Big Brother 16 Week 3 Power Rankings!


Big Brother 16 might not be as chaotic and crazy as Big Brother 15, but last week, Big Brother 16 made their first appearance to be one crazy season. I am sure you all wanted a big move, and you all will feel bad about these outsiders (Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Brittany) who will get picked off one by one. But trust me, after they get rid of these four outsiders, the gameplay will start soon and you’ll see crazy fights, competitive sides of these HGs and you’ll see feuds, drama and confrontation. Just wait. Y’all just have to be patient. Devin finally has left the house. And I don’t know If I have to feel bad or happy because pretty much the week will be boring especially Frankie and Cody winning HoH, and they won’t do a big move. The third week is very quiet, It’s focusing on the Team America Twist so the HGs have nothing to discuss other than Zach being Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin. After Devin leaving, and Frankie&Cody being the two HoHs, I believe Amber, Brittany, Jocasta and Victoria will go up. I’m fine with Victoria and Jocasta leaving. Either one of those, I’m fine. I want Brittany and Amber to stay becasue they wanna win the game, and they are fighters. Victoria and Jocasta,especially Victoria seems so clueless of what are they doing in the BB House.

14. Jocasta Odom (Last Week: 14/15)



Girl, what are you doing in the house? Are you awake? Or are you trying to play as low as you possibly could? Or that is the gameplay that you’re gonna be proud of when you walked out the door with the money or not? Jocasta isn’t the one who got the least airtime (Victoria is), but Jocasta didn’t show us any kind of gameplay. Sure, her feeling sick will get some sympathies from us, we will surely feel bad about her, but I just wished she would’ve made an effort to at least watch the other HGs competing in the Veto Competition. She fought hard in the Battle Of The Block, If Caleb hadn’t throw it, I’m sure Jocasta/Caleb is going to win, but Caleb is doing everything for Amber, so let it be. Jocasta definitely need to show more gameplay. I know that she’s upping her social gameplay, and she’s not as sucked as Paola is in the physical competitions, but I need to see her strategizing and play more Big Brother Game. | D- |

13. Victoria Rafaelli (Last Week: 13/15)

Big_Brother_16_14037287404674I was about to put her on the last place, but her Crow Story is just the best, so It’s kinda hard to put her in the last place because I just love that story so much. It adds a little bit of entertainment on the Live Feeds. I don;t know why they didn’t show it, becuase It’s just hilarious. For her gameplay, again, she’s clueless. She doesn’t know what she’s doing up there, Victoria might be one of the most clueless houseugests of all time. And she’s getting the least amount of airtime any HGs could possibly have. And that’s really irritating. She’s going to go up again and again and again because she’s the next Paola. No alliances, no allegiance, no loyalties and It’s really hard to win the game If you don’t have all of those (wait, I never thought she woudl win the game anyways).| D- |

12. Hayden Voss (Last Week: 12/15)


Hayden is showing a little more loveable side of him. And Cody is getting the jerk edit, and I loved that actually. Cody said that he’s only using Nicole for the game, and I do feel like Hayden is truly in love with Nicole. And I love Hayden now. He might not do anything strategically, but he’s laying low. Her and Nicole being so close might put a target on them, but If she keeps on flirting with Nicole and they get close, both of them could potentially made it really far than any other HGs. Hayden is showing more love to other HGs which is pretty great. But, gameplay? None. We haven’t seen it yet. | D+ |

11. Zach Rance (Last Week: 6/15)


Zach might escaped the eviction last Thursday, but he didn’t do anything after that. Not as bad as sleeping all day doing nothing, and cuddling with Frankie. Much better than that, but he’s making something that’s going to prevent him from winning the game. He created so many alliances (Los Tres Amigos, Detonators and Pink something idk). And that’s really risky when he also has a Final 2 Deal with Frankie, but he also has a Final 3 Deal with Derrick and Cody as the Los Three Amigos. I don’t know where his head is, but I want him to get back to the gmae. I want the cocky, arrogant Zach to come back. I need to be entertained for the season. Zach’s gameplay for the week is not showing us that he’s playing for million dollars. He laid low and do nothing, and created so many alliances, something that you don’t need to do. | C- |

10. Amber Borzotra (Last Week: 11/15)


Amber might still on the eleventh place, but she’s playing a bit better game. He won Battle Of The Block, eventhough Caleb throw it, but we can see that her and Donny are comunicating really well. And you can tell who’s really playing to win. And I think, eventhough Cody and Frankie targeted her, she’s always be winning those competitions, well I hope so. I want her and Caleb to align or do something. If only Amber realizes that aligning with Caleb is good for her game. But, instead, she decided to stay away from Caleb and flirting with Cody. But, Amber’s gameplay this week i must say is stepping up. She’s throwing some HGs under the bus, so that she will have lesser target on her back, and she’s staying away from Caleb and actually have the gut to stay away from Caleb. | C- |

9. Devin Shepherd  (he has a daughter) (Last Week: 10/15)


Devin is not the worst Big Brother player ever. Remember David Girton? Oh no, nobody will remember him. Remember, Lydia from BB11? Chima? Oh my gosh. Devin is so far from worst. He’s just playing the game way too early. In the third week, we didn’t see much gameplay from him because he’s being backdoored. But, I still appreciate him that he’s fighting in the Veto Competition (Oh thank Godness, he got the chance to play), and his fight is really sad to see, to be honest, especially seeing the other HGs cheering for the opponents to win, and when they watched Donny won over Devin, they were like cheering as they weere so happy that Devin lost. He did campaign. The show didn’t saw him campaign that much, and It’s kinda stupid. They need to let us the viewers see the HGs campaigning for their lives. Devin did campaign. He told the other HGs what they needed to hear, that Caleb and Amber are gonna stick around and Caleb will always protect her and other else. And Derrick, Cody, Christine and Nicole almost saved her, but they were too afraid of making big moves. | C |

8. Caleb Reynolds (Last Week: 4/15)


Caleb is a bit confusing this week, he’s throwing the competition for Amber, which is really huge. And he wants to get close with Amber. There’s nothing much to say with Caleb’s gameplay this week because It’s all about Caleb being jealous with Cody because Cody is being so close with Amber. But he remains calm and reserved. He didn’t get all crazy and insane. And that is a huge thing. | C |

7. Brittany Martinez (Last Week: 9/15)


Brittany is playing a really under the radar game on the third week, which is a smart decision for her because she needs it. After she confronted PowPow in front of everyone int he Veto Meeting, she needs to stay under the radar as she possibly could so that no one will nominate her and see her as a danger becuase she’s the only one in the house who have the guts to speak the truth and be honest (eventhough sometimes It’s not good). She’s like another version of Cassi from Big Brother 13. Her lay-low game made me wanted to give her full appreciation that she’s smart enough to notice and smart enough to know what to do. Again, there’s not much thing happening in the Third week, which very hard for me to rank them. | C+ |

6. Cody Calafiore (Last Week: 5/15)


Cody might not be the smartest player and most strategic in the house, but he’s probably one of the most competitive player in the house right now. The last six: Cody, Nicole, Christine, Derrick, Donny and Frankie all played a really nice game on the third week. They’re having so many airtime and It’s showing the viewers of how they’re able to play the game in different circumstances. Cody talked with Derrick a lot, and they finally made a F2 Deal. Which is smart for Cody to make a deal with someoen that is so strategic. He stayed in the Hoh Room, and hanging around with Derrick a lot. He needs to do that more often. Eventhough I see him as a jerk, I do think that he’s gonna be one of the most underrated players in this season for his consistent strategical gameplay | B- |

5. Frankie Grande (Last Week: 3/15)


Listen, I don’t like Frankie. But he’s playing the Andy Herren’s gameplay from last season. Friendly with others, being everyone’s bestfriends and I do think that he’s playing the social asepct of the game consistently. He’s still loved by others, still being the most adorable and entertaining (after Devin’s gone) players left. And he’s going to play this kind of game until he goes home, because I don’t want him to win. His Team America mission, he did great with it. He followed through. And he’s not playing too hard this time. And like I said, Frankie is playing the exact same game as he’s been playing in Week 2. | B- |

4. Christine Brecht (Last Week: 2/15)


The runner up last week. Her gameplay for the third week is exactly the same as she’s been doing all the time. She’s not a floater, but she’s playing everyone really well. The same as Frankie’s been playing, but Christine plays it smoothly. While Frankie is all over the place, he’s way too busy and he’ll be seen as a social thrat and everyone’s bestfriend. While Christine will stay and slide smoothly until the very end, I believe. Still my favorite. And she’s not doing anything that upset anyone. Being in an alliance with four physical guys and still stick with Hayden and Nicole is really smart. And telling Nicole about the Bomb Squad is really smart and brilliant for her so that Nicole will still trust her. And making ideas to vote Caleb and throw the hinky votes on Jocasta/Donny is a really great idea. Sad that it’s not working. Anyways, Christine is still my pick to win this game. | B |

3. Donny Thompson (Last Week: 8/15)


A big jump from eight to three for Donny. This beard guy is playing one hell of a game, really dangerous, really risky, really hard and pretty strategic. A good move to safe Jocasta so that everyone will love him even more. And he’s playing really strategic this time by telling the other houseguests and exposing the Bomb Squad members being together. Won the Battle Of The Block, surprisingly won the Veto Competition. I knew that he’s not going to vote Devin to stay, but he’s still keeping it nice with Devin so that he will have no hate from other HGs. Eventhough this time he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, but his effort on the Team America mission is pretty great. Donny is literally playing a bit more agressive game this week. Good for him. | B+ |

2. Nicole Franzel (Last Week: 7/15)

Big_Brother_16_14037286999622 (1)

This superfan is playing a bit more agressive game. I think It’s because she’s the HoH and she’s forced to play it that way. Nicole is a superfan, and she’s being super strategic. Puting up Amber and told her that the reason she’s putting up Amber is because Amber nominated her last week is such a great arguments to make, and he’s playing really nice with everyone around the house, and making it really hard for them to vote her out later on the game. Sided with Hayden, keeping Christine close with her. Nicole felt like Donny is America player. And she’s making some thoughts that actually made sense. She let Derrick took control and let Derrick win so that she will not be the target and Derrick will. And that is a really good move from her. | B+ |

1. Derrick Levasseur (Last Week: 1/15)


Still the best player of the week. Everyone trust him. And everyone likes him. But already seen as the ring leader by Donny and Jocasta which is a warning for him to tuned it down a little bit. He pretty much told Nicole about nominating someone and Nicole is doing it. It’s a good move for not only his game but for Nicole’s. Which is really amazing. And he’s making some deals and Final 2, alliances that will have his back. One of the bests strategic moves from him is convincing Caleb to go up, so that Caleb can save Amber from the block and Amber will see him differently, in order to send him home as the back-up plan if Devin won the Veto. Derrick is playing a really strategic gameplay, I’m just afraid that he’s playing way too hard. And everyone will see him as a threat, I’m scared that he’s going to be the next Ronnie, playing the game way too hard too fast. | A |



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