Big Brother 16 Week 4 Power Rankings!


Brittany was evicted from the Big Brother House. I’m a fan of Brittany. And seeing my favorites sent home this early was really sad. I have never seen my favorites went home this early. This is going to be another season of girls voted out again and again until we only have like 1 girl in the Final Five and that’s Christine. This season is a bit underwhelming, I am just not feeling happy with the treatment that Brittany is getting from everyone. And now the BB Fans have seen some true colors in the house. Nicole and Christine are the two cattiest girl and don’t be persuaded by Nicole’s cuteness and sweetness because she has been talking shit about everyone in the house. And Christine, I understand that she’s a superfan but again, you need to really be likeable on the show, and Christine has shown nothing. Cody and Derrick are the two most hated males this week. With Hayden and Frankie being close. I’m surprised that people starting to like Caleb. Amber, Jocasta and Donny, the underdogs are now considered as the most root-worthy HGs. Victoria is just there. As right now, I don’t know who I am rooting for to win Big Brother. It’s going to be either Derrick/Christine It seems like. I’m waiting for a big game move and this season is getting even boring each week. So, I don’t know what to expect from this season because we clearly didn’t get what we’ve been wanting, we have waited for a year for a new season and we have been waiting for a redemption after last season’s mess. And this is what we got. Big Brother 16 is clearly worse than Big Brother 15. 13. Hayden Voss (Last Week: 12/14)


Eventhough there are some people who strengthen their games, Hayden is not one of those people. His game this week has been so weak and alll I can think about is, Are we going to waste a week to get rid of him? Such an anti-climatic week? Hayden’s game has been hiding behind everyone’s back so that he won’t be the target. Clearly he’s not going to be targeted, because all of the males (except Donny and Caleb) are so gay so that they probably would rather have a guy in the house rather than a girl and aligning with Nicole and being close with her will not hurt his game but will hurt Nicole’s. Hayden didn’t do anything for the week. He’s just there and I’m so shocked that there is still some love for this guy who has been threatening to kill Amber, wants to throw Amber out of the balcony and watch her splat and calling Amber a bitch. If you’re not a good player, at least be likeable. Because right now, I don’t think you have nothing to offer except your wide nipples. | F |

12. Victoria Rafaelli (Last Week: 13/14)


“I vote to evict the conniving, Brit”. How If we all vote to evict you, Vivic? Veronica? Vaseline? Or whoever your name is…I don’t get how Victoria can get that much love because clearly her winning the veto was winning by default. If Caleb hadn’t took the $5000, he would’ve won. Eventhough she performed better than usual in that PoV Comp. Victoria showed us nothing but how dumb she is in the Battle Of The Block, until Brit has to show her where to move. I won’t give her an F becuase this time she actually strategizing with everyone and build some trusts with Derrick, Frankie and Nicole. The Bed Drama clearly making her even closer with Nicole. She’s having some bestfriends now. But that’s all. Game move? I don’t know what kind of game move she has done because her and Hayden are the two most clueless Houseguest to ever play Big Brother. Agree? | D- |

11. Caleb Reynolds (Last Week: 8/14)


Caleb is a bit different this week, he’s not as annoying as usual eventhough her obsession with Amber has to stop, but he’s at least a better person than Derrick, Cody and Derrick. even Zach at this point. Caleb’s stupid move is picking $5000 over the Veto which screw him over. First, everyone is questioning him rihgt now. And second, you didn’t save Brit. The thing is with Caleb he’s feeling way too safe, he still thinks that the “Bomb Squad” still exists when It’s pretty much over when Devin got evicted. But, waht I love about him is when someoen won HoH, he’s not like Derrick, suggesting names after names. He just sit there looking pretty and got no blood on his hand, except for looking as a physical threat. | D+ |

10. Jocasta Odom (Last Week: 14/14)


Jocasta showed us fans that she’s not just a filter. If the definition of a floater is someone who flip-flop whoever is in power, well, Jocasta is not a floater then. This week, not only the tongue languange that made me love her, but also the fight in her. How she wanted to be there, how she’s fighting for herself. How there’s a fire inside that little body. And I appreciate it. But she needs to stop the Bible Camp and start playing. Because she can use some of the time to strategize, maybe build trusts, build relationships, promises, deals taht will benefit her in the future. | C- |

9. Cody Calafiore (Last Week: 6/14)


Can we start to call him ThePuss? Because of he’s being way too pussy and coward this week. Him winning HoH doesn’t mean anything. He didn’t do the move, he’s basically just following the pattern. Nominating Victoria and Brittany? How can that move help his game? Here’s another thing about Cody that I am so confused right now. He knew that Caleb loves Amber, but he’s being around Amber. Cuddling, holding hands and flirting, when he knew that Caleb would do anything for Amber. Get away from her! And he knew from everyone that Caleb will probably be gunning after him. And he still puts up Donny who trusts him 100%. What a dumbass?? Not only he talked shit about every single person in the house, he has no balls to say it infront of everyone’s faces. But, we will be seeing him until the TOP 5 If he’s still in a good place. He’s still in a good place, being arround Derick is a great idea. But, he’s just too dumb to do a big move that could benefit him in the game. | C- |

8. Brittany Martinez (Last Week: 7/14)


Brittany went home in a unanimous vote of 10-0. Her game this week is pretty confusing. Some things that really made me confused. First, she’s playing the deserve or not deserve card which clearly everyone inside there needs to fight, and the ones who fights harder stays, and the ones who doesn’t fight, goes home. Brittany still thinks taht they would vote her because she’s a single mother and she deserves to be there. And that is not how teh Big Brother Game was being played. The second of all, when she’s talking with ThePuss, Brittany throw out names that doesn’t make any sense. Brittany suggests Cody to put up Nicole (which we can see Cody flirts with Nicole a few times), Frankie (won’t likely to happen), Zach (Cody’s bestfriend in the house) and that doesn’t make any sense at all. And when It’s the time to campaign, Brittany didn’t use the time wisely to do a campaign and It feels like she’s just letting go. I would love to see her go furhter in this game because I’d rather have her than Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Nicole, Christine, Victoria and Hayden. Almost everyone in the house. But the thing that I am so proud of is she’s a fighter. It’s true that she’s carrying Victoria in the Battle Of The Block and she’s kicking 2400 goals which is the most grueling punishment ever in Big Brother History and she finished it. Just like waht Caleb said, “If I knew I were leaving, and she knew she was leaving, I wouldn’t do the punishment”. I salute her. And I appreciate her for being honest, being straight-up, not talking shit about everyone and being flawless and fabulous as always. Clearly my favorite. | C |

7. Amber Borzotra (Last Week: 10/14)


Amber stepped up this week, showing us that everytime she’s nominated, she’s going to fight in the Battle Of The Block. She won fair and square in the Battle Of The Block. This week, she’s starting to align with Donny, Jocasta and Brittany. And she’s starting to build some trsuts with them and build a relationships. But other than that? She’s way too blind to see that there’s another allinace in the house. The thing that I am so annoyed with her is..If I were Amber, I would use Caleb. Someone is there trying to protect you, someone is there who’s willing to go up on the block for you? Why don’t you use him for the game? And Amber still thinks that the Bomb Squad still exists. Other than that, she has been likeable this week and she’s growing on me. | C |

6. Nicole Franzel (Last Week: 2/14)

Big_Brother_16_14037286999622 (1)

After being HoH last time, we started to see the bad in Nicole. That she is catty as hell. But because I’m not scoring them based on their likeability. I must say Nicole did the right thing to be in the middle of the big guys, eventhough we hated her for telling everything to the guys, when Amber wants to formed a girl alliance, she told teh guys everything. And In some points, we’re so annoyed by it. But, she can’t beat the guys, so she joined them. Which is a great decision for her. Now she’s in the alliance too with Frankie, Zach and Cody. And Nicole is pretty likeable in the house because no one notice that she has been talking shit, so as long as nobody notice it, she’s in a good spot in the house. | C+ |

5. Zach Rance (Last Week: 11/14)


Zach also stepped up this week. I’m starting to realize that Zach is basically in every alliance, but he needs to keep his mouth shut because the more he talks, the bigger target he’ll get. Zach helped Brit, Zach helped Donny, Zach is the one who always wants to do a big move . And he’s so excited to get Caleb out. He’s sleeping all day but he still got all of those informations. Being close with the big guys and being close with Frankie will help him win. | C+ |

4. Donny Thompson (Last Week: 3/14)


Donny is the odd man out. It’s not very long unitl we see Donny walks out of the front door because Donny is playing a big more aggressive these two weeks. He has been pushing Cody to nominate Caleb and I have to appreciate his fight to get Caleb up on the block. He builds army with Jocasta, Brittany and Amber and unfortunately he has to go up on the block. Convincing Brittany that If she fights hard in the punishment, people will probably keep her. Donny is wise and mature enough not to get upset so he didn’t burn any bridges, he’s making it really hard for everyone to put him up. Donny’s game needs to be appreciated. It’s really hard to strategize when you’re the outsiders because there’s nothing you can do except to fight hard in the competitions. | B- |

3. Frankie Grande (Last Week: 5/14)


Frankie’s game has been the same since Week 1, being friend and close with eveyrone in the house. Don’t do shit. He’s in the middle of so many alliances. The Final 2 Deal with Zach, Detonators and he’s still keeping Caleb in her back pocket. I can say the second best manipulative person in the house besides Derrick. Convincing Cody to do the the moves, letting Cody do the dirty work and he’s just sitting pretty having no blood on his hands. And I have to appreciate of how a strong physical challenge he is. Won the HoH Twice. And now won again for the third time in Week 5, which is amazing. He’s still loyal to everyone in the alliance and I think everyone is dumb enough not to notice that he’s so big of a threat. | B |

2. Christine Brecht (Last Week: 4/14)


Christine plays the most consistent game. If everyone says that Frankie is playing a game similiar to Andy from BB15, I don’t think that It is precise enough because Christine is playing the same game as Andy Herren. Eventhough I’m starting to dislike her because of her attitude that is annoying, catty and coward. But gamewise, she’s playing the best game on the girls side. When someone is talking, she shuts up. When someone is fighting, she shuts up. She shuts up everytime someone giving her informations taht will help her at the end. And she’s in the middle of two alliances. Eitherway she goes, she’ll be fine. She’s playing really smoothly so far, and I can see her winning actually. Just be a little bit more likeable, Christine. | B+ |


1. Derrick Levasseur (Last Week: 1/14)


Has been on the first place for three consecutive times, he’s a good player. Derrick is the master of manipulating. He basically controls the HoH. He’s basically has been the HoH for two times straight because he’s contrlling Cody’s HoH. He’s the puppet master, just like Amanda and Dan. But, something about him that is so unlikeable. His cockiness. He’s arrogant, and arrogant people are the worst in my book. And that’s why I hate Derrick. Derrick is a good player, i must admit. But he still talks personal things about Brittany, telling Brit has her child when she’s 18, when his mom had him when his mom is 18. We need to give him a slap in the face to realize that If you want to talk shit about everyone else, look at yourself. We basically hated when someone has been in control for too long, and we hated when Derrick is controlling way too much things that made us all fans hate him. Good player, but not a good person. | A- |

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