Survivor Cagayan Top 10 Moments!


Survivor has been on since 2000. And the show is still going on, creating seasons after seasons. It’s been one of the most consistent franchise ever. And Survivor Cagayan succesfully beaten American Idol, the monster, in the rating and the viewers. Most people prefered watching Survivor than American Idol. Not only because American Idol is going downhill, but Survivor is up-ing their game and creates such great seasons. After Blood Vs Water, and now Cagayan. And Jeff Probst is doing what the fans want. To cast winners, and to cast new players, no returnees, no veterans, just new casts. And here it is. Cagayan, new players, and look at this amazing season. I can easily put Cagayan in my TOP 10 Seasons of All time. And I can see lots of these people coming back in the future seasons. The ones who I can see coming back in future seasons are Tony, Spencer, Tash, LJ, Sarah, Alexis and with possibilities of Kass, Morgan, J’Tia and Garrett, becuase they are big names. I can see Trish coming back too though. This has been an amazing season. Consistent episodes. We’re always at the edge of our seat in every Tribal Councils, we keep predicting of who’s leaving but none of them are coming to reality, It’s been one unpredictable season. And I hope that Survivor stays consistent and produce this kind of season to make the fans stay and to gain new fans. I can see Survivor till Season 50. I would love to. Becuase Survivor is like a phenomenon. I want Survivor to be recognized globaly. Before I get to the Top 10 Moments, can we really clap hands and stand out for all the amazing casts this season? All of them are really amazing. They’re playing to win this. It’s really hard to put only some of them on my favorite player list. My favorite since the beginning has been Sarah and Morgan and they stay the same. I kinda like LJ and Jefra, but they seems like dissapointing. Spencer, Trish and Tash grew on me. And I couldn’t find one reason why everyone seem to like Cliff and Woo so much. Kass, everyone say that If there’s no Kass, the season would’ve been boring. And that’s not true. Tony, great player, but I wasn’t so crazy about him. And people like J’Tia, Garrett and Lindsey, I’m just dissapointed with the result. I thought they’re going to do amazing in this game, but they suck. They really do. But still, to compare these amazing eighteen new players to any seasons featuring new players is ridiculous. Becuase these casts are still far ahead any seasons. So here is my thoughts about all the new casts and about their gameplay:

David Samson, such a big name, I think he has a lot of fans as well. But I don’t know, he made a big mistake since the beginning by picking Garett as the weakest player, like what’s wrong with you? Definitely playing the game too early, he’s already thinking strategy, but he’s not thinking far enough and not playing deep enough to recognize and realize that there are so many people coming after him. If he can convince enough players to play with him, he’ll be fine. With a short amount of time, It’s really hard to like David because David hasn’t done any big moves yet. Garrett Adelstein is like the biggest dissapointment not only for me, but also Survivor fans out there. We thought taht he’s gonna be a strong player like Malcolm Freeberg, but instead, he’s one of the weakest. He might be physically fit, but I can’t find him being so physically functional during challenges. And he’s not helping much. All he’s doing during his time on the game is starving to death and complaining about starving. It’s so ridiculos. Brice Johnston, when I watched the interview, Brice is so entertaining. But, we don’t get to see that much from him. So, It’s really hard to comment about Brice, but If he has enough time on the show, I think he’s going to go deep into the game. J’Tia Taylor is another big dissapointment. But, I wasn’t so dissapointed with her performance during the game because I wasn’t a fan of her in the beginning. But all she’s doing is messing around. DUmping the rice is absolutely not cool. But for tv, It’s really entertaining. You know, she’s entertaining, but for the game, she’s absolutely clueless about everything. She’s weak in challenges. But, I don’t doubt her that she’s going to be loyal to Tash and Kass If oth of them picked her instead of Spencer. But, she’s a pain in the ass, so glad they picked Spencer instead of her. Cliff Robinson is another cast that confused me a lot. He hasn’t done anything on the game. Maybe socially, he’s doing a nice job to be likeable. But, other than that, he’s playing under the radar game that is so underwhelming.


Lindsey Ogle, quit? What else can we say? She creates a drama with Trish before she leaves and early in the season. And I think that’s the only thing that made Lindsey memorable because she’s having a drama with Trish. Ohter than that, she’s sticking to Cliff, she’s sticking like glue to him and she’s not doing anything. But, she’s fierce. Other than that. She’s clueless. Alexis Maxwell is by far the most shocking boot I’ve seen. I’m shocked that she’s a pre-jury player. I am shocked that she’s out before the merge. Alexis, I believe she’s smarter than Jefra and Morgan. She knows the game. She’s the one who decided to split the vote in the first Tribal Council and I think being strategic like that is enough when you’re in the Beauty Tribe. The reason why they vote her out becuase they’re scared that she’s going to flip. She’s sociable. And I think that she’s good at puzzles. And she’s pretty entertaining. Sarah Lacina is my favorite since the beginning. In the first episodes, she figured out that Tony is a cop becuase she has like a copdar. That’s pretty funny. Sarah is smart enough to notice that. And the confessionals showed us that she’s smart. The switch is defintiely her downfall. And she went just short. She got voted out becuase she’s acting sketchy and she couldn’t decide which side she’s in. Morgan McLeod, I think the reason why I love her so much because she’s just so funny and so root-able. She has taht kind of root-factor quality in her. She’s pretty solid in some challenges. I mean, she’s not fully weak and useless. I love that when she doesn’t like taht person, she’s not gonna please that person but instead, she’s going to tell that person that she doesn’t like that person. She’s not fake, you guys. But sometimes, Survivor needs kissing ass. That’s gonna get you far, Morgan! LJ McKanas is a bit dissapointment. I expect him to be the next Hayden Moss, to make a more vocal and obvious move instaed of playing under the radar. But still, he’s playing briliantly. When he’s still in the Beauty Tribe, he took control about everything. I think the reason why he stay under teh radar is so that he can kill it at the end. But Tony realized first that he’s a threat. Jeremiah Wood is like the quiet ones. It seems like he’s so invisible. He vanished like after the switch. But he made a pretty good moments in the Beauty Tribe. Seems like a nice guy. But, he’s so sociable. I think he’s a nice guy and so many girls attach to her.


Jefra Bland, everyone seem to forget her. But, she’s smart enough to align herself with Trish and Tony and be the little girl instaed of doing big moves. Her underrated gameplay is to stay under the radar. He aligned with LJ and Tony, such big characters knowing that she’ll be dragged at the end and win like Natalie from Samoa. She’s smart. I believe If she makes it through the end, she’ll get some votes to convince the Jury that she’s not just a floater. Tasha Fox, the challenge beast. The Immunity run that she has is just unbelieveable. I never thought that she’s so strong in challenges. And she’s fierce. She’s the one who wants to win the game. When the Brains don’t want to strategize, she’s the one who bring the team together and to gather them all and lead them. Be the leader is not easy. And she has all strategy in her minds and she’s able to convince some people. Having so much strong moments before the merge. Trish Hegarty has one of the most underrated gameplay of all time. No one noticed that she has a flawless game and has a convincing game. Like her Jury Speech, If Trish couldnt’ convinced everyone, no one would trust Tony. And the plan is not going to work well. She wins in social aspect of the game, being sociable with others. Able to communicate well. But, unfortunately not all of the viewers realized it. Spencer Bledsoe is my favorite player of the season. Seeing his fight from episode to episode is so groundbreaking. It’s shaking. Everytime he wins Immuntiy, I’m so happy. I’m relieved. The underdog knows enough about the game that he’s not going to be played. Kass McQuillen, the villain of the season, but seems to be so confused about all the things that she done. But, she’s not afraid to shake things up. She’s especially winning. Not surviving. I respect that, but other than that, I just wish she would stick with the old alliance and sail all the way to the end. Instead of being “Chaos Kass” and be the bitch all season. Woo Hwang is pale like a white milk. He’s not memorable enough. No move has been done. He’s dragged. He picked Tony as his master because Tony would likely to drag him to the end. His under the radar game is way too forgettable. Tony Vlachos, our winner. Is playing over the top game. Creating so many stuffs we haven’t seen yet. Being paraonia and being crazy is what Tony been doing whole season. He’s smart enough to strategize. His strategy works really well. Helping the outnumbered alliance to be the alliance to be reckoned with. Tony is a smart player, and deserved to win. But, his gameplay is not my favorite. And his Final Tribal Council Performance is so bad. The reason why the Jury picked him is because he played much better than Woo or they’re just so done and they can’t let a player like Woo win a season. If I were the Jury, I’d been so confused as well.

10. J’Tia and all of her craziness

Like I said before, this season is full of big personalities, great memorable cast and unforgettable cast. J’Tia is one of them. Probably one of the biggest personalities in this season, everyone seem to hate her, but at the same time, she’s great for TV. Everyone’s early favorite and not just that, she’s everyone’s pick to win the entire show. Well, not for me. She stood out in pre-merge. Her personality stood out from the others. Day 1 she took the driver seat and decided to just be the leader and ask everyone to do the job while she has done nothing. And from that moment, I knew J’Tia is not gonna last long. And she survived one tribal council. In my mind, okay, she’s not going to last another Tribal Council, yet, after dumping the rice and let all of her craziness shown, she’s still save. And all of her craziness on the show is actually making the season even better on the pre-merge. Let’s admit it. J’Tia is a great player for tv, but for the game, no. Just no.

9. Cliff’s Blindside

I’ve said it, I dislike Cliff. Everyone seem to like him becuase he’s an athlete? Joking? Well, definitely playing Survivor and basketball is a complete different thing, becuase he has no clue about Survivor. Eventhough he’s not a big part of the game, which means, he’s not the one who’s making big moves like Tony. He’s not that big personality, but his blindside made a huge impact on the show. The fact that we didn’t saw that coming is just even better. The reaction when he was blindsided, the reaction of Woo and Lindsey being so shocked that Cliff is out of the game blindsided by Tony. Cliff’s Blindside is not the only blindside that shocked us, but probably one of the most shocking boot becuase we didn’t saw it coming before.

8. Chaos Kass Vs Queen Morgan!

One player who I feel like played a good game but I don’t really like beisde Tony is Kass. The Chaos Kass. I thought that Kass is an early boot, but guess what? Final 3. One of the most memorable moments from Kass was when Kass had a fight with Morgan. It happened after Kass completely flipped from one alliance to the other by blindsiding Sarah. And the fact that Jeremiah, Morgan, Tasha and Spencer didn’t noticed and saw that coming actually pissed them off. Especially Morgan. The fight started when Kass didn’t like the way Morgan just sit in her “normal spot” and do nothing. While Morgan feels like Kass hated Morgan not only becuase Morgan is lazy, but also because Kass is jealous that Morgan is prettier than her. That’s ridiculous. This is like so entertaining. And Kass called out Morgan. Morgan didn’t stay still, of course. She fought back. And in the confessionals, Chaos Kass called Morgan an Old Dog. And Morgan called Kass a bitter old lady and called her ugly. This is an amazing episode. Eventhough it’s just been a while and only one episode, but you can see every Tribal Council that Sarah and Morgan are just so done with Kass. All the rolling eyes. You know, you can just tell.

 7. Tasha’s Immunity Streak

Everyone love Tasha! Tasha is just so easy to root for. First of all, we didn’t expect that Tasha would be so enjoyable to watch, we all expected that JTia is gonna be the the fun one to watch. Right? And then Tasha survived so many Tribal Council which made her the underdog. In one dysfunctional tribe, she’s not a physical kidna player at first when she’s still on Luzon, but, when merge came, he turned out to be the challenge beast winning so many Individual Immunities that helped her stay longer on the game. That Immunity streak break the record, Tasha became the first African-American to won Immunity three times in a row.

6. Spencer Jury Speech!

I think everyone love Spencer. His gameplay is entertaining, and he’s funny. His jury speech is the second most memorable and entertaining jury speech. Here is it; “Woo, when I look at your game, I can’t help but make this comparison between your strategic play and a behavior of a dog. I mean, Tony is like your master, when he said sit, you sat. When he said the word, you wouldn’t play fetch. The LJ vote, the Jefra blindside. Even in camp life you’re in his pocket 24/7, When it came down to you having an opportunity to take one of the biggest goats in Survivor History to the end, you did what a good dog would do and stay loyal to your owner. And If there’s anything that you can say to me to convince me that this analogy doesn’t make sense

Woo replied, he said that he knew Spencer is a student of the game, and he’s a different student, he wants to take the one who deserved to be right there at the end instead of taking Kass to the end. Spencer wasn’t finished talking yet. He came and talked to the Jury convincing them that Tony has played one hell of a game and saying that he’s the only one who has been looking for the idol and he has played everyone. I think that we need to respect Woo’s move as well, he wants to go big and try a riskier move by taking someone strong. And It could happened, Woo took Tony also because Tony was hated. And also because Tony is a great player and Woo wants to fight against Tony in the Final Tribal Council. We need to appreciate that Woo took a riskier move than just taking goat to the end.

5. Where Does the Egg Came From?


What can we expect for the Beauty Tribe, they use their looks and personality to attract their opposite gender. And we wouldn’t expect them to be the Brain when they’re on the Beauty Tribe. We didn’t expect them to be super strategic on the game. The funniest thing happening on the tribe is when Jeremiah chopped the head of the chicken and all the girls asking about eggs and stuffs that are just so funny. Jefra, Morgan and Alexis were all confused but curious about the chicken. About where does the egg came from. This is just hilarious. A breath of fresh air.

4. Beauties First Tribal Council


This is another memorable episode! The episode when we really see the Beauty Tribe struggle and actually strategizing. First of all, I’m shocked that they could be so strategic. Especially Morgan, Brice and Alexis. Alexis came up with the idea of splitting the votes. And Jefra is dumb enough not to notice that. I knew since the beginning that Jeremiah wasn’t gonna flip, because Jeremiah is so tight with LJ, Jefra and Alexis. In this episode, Birce and Morgan is kinda at the bottom of the totem pole. Morgan tried to convince Jefra to flip, while Brice tried to convince Jeremiah to flip. In Tribal Council, It’s been one crazy tribal council. With a little laugh for Brice being the beautiful butterfly, or a cool-kids party like what Jefra said. It’s an entertaining tribal council. And when Jeff was about to read the votes, It’s nerve racking. And we wouldn’t know If Brice is that entertaining right? If we didn’t see this Tirbal Council. I mean, “DOT DOT DOT..HM?” is like one of the best line this season, isn’t it?

3. Tony’s Spyshack

We all kinda knew that Tony would win at the end, because he’s getting the same kinda edit that Tyson is getting last season. That winner edit has to stop. The one thing that remind us of Tony the most is the Spyshack! This is hillarous. Tony has that kind of spyshack to listen to what people are saying. And all the crazy things about the spyshack, how Tony is exposing his spyshack and how he’s telling us on some of the confessionals about his spyshack that he just made was hilarious. No one has ever done this on the show!

2. Trish’s Jury Speech

I hated Trish at the beginning, I thought that Trish would be one of the most annoying player here to ever play. But, she’s completely different. She turned out to be one of the most underrated gameplay on the history of the game. No one realized of how smart she’s playing the game. One of the best moments from Trish was the Jury Speech. Trish expresses her disappointment towards Woo and Tony about them blindsiding Trish. And the comments that Trish made, A+. It gave me chills. It changes my perspectives about Trish. And If Trish ended up being at the Final 2. Without any doubts, she’d win. Eventhough she’s standing right beside Tony.

When I first showed up, you and I, became the best of buddies. And we were at the bottom of the alliance, instant friends. And we started to share intimate stories. And you sit here now, and you wouldn’t be sitting there If I didn’t have a big part in it. Because nobody here, ever, for one second trusted you, they trusted me. And I had to convince them all to trust me to trust you. And I spent the entire game putting out little flames for Tony so you can sit there. And you came to me with your paraonia. And I said relax, I’m here for you! I’m never gonna leave you! And you said “I need to know that for a fact”. And you look right at me and you said to me, “I will swear on my father’s grave”. I’ve lost two siblings, I would never EVER EVER have gone back to the promise of my brothers. Not for anything.”

1. Sarah’s Blindside


The best moment of the season goes to…Sarah’s blindside. This is just shocking to me. I was shocked to death when I saw Sarah’s name. Sarah has been everyone’s favorite since the beginning, giving us consistent game. But since the merge, she has been nothing but annoying. And she’s still confused which side she is. If Kass stick to the Main Six. She could win the whole thing. And she’s getting an edit too, that we can say a winner edit. It was a crazy tribal council. Two Idols were played. The other five clapping and being so excited (which is kinda mean) when Sarah’s torch got snuffed. Jefra’s being so scared. Every facial expressions in that Tribal Council were just priceless. This blindside completely shocked me. And this should be this high on every list.


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