American Idol 13 Top 10: TOP 10 Billboard from the 2010s!


Let’s review a bit of last week’s elimination. So, one of my favorites, Ben Briley went home. Which is not a surprise for me. Not a disastrous performance but everyone have been talking about his performance and compared it with Haley’s iconic performance. So, yeah.. I am so happy that Majesty is in the Bottom Three so that she could have a wake up call. Sam Woolf being in the Bottom Three is rather confusing or America is joking. I never imagined that Sam would be in the Bottom  Three becuase he is White Guy With Guitar! But, there he is, Bottom Three. Eventhough, I expected Dexter Roberts to at least land himself in the Bottom once. It’s so frustrating that someone who performs the same thing every single freaking week is safe. I honestly thought that Emily Piriz and Ben Briley even Kristen ‘Snore’ Connor deserve Dexter’s spot. Dexter is just not appealing as a performer. This week, Idol tackles Top 10 Billboard or billed by 2010s. I am not as excited as I was a week ago because this will put so many high expectations because the songs will be current and people will either gonna love it very much or hate it. I am surprised that there is no “Say Something”, “Let Her Go” and even “You And I” sung on the show this week. But I’m actually happy with the song choices. For the song choices, I feel like Alex Preston picked the best song, It’s more like unpredictable. Jessica Meuse picked a really nice song choice too. Sam Woolf picked the most unpredictable song choice. Majesty, Malaya and Jena Irene picked okay song choice. MK’s song choice is the most questionable of all. As Dexter picked the worst song choice, CJ picked a really predictable one. 1. MK Nobilette – Perfect by P!nk: C
It sounded really good at the beginning when there’s only MK and only her voice. And when she stared into the mirror. It was pretty. But as the band came in, It was just a perfect karaoke performance. It didn’t do anything to her vocals. Man, I knew that MK is going to struggle a lot in this competition. She’s a bye-bye for me. I never really been into her since “All Of Me”. I think that It was just a matter of luck. She gotta pick a better song choice. She was struggling in the middle, she kinda missed behind the band, she got left behind. And the vocals were okay. It didn’t stood out. It didn’t shown MK’s beautiful vocal. MK does best singing slow and mellow songs, she needs to bring that to stay. I know that It’s really important to shake things up, but America loves her when she’s singing ballad and slow songs rather than changing things up that is just not MK.

2. Dexter Roberts – Cruise by Florida Georgia Lines: C-
Dexter’s level of predictability is at the highest peak. It’s like watching a show when you’re already seen the spoiler. If America still let him survive this week, then he’s gonna be having a long journey in this bussiness. Like, I’d rather have Kristen O Connor every single week. Dexter picked a song that is so predictable that we would predict coming from this big guy. The performance really didnt add anything new to him. Didn’t do anyhting big that can bring advantages for him to help gain fans. The vocals were off. Pitchy moments. And he closed the performance with really-really pitchy and It was pretty low for him. Not a good one.

3. Jena Irene – Clarity by Zedd: B-
It’s really funny seeing JLo take a deep breath at the end of the performance. It seems like she’s tired with the performance when she didn’t do anything at  all. Jena Irene sounded like Jessica Sanchez in some ways. It started too low, I don’t even know If she can reach it, but thankfully, she just go with it. It wasn’t that bad, but It was too low that It was really hard for her to reach the really really low notes. I love that she woke the crowd up after two snore-able performance. She owned the stage. Glow sticks were everywhere. The crowds are happy. They’re entertained. Jena entertained. That is without any doubts. But, I don’t think If that was her best vocal, because I thought that the song itself stopped her for challenging her vocals more. It was good, but It wasn’t the crazy-crazy Jena Irene performance, still expecting the Decode-ish performance.

4. Alex Preston – Story Of My Life by One Direction: A-
Who ever thought that a One Direction song is going to be sung on the show like American Idol? I think no one expected that. But Alex made the unexpected happens. Alex is so awkward. It really connects with teenagers at home. Viewers seems like they started to dump Sam Woolf and started to really vote and rootin for Alex. Alex grows on me. I don’t know how can someone suceed in singing this song, but Alex did it really good. There’s a quiet moment in the middle of the performance got me into chills and just captivated me. The arrangement was cool, the staging was cool and he put his own version not to stuck on One Direction’s version itself. Just like what I said about Alex last week, he’s so captivating. It’s impossible for someone not to love his performnace. His vocals were amazing. Just blew me away. This was one of his most beautiful performance. And Alex definitely know what he’s doing in this competition.

5. Malaya Watson – When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars: B+
I think a lot of Idol watchers are gonna be comparing this performance to Candice’s. Candice didn’t changed the pronoun. She chosed to be the story-teller instead of putting herself in the song. I was more into Candice’s. Because, I’d love to hear Malaya change the song a bit and not singing it the same with the original version. Malaya started this song really soft and tender. And there were big notes that were just perfectly hit. When sometimes she either consistently sharp or she’s pretty sharp or she’s not sharp at all (Runaway Baby), Malaya gave consistent vocals. She controlled the performance into a really touching and heart warming performance. And that beautiful high notes kills me. She put so much feelings into it. It’s really amusing remembering that she’s 16 and has a really great interpretation and put feelings and emotions to a song when she has never received a flower in her life to date. Malaya definitely killed the performance! She’s on a growth arc. It’s three weeks in a row!

6. Caleb Johnson – The Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga: C+
Woah..This week is the hardest week for Caleb because It’s really rare for rock musics to enter the Top 10 on Billboard. He goes from Adele to Lady Gaga. This song is also iconic because EVP sang the hell out of the song, and it’s gonna be hard for Caleb because EVP got pretty big fans too. The thing about Caleb is every performances feels like the same to me. No matter what the song choices are. They’re all the same. This week was my least favorite performance from Caleb. Like I said, this is gonna be hard for Caleb because It’s really hard to find a song that suits his vocal. He changed it. Just like what he did with “Skyfall”. Challenging his threaticality. Caleb always put big notes and loud notes first, he gotta have it like in every performances. At the end of the performance, Caleb delivered some solid big, like really huge notes, but the vocals never really suits the song and It didn’t do anything for Caleb because the performance wasn’t great.

7. CJ Harris – Invisible by Hunter Hayes: B-
I don’t know, for the first time I really do feel CJ as a performer. He performed really believeable this time. But still, not as bad as Dexter’s Aw Naw. I still can hear some words but I’m not sure everything that he said. This was my favorite performance from him. But It wasn’t enough. It was consistently sharp, It was really pitchy. Like he’s having some kind of trouble, I don’t know what it is, but eventhough It was really pitchy from the beginning till the end, It was still pretty good. I’m not gonna send him directly home, because I’d like to see him one more week. But he gotta do something really big and really impressive.

8. Jessica Meuse – Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People: B+
This is one of my favorite song of all time! And sung by one of my favorites on this show. I feel like the performance started so good. This is by far her most convincing performance. She picked a really really amazing song choice. I’m fine with her smiling actually. Her vocals were much much better than last week, she just went for it. It was so fun. I don’t know, the performance was so fun that I enjoyed it so much. She made it her own. I heard her country side of her. Her nasal voice really grow on me. I’m starting to like the nasal voice she got. She challenged her vocals in this performance, there was one big note that really impressed me and she worked with the melody. This was one solid performance from Jessica.

9. Majesty Rose – Wake Me Up by Avicii: B
Majesty desperately needs a moment to get back into the game. “Let It Go” was like a disaster. I wish that never happen to her again. Majesty picked a song that she can easily slayed. This was by far her best vocal. It was really smart to arrange the performance into Majesty’s and really performed well and captivating. Her with her guitar, we’re back into the old Majesty. I really like it, but I don’t know how many times have I yawn over this performance. At the end, we’re still expecting more than this from Majesty. I really need to see her really be comfortable with really fun performance. But It was pretty solid.

10. Sam Woolf – We Are Young by fun. (feat Janelle Monae): A-
I felt like this was the most questionable and confusing song choice, but on the other hand, I’m so excited to see Sam performed a song that is so not on his lane. When I was hoping that Sam and Majesty would get a wake up call from last week’s Bottom Three shocker, I 100% felt like Sam definitely came back from last week. It was fun, It was entertaining, ease moments, enjoyable! It made me clapping every single time. From beginning to the end, Sam sings with so convincing. His tone is just so gorgeous. When we ususally see him being so awkward, this time, It’s not at all! He’s really really having fun up there!

From Best To Worst: Alex – Sam – Malaya – Jessica – Majesty –  Jena – CJ – Caleb – MK – Dexter
Bottom Three Predictions: Dexter, MK, CJ (MK is going home or CJ)


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