American Idol 13 Top 8 Redux: Back to the 80s!


Last week, they had one of their best episode of the entire season, where they reprising their audition songs. And last week, America flushed the judges’ save. They used the save for Sam Woolf. First of all, I didn’t like it. I thought that It was such a waste for the judges to use the save on Sam Woolf who has been hitting the Bottom spot for three times and so unconsistent throughout the American Idol Journey. I was just wondering how If Jena, Caleb and Alex went home? I bet the judges would regret it. But I think they used the save because they want America to see what they seen, the special thing about Sam which we haven’t seen it yet. And I thin becuase Sam is much more marketable than any of the contestants this season. He got the look, the charm and he’s A white guy with guitar, so Sam might win. But I don’t see him winning the entire franchise at all. THis might save Sam for like one or two episodes, but after that, he’s a goner. After tonight, can I just say that David Cook is a really great mentor and they should stop hiring Randy Useless Jackson and just bring Jimmy Iovine back if they want to. And how bad I want Randy to just go away and just retire is how much I want CJ to go. My dislike level to Dexter is just unbelieveable, and If there’s someone who can tops that, that is just unbelieveable. And that person is CJ. CJ is the contestant that I dislike the most this season. He should’ve gone away long time ago. After tonight, I can see that Malaya could be hitting the Bottom Three once again. CJ Could be. I don’t see Alex, Jess, Sam, Dexter and Caleb hitting the stools. So, It must be Malaya, Jena and CJ i am predicting. With Malaya going home.1. Jena Irene – I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts: B

I am not a fan of the arrangements. I think If she wants to sing this song, she should be rocking it. I am totally not a fan of the first half of the performance where Jena is kinda lost and I just can’t hear the Jena that I love every single week. But, at the middle, I thought that Jena came back and just slayed it. I love when she started to get everybody clapping because Jena got the groove and the performance wasn’t bad at all. It’s just, I hate that she changed the arrangements into slower version. Great piano though, the pink piano killed it. Overall, Jena’s vocal on this one was pretty epic. Especially at the end, I just hope that she doesn’t go home after this performance. Becuase first, she performed first. Second, she got a mixed feedbacks. And third, On twitter, i don’t see people really rooting for her. So, I’m worried.

2. Dexter Roberts – Keep Your Hands To Yourself by The Georgia Satellites: B-

This is Dexter on his best performance for me. Well, not the best. I think that his previous performance is the best. I’m scared right now. I dislike Dexter because Dexter perform the exact same thing every single week and I don’t think that he’s creative enough to make a song his own. And to shake a bit. But, he has two consistent performances these couple of weeks, and this scared me because America is voting for Dexter when he’s performing really badly on the first four liveshows, and now, when Dexter is on the zone, I think he could be unstoppable. But, I’m glad that he finally has someting to show to America not just the same and boring Dexter every single week. He moved the crowd, he moved around, he’s letting go this time, he’s not that stiff. And vocally, he’s consistent from the beginning till the end, Eventhough I’m not quite sure If this performance is memorable enough and I think that Dexter can push it even more.

3. Alex Preston & Sam Woolf  – The Girl Is Mine by Michael Jackson: B+

They’re putting Alex and Sam together. Both of them are lady killers. In this performance, I think that Sam let loose a bit and that is great because we need to see less awkward from him. I thought that Alex performed much better than Sam does. Becuase Sam vocally didn’t took a chance on this performance, but Alex took a chance. So It’s basically different. And I think that Alex performed much more comfortable on the stage more than Sam does. It came down to comparing these two, because you’re putting the two most famous contestants this season, and they’re both basically the same. Both white guy with guitar and their genre is pretty much the same. The difference is, I’m not sure I would buy Sam’s album later after the season, but I definitely would buy Alex’s.

4. Malaya Watson – Through The Fire by Chaka Khan: C

First of all, why would you sing this song, Malaya? Why? Not only because It’s so predictable, it’s also when Malaya is trying to hit all of those high notes, It came down to whether she’s 100% nailing it or the performance is gonna be a hot mess. Unfortunately, It fell to the other side, It was a hot mess. Malaya spent the first part of the song not taking any chance and just singing it with no chances. The best thing about Malaya is her upper register. Malaya said that she didnt want to mess the whole performance so she took the first part just singing it, and the second part slaying it. Unfortunately, the second part, It wasn’t any stellar. The high notes were pointless and It was just such a mess. Malaya didn’t sing it with feeling. She just sang it. There’s no maturity in Malaya singing this song. It is Chaka Khan, It is a hard song. If you cannot nail it, better stop touching the song or you’ll be so messed up.

5. Caleb Johnson & Jena Irene – It’s Only Love by Bryan Adams & Tina Turner: A-

It happened. Everything that we needed in life. Jena is having a duet with Caleb. They’re both singing together. I thought that this time Jena won over Caleb. Jena is so into this moment. She’s dancing. She’s just having fun on stage. Caleb did too. But I felt Caleb could loosen a little bit. I thought vocally both was a killer. Both sang the song so well. I didn’t know the song, and I thought that Caleb and Jena both made a great first impression on this song. It was great!

6. Jessica Meuse – Call Me by Blondie: B-

I remember Haley Reinhart sang this on her season, and what I want Jessica Meuse to do is to watch Haley performed. The difference between these two singers is Haley Reinhart can perform, while Jessica is so stiff. But technically, Jessica won big gap over Haley on this performance. So, Jessica needs to watch Haley perform and just perform the way she performed. I think that she was inspired by Haley’s performance, because she’s moving around the judges table just like what Haley did. Jessica’s performance, I thought It was pretty good vocally. She did move around and she did listened to the judges to loosen up a bit, but not everything came together on this performance. Yeah, I was just waiting for Jessica to just slayed every performances because she’s like the judges least favorite contestant on the show right now. I hope that her fans are voting for her like crazy because I’m totally not ready to see her go.

7. Sam Woolf – Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper: C+

Time after Time, I’m just bored with Sam’s performance. He said that he’s so thankful and he said that he practised more and he’s focusing on how to connect to the song. Well, I see that he’s trying to connect to a song through his eye contact. But I still cannot feel the message from the song delivered to the peoples watching. I think that putting Sam on the mdidle of the swaybots is just a horrible idea. Sam couldn’t connect and he’s kinda bit distracted. He’s really awkard even on the stage, and when they put him in the middle of these crazy young girls, It’s even more awkward. Vocally, he did get better though. Becuase Sam kinda performed much better vocally than before. But, overall, It’s pretty dull and pretty underwhelming. Definitely not the performance that we’d expected. He should’ve been killing it because he was saved! What are you thinking, Sam? Stop overthinking and just perform your best becuase I haven’t seen you really really focus so far.

8. CJ Harris & Malaya Watson – I Knew You Were Waiting by Aretha Franklin & George Michael: D+

This is like one of the worst duet ever. There’s no connection and chemistry going on with these two. It’s so funny that I don’t think Malaya suits with any of the contestants. Malaya is so energetic though. She’s trying to be so happy and excited for the performance. CJ is like chilling, and too laid back. Vocally, I don’t think this was the best vocal performance from any of these two. Especially Malaya, when she can do much better vocally with this song. It’s just bad. It’s bad.

9. Alex Preston – Every Breath You Take by The Police: B

The song is about a stalker. I read the lyrics and It was pretty creepy. I love Alex’s interpretation though. I thought that Alex is so creatvie throughout this journey. Him and Jena are the two most creative contestant. Every chances they have, they take it. And It’s really important being creative because when people watching is getting bored by your performances, you can pull your special power and your creativity is the most important thing. This is so far from Alex’s best performance, but Alex still sounded beautiful. I think we may found the winner. And I’m not mad at all If Alex win, and forget the WGWG thing, because I thought that he’s not just a WGWG coughphillipcough she sounded great on this. He’s  very special.

10. Dexter Roberts & Jessica Meuse – Islands In The Stream by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton: C-

Geez. The songchoices are so predictable this week. Even the duets! I think that Dexter sounded as usual. He’s being the same old boring dull Dexter and Jessica just couldn’t connect and she’s just not in the zone. I didn’t like it. I thought It was really dull and just boring.

11. CJ Harris – Free Falling by Tom Petty: D-

Oh My Gosh CJ. I gave up. CJ is still doing what JLo told him to work on since the audition. Are you kidding me? JLo had noticed it and asked you to work on it since the audition and you still couldn’t work on it? Blown away. CJ was already so shaky in the beginning. He’s still singing out of tune and still couldn’t get the shit together. This was one of the worst I’ve seen him perform. I think that CJ needs to really go. Because, I’m gonna be so mad If anyone had to be sacrificed in order to let CJ stay for another week.

12. Caleb Johnson – Faithfully by Journey: B

I really really want these contestants to stop singing Journey. It’s getting boring. It’s on the level with Adele. We all want “Rolling In The Deep” to be banned from the show. And we want this song too! And any Journey songs. Well, I want to. Caleb sang with feelings. I think that this is so important becuase the song has so much feeling and has a strong message for everyone to take a moment and listen through it. From the beginning, I’m just waiting for the second part of the song becuase at the end is when the singer have to nail all of the high notes and big notes. Caleb killed it. He did. But I don’t know, I expect more from Caleb. Becuase from performance number one until eleven, I couldn’t find a a really good one. It was such  a shame because I thought the old American Idol is back looking from last week’s performances, but I was wrong. Back to the performance, I thought Caleb did good with it. It wasn’t crazy good, but It was acceptable.


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