Big Brother 16 Week 7 Power Rankings!


I think this week is one of the most intense week. Pretty much as intense as Jocasta and Zach being on the block. And this week was when Frankie’s lies got caught by everyone and when he became Public Enemy Number 1. But unfortunately, Nicole has to go. Well, Big Brother already got what they want. One of the motives behind this stupid twist is you are not safe in Big Brother and you should never feel safe. And Nicole went from being HoH to being Evicted. Which means, they already got what they wanted to show to viewers. And now end the twist! Next week, It’s a great news: The Double HoHs twist is over, Zingbot is back and ready to ZINNGGG these people and last, on of the Jurors will come back. And let’s talk about it. It would have been great If Hayden or Nicole comes back. But I personally want Nicole to come back. Scratch Jocasta because she has made it this far and I think her journey ends now. Hayden, he’s physical. But I think he’ll be joining Cody and Derrick to go against everyone. And I want someone to go inside the house that can flip the house upside down. If Nicole comes back, she will work with Donny and Victoria. With possibilities of Zach and Christine. And I’d love that. I am tired of Derrick wanting things to go his way and that’s all. He’s way too bossy and controlling and that is why It’s hard to watch. I hope that the next Houseguest evicted is someone that Nicole can beat. I have missed Week 6 because I am onestly over this season. But, I have to finish what I’ve started. So I just need to finish these Power Rankings unitl the end of the season, which is sucks

9. The Guy Who Doesn’t Do Anything but Complains


Cody has done no shit. He has done nothing but hiding behind Derrick’s back. We all know that he’s a pussy and he keeps on wanting to confront people, but never once he confronted someone. Maybe this time he did, to Frankie. And that is because everyone is confronting him too. I don’t know what his plan is. Is he really think that he can win over Derrick? I mean, he has been around Derrick for 24/7, I don’t know If he plays dumb or he’s really dumb. If he’s being around Derrick, he should know that Derrick is controlling everything. And he should be the one who make a move because Derrick tells Cody everything. And he needs to use it against Derrick to advantage him in this game. And he knows everything about Derrick. But, I know, he’s a pussy and we all know he doesn’t have the guts to do big moves. Grow some balls, Cody. You are playing to win. Now you’re just a waste of spot in the Big Brother 16 Cast. You’re just a filter. He’s playing for $50,000. But I’d rather see Victoria gets $50,000 than Cody.

The other thing that is out of the context is, how people keeps on blaming Christine to snuggle, cuddle and flirting with Cody. Here’s the thing, talking about respect, you should know that Christine is married. Who would be so stupid to do this? Cody knows that Chirstine is married and why the hell is he snuggling with Christien? Because Christine wants to? It doesn’t make any sense. If Cody is really respecting Christine’s husband, he will back off and stop being around Christine. Christine will understand. But Cody is letting Christine being around him, holding hands and just flirting with him, so It’s not all Christine fault. Cody wants to have a showmance so bad. Or no? Because he’s been playing these ladies like hell, eliminating those who really trust him? That is why he’s one of the worst player this season. Really really hard to root for Cody and his attitude. And I am sure Week 7 is when everyone starting to realize that they need to get rid of Cody (Derrick’s cum).

Twitter People Reacts to Cody this week:

– @GetMeAnAmberita: Cody looks like he wants to call out Zach. Who are we kidding. The pussy ain’t going to do shit. #BB16
– @xMarcosaur: Derrick said Cody could be fan favorite….if only he knew. #BB16 #BBLF
– @DanidONAT0: Who the heck is Donny scheming with.. The block? #BB16 (Reacting to Cody saying Donny is always scheming)
– @ChocolatePie: “Cody left to change his tampon. #BB16”

– @Mike_Gruenling: “Cody doesn’t want to go on the block because he has a heavy flow and a widest vagina #BB16”

8. The Girl Who Showed Up Late In The House


We’re all pretty sure are so tired of Victoria not playing any game. But I think, If I see how she plays, she’s not that dumb. I mean, could be not at all. Because I know that she’s playing for the money. If she can stay under the radar and play this low, she can get $50,000 easily without doing anything. I mean, clearly she’s not going to get the credtis that she would’ve wanted, but she gets the money. And I think that’s the only thing that is important for her coming to this game, money. And she surprised me of how much she’s involved in eveyrhting that is happening this week. I am impressed of how she’s dodging Julie’s question. Julie surely wants Victoria to answer that the most surprising thing was when Frankie is Ariana’s brother. Nope, Julie. Nope. She dodged that. And then hen Victoria doesn’t give a shit about Frankie being Ariana’s Brother. I mean, yeah she’s shocked. But she doesn’t give a shit. Infact she said something that really made all us fans on Twitter go crazy. And then, she helped Nicole so much. I think that If she’s the Hoh, she can put up Derrick and anyone she wants to. Everyone’s putting her up, so she can use that reason. Come on, Victoria. Surprise us!

Big Brother Fans/Players On Twitter:

– @SlayerGirl18: “I love that Victoria didn’t fall for their bait. LMAO!! That’s what yall shady asses get!! #BB16”
– @CrossMyCosmo: They tried to get Victoria to name drop Ariana. Sorry Grodhog, Victoria has no time for your bullshit. #BB16
– @danidONAT0: “This is the Victoria we’ve wanted all season! Guurrrrl. #BB16”

– @BurmanAJ (AJ from BB Canada Season 1): “Victoria was so invisible in this episode the HoH’s forget to nominate her this week! #BB16”

7. The Guy With Beard Who Has No One

Big_Brother_16_14037288088889 So sad that Donny is now the target, but hey. Fear the Beard, he escaped the eviction this week. I don’t really want Donny to win the $25,000 for America’s Favorite because he already has $10,000 from Team America’s successful missions. I want the other people to win the money that hasn’t got anything yet. Caleb, Frankie, Derrick and Donny got the money. I would love Nicole or Zach to get the money since they have a shot at winning America’s Favorite. Donny stays lay low this week, and freaking Cody said that he’s scheming. I don’t know why they want Donny out so badly, There are bigger fish to fry. There are so bigger targets than Donny and I know he’s the King of PoV. And won more competitions than Cody and Caleb who talked shit about him all the time. The one thing that I am a bit disappointed in Donny is he’s not strategizing when he’s on the block. I really want Nicole to stay other than Donny because I feel like Nicole is going to make a realy huge move and I thought that because of being Team America, Donny doesn’t want to put up Frankie or Derrick when these two are the 2 that everyone wants to see going home soon. He seems clueless but he knows everything that is going on in the house. He knows who’s close with who, and he knows who’s the one who’s always strategizing and calling the shots. He didn’t wont the BoB when he needed to, and he didn’t won the PoV when he needed to. He went out first. He needs to build the relationships with Zach and strengthen the relationship.

Big Brother Fans on Twitter:

– @danidONAT0: “Donny doesn’t even get invites to the house meetings! #BB16”
– @xMarcosaur: “Donny has had an uphill battle since the beginning and he still mantains to be happy, cheer others up and crack some jocks #BB16 #BBLF”
– @Sara_BB16: “Donny has had it so bad in that house but he still manages to always have a smile on his face like you inspire me #BB16”
– @DanGheesling: “Donny the voice of calming reason. #BB16”

– @KjzJill (Zach’s mom): “GAME PLAY THOUGHT – get Cody out of this house, wants to punch everybody in face & can’t think on his own! JUST ANNOYING!! #ZachAttack #BB16”

– @AndyHerren: “Donny is such a sweet man. I wish he was a bit more savvy on how to play Big Brother, because I would love to see him win. #BB16”

6. The Guy Who Is Not A Beast At All – But Admits To Be The Beast


Caleb is a bit shocking this week. I am starting to realize that America is starting to like Caleb. And I am starting to like Caleb more than Cody, Derrick and Frankie. But he’s pretty dumb. He said he wanted to sit down in the BoB so that he can throw it for Zach and Donny to win. Unfortunately, the BoB was rigged for Allison Grodner’s pet to win, so..Frankie wins. If Caleb is smart, he ‘ll play in that BoB and he’ll mess Frankie up. In the confrontation, Caleb didn’t really confronted Frankie and being mad at him which is good. But he buys the shit that Frankie’s giving. He’s so into Frankie and his story about Frankie being famous what so ever. But, the move that I was surprised by him was, He convinced Christine to put up Nicole. And I see him fight so hard in the Veto which I appreciate. Caleb could go raelly far in this game. Now he’s not anyone’s target, Zach and Frankie have bigger targets on their backs than Caleb has. So, he’s sitting pretty.

Big Brother Fans on Twitter:

– @MissCleoBB: “Caleb, don’t you get it? YOU’LL NEVER GET AMBER! #BB16”
– @DanGheesling: “Caleb taking throwing a competition to a new level. I think he would have been better off sabotaging it during the comp on “accident” #BB16”
– @AllThingsBB16: “That was so epic. I don’t care what Caleb has done in the past or what he will do I nthe future he will always be a legend in my book #BB16”
– @JamTurnItUp: “Caleb is so fake!! He’s all over Frankie now. #BB16”

– @AndyHerren: “Caleb with Amber? Insufferable. Caleb without Amber? Kinda adorable. #BB16”

5. The Girl Who Cares Too Much About Being America’s Favorite

Big_Brother_16_14037286999622 (1) Nicole won HoH when she needed to. Probably one of the proudest moment in this season was when I watched Nicole won after the BoB. That almost made me cry of how much I am proud of her. Everyone lied to her and Jocasta went home. And she had to go back and build all the relationships with these people. And fortunately, everyone is leading to targeting Frankie. The one that Nicole is also targeting. And unfortunately, he won BoB. And Nicole had to go from being HoH to being evicted. One of the loudest cheer I have heard ever [Besides Elissa BB15] and everyone is now rooting for her to go back in the house and control the house. She can be the next Jordan Lloyd and win. She did campaigned. She campaigned to everyone and unfortunately, she had won 3 HoHs and everyone sees her as a threat and she got evicted. Eventhough she said she’s not going to go against Donny, but she did. And I love that she did. If she comes back, I am rooting for her all the way. If she doesn’t, nevermind, she’s a great player, and everyone in the house feels that way and we all fans feel that way too.

Big Brother Fans on Twitter:

– @AMANDAZUCKERMAN: “How about Nicole plays to win the game strategically instead of worrying being Americas Favorite. So lame.”
– @DanielleAlexisM: “Oh no!! Poor Nicole!! Girl I wish I could just come hug you.. #BB16”
– @AndyHerren: “Poor Nicole. Love her, but she’s clueless. She’s an underdog for a reason #BB16”
– @tylersb97: “Gaining so much respect for Victoria and losing some for Nicole. This is so twisted #BB16″

– @bbspoil: “Julie Chen: “Nicole is beloved by fans. She got TWO rounds of applause by the live audience, which has never happened this season.” #bb16”

4. The Guy Who Only Cares About Getting Airtime

Big_Brother_16_14037288086913 The reason for Zach staying is not because he campaigned, but because Caleb told everyone that It’s not a good move. While all he does is sleeping and that’s it. He feels safe and he’s always feeling safe. That is why Zach is not going to win Big Brother, but he’s going to be America’s Favorite. Zach won the PoV. He achieved it. He fought for it. And he needed the PoV. Plus, this time, he confronted Frankie and didn’t buy all the shits that Frankie is giving to him. He wanted to safe Nicole, but he couldn’t. Basically, Zach is really not in the best position, but his game on Week 7 is much better than the previous weeks. It’s great to see him shut his mouth. Loved that he’s starting to form some kind of alliances with Donny and build relations with Nicole and Victoria and I feel like he’s now buddy-buddy with Frankie already. So, he’s upping his social game, physical game and he needs to be more aware of his surroundigns and do not trust Cody, Derrick and Frankie.

Big Brother Fans On Twitter:

– @aborzotra: “Haha dang, Zach is STILL wearing my clothes.. Aww, lookin good once again buddy #BBZach #BB16 #AmbersWardrobe #Robe #Sweater #BunnySlippers”
– @DevinShepBB16: “#BBZach is the TRUTH!!! I love the finger points! #TURNTUP”
– @danidONAT0: “Why can’t Zach actually align and switch things up?! #BB16”
– @bigbrothermen: “Wait so Zach isn’t allowed to lie to people who have been lying to him the entire game? You fans need to chill. #BB16 #BBLF”

– @AlecBeall: “Due to recent #BB16 developments I have done a full 180 & am now a fan of #BBZach. But I’ll still never hashtag #ZachAttack… wait, DAMNIT”

3. The Guy That I Can’t Stand The Most


Frankie is the target this week, wow, what a surprise! But he pulled something that can change the house from being anti-Frankie to be friends with him back. I don’t know If he’s doing any magic tricks or what, but everything he does, It seemed to work out really well for his game. Won 4 HoHs, which is amazing. Great physical ability will make him easier to beat the other 2 in the Final 3. I wouldn’t say he’s likeable because the only ones that love him is Ariana Fans and that’s all. I am tired of him, basically. Everything about him seems fake and I want to just get him out. But, I am not going to be happy If he’s out before the juror came back because I want Nicole to have easier competitor to beat so that she can come back into the house. She’s telling everything about Ariana Grande and this Frankie Show is boring to me. He told the entire house that his sister is Ariana Grande and no one actually gives a fuck and they still target him anyways. But, I think his social game is over the top once again. Probably one of the bests social game on Big Brother. But, Frankie really didn’t do anything that make him a bit more likeable this week.

Big Brother Fans on Twitter:
– @JOCASTA_BB16: Told y’all Frankie was a cunt. #BB16
– @CrossMyCosmo: “PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND JOCASTA, CAN FRANKIE DROP DEAD ALREADY? Fucking hell, he’s so embarrassing #BB16
– @tracmississauga: “Ya what till his HoH reveal now that everyone knows (but nobody cares) who his sister is!!”
– @MissCleoBB: “When the Zingbot returns, the best way to ZING FRrankie would be to just ignore him completely. Cause Frankie needs to be recognized. #BB16”

@LynchMgm: “Frankie is the biotch that bought his sister into the game . . . you are the monster you are complaining about, bro. . . grow a pair”

2. The Girl That Forgot She’s Married


Hate her or love her, she is playing the game. You all might think that she’s not a good player becuase she get rid of Nicole? First of all, she has no choice. Me too, I would’ve loved for her to work with Nicole. But who else? Nicole, Christine and Donny? Christine hates Donny! It’s not going to work out. Christine is not playing for the fifth place. She’s siding with the guys so that she can go furhter in this game. She has no hopes working with girls so you gotta be around strong players. Of course, I still hate that she’s talking smack about everyone in the house and the fact the cuddles with Cody 24/7 and she forgot that she’s married to Tim. She’s gotta be likeable. Is she likeable? No. Everyone sitting next to her in the Final 2, that person would win. But she gets the money. But she’s playing sneaky and It’s not wrong at all. It’s just not enjoyable to watch right now.

– @Britt4skin (Brittany Martinez): BB fans fun fact. In the house Christine broke down crying about how she was bullied growing up. Seems she’s the true bully @aborzotra
– @AjTroccia: “@CBSBigBrother Why are you still In the house? #HoHSuiteSpot”
– @JulieChen: “ #BBChristine – you irls gotta stick together! Before you know it it’ll only be the guys left. #GirlPower”
– @MissLove2Blog: “Christine – “America is going to hate me” ß We never liked you. #BB16 #BBChristine”
– @AlecBeall: “I kinda wish #BBChristine would sleep-punch herself in the face. #BB16″

@timstinks (Christine’s husband): “Dear Christine, Nominating Nicole will mean you’ll be out next week, pleae don’t do it. Love, Tim. Ps nominate Cody or Derrick”

1. The Guy That Thought Ariana Grande Is A Dude


Still really hard to love Derrick. I appreciate the gameplay. But Is he really as smart as everyone thinks he is? Or he’s just playing with bunch of iditos and stupid players who’s not going to make a big move? He picked Cody for a reason. Becuase Cody has no balls. And he knows that. So, Cody won’t go backstab him later on in the game. The thing that I am really impressed is the relations that Derrick has. Derrick is such a great, trust-worthy and nice guy infront of everyone. They couldn’t see that he’s so the opposite of that. He’s a liar, manipulator and too bossy. But he’s going to win If no one makes a move right now. Controls everything and pretty much won every HoHs because he’s sending everybody that he wants out of the door in Thursday. Pretty much the gameplay that Amanda is playing last season and the gameplay taht Helen is playing. But, Helen and Amanda aren’t annoying. Derrick is. So, It’s a bit different. Derrick stay close with Victoria, which is great. ANd he’s close with Cody, Frankie, Nicole and Donny. And still going to be the leader in Detonators. Give him the check, let’s end this season. It’s way too predictable.

Big Brother Fans On Twitter:

– @danidONAT0: “Derrick always goes to people saying “we’re doing this, this is why” it’s never asking them their opinion. But they listen!! #BB16”
– @BangxBitchx: “If he doesn’t win, he should come back for Allstars”
– @AndyHerren: “How awesome would it be if Victoria took out Derrick and went on to win the whole show? #BB16”
– @michaelsette7: “What a great game player, I’d love to see him play all stars”

@bigbruh16: “Derrick is upset with taking food from his daughter’s mouth but Brittany had three mouths to feed and you Derrick didn’t bat an eye #BB16” 


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