American Idol 13 Top 7: Contestants Picks!


As usual, a recap after last week’s elimination. I have predicted Malaya to go. I knew It’s coming. The problem is, Malaya had a really rough first Live Show week, on Top 13, And Top 13 is when these contestants are building their fans. Malaya just failed to build her own fanbase since that point. And the reason why CJ and Dexter who are not a better singer than Malaya is because both are country singers. And country vote are like the strongest (never forgeet McLaina, over Haley). Whatever happens, Show must go on. Sad or not, bummed or not, let’s be honest, we would’ve preferred Malaya to audition two or maybe three years later to be a better singer. This week, the theme is Contestants Picks. Which is, the conetstants are gonna be chosing the songs for their own. Their friends. I know that sabotaging is not gonna happen, they wouldn’t dare to do it. And the song choices are pretty good. There are still duets, and there are the left-overs (Jess,Dexter & CJ) that aren’t performing like they supposed to. And there is Demi Lovato, eventhough I don’t know what the heck is she doing there beside Randy Jackson. It’s pointless. After tonight, I honestly don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. I’m going to expect the worst case scenario with Jess and Dexter in the Bottom 2. Or It might be Sam and CJ. or CJ and Dexter. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen at this point. But, I think Jessica is going home. I hope not.1. Caleb Johnson – Family Tree by Kings Of Leons: B

We all know that Caleb is such an amazing and exciting performer. And we would immediately notice If Caleb doesn’t perform like he supposed to be performing on the level of awesomeness. Some performances, Caleb went off. And we directly would notice that. I am not gonna blame the song choice because I really want Caleb to sing a contemporary songs. And I want Caleb to sing a more current song, and It happened. I think that Caleb is too busy. He’s too busy doing too many stuffs on stage that affected everything. His vocals weren’t as brilliant as usual, eventhough he kinda nailed it at the end. But at the end of the day, It’s not as awesome as the way Caleb usually performs. Caleb is a crazy mad talented vocalist and an exciting performer. When he’s up on stage, he can light the world and can cheer us up. Viewers will think he’s a great singer. And a fun person to hangout with. And he’s gonna do amazing in Tour because he’s gonna be the one who wake everyone up. But, for this performance, It wasn’t as great as the way he’s performing. Something is missing. But i don’t know what is that thing.

2. Jessica Meuse – Gunpowder And Lead by Miranda Lambert: B

Woah, I never expected Jessica would go totally country in one week. And this is a shocking song choice. But, let’s give credit for Sam saying that Jess is a badass. She is a badass. Eventhough the judges never really agreed with us. But hey, let’s face it. There’s a clear sabotaging here and the judges is starting to play favorites. Umm..okay, let’s go back to the performance. Jessica’s biggest problem is always her letting loose on stage and feeling free and just forget everything and sing. Moving naturally would be nice for her to do, eventhough she never really does it before. And I want her to do it so badly. The thing about her is, every single week, she hit all the notes, technical issues, we couldn’t find it. Her pitch was perfect and the notes were hit on spot. The thing is just her stage presence. And her movement on stage. SHe’s really stiff. She’s a great vocalist, but not a great performer. Someone has to help her let loose on stage. I think she’s that kind of singer who’s just gonna do singing with her guitar and with her mic and playing with her guitar at the same time. She wasn’t born to walk around stage and moving the crowd by gestures. She was born to just sing and touch people feelings with her gorgeous voice. And i think that she needs to just focus on that If she’s not comfortable moving around stage. At the end of the day, we would appreciate that more than this.

3. Alex Preston & Sam Woolf – Let Her Go by The Passenger: C-

If I get to ask only one question for the whole night, I’m going to ask the question for these two fellas. “Do you guys know the meaning of the song? Like the true meaning? The message that the singer want the listener to feel and to understand?” Honestly, I didn’t feel like they do. I know, I know, It’s just a duet. WHo cares? But we all want a good duet? Not a snoozefest. This is so boring. It’s a lullaby in a bad way. I’m not gonna comment on the vocal becuase It’s gonna be so so harsh If I went there, but I jsut wanna focus on the performance on a big picture. Sam and Alex really have the bond together, but I cannot feel them understanding the song. Sure, It’s like the two coolest guys you’ll ever meet in your school jammin and just singing with their guitar and be the center of attention, but at the end, I would’ve preferred them to just tell the story of the song and the message. It was missing. This one wasn’t good.

4. CJ Harris – Gravity by John Mayer: B

Oh Gosh..Every single time I went to CJ, I’m scratching my head. First of all, he’s not an exciting performer. I prefer to just close my eyes and hear his voice rather than watching the performance, because sure, I love his studio recordings, but on live shows, when I have to watch him singing on stage, It’s really boring. Last week, when CJ supposed to go, I feel like that put a lot of weight and target on his back. He needs to really really kill this week. He totally redeemed himself this week, but I’m not sure If that is enough. WEll, I hope that is not enough so we can just let him go because I don’t want to see him performing twice next week. Nope. His vocals were much better. Thank God he’s on pitch. He’s not as sharp as usual eventhough he’s still sharp in some notes. But he really do touch my heart by singing this song. It was pretty special for me. But, not the performance that I would be remembering for the next two weeks or maybe only three or four days.

5. Dexter Roberts – Muckalee Creek Water by Luke Bryan: C

Dexter is improving week after week, he might win. But, If he win, this might be the worst season ever. Like EVER. I would rather go back to season 12 and watch it over and over (eventhough I know, It seems awful) rather than seeing Dexter singing his coronation song and confetti shower on the stage and the crown on his head. Yikes. But, I do appreciate that he’s trying or attempting to make a move and to shake things a bit. Not the old boring Dexter. I do feel like he’s so comfortable right now. But this performance, was a hot mess. I know he’s trying to be Luke Bryan so much, I said it before, that he’s not gonna be Luke Bryan. There are tons of Dexter out there, and Dexter really need to find one thing that the other country singers don’t have, and I don’t think Dexter has anything to show. Honestly, there’s nothing really special about this performance. It was Dexter playing guitar, and with zero energy and stage presence. And zero facial expressions, he’s like a zombie, and with zero excitement on stage. The clapping part doesn’t work. And at the end of the day, we might go back to the old boring Dexter. Meh.

6. Caleb Johnson & Jena Irene – Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones: A

Thankyou Caleb and Jena! Thankyou so much for this amazing amazing duet. Probably one of the best I’ve seen ever done on American Idol behind “Moanin” of course, duh? The Slayer, Haley Reinhart, how could we forget her? Forever fan. Ok. First of all, that clip is really cute. Jena and Caleb going to prom together, that made me laugh a bit. After a boring first five performances, this gave me something to wake me up. Jena sounded like a rockstar. Caleb sounded like a professional. Both sounded great. At the end, when the two biggest voice blends together, It sounded like a..I don’t know what to say, It was superb! It was amazing. It was something that I rarely seen. And Thank God that Jena’s mother created Jena because Jena might be one of the best contestants since the first season. Well, we can put her on that list.

7. Alex Preston – A Team by Ed Sheeran: B-

Wow, the song choices tonight, I know them all! Wow. This is so rare. Am I the one who’s not really a fan of Alex’s version? Here’s the thing, we have been seeing Alex performing like a pro, when you face Alex with the other contestants, It seems like he’s leading them. And like “A Beautiful Mess”, “Falling Slowly”, “Story Of My Life”, “Don’t Speak” those are Alex great performances. And that is a big song, If not a creative song choices. And when I saw “A Team” by Ed Sheeran, I am so bummed that Sam is not singing this one, but we’re not gonna have Sam singing two Ed Sheeran songs in one season. I felt like this song is too ordinary for Alex .Too easy for him to slay and It came down where Alex needed more challenging song choices, not just a song that I knew 100% he would slay. At the end of the day, It was like a predictable performance that It didn’t surprised me and It didn’t really blew me away. I’m such an Alex fan, and i wanted more than this. Sure, his version was more tender and more beautiful in some points, but I just wanted more than this. It was too predictable, It was kinda medicore. The one thing that stop me from putting it to C+ is because of his legs that are just so cute.

8. Sam Woolf – Sail Away by David Gray: C+

Oh God, I almost fell asleep. Sam woke up please. The judges just saved you. Where are you? Two David Gray songs, well well well.. Jessica picked this. I spot one thing that captivated me so much and really shocked me. Sam is trying to connect. And Good for Jess, because she wants to help sam to connect. Such an Angel. Well, not 100% connected to the song, but at least on the eye, he’s trying to make a connection. Still, there are no ladies that were used on this one becuase Sam decided to jsut create his own world and jsut blocked himself and just be there on his own. I’m waiting for him to just really let go and just soar. Sure, beautiful tone. I am just so tired to keep on saying this because honestly I found it really hard to praise Sam’s performance where there are too many things to say and too many critics, so “beautiful tone” would be the only praise that I would give to Sam’s performance right now. Sorry.

9. CJ Harris, Dexter Roberts & Jess Meuse – Compass by Lady Antebellum: D-

First of all, I wanna puke when Randy said “Idol Antebellum”, not only because Randy is painfully unfunny. But It’s also because these three just don’t suit being together as a threesome. Three stiff, contrived and awkward performers singing together. Awkwardness overload. Pity Jess. Had to be standing right there at the middle. I wouldn’t say Jess killed her part eventhough she’s like my favorite. But she had zero moment on this one. And so is CJ. And so is Dexter. Three of them had zero moments. When they’re singing together, they sounded like they’re racing one another when they are supposed to be just blend together as one great harmony. And what we’ve got is a really messy performance that we wish we had never seen on Idol. Yikess.

10. Jena Irene – Creep by Radiohead: A-

Great. A song that had never been sung on Idol before. First, I kinda knew that Jena is going to sing this because she’s retweeting some twees about this song. And since then, I started to imagine and just expecting how would Jena sound when she’s singing this song. And standars started to show, and expectations starting to increase, and that is my biggest fault at this point. I shouldn’t expect anything. I should’ve just seen it with no expectations and zero standars because I would’ve been mindblown like the others. She sounded really beautiful on this one. Crazy big and high notes. And she’s singing on the piano or behind the piano, and I suggest her to just keep on doing that because she’s phenomenal when she’s with her piano. But at the end was the strongest part, after the big high notes, we saw a more tender, soft and controlled Jena at the end. When she just melt my heart. It was beautiful. It’s still magical like the usual Jena. I am Jenafyed. But, I expected more. But hey, she did amazing. And undoubtly, the best of the night, solo.


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