Big Brother 16 Week 5 Rankings!


Amber is going to leave the Big Brother House next Thursday and I don’t think she’s that shocked. If they are trying to make a blindside, I don’t think It’s taht much of a big blindside. This week has been really crazy week. Targets have been running around. But again and again, they are way too afraid to make a big move and then they just wasted this week and send out Amber. Backdooring Amber? Do you guys really need to backdoor Amber? If you’re trying to backdoor someone, backdoor the physical threat. They did it with Devin, why didn’t they do It to Caleb? The fact that all of these people are all pussies and can’t make their own big move is hillarious. It’s making this season so predictable, boring and lame. And for the twist, I really hope It’s over soon. Victoria, Jocasta, Donny and Nicole are now going to go up every weeek. And Team America twist? Do we really need to continue this lame twist? Where’s the Twist after Twisted Twist? Where is it? I can’t find any of them. Right now, I’m pulling for Jocasta or Donny. I kinda like Zach because he’s unpredictable and he’s entertaining. Kinda love Nicole too. And a bit of Christine. And definitely can’t stand Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Derrick, Hayden and Victoria. Here are the Rankings of Week 5:

12. Victoria Who Rafaeli  [LAST WEEK: 12/13]


Victoria is clearly at the bottom this week. This is why I’m so confused by her. First, she’s at the block. And then she performed so badly in the Battle Of The Block. Jocasta is clearly telling her what to do and she still couldn’t do it. And when they lost, they blamed it on Jocasta. And she thinks that she’s a great fighter when she just won once and that is when Caleb stupidly chosen the money over the Veto? Her gameplay this week is the gameplay that she has been playing from Week 1 which is, not doing anything. One of the most clueless and useless player ever. Still couldn’t think of one reason why she’s still in the house. She’s not doing any kind of gameplay, but thankfully, she’s close with Derrick, and It’s kinda good for her game because Derrick is calling all the shot. He’s always been the one who’s deciding everything. And Victoria, unfortunately won’t be going home anytime soon. | F | Likeability: D- |

11. Caleb Reynolds / Beastmode Cowboy [Last Week: 11/13]


Eventhough It seems like the guys keep on sending the girls home, the one who’s going to break that trend is Caleb. Almost went home on Week 3, almost got backdoored on Week 4. And again for one more time, almost got backdoored. I think that If one of them, other than (Frankie, Zach, Derrick, Cody) win, they’ll definitely put up Caleb. And I am hopig for the twist to be over soon. Caleb’s gameplay this week? Amber. Amber. Amber. Amber and Amber. Caleb get over it. She’s not into you! She’s disgusted by you. And she’s scared of you so get lost. Caleb is going downfall in terms of Gameplay because clearly adoring Amber is making him look so stupid and his game is getting distracted. And this week, he’s letting Amber to be on the block so that she would crawl back into him. Is this guy kidding right now? He’s mad at Amber, but she doesn’t want her to go. When Zach confronted Amber on the Veto Meeting, Caleb couldn’t even look her face. He’s just so in love with Amber that he has completely lost his mind. | F | Likeability: F |

10. Amber Borzotra – The Victim Of Beastmode Cowboy [Last Week: 7/12]


After Brittany got evicted, Amber is the only hope. Because out of the outsiders, Victoria (who?) can’t win, Jocasta can’t win, Donny 50-50 and Amber is good at comps and physically fit. But, when I saw It was a Knockout Round, she’s not gonna win. She confused me even before the HoH was chosen. When she knew that she’s the outsiders, she needs to beat the males. And she picked Donny to go against the big guys? Is she kidding right now? And going into the week, she’s so clueless. I like her, and I am trying so hard to like her. But the fact that she’s so clueless and dumb throughout this game that I’m letting her go at this point. She still thinks that the Bomb Squad exists. I mean, Hello? Amber? And the other thing, If I were here, I would use Caleb to my advantage. Someone is risking half of million dollars for you and you ignored him? Amber is definitely the biggest question mark. Is she that clueless? I mean, Brittany never seen Big Brother. And she’s still playing solid in some points. Amber doesn’t know a single shit about Big Brother. And that’s why she’s walking out the front door. | D- | Likeability: C |

9. Zach Rance / The Zach Attack [Last Week: 5/13]


Zach’s game is going down, down, down and down… Just counting days until he gets evicted from the Big Brother House. He’s entertaining, okay? I’ll leave it there. When we all Big Brother Fans questioning ourselves that why are we still watching this season and when we could’ve shot ourselves in the head with the gun watching Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Hayden, Zach pulled out one of the most shocking things so far, Fruit Loops Dingus. His speech is entertaining. And I’m starting to love him. But, It’s ruining his game. Everyone is now Anti-Zach. His confrontation and his big mouth is definitely ruining his game because now everyone is pissed off at him. This is the Zach that we seen pre-show and the Zach that Rachel predicted to be evicted on Week 1. And this is him, America. His gameplay this week, eventhough he managed to pull out another entertaining moves, putting up Nicole and Christine and show them that they need to earn some stripes for the team, he’s still in danger next week. He’s definitely on anyone’s radar and now everyone’s thinking to vote him out. | D+ | Likeability: A |

8. Jocasta Odom / Mama J [Last Week: 10/13]



Jocasta definitely showed up this week. And got much more airtime than any other HGs. Again, on the block. so Hello Jocasta, said the Block. I’m just so in love with her at this point. She’s smart. She knows the game, but she’s not really outspoken person so It’s hard for her to speak up. Definitely loved by everyone because everyone kinda rooting for her in the Veto. And she took the Slop, just proved us that she really determined to win it and get herself off the block. She definitely carried Victoria in the Battle Of The Block, but It didn’t work out. This week, I see her being close with some of the HGs. I don’t see her going home really soon but I can see her up and up again as a pawn, she could be breaking Spencer’s record for being on the block so many times. But I really need her to show us a little bit of gameplay so that she’s not just another type of player like Victoria (Who?) is. | C- | Likeability: B- |


7. America’s Favorite Donny Thompson [Last Week: 4/13]

Donny is clearly America’s Favorite, and because I don’t think any of these Houseguests can show up and do something that’s going to shock and wow us, I think that Donny is clearly America’s Favorite and going to win that $25,000 + $10,000 for Team America’s missions. I thank God the mission failed this week because I don’t want Frankie to earn another money. Donny’s decision to lay low this week kinda make sense to me. He’s not on the block, which is great. And he’s not in anyone’s radar for the week. Eventhough Amber suggests Frankie to put up Donny, but he has a good relationship with both Zach and Frankie. Is entertaining. And laying low is definitely a good option after everyone’s names being thrown out. | C | Likeability: A+ |

6. Cody Calafiore or known as The Pussy Of The Season [Last Week: 9/13]


His gameplay this week is kinda in the middle. Not as bad as last week of course because he’s not the ones who’s making the decisions and he’s just sitting there. But I gotta say, he might be the next Hayden Moss. He might win at the end. If anyone not trying to get him out. I think he’s going to win the million dollars. Really smart to get close with Derrick and strengthen the bonds. He’s close with everyone in this house and everyone is going to think that he’s a nice guy and he’s loyal. He’s close with Frankie, he’s close with Zach, Derrick, Nicole, Christine, Victoria and Hayden. And his social game is over the top. Staying out of the drama and look what happens, he’s not in anyone’s radar this week. And he’s lucky because Frankie wins HoH. But for this week, this man is redeeming himself after that horrible gameplay when he was the HoH last week. | C+ | Likeability: C |

5. Hayden Moss [Last Week: 13/13]


As much as I dislike him, he surprised me a lot. His gameplay went from Victoria’s level of gameplay to Nicole and Chirstine’s level of gameplay. Clearly him winning is not looking really good because eveyrone know thinks that he should go home because he’s a physical threat. And I’m not mad about it, we can send him home. He’s now eveyrone’s best friends which is great for him. Whatever makes him everyone’s bestfriends, I gotta salute him for being likeable to anyone. Clearly close with almost everyone in this house. Physically awesome and can win the Veto. And he’s not dumb at all. Putting up names without even seen as the ones who’s doing it. Donny still believes that Hayden is not a part of any alliances, and he’s still close with Nicole and Christine. Definitely could be the sleeper. | C+ | Likeability: D+ |

4. Nicole “Fruit Loops Dingus” Franzel [Last Week: 6/13]

Big_Brother_16_14037286999622 (1)

I feel bad for her in the Nomination Ceremony, but she can pulled it together and win in the Battle Of The Block. And this is how everyone should work in the Battle Of The Block, her and Christine is communicating while Victoria and Jocasta are like competing against each other when they supposed to be working together. This week, Nicole is floating in the middle. Is she a floater? Yes. But she’s playing a really nice social game. Everyone likes her. She’s Jordan 2.0, well not as nice and as cute as Jordan, but she’s going to be the one who wins because of her magnificent social game. Not seen as a threat by any of the HGs. Seems to be protected by Hayden and Cody. And trusted by Derrick and Cody. Still close with Chrsitine and Hayden. Her bonds with everyone in this house is the one thing that is leading her to the half of the million dollars. Just lay low and when she needs to win the Veto or Hoh win it. And she’s undefeated. And If she’s winning HoH, she’s going to put up Victoria and Zach and backdooring Caleb. Well, Rooting for her to win HoH then. We’ll see. | B- | Likeability: B- |

3. Christine Brecht [Last Week: 2/13]


Like her or hate her, she’s playing a decent game. Questioned by her alliance because of her not giving something to the table. But she proved us that she’s a competitor in that Battle Of The Block. And her performance in the Veto is pretty amazing and impressive. Her confessionals are great that she doesn’t care about her alliance and she’s going to keep the nominations the same. Christine is anti-Zach, and she’s going to take him out the minute he got the chance. She’s still close with anyone in the house except for Zach and she’s still close with Nicole too. Playing the Andy game. She stays quiet when everone’s telling a secret and use it for her game. Ratting everyone out is definitely her game so that It takes the haet off her and eveyrone doesn’t even notice that she’s still in the game until she won the money. And that’s not a bad game at all. I appreciate her gameplay. | A- | Likeability: C+ |

2. Derrick Levasseur [Last Week: 1/13]


Still in a good good position. The lost of his grandfather definitely didn’t screwed his game at all. He’s trusted by anybody in this house. He’s gaining everyone’s trust and eveyrone is now loyal to him. And would do anything to him. If I’m in that house, I would definitely feel something fishy is going on and I definiely will put an eye on Derrick. He basically won every HoHs because everyone is doing what he wants and everyone is listening everything that came from his mouth. Not in anyone’s radar. Threw the comp for Frankie is really good. He’s still going to control the HoH anyways. Derrick is definitely playing the best and most consistent game. He’s not going home anytime soon because we’ll definitely be seeing him in the Final 2/3. | A | Likeability: C- |

1. Frankie Grande [Last Week: 3/13]


Frankie is my least favorite Houseguest this season, everything about him is fake and I don’t like him at all. But he has been the one who’s controlling everything from the beginning till now. Winning HoH for the thrid time, he’s a beast. He’s a physical threat and eveyrone (surprisingly) didn’t notice it. Frankie still have so many trusts. Being close with anyone and keeping Caleb in his backpocket is really smart. And he’s definitely the tamer so that Caleb wouldn’t go crazy. He still blame everything on eveyrone, throwing names under the bus and ratting everyone out. Put the target off him and he’s playing a really sneaky game but It’s helping him win. | A | Likeability: F |

Power Rankings:

12. Amber
11. Jocasta
10. Caleb
9. Zach
8. Donny
7. Victoria
6. Frankie
5. Hayden
4. Christine
3. Nicole
2. Cody
1. Derrick

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