American Idol 13 Top 8: Back To The Start (Audition Songs)


Again, let’s go back to last week’s dissapointing result. Majesty Rose, everyone’s early favorite went home. After delivering a pretty rendition of the song itself, but just couldn’t showed the Majesty in the performance yet. Majesty is great at singing small song. Her small and sweet voice suits that kind of song. I can imagine her singing “Violet Hill” If she had survived the cut last time. It’s really annoying that Majesty went home before Dexter and CJ? Today’s theme can really show why we fall in love with these lucky eight. They’re gonna be singing songs that they sung on the Audition. A little bit of nostalgia that we’re having tonight. Tonight, I must say the show have returned. We’re going back to some great performances. I mean, we have it like last week, but this week like everything came together. I love that there are duets so that we can see them working togehter with their mates. I think that the duets weren’t that bad. But It weren’t that great either. I can remember the TOP 8 On Season 11 (yeah, cause I don’t remember anything from Season 12), All eight of them did great on their duets. And the duets this season wasn’t as great as that season, but It’s definitely something that we haven’t seen yet. And It’s refreshing. And I couldn’t imagine watching a two-hour show with only eight performances, that would be so damn boring. I don’t know If I have an exact favorite but everyone kinda stand the same. But Malaya Watson is definitely the best for me. She killed that. 1. Jessica Meuse – Blue Eyed Lie by Jess Meuse: A-

I don’t know If this is about me expecting more before I’ve seen the performance, or maybe this performance just wasn’t my cup of tea. But Jess performances always my cup of tea. I like her a lot. Especially since the beginning. When she auditioned singing her original song, “I’m either gonna be a succesful musician or a broke one”, that gave me chills. That was so out of context. I think that Jessica’s nasal voice is really really beautiful, sometimes when someone sing so nasally, It’s kinda distracting and annoying, but It’s a different thing with Jessica Meuse. I know that she’s so into the song because everything went together on this performance. She’s so passionate singing the song. And she got the emotion as well. She’s connected to the song, so so connected. And when she’s reaching for the big notes on the reff, It gave me chills. The reff is always the best part of the song. I’m so glad that she get the chance to do her own original song on the show because this song is so good. Jess definitely did it well. Harry was right though, there’s a blank spot almost at the end. I was hoping Jess would reach the big note and just slaying it.

2. CJ Harris – Soulshine by The Alman Brothers: B-

Again, every week, CJ never really shock me with anything. Every performances just stay the same. But not as bad as Dexter. On the Audition, JLo noted CJ’s weakness and said that they can work with that, till now, I’m hoping that the thing would happen. Like, he’s always sharp. He’s so consistently sharp when he sings, well not in this performance, because I thought that this performance was much much better than his previous performance. And again, he’s so good at connecting. I want him to share his ability to connect to Sam (Sam never really connect to a song), everytime he’s singing, there’s just message delivered. The message from the song was so delivered to the audience and people watching would know what the song means. And there’s a pain when he’s singing. But again, when you’re looking for killer performances, you just never found that in CJ’s performances. Especially this time, better from last week, but still wanting something really big and something that can shock and wow us.

3. Alex Preston & Jena Irene – Just Give Me A Reason by Pink ft. Nate Ruess: C+

This song is made for a duet. I remember Amber Holcomb sang this last year and It was such a mess. But the truth is, I have never found someoene covered the song that good. It was good, but not that good. Not great. Pink songs are really hard to sing. And to beat. Alex and Jena sounded great. Especially Jena. First, I loved that Jena’s making an eye contact with Alex. But the thing is, Alex is so awkward. Jena always tried to make an eye contact, there were moments where Alex just ignored it and just be awkard the whole time. I’m really glad that there’s a chemistry in this duet, but still, the performance didn’t showcase anything for these two. These two are having their momentum, this wasn’t it.

4. Sam Woolf – Lego House by Ed Sheeran: C+

Again, I don’t know If I was expecting more from my favorites (Jena, Malaya, Jess, Sam) or this just wasn’t my cup of tea. I think I was expecting more. I remember his audition and I said that he could be the one. He could be the one who’s sailing right to the end and win the whole thing just because he’s WGWG and his tone is so gorgeous. I really want him to have a moment in this competition. We may not found that specific momentum from Sam, but there were some great performances from him. Two or three. The staging was so good with the lamp. The staging is always good when Sam’s time to perform. I’m not gonna discuss anyhting about his voice because that is no need to discuss. We know that he has that gorgeous tone and has that beautiful voice. Again, no connection here. He never really conncet ot a song. His mind went blank and when he started to sing, there’s no message. I prefer his audition’s version because the performance never really went anywhere. It stayed right there and just consistently underwhelming. It was a bit underwhelming. I thought that Sam could dig the bridge. That would be awesome. But at the end, It wasn’t his best.

5. Caleb Johnson & Jess Meuse – Stop Draggin My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty: B-

Woah..Jessica is singing Stevie Nicks! There’s a comparisson between Jessica and Stevie Nicks. People said that her voice sounds like Stevie Nicks. Well, I wouldn’t say that. I prefer Jessica’s voice. Er. Caleb Johnson and Jessica Meuse have some kind of choreography going on in this performance, I think It’s not that necessary but It’s fun to watch. The vocals, they killed it. Jess and Caleb are so good together. Good, but not great.

6. Malaya Watson – Ain’t No Way by Aretha Franklin: A

At the beginning of the season, when it’s her audition, I dislike her. She wasn’t my favorite that time. I think she had nothing to offer that time, and I still think that until the Rush Week and the first week of the live rounds. But she started to wow me on “Take Me To The King”, which is just amazing. Malaya sang “Ain’t No Way” on her audition, I really really wanna hear her singing “Brand New Me” by Alicia Keys. I think that song really suit her really well. This song suits her too. But different from the Audition, it was really short in the audition that we couldn’t get the whole part of the song and the best part of the song wasn’t there. In this performance, Malaya freaking nailed it. It was 9/10, It was almost perfect. She’s so controlled. She’s getting better. She has the emotional depth and she can connect to the song, she’s just 16 but she’s so connected to this song. And there’s a big and high note in the performance that just blew me away. She’s so restraint. I think If she can perform like this again next week, she could be the force to be reckoned with. I think she could beat Alex and Jess, my prediction for the Final 2.

7. Dexter Roberts – One Mississipi by Brett Eldredge: B-

Hey, this is the first time that I actually connected to Dexter. Nevermind. He’s still my pick to go tomorrow, though. I still prefer CJ more than him. Dexter’s Audition, in my mind, no…enough with country guys like this. The only country guy from this show that I really like is Scotty Mccreery. And each week, Scotty gave me consistent performances and the most important thing is, Scotty doesn’t sound like any other country guys out there, and he didn’t try to sound like it. Dexter should stop trying so hard to sound like every country singers out there. But, in this performance, Dexter kinda shocked me. He sang a soft song that showcase her voice. And his voice is so good. Vocally, this is his best vocal performance. And might be his best performance by far. Because Dexter really showed me that Dexter can actually delivered a performance that can make you stop and just focus on him. Or what we called, captivating. But, I still want him to do more and more and more unexpected things. Just, you’re not auditioning the show to be predictable. You’re auditioning because you wanna show people your ability. Your best performances, If you’re trying to sound like others, why would we keep you, we could’ve just listen and watch other country guys that you wanna sound like.

8. Malaya Watson & Sam Woolf – Lucky by Jason Mraz: C-

Ugh, out of ten gazzilions songs, why this song? If you see Malaya Watson’s name there. Jason Mraz is like at the bottom of the list of the artist that Malaya is going to sing. Malaya and Jason Mraz is like….they just don’t blend that well. Sam sounded great because this is he’s wheelhouse sort of, but Malaya, there’s nothing that she could do on the song. There’s improvisations that change the song and make it a bit refreshing, but overall, why this song? The performance wasn’t good, it was too karaoke and Sam is so awkward. Malaya trying to make it not awkward, or less awkward, but It ended up being Malaya that is so crazy for Sam. This is just not good.

9. Jena Irene – Rolling In The Deep by Adele: B

Thank godness no one sang “Rolling In The Deep” last year so It wouldn’t be four times in a row. I remember Haley first brought this song to the show and she changed so much. She made it her own, and I applaud her for that. Hollie Cavanagh sang the song and found her way back on the real her. Her acapella at the beginning stole the night. And now I’m just wondering how can Jena bring something new to the table for this song. She offered another different rendition which is thank God that Jena is so creative and so smart that she just didn’t sing the song like the original and slay it with her big voice. But, the rendition just not the best rendition that the song would be changed. It didn’t gave Jena time to attack with her big voice. It was too low, because i want Jena to reach a really really high and big note. But, she redeem herself 20 seconds before the end. It was beautiful. At the end, It was beautiful. At the beginning, It was a bit boring and a bit underwhelming for me. It’s really hard to change Adele songs because you really really need to be so creative and you need to bring something new when you’re trying to sing an Adele.

10. CJ Harris & Dexter Roberts – Alright by Darius Rucker: C

Why are they so relax? Like they don’t care at all. This is pretty awful actually. But not as awful as “Lucky’ sigh, I wish that never happened. But, CJ was so consistently sharp that’s really annoying to me. Dexter did a solid job singing his part .Dexter is so in the zone tonight. Just another sign that he’s not leaving the show at anytime. If he win the whole thing, I’m gonna cry so loud. CJ, I think CJ just messed up the whole time in this song, and It wouldn’t surprised me to see him go this week.

11. Caleb Johnson – Chain Of Fools by Aretha Franklin: B+

I laughed so hard watching the video package. “I’m so annoying” said Caleb to himself. Caleb’s audition is so unforgettable. It’s something that you wouldn’t forget. He sang before he even said hi to the judges. His big voie is always mesmerizing. He’s singing an Aretha Franklin. I’m so excited to hear this. I’m excited when I heard he sang this song. And he nailed it. There’s no thing to say but Caleb definitely killed the performance with his big voice. Nothing much to say.

12. Alex Preston – Fairytales by Alex Preston: B+

I think Alex is the one who’s going to win the whole thing. What I love about Alex is, he’s always giving a performance to be remember. He’s always leaving marks in the stage and just never let the audience to forget it quickly. Alex’s writing skills is not to be underestimated. Because this song is definitely beautiful. Because It’s his original song, I think that’s why Alex get inside to the song and sang it so good and so nice and so into it. There are growls almost at the end which is just beautiful and amazing. Alex’s vocal here is great. I think that Alex keeps continuing to deliver a solid performances week after week after week.



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