American Idol 13 Top 9 Recap: I’m With The Band!


This is an interesting week on Idol. Not only because we haven’t done this theme on Idol ever. It’s kinda creative but confusing in a same way. I wished that Idol just stick to the old themes like Year They Were Born, 80’s Week just a week when they are challenge to do something more not only song that they would love to sing. This week songs more like their favorite song but with the Band. So It wasn’t really challenging to be quite honest. My favorites are Jena Irene, that’s for sure. Caleb Johnson surprised me. And some of them are actually doing really good this week. I wanna talk a bit about MK’s elimination which for me really the right elimination of the week. I kinda wished that Dexter would go. Becuase I never really like him. And CJ can go too. But MK just never improve every single week. Well, neither does Dexter. But, I don’t know. The blank face that MK has in stage really bothers and annoys me. This week, my Bottom Three prediction would be Majesty Rose, Dexter Roberts and CJ Harris. With CJ going home. Dexter still get a bigger fanbase than CJ. And I honestly felt like Dexter could last longer than Majesty. That is what I’m afraid of! Hope that won’t happen.

1. Alex Preston – Don’t Speak by No doubt: A-

This is again another stellar and killer performance from Alex. Alex Preston is a true artist. What I love about him is he’s attempting to win the whole thing. First, he’s consistent. Second, he;s creative and he wants to learn more and more and show us something different every single week. Give him any kind of themes and he’s gonna kill it. He started the performance with a cool way. Hitting his guitar in the cool way. His vocals were consistently on pitch. That is what makes me really blown away because Alex is always on pitch. Well not always, some of his performances were a bit pitchy but this is one of the most consistently on pitch Alex ever had on the show. I love that he decided not to go big and not too “rock” kinda thing just like what No Doubt did, because that would make the performance become too karaoke, and thankfully that did not happen. A really creative and “alive” performance.

2. Majesty Rose – Shake It Out by Florence And The Time Machine: B-

This song is like my favorite from Florence and the time machine besides “Dog Days Are Over”. When someone sing my song on Idol, they better be singing it well because I had a really huge standard. Majesty was in the Bottom Three last week, she’ slightly better from “Let It Go”, but the Majesty of “Happy” just haven’t returend yet on the show. So, this is kinda sad. Because I’m really waiting for that moment to come. This week, Majesty picked a song that is really dissapointing because songs like this doesn’t suit with Majesty’s vocal. Majesty has unique voice that it’s better for her to sing a small song and make it really special rather than singing songs like “Shake It Out”, “Let It Go” that is really big for her voice. That is what I thought. Again, this week she struggled with pitch issues which for me some notes were really pitchy and really off. But talking about confident, Majesty kinda got it back. Being in the Bottom 3 last week really didn’t affected her performance this week, but I kinda wished that Majesty would go bigger becuase this is Top 9, Go Big or Go Home

3. Dexter Roberts – Boondrocks by Little Big Town: C+

This is another karaoke version. Six performnaces, six different karaoke versions. This is his best. Honestly, this is his best. This is my favorite performance from him. Really Dexter? I couldn’t find the specialities in Dexter’s voice. Like what Keith said, there are so many Dexter out there in music industry that Dexter gotta find something that will make him different than others. He’s attempting to be Luke Bryan so much and that is kinda annoying. He never stood out. His performances never really stood out for me. This performance, again, He got everyone clapping. It was quite fun and quite enjoyable for me. Coming from me and for Dexter that is really something big, but he didn’t blew me away. He didn’t shocked me. With that voice, he needs to find something really powerful that he could use as his weapon on the battle later on. Seriously, the country vote is so strong that they’re voting for Dexter. I wish Emily, Ben and Kristen would be here instead of him. Sigh.

4. Malaya Watson – The Long And Winding Road by The Beatles: B

While now everybody realizes and now know that Malaya is actually on a growth arc. She’s most improved. Now she’s getting so focus and so controlled. Her three past performances were so strong. This could be it for Malaya because she’s starting to build fans. On Twitter, everyone is praising her performances. Her 3 last performances. She’s continuing to save her butt. But she needs to have stellar performances. This was Malaya in more dynamics. She’s showing her vocal range. She’s even more controlled than “When I Was Your Man”, when I thought that “When I Was Your Man” was that performance that Malaya would be controlled the most but I was wrong becasue she’s even more controlled on this one. She’s being dramatic when she’s moving around the stage. Her vibrato was very beautiful. Malaya is really growing. Eventhough I would prefer her last three performances than this, because I expected more moments to happen, but It was really very beautiful. Really stood out, vocally. Eveyrone loves Dark horse.

5. Sam Woolf – Hey There Delilah by Plain White Ts: B-

I have to agree with JLo, Sam needs to have that Delilah and sing it to that special person. To me, this is less beautiful than “We Are Young”. If we say that “We Are Young” is a comeback, than this is more like a stepback to the performance. He let me down a bit. I’m a fan of Sam Woolf. Never been a fan of WGWG like I am to Sam. Vocally, Sam did delievered beautiful vocals. His tone, always gorgeous. And now, how can he use his gorgeous, beautiful tone and use that as a weapon to make him stood out from the other and how that tone can produce a beautiful performance. He needs to have a perfect song choice. This wasn’t it. I mean, It was a good song choice, but It wasn’t like the perfect one. The staging was perfect, though. It was beautiful. The performance was good, but I want more. Because at the end of the day, these nine needs to have stellar performances. If they don’t have it, we are going to keep craving more. Save the season, please anyone!

6. Jessica Meuse – Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac: B-

About Jessica Meuse, she hasn’t been really that consistent. Because sometimes she’s up here, and sometimes she’s down. Sometimes she’s leading the pack. Sometimes she’s being lead by the others. She could be one of the worst performers of the week, too. Talking about TOP 11 Week. Jessica needs to let go just a minute and we would hear very beautiful vocals from her. She didn’t sing with her guitar this week, I remember her singing without her guitar on Top 13 and she is so contrived and really stiff. She’s so intense and she’s not letting go on that stage. And this time was much better. Her confidence is there. Because i see it. The movemont is not a matter of an act anymore, because she’s getting used to it. For the performance, I didn’t heard something really big. It didn’t blew me away. I don’t know If I’m already creating this huge and high standard after Haley Reinhart covered this song on Idol and did a really nice job. Jessica really have to perform and pass that standard. Vocally, I’m not sure If this was her best becuase this was my first time hearing her nasal voice kinda annoying. I don’t know. I’m really sad becuase she’s one of my favorites. But, i have to be fair. And this wasn’t her best. At all.

7. CJ Harris – If It Hadn’t Been For Love by Steel Drivers: C

Worst performance of the week. When you’re performing worst than Dexter, that is really awful. CJ is a better singer than Dexter. That is how I pictured him. Because CJ is not just a country singer that you can find out there. And he’s not just singing country. There’s a soul in it. His soulful voice can light up the world. But he never really bring that. This was one of his worst. Because every single minute and seconds, he was really off. His vocals were never right. It was consistently not in pitch. He’s so sharp. He’s so uncomfortable standing with that mic. And that makes me so uncomfortable watching him too. CJ believe in everything that he said, but It bothers me because the pitch wasn’t right there with the confidence.

8. Caleb Johnson – Dazzed And Confused by Led Zeppelin: A-

Caleb could be either the Finale lock or the shock boot. The most consistent, i must say. Eventhough had a rocky week last week but he’s showing something diffferent so I wasn’t mad about it. Caleb has changed me into one of his fan. Not officially a fan but really like him now. When he’s on, then It’s gonna be a bombastic performance. An explosion all over the place. This was one of his best performance in terms of showing rock-ness into the performance. The lighting was there. He’s comfortable singing this. This is what I like about Caleb, he’s so confidence on stage that everything came together. Always loved the runs and the wailing at the end of all of his performances. I got goosebumps watching Caleb performing this song. Again, this performance allowed him to show his big voice. That he actually has a very beautiful voice and he is consistently on pitch the whole time. Amazing, Caleb!

9. Jena Irene – Bring Me To Life by Evanescene: A

JENA FREAKING IRENE! You know, I could watch this all the time. I could watch this all day long. Jena is in the zone! I’m having goosebumps watching her perform. Angie Miller sang this last season and I thought that It’s gonna be the best cover Idol could ever have. Like, no one could top that. But Angie Miller’s performance wasn’t like crazy good, It was good. But I don’t know If anyone can top that because Angie just has that vibe. Jena absolutely slayed this song. Her vocals were just amazing! She’s so on pitch and so in the zone. She’s rocking it. She’s moving around the stage and working with the band really well. She’s jumping up and down. She’s like a natural and professional performer up there. The last 20 seconds was like one of the best 20s econds we’ve ever had this season. I am out of words. Becuase, I’m speechless seeing Jena Irene performing this song, that is how good this performance was. It was brilliant. It was phenomenal. And It was the best performance of the week!



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