Big Brother Australia 2014: Week 1&2 Power Rankings!

This is Big Brother Australia Power Rankings! I have done this before, but It’s Big Brother US. Becuase I am done with the US Version because they suck, I am going to switch sides to Big Brother Australia. It’s a lot different than Big Brohter US actually, there are no Veto-s, competitions and It’s a bit different becuase they usually let the viewers decide who should go home. Well, I don’t really like the idea, but I am going to have to try it and watch the Australia’s version. And to be honest, I am enjoying the first season. The first thing that I enjoyed the most is the casts. THe casts for this season are all unique, interesting and exciting characters. I think that any of these people can win the game, well scratch Gemma’s and David’s name. I think that the Australia’s version is more focusing on the social aspect of the game where the US version is more like physical aspect and the strategic aspect of the game. I have some favorite players, Skye and Cat were both has potentials. And so is Aisha. Guy’s side, I have faith in Lawson and Dion. Jason a little bit, but they are not the ones that I really like. My favorites for this season, and It could change at any times are Skye, Cat and Lawson. Here are the power rankings that I have made for 2 weeks till now. 

16. David


David is the outsider this season. Pretty much like Donny. It’s the matter of age. He’s the oldest (tied with Cat) but he’s still the oldest. And I feel like he couldn’t socialize because they have different sense of humour. But, I am not going to blame everything on his dry sense of humour or the age factor that he’s suffering right now. Everything that is happening in the house is all because of him. He made a really jerky comments about Lisa’s boob and Lisa overheard it. That is his downfall in this game. And with that one comment, he’s sailing his own fate that he’s not going to win this season. I think that he’s trying to fit in and act cool and buddy-buddy with the guys in the house and basically just trying to fit in by making those comments, but he said that “guys will always be guys” and that statement was so wrong. It’s an excuse for all the jerks attitude that he’s having. But, I am glad that now he’s starting to aplogize to the house and start to shut up becuase he needs to. But game wise, I think that he’s playing really dumb and confusing and needs to shut up.

15. Gemma


Gemma’s situation is almost the same with Dave’s. But, Gemma doesn’t speaks a lot, she speaks but not that much. But when she speaks, It’s like I just want to shut her mouth because It seems like she couldn’t control the way she’s speaking. I am sure that Gemma is not going to win Big Brother Australia because It’s unlikely for her to make a really really big move and safe herself from all the problems that she has made. I think that the only way to stay in the game is to shut up and start building relationship with everyone in the house. Her first strategy to stay under the radar kinda worked. I feel like David and Gemma both stood a chance of going home but I feel like the house wants Gemma to stay more than David because of the ladies in the house are way too sensitive and overreacting with all teh comments that David made. But Gemma played the game suck, she thinks that being honest is really good, but the truth is, sometimes being honest is not going to get you closer to the money. And once again, It’s accurate.

14. Sandra


I feel like there’s no chance that Sandra is leaving, but she’s on the bottom of the pole right now. Not only because she’s parterning with David, but also with everything that she said or I must say, It’s also because of her. She said that she doesn’t want to be in the house on the first week, and I feel like If you don’t want to be in the Big Brother House get the f*ck out. If you don’t wanna compete for the money, then don’t. Just cut the bitch’s head off. I don’t like when someone has no passion or no willing to stay and just gave up. And she said that she doesn’t came here for the money? Are you kidding me? There are 15 other Housemates who are willing to break a sweat and do everything to get the $230,000 and you said that you didn’t came here for the money? I think that If they don’t wanna shake the boat too fast, they need to get her out. But going home this week or not, she’s going to leave soon anyways, and I am not sad at all. When someone doesn’t put a fight into it, then there’s no reason to root for that person.

13. Skye


I like Skye, a lot. I think that she’s a sweetheart and she’s pretty much the Elissa this season, or the Nicole. The ones that everyone is rooting for, everyone agreeing to root together. And Skye has that root factor quality in her. But she’s polarizing in the house, either you gonna like her or not. And I think that the house is not really a fan of her. ANd I really need to shake this girl off not to be way too trusting and way too sensitive for her own good. Her downfall is going to be Lisa. She’s pairing with Lisa, and I can feel that isn’t gonna work for long term game. I hope that Skye realizes it. Her position in the house is at the bottom pretty much, If viewers don’t save her, I think that she might have a shot at going home too. Becuase, they said that she’s not intelligent, and they may say that she’s not really thirsty for the money and cut her off because of that, but praying that It won’t happen.

12. Cat


Personally, Cat is my favorite. I am hoping that she’s not doing anything that pisses me off. I hope that she stays under the radar, keep in touch with everyone and play smart. Not to be involved in dramas. Cat is more like Aisha, doesn’t really hangout with the girls, but hangout with the guys. And the girls will soon realize it and cut her off. I think that the switching pairs, It will hurt her because she’s pairing with Travis, which is the strongest comptitor in the house. And she was seen as a strong competitor herself. She’s not in the high position in the house because she is only hanging out with this group of people and not trying to be like friendly with all of the Housemates around the house. Do you really ever see her talking or chit-chatting with Gemma? Dion? Priya? Dave? or Aisha? Or Lawson? I don’t think so. Becuase she’s on her comfort zone and that will hurt her because she needs to really really get her head in this game to win the prize.

11. Lisa


Other than the boob situation, she’s pretty much already playing the game kinda in the wrong way. She’s doubting Skye and sooner that will get into Skye’s ears that Lisa doesn’t really trust Skye fully. And she talks way too much too. But, with the boob situation, It’s not like she’s about to go because her sympathy meter is high up the roof and no one is going to be brave enough to vote her out. And she’s on the “Cool” side of the house with Travis, and If she keeps on hanging out with them, I think that she may have a shot to go further in this game. She’s teaming up with Skye could be the downfall or could be not. Because If they want to get rid the two of them, with the reasoning behind it is because they are so close togehter, I think they can get rid of Lisa because they think that Lisa is a tough competitor. And I feel like it too. And she can be leaving too. She needs to stop being involved in every drama in the house or she’ll be gone. But right now, I think that she’s in a good spot because the viewers will most likely to save Skye, and she will be safe too.

10. Travis


Can’t stand Travis the most in the house, because he never shuts up. But, stupid enough, no one noticed it. No one noticed that they need to cut this guy’s head off, and no one noticed that he’s in control of everything (pretty much), no one noticed that he also said that Lisa’s boobs are saggy, no one realized that he’s a tough competitor and no one realized that he has been talking way too much in the house. And I can’t stand watching him being a control freak. And he said that Gemma is a control freak? Unbelieveable of how hyprocite he is. Travis’ game, I must say, is pretty strong. Because he has all those bonds with everyone. And keeping in touch with all the males, and he can be ending up with an all-guy alliance. And he also stays close with the females too. There is a slight chance that he is leaving, If the house realizes all of those things that I have mentioned up there, but that is not going to happen. His position in this game is really high, Had he not nominated, I think that he’s really high on this list.

9. Jake


The one that is not going to go for sure eventhough he’s nominated. Jake versus everyone, that person will go home. There is no way that Jake is leaving, because of his social skills that is over the top. Everyone feel bad because he needs to take the blame also for what Gemma did. And everyone feel bad because they have to nominate Jake, eventhough the real intention is to put up Gemma. Jake is super friendly, he’s really cool with everyone, stay out of drama, comfortin everyone and also really enjoyable to watch. He’s the force to be reckoned with. And If he stays in the house really long and burn no bridges, he’s for sure going to win this season. But, the frist 2 weeks, he’s nominated, and he’s not safer than the ones who are nominated, If he’s not nominated, I think that he’ll be so high on this list.

8. Sam


Sam shouldn’t be up here. But, he’s not nominated, so he’s safe anyways. His game the first 2 weeks is a bit confusing for me. He’s really outspoken and sometimes could be seen as arrogant and cocky, and pissed Katie off with the money situation. I think that somehow, someone will realize that they are giving Sam the money, because they know that Sam is going to win because everyone will throw the sympathy vote at him, which is not happening at all. But, I don’t see him go further in this game, he’s more like the early boot to me. Ryan and Sam are way too powerfula nd as a team they could be undefeated just like Travis and Cat. And four of them can team up and have a foursome and control the house. But, Sam, he’s not going to win the game. His position in teh house is unstable. He thinks that he’s so safe, the truth is, he’s not that safe because he has no bonds with anyone really.

7. Aisha


Aisha is a wildcard. I don’t know why everyone is so in love with her. I think that the video package at the beginning of the season is really not the Aisha that we see in the Daily Show. I really wanna see her get into drama, but really, she’s crying because David asked her a question that she couldn’t answered but said that she can confront everyone in the video package. In the house, she’s so “famous” because everyone is really attached to her, being a sweetheart helps her, and pairing with Lawson also helps her because no one will see both of them as a threat individually or when they are a duo. She might go far, but I really need to see her more than being the Aisha that is on the show right now for me to root her. She’s okay.

6. Ryan


Ryan is playing one hell of a game, If I have to pick for someone who is playing one of the most underrated game but played a great game, It’s him. No one really praise her gameplay and give the positive feedbacks for his gameplay, when he’s playing a strong game. Teaming up with Travis didn’t turn him into a jerk like Travis. And I am so glad that he’s switched to Sam because If he’s going up with Travis, he might be going home because Travis has a better social game, eventhough both has good social game. Ryan is really close with most of the housemates, the housemates respect him. His position in the house is like “untouchable” position. No one will nominate him. And I think that If he’s nominated against Sam, Sam will most likely to go. He’s upping his social game and he’s a tough competitor i think. Stay out of the drama and just lay low is going to help him win the money.

5. Lawson


Just like what everyone thought, when we all think that Lawson’s personality is too big for them to handle or he’s too busy wiht himself and they think that they can’t socialize with Lawson, we were wrong. Lawson is by far the most enjoyable, if not one of, housemate in the house. He’s so nice, so fun, so enjoyable and he has so many tricks up his sleeves. His likeability will get him far in this game, but also will hurt him. No one is going to nominate Aisha and him early on the game, he’s going to be either the mid finisher or he’s going to go really far on this game. His position in the house right now is really raelly good. I am hoping that he doesn’t mess things up so that he will still remains in the game, because I’d love to keep on rooting him until the rest of the season.

4. Priya


Had she not bought the Immunity for $3,000, I think that she will most likely to go up on the block becuase everyone thought that both her and Katie stole the $20,000 from the prize money. And I think that that is an understanding reason. Taking the money on the first place will make you a target, If I were Priya/Katie, I wouldn’t take it because I will be the target. And now Priya is the early target in this game. Has no one around with, not really that close with anyone in the house and she has an attitude as well. And Priya’s relationship with Katie is a bit shaky and Katie will not stand up for Priya and so does Priya. They aren’t really connected and bond that well, they have some kind of debates and arguments when they’re making decisions. Because she bought the Immunity, we’ll be seeing her and her annoying comments for another week. Sigh.

3. Katie


I think that Priya is a smart player when It comes to strategic aspect of the game, but Katie is more like the social master. She is socializing really really well. If she’s doing this because she’s afraid that once the Immunity has expired and when she returns to the regular housemates, everyone will vote her out and she has to be friendly and sociable with everyone, then she’s a smart player. She’s kinda bitchy on the first episodes this season, but she’s really good at this game because she’s so close with everyone in the house. And If she’s going up with Priya, I think that she is for sure staying. Not going to be a target real soon, but going to be an easy target once the house has no one to send home.

2. Dion


Best statement to describe Dion is; pretty and pale. He’s not that enjoyable to watch, and he’s not really showing who he is in the show just yet. He saved his butt and kissed Lisa’s ass when he said that he wouldn’t said taht to a girl. I think that It was bullcrap. And I think that It’s just  a mtter of tiem when Dion is going to be really seen as a threat and a tough competitor. The reason why I put him 2nd on the list is because I feel like Jason has a better social game and Dion is just there doing nothing but following what Jason is doing. That is being supportive, but I don’t see him calling the shot. Dion is respected but as the game goes, I don’t see him winning because you really need to bond with everyone and play the game. I don’t think that he’s willing to betray someone that he’s close with for the money. He’s such a nice guy, and that’s why I don’t think he’s going to win. But for the first 2 weeks, I’m glad that he’s Head of House because he might have been nominated If he’s not.

1. Jason


Everyone in the house thought that Jason is most likely to win the money. That is a tricky but good question for the Housemates to answer from Big Brother, I am so thrilled by it. And It’s either going to be a curse or a bless. I think that once, he’s going to feel like he’s loved and he’s flattered by it, but soon, he’ll realized that It’s not really a good statement and not something that you should be proud of when you’re playing the game. Anyone will cut you off because they think that you ahve a shot at winning the money. I think that Jason is in the best position in the house, no one ever talked crap about him, no one really cares about him and he’s not in the drama circle or any kind of arguments in the house which is great. And winning this is going to help him stay longer, and If he doesn’t win the HoH, I think that he’s still in a good position. I think that Jason is playing a great social game and I think that he’ll go far, but he needs to be careful because soemeone is going to do a move and send his ass back home.


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