Big Brother 16 Week 2 Power Rankings!

It’s really hard to measure and decide where these HGs stands from Week 1, beacuse there hasn’t been much gameplay and strategizing on week 1. Week 1 usually they’re loving each other, afraid to talk shit behind them back, afraid to lie, cheat and steal and afraid to throw people under the bus. But after the first person evicted, you kinda knew where these HGs stands, and you know realize who’s a threat, who’s working with who, especially on the split vote. You can see who’s on which alliance and that is only happens after the first person evicted. Joey’s eviction didn’t upset me that much becuase I know If we let Joey stay longer, she would do so many stupid stuffs because she’s not a fan of the show and It’s pretty hard for recruits to play a game that they barely even know. Right now on Week 2, the house turned from a family gathering kinda house into a house full with craziness. It’s jungle madness inside the house. Lines has been drawn in the sand, and everyone starts to scrambling. And names have been thrown, and we can see some alliances such as The Crazy 8’s, Weird Alliance, Flaming Queens, El Cuatro, Bomb Squad, Double Ds and of course Team America which for me not attractive at all and kinda useless. About the twist, I think that the twist kinda changed everything. Basically, every season they wanted to target the biggest jock out. The biggest stud and just someoen who has a fit body because they’re a threat. This time, they only can do that If they backdoor them. Because, If they nominate strong players, they will get dethroned. And there’s no choice except to nominate weak players and floaters, and the result is, we have a solid players (the HGs who are actually playing the game) inside the house but the floaters got evicted. Which is good. I kinda love the 2 HoHs eventhough I hate that they took away everything and made it a different season. I missed the old Big Brother, but I think they wanna shake it up after a horrible season. And to me, I think this is gonna be a solid season. Just like Big Brother Canada Season 2. I think this is gonna be one unpredictable season.

Here are the Power Rankings!

15. PowPow/ Paola Shea

Big_Brother_16_14037286992266PowPow you showed us that you’re such a fan of the show on the First Week. The only reason why you’re up on the first week was because you fell way too early in the HoH Competition and Caleb thought that It would be fair to nomiante you. Um, that reason kinda pissed me off. I liked you on the First Week because you’re such a fire-cracker, and not mentioning that you’re cute as hell. But, on the Second Week, gurl, you messed up everything. You turned from someone who I thought might go far to someone who really needs to leave immediately. Paola lets Devin controlled her. And Paola willing to throw the Veto Competition when she could’ve saved herself from the block. She trusted Devin, when all the house knows that Devin shouldn’t be trusted and Devin is acting so shady, she didn’t campaigned when she’s up. And she didn’t do anything actually. And that kinda made me sad a little bit. As the result, 99% you’re leaving tomorrow Pow! Goodbye! | F |

14. Jocasta Odom

Big_Brother_16_14037287412308Oh Jesus Christ! I forgot that Jocasta is still in the house. I am sorry Jesus, I would never do the same thing. God, please wake Jacosta. I know that her gameplay is probably to play under the radar, but God, Please guide her to better her in the game. Please guide her to be a better player. Please help her in this game so she’s not going to spend all summer sleeping in bed and doing nothing. Please turn her to be a better player and not to be one useless player. And please God, do not turn your back against Jocasta because your alliance with her is the best alliance ever. Prove me that I’m wrong God, prove me that Jocasta is still in the house. Show me that she’s still in the house, God. Because I can’t see her. | F |

13. Victoria Rafaelli

Big_Brother_16_14037287404674Oh God. Three girls got an F on the second week, that kinda sucks. Jocasta and Victoria kinda play a similiar game to be quite honest. They both didnt have any allainces. Oh wait, Flaming Queens? I’m sure Frankie doesn’t mean it. Victoria has no allegiance. I saw her last time on my TV was when she won the Battle Of The Block. Victoria is pretty. I gotta tell her that. And she loved being praise. But If you’re pretty and looks like a princess and I don’t care If you’re sure that everyone outside the house loves you, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything in the house! You have to do anythting. Strategize. I have to write down everyone for me to remember her. That’s how pathetic it is. | F |

12. Hayden Voss

Big_Brother_16_14037287413328Hayden is kidna cool, I would love to hangout with him. And I think that he’s a good friend. He’s a good person with a beautiful inside and out. One of the most useless player in this house. I’m sorry, but Hayden hasn’t done anything inside the house. Just like Jocasta and Victoria, but, he did strategize and want Brittany to stay. And one of those who campaign for Zach and Brittany. Which is acceptable for a while. But, I wouldn’t be shocked If that’s the only thing that he’ll be doing till he got voted out. Hayden needs to show us a little bit of passion to win the game. All I can see is him being lazy. He’s a nice guy, I think he’s hillarious too, but I need him to play and win the game, If he wants to win the game. Aligning with Nicole and Christine is definitely a great option for him. So, I htink he needs to stay focus on those 3-person alliance and just forget about the Bomb Squad. | D- |

11. Amber Borzotra

Big_Brother_16_14037286992951Letting Devin control your HoH? Seriously Girl? And you’re not that happy and clearly not happy at all at winning HoH which is pretty dumb and stupid, oh I forgot, she didn’t watched any seasons of Big Brother. She had no idea. After throwing the first Hoh Competitions so obviously, I think that she might won the second one. And she did. Which adds a little bit of rank in this Power Rankings. And once again, he let his HoH status go away and just be the normal HGs back. Amber is currently one of the most questionable HGs. I don’t know what game that she’s playing. I think that she’s siding with Caleb adn Devin which is a good decision for her. Hey, It’s still a good one, Victoria and Jocasta had no allegiance and loyalty and floats around. Amber picked two of the biggest player and side with them so that she’ll be save. And I think that’s a good move. Bomb Squad will keep her around. But the strategical gameplay that she has really sucked. | D- |

10. Devin Sheperd

Big_Brother_16_14037288083639I know that he’s the HoH, but that doesn’t mean that he has the most flawless game inside the Big Brother House. Devin has been playing so hard. It’s a “play too hard too fast” kidna game that everyone fell into it. Nick Uhas from BB15, Ronnie BB 11, Dani Donato BB13, Dominc BB13 and some other names that played way too hard. And I’m sure 100% that he’s not going to last long in the house. He have burned bridges, He has created some other unnecessary stuffs that didn’t need to be shown in the house. And he’s just way too paraonia. He’s paraonid in everything that is happening inside the house. And that pisses people off. And he asked Hayden to join the Bomb Squad, which is going to be a 9-person allinace, and I’m just done with it. He thought that he’s the master of the house and he thought he’s the King of the House, but he doesnt know taht he has a really huge target inside the house that 12 out of 15 HGs inside the BB House want him out real soon. Good to hear that. | C- |

9. Brittany Martinez

Big_Brother_16_14037287406949Everytime I see Brittany, I don’t know, I just love her. Seems to be the only one inside the house that would go for big players and have the guts to do that. And willing to do everything. I think that this single mother needs to win. But, It’s not looking so pretty for her. She’s going to leave probably in two or three weeks. She has no alliance. She’s not that close to anyone. But she has been playing a fierce and pretty dirty game. Proved us that she’s actually capable of winning competitions. In Battel Of The Block, and she wasn’t as suck as Pow eventhough she’s wearing that googles, and she’s no where near weak players. She could convinced Devin to use the PoV on her eventhoguh Devin used to hate her so much. And she hates Devin too. Played the “parent card” without being annoying like Devin. She talks when she needed to, and she captivated people. Just work on everyone in the house. So that you could save yourself, Brit. | C- |

8. Donny Thompson

Big_Brother_16_14037288088889Donny is loved by everyone in America, he’s a sweetheart, he’s nice, he has a huge heart, he helps people, he comforted people, he’s just doing everything that is right inside the house. Not strategically right, but doing what an Angel would do inside the house If they were to play the Big Brother. But, that’s not gonna last long If Donny keeps on playing nicely and too scared to play hard and manipulate, cheat, lie and steal. I don’t think this game fits Donny because at the end, Donny is way too scared to play dirty in the house. He saved himself from being voted out and won the PoV. And he’s now on Team America, and he helped Derrick and Cody to save Zach and campaign for him. Other than that, It’s really hard to see Donny even on the Feeds because he’s not appearing too much, he’s just doing nothing but sleeping. But, I’ll happy to admit that he’s such a nice person. | C |

7. Nicole Franzel

Big_Brother_16_14037286999622 (1)It seems like Nicole is everyone’s favorite. I don’t know why. She has that root factor quality in her that when you see her popped on the TV you just immediately want to root for her. That’s Nicole. I feel the Jordan Vibe in her. If she could play a little bit better physically, I can see her aligning with some people and that might happen. I think having no showmance right now is good for her game. Because people can nominate her and tell that the reason why she’s up is because she’s in a showmance. Nicole is playing a great social game. And she just won the Battle Of The Block (in default, I have to say). And she’s strategically spot on without playing way too hard, but I don’t know i think that she’s still kinda confused where she is in the game. And she’s kinda lost in the game If Christine weren’t there for her. Creating the three-person alliance is good for her because Hayden and Christine will always have her back. And she shoudl really do the same thing. | C+ |

6. Zach Rance

Big_Brother_16_14037288086913I don’t know what’s happening with Zach but I’m having a really big question mark on him. He played a pretty great game, so smooth on the first week. And remain steady in the second week. Until Devin said that he didn’t trust Zach and he went crazy. He didn’t fight for her life in the game. He didn’t campaign at all, Infact, he’s preparing for his Eviction Speech. But, at the end, Derrick and Cody lit a fire on him so that he would wake up for one second and campaign for his life. And Zach is being the old Zach. But I must say, I’m a bit dissapointed, I’d rather see the annoying, arrogant and cocky Zach much better than this kind of Zach. Stay away from Frankie. Frankie is definitely his downfall. But great decision to expose the Bomb Squad on the Veto Meeting. And If he lives another day in the house, the target would be on Devin, Caleb and Amber’s back. And that’s pretty epic. | C+ |

5. Cody Calafiore

Big_Brother_16_14037288089909Cody is a little bit of a surprise for me. I thought that he’s just going to lay low every single week and do nothing except being shirtless in the house. But, he’s different than that. He’s actually strategizing. He’s helping Zach to stay. Him and Derrick decided to align and stop trusting Frankie and helped Zach to stay in the house. Cody convinced people that Zach is a better person to keep in the house. He got a fire on him so that he would go after Devin. Andhe’s not afraid of making big moves it seems like. He’s great in comps (He would’ve won, and It would’ve been a better scenario had he won in the last Hoh Comp). He’s sociable. He’s socializing with everyone in the house. Didn’t upset anyone. Being the nice guy that everyone wants to be around with. Cody is just playing everything too smooth. And that’s good. Because right now, he has no target at all. | B- |

4. Caleb Reynolds

Big_Brother_16_14037288087709At first, I thought he’s way too arrogant. He’s the challenge beast and I thought that If he’s eligble to play in the next HoH, he would’ve won big time. He would’ve won fair and square without no one being even close to him. I think that Caleb is smart enough. He’s keeping Amber in her side, and apologize to Devin so that Devin will also on his side, and when he wins, he would have Amber and Devin, and when he loses, and be the target, they can send Amber and Devin on the block in the intentions of sending him home but he’s good at comps, so that will be so hard. I thought that after Devin won the HoH, he will be all over Devin, controlling devin’s HoH, throw names, create chaos and other crazy stuffs. But Caleb is smart, he shut up, he focus on the game, and he lay low for a week so that everyone would see him and forget that he’s still in the house (good for the game). I just love his gameplay on the second week. And when he’s on a fight with Devin, he didn’t go crazy, he remains calm and just not trying to throw so many stuffs that will annoy people in the house. | B- |

3. Frankie Grande

Big_Brother_16_14037288085157Frankie is predicted by almost everyone that he’s going to be the next Andy Herren. Play every sides, listen to everything and won at the end by being loved by everyone. I must say, It wasn’t as smooth as andy because he was caught on the second week. But, I think that he was caught because he’s just unfortunate. People have seen how Andy plays, and every HGs just don’t wanna deal with the same thing. They seen Andy as a threat that can win. Being sociable is a hard thing to do, and Frankie has that. He made everyone love him and that’s a great thing to do. He got caught and seen as a threat because everyone realize that Frankie might win by seeing how Andy plays last season. He messed up a bit, but I must say, Frankie is playing, and still playing a nice game. | B- |

2. Christine Brecht

Big_Brother_16_14037287409027Shoutout to Christine’s husband being so cute and so funny on Twitter. Christine is definitely playing this game. She’s playing it well. Everyone said that she could be the next Andy, well, she’s definitely playing both sides. She has 2 alliances (Weird Alliance and Bomb Squad), and she’s also siding with the Anti-Devin Alliance (Cody, Zach, Derrick and her). And It will keep her in the game as long as possible. She has a shot at winning the Million Dollars because she’s playing all sides so pretty and smoothly, and she didn’t upset anyone. She kept her mouth quiet eventhough she told us that If she hates someone she will directly go and talk to that person. She’s being straightforward. But, Christine let her mouth shut whenever she talks to Devin so Devin wouldn’t go crazy and Christine wouldn’t be the next target of Devin’s. And she’s so close in the last HoH Competition almost winning. And I know that she is capable of winning. The last girl standing in the first HoH Competition. Christine is going to be so hard to beat since she’s being so nice to others no one even thought that she’s a threat when she’s actually playing, watching and listening everything and use it to advantage her in the game. She’s smart. | B |

1. Derrick Levasseur

Big_Brother_16_14037288083753Undercover Cop? Not shocked. Not shocked that Derrick is playing this game like he’s been playing this game for over ten years. I’m scared though, scared that everyone seen how much of a threat Derrick is and unfortunately vote him out. Derrick is playing a massive game right now. A fantastic game that you would never expect coming from Derrick. Lay low but still knows what’s going on in the house. Like I said, I’m basing the power rankings by how they play the game. Not their position in the game. Not gonna pick Devin on #1 because he was HoH, no, Derrick played a great game in three aspects of the game and that’s why he’s #1. He proved that he’s not a useless one. He has a huge heart. What I’m kinda scared of is, that he’s playing the game way too fast too hard, because he’s talking game every single time. He’s strategizing with some people but doesn’t seem like he’s strategizing. You kow? Just a little chit-chat. Just some random conversations that people wouldn’t noticed. He’s going to good at lying and manipulating. And this is just the beginning of Derrick’s Fantastic Gameplay. I’m tellin you. He’s going to be at least at the Final 6. | A- |


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