that from the performance. The vocal were off. The band was off timing. It was horrible. When the band came It’s like someone just randomly mixed it. Didn’t hate it. But I do feel like Jess didn’t show her best and It was pretty boring and sleepy.

3. CJ Harris – Can’t You See (Blow) by The Marshall Tucker Band: B-

I don’t know. There is something in CJ that is so not convincing and I never believe in him. His performances on Idol were all lackluster. I never like it. I never enjoy it. I think It was mediocre and his voice is mediocre. But I do feel like tonight CJ stepped a bit. Stepped from the boring and sleepy CJ into something more than that, his vocals were amazing. He hits some sharp notes and rough paths but in overall performance, It was pretty good. It was pretty good but It couldn’t made me a fan of him. After the performance, I could just forget it. And It was pretty forgettable. His best yet, but his best yet is like..Majesty’s worst performance. CJ never really stood out for me.

4. Dexter Roberts – Sweet Home Alabama (Forrest Gump) by Lynyrd Skynryd: C+

I cannot find a reason of why America is voting for Dexter. If they love country guy, I think Ben delivered better performances than Dexter. And if they’re voting for cute country guys, I believe Ben is much cuter than Dexter. If they’re looking for the ones who’s vocally unique, and just beautiful vocals, I believe that CJ’s voice is unique and different. He’s just another unique country singer. Like Keith said, We can find so many Dexter in the music industry. And I cannot find something special in Dexter. This performance again and again proved me that Dexter is such a mediocre performer. The performance was so flat and so boring. I can relate this performance to his “Aw Naw” but this was much better than that horrible performance. His vocals were much better. It’s polarising. Country folks might love it. But for me, It was boring, It was mediocre and It was just another forgettable performance from Dexter.

5. Ben Briley – Bennie And The Jets (27 Dresses) by Elton John: C

I’m a Haley fan. But I wasn’t really upset that Ben is going to sing a song that Haley slayed. Eventhough I knew that it would be so damn hard becuase Haley had put the standard really high for this one song. Ben is one of my favorites. I think that Ben is the best out of three country guys. And he’s fun to be around with, It seems like. This performance was beautiful when Ben stayed on the piano. It was good. It was steady and Ben is controlling it. And when he got out of the piano. It went all over the place. I didn’t enjoyed it. It made me cringe and made me just wanna switch the channel. I know. Ben is my favorite. I shouldn’t do that. But It was that awful when he’s not playing the piano. The falsetto thing, It didn’t work. It’s not working for Ben right now. And I have to agree with some of the judges. Eventhough I have to give Ben credits for performing out of the box and stepped out of the comfort zone. But, I felt like It was too far. We couldn’t hear Ben’s beautiful country voice.

6. Majesty Rose – Let It Go (Frozen) by Adele Dazim: D-

I really hate when contestant pick a song that is only okay when the original artist sing it. And that happened with Majesty. And that happened with Marielle Sellars. That happened with Briana Oakley. I really hate this performance. Majesty might be the most convincing female contestant this season. She is definitely the front runner since the beginning and turned out to be the judges’ favorite. She needs to be really consistent at this moment. I thought that she is one of the most consistent contestants until this performance. Let me tell you this. It. Was. Horrible. It was awful. I almost gave it an F. It was just terrible. Her vocals were so off. I really hate it when she tried to sing the high notes and she failed. She did walked around the stage. But It was only making her vocals even worse. And I agree with Keith, she supposed to be singing it in a relax and ease way instead of attacking and pushing too hard on the song. The song is too big for her voice. She wished that the song was written for her. Um. I don’t know about that, Majesty. But one more time, It was really really bad.

7. Caleb Johnson – Skyfall (Skyfall) by Adele: B+

I never thought that Caleb would sing this song. Becuase this was so not on his lane. I am not a fan of the performance. But I do like it. I’m not like the Idol fans out there who are now fanboying and fangirling over this. I’m not. I’m just not. But I have to say that Caleb won the best vocal of the night. There has been talks that Caleb only can sing a song that is in his lane and every performances seems like the same. He is consistent. He is. But, It would be amazing to see Caleb shake things up and performed a really unexpected song. And It happened tonight. It started really good, got me into chills. And the vocals were so amazing that I just want to kill American Idol for not releasing the Studio version of this. The way Caleb sang the song, so convincing and so full of emotions and passion. Caleb has the ability to get inside the song and tell the story of the song. Every song that he sung, done it well. Tonight, Caleb definitely has become one of my favorites.

8. M.K Nobilette – Make You Feel My Love (Hope Floats) by Bob Dylan: B

I’m such a fan of Adele’s version of “Make You Feel My Love”. It touched my heart everytime I heard it. MK has the ability that Adele has. Connecting into a song and deliever it really well to the listeners. Really telling the message of the song and touching people hearts. Just like what she did in “All Of Me”. That was such a beautiful intimate performance. This performance didn’t came even close with that “All Of Me” performance. But It was stilla  good one. After two dissapointing performances, MK returned with this pretty solid performance. MK does best in singing a really intimate song. A really small song. A heartbreak song. When we’re questioning MK’s connection into the song. She definitely proved us that she can connect to a song. Eventhough I still see her zombie eyes stare and her dead facial expressions. It has to stop. She needs to be more dramatic at least.

9. Alex Preston – Falling Slowly (Once) by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova: A

OK. Like I said before, Alex Preston just made me a fan after this performance. I didn’t like his previous performance. This time he stepped up a notch. I don’t know what will happen this season. There are so many possibilites. Like, Sam can win. Caleb can win. Alex can win. Majesty can win. Jess can win. Only these five who I think might win. Eventhough Majesty’s percentage of possibilites of winning slightly decreased. But I have to say, Alex might be the winner. After this performance, Idol watchers will love him so much and will vote for him. This is so beautiful. Have never seen Kris Allen’s version of it. So I cannot compare it. But If someone have compared it and still believe that this was a great performance, so why should I compare it? I already thought It was a great one. So I don’t have to compare it. Alex’s vocal were so pretty and he delievered a really touching. I almost burst out into tears to be honest. I love this performance. Might be the best of the entire season, not gonna lie. Alex just got that beautiful natural voice. When you’re busy doing your work, and your tv accidentally is playing Alex’s performance. Trust me. You’ll stop. You’ll sit. And you’ll stare the tv screen. Alex is captivating.

10. Jena Irene – Decode (Twilight) by Paramore: A

Stupid me. I have no idea that “Decode” is from Twilgiht!  First of all, no matter how and no matter what they’re doing. When someone had performed a song on Idol and another contestant sang it again, you’ll directly compare those performances. And I have to compare this one with Colton Dixon’s “Decode”. Such a powerful performance from Colton. Jena will be having a hard time nailing this one. And guess what? She killed. I questioned Jena’s ability to sing anyone’s song but hers. I think that she only can performed well when she’s singing her original song. But I was wrong. Jena killed it with an amazing powerful vocal. But, If you really listen and pay attention to the performance, there was one moment where she tried to reach the high notes and It went a bit too screamy and shouty. That is the only thing that stopped me from giving this performance an A+. or even A++. But, overall, It was really powerful. A comeback after hitting the Bottom Three stools. Jena sang this with so much convinction in her voice. Jena did really amazing when she’s on the piano. And I wouldn’t mad to see her playing the piano every week if she can deliver this-decode-ish performance. Nailed it!

11. Malaya Watson – I Am Changing (Dreamgirls) by Jennifer Hudson: B+

Oh my god, so many great performances from tonight. I never expected the night would be this good. This night definitely saved the season. Malaya sang a big diva ballad. Are we gonna be seeing Malaya singing big songs like this? Or are we gonna be seeing Malaya singing “Brand New Me”-ish performance? I’d prefer the “Brand New Me” kinda performance. Because when she’s singing big diva ballads, you can hear her go sharp. Especially on this one. I like “Take Me To The King” better. Watching Malaya sing is like watching your own daughter grow leaps and bounds, it’s like seeing your own daughter improved, or seeing your daughter’s first time performing live or her first concert. That is how I feel with Malaya. She smiled. She believe in every words that she said. I didn’t see her being nervous at all. Vocally, last week’s vocal was much better. I heard some pitch issues. But for the whole performance, It was a really powerful and strong performance. To end the night, Malaya definitely left something to remember for viewers to vote. Malaya killed it! I got chills. Now I’m worried with some of my favorites (Ben, Jess, Sam) that they might be forgotten tonight. Because the ones that killing the night are the ones that shocked us (Caleb, Alex, Malaya, Jena). BOOM!


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