Big Brother 16 Season Review! (Houseguests Rankings!)


I have never been this happy when one season comes to an end, any kind of show. But this time, I don’t know why I took a sigh breath of relief because finally, Big Brother 16 is over. I don’t know If they should continue this franchise because It’s getting worse and It’s a downgrade. This season, is the worst. I am so embarassed at myself that I have to wait for a year, hoping for a redemption, and this is what I got. A complete boring, dull, predictable season. No big moves were made, no power shifts, everyone is such a pussy, no one is really taking this one opportunity to do big moves in the game. And I hate how the Production were so involved in every single thing that is happening or pretty much every single thing that is happening that include Frankie in it. It is a really beautiful cast, i must say, but no one is really playing the game. For entertaining wise, I beleive Zach is the most entertaining without a doubt will be coming back in upcoming seasons. Nicole is America’s sweetheart and possibly will come back. I don’t know about Donny, I think that he doesn’t wanna go in there anymore. But Donny, Zach and Nicole (AFP TOP THREE HELL YEA) are definitely the three that everyone agreed to be the 3 best player in the house. Amber, Brittany and Hayden are all acceptable too. There are some possible returning players from this season, but I must say I am dissapointed the way they handle the Pre-Jurors. It’s not as bad as Survivor: Caramoan, but they didn’t get to talk. I want to listen some bashing, some yelling and how the Pre-Jurors represent America about how we feel about all the Houseguests.



It kills me If i have to think Joey to be Team America. I don’t know why America voted her in. I am so glad that she’s out becuase I don’t want to see her being so freaking dumb and play that role. She’s not smart (eventhough she thinks she is). Her game inside the house has been a complete embarassment. I understand, she never watches the show. Her favorite Houseguest is Ginamarie which is a big question mark. But at least, you can play with your brain, Joey. She confessed all her way through the Eviction and I don’t think that “Alex”, her alter ego is going to help. I do appreciate and respect her decision of wanting to make an all-girls alliance and trying to make it happen, but I don’t like how she told the entire house that she failed to make it. | F |



I wish that Paola would have stayed longer becuase I like this chick. I’m digging her in the beginning thinking that she’s going to be a firecracker, which is she is. I’m sad that they have to send her really soon becuase she can bring the drama, stir the pot and we could hear more yelling, swearing and confrontation. I wish that girls like Paola, Brittan and Joey stay longer because these are the girls who are going to confront everyone and start a drama. FIrst days, I know that she’s a fan, just from the confessionals and from the things that she does, I know that she knows the game and she watches the show. She assumed some understanding statements that I would do too. But, I can’t believe how bad she is at comps. Her worst move would be accepting Devin’s offer to throw the BoB comp. I don’t know If she’s really thorwing it or she sucks at it, but I feel like she’s throwing it. It’s the dumb move eventhough I do understand that she’s trying to make a friend and build some trusts. Paola’s game is really downgrading until she gets evicted. But without a doubt, she’s entertaining and hillarious. | D- |



I am not going to say right away that Devin has a bad strategic game. No. I think that he’s playing the Dani Donato’s game in BB13, playing the game way too hard too fast. Dani waited for a while but she cannot wait any more longer, Devin couldn’t wait and just played a really aggressive strong and obvious game since the beginning. People would know that Devin is the ring leader and the ones who are controlling the game from the first 2 weeks. Had he not won the HoH, I think that he’s still in the great position. He played so hard and he’s so paraonia about everything. He’s making it a big deal of everything. That Double D’s alliance, That alliance has potential but freaking Devin screwed it. Again, the same thing with Paola, Devin is entertaining. I remember the week when he was evicted, all of the BB fans were so torn about happily letting Devin go or be sad about it because we do want to get this jerk out of the house, but we knew that the house will be so boring without him. And I think that he’s really really dumb for not campaigning hard in the week he got evicted, because he were campaigning really hard and throwing Caleb under buses, he’ll stay for sure. And that Delusional Caleb will definitely go. But, Devin, he has a daughter so.. | C- |



My girl…I wish she would have stayed much longer. Brittany, she’s also a recruit. And It’s different from Joey, Joey keeps on doing stupid stuffs, Brittany on the other hand, is playing a bit more silent game. And eventhough some things really confused me. Like, when she was on the block, and Victoria saved herself and Cody had to pick a replacement nominee, Brittany, smartly keeps on giving Cody some names that isn’t possible to go up when It’s Cody’s HoH reign. She just needs to focus on one particular person and that person will go. And she keeps on saying “deserve and undeserving” game which is totally unnecessary to say because everyone clearly deserve to be there. It is clear that Brittany is the one that all HGs definitely scared with. Brittany is unpredictable, and I love her about it. You gotta be unpredictable. She should have made some kind of deals and bonds with the other guys so that she can stay longer. I totally respect that flawless 2400 goals, that could save herself. I don;t know the exact reason why she would do that, probably because she wants to show them that she has the passion and determination to stay and fight for her kids, and to me, I feel that. She has always been playing the game for her kids, and she has heart, and the time when she totally nailed it was when she changed Devin’s mind to save her after the Veto and completely took over Devin’s HoH and saved herself from the chopping block. I felt like Brittany is really unfortunate to be casted this season filled with pussiess and jerks. Her eviction is definitely the hardest to me. | C |



Gah, so many recruits. I had high hopes for Amber pre-game. I think that she’s going to be that one player that the fans keep on saying “SLAY QUEEN”, “YAS GURL” because she slayed, to be specific the Elissa or the Rachel of the season that basically slayed everytime they popped on screen, but she’s the biggest letdown to me. I feel like the way she’s playing the game is really dumb. If I were her, totally using Caleb to my advantage on the game. She’s hot, she’s sweet and beautiful, use everything that God gave you to furhter youself in this game! She keeps on saying “Bomb Squad” when the Bomb Squad was pretty much over on Week 2 of the game. And Amber just proved to me that she’s not good at this game at all. Yes, she’s good at comps, but other than that, she’s just laying there in the house. She can stay, totally, If she can be a ltitle bit more strategic than she ever was on the show. Which is, never so strategic and just following the orders that the guys gave her. But, still, she has class. She went out with a class, she always respect others, she’s nice to others, she’s humble but I don’t think that’s working on this season. | D+ |



I think the hardest question ever asked would be, “What is Jocasta doing in the house?” I know that Victoria shared a little bit of moments here and there, and she show some fight. ANd I am not saying that Jocasta doesn’t, but I felt like Victoria has more moments on the show as oppose to Jocasta. Jocasta showed her passion and determination to win, but she’s never in the game. She’s the main floater and she has no intentions to do big moves and even to win a single competition by herself. The good thing about Jocasta is, she’s sweet, and she’ the Queen of GIFs. And every reactions that came from her are always epic and entertaining, but, It’s a game. You need to play the game. She’s the least strategic person to play the game this season. | F |



Hayden was a total meh in the first weeks, I totally hated him when he said that he would throw Amber from the balcony and watch her splat, that was totally rude and disrespectful and all the twitter fans reacted to that as disrespectful comments. But, he turned into a loveable HGs. Started a showmance with Nicole, and he’s so fun to watch. Him and Nicole together, just fun to watch. That Haycole moments are everywhere. Yes! I am team Haycole! Hayden played the game pretty smart, alligned himself with the big players and completely put every trusts on them. Even recruited by Devin to be the newest member of the Bomb Squad Alliance and he’s not interested in it. Played quietly and played a pretty smart and strategic game. But no one is really praising him for playing the silent game. Was a force to be reckoned with in challenges and he definitely shared soem good moments on the show. | C+ |



Don’t expect me to give Zach B’s, or A’s.. becuase I will never do that. That is totally bias. Just because I like him, I am not going to give him good marks. And I mean it. Zach is everyone’s pick for early boot. Everyone thought that he’s way too honest and way too confronting and no one is going to accept him and he’ll get voted out the minute he stepped into the house. And look where he is? I never expected him to be this enjoyable and entertaining, I never. But then he started to show a really good side of him. “Froot Loops Dingus” is added already in the Big Brother Dictionary. He’s entertaining everytime he pops on screen. He sleeps a lot, but when he doesn’t, he’s going to make it count. Definitely not strategic and definitely not socially sociable. He called out people and he makes fun of everyone but he’s still entertaining and definitely a good TV. Mix things up so that we won’t get bored with it, but stupid dumbasses sent him home because he’s unpredictable. Zach always speaks before he thinks and that thing cost him the money. | C |



I am so happy for Donny, I feel like Donny is really unfortunate in this game. The clip of him being alone is really sad. He has no friend and that’s why I dislike Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Caleb and Christine because this dude has done nothing but nice to them but they are so freaking mean to him. Especially Frankie, Cody and Christine. Donny is that nice guy but he has no strategy. He’s likeable, but for the people who’s watching not for the HGs. Because he’s the outsiders, he has no chance of strategizing. The only chance is Team America. Donny never fails to make us cry with the Goodbye messages and how he’s always nice to others but when he throw shade, It’s really amazing. He’s entertaining and he’s so nice and loveable, but strategic game, he has not strategy, I think his strategy is to play the game socially but unfortunately people aren’t accepting Donny as they should be. | B- |


Big_Brother_16_14037286999622 (1)

The underdog of the season. I don’t see there are any underdogs last season. My early pick to win the game. Could be the next Jordan but she was a bit dissapointing the first 5 weeks. She’s one of the fans that actually know everything about the show and not a complete waste. She knows everything, she knows that she needs to make a move. But, she’s way too busy thinking about how is America going to potrait her, instead of making big moves. She’s scared that America will dislike her If she’s messing with Frankie and that prevent her from winning. Socially, everyone liked her. I think that It changes when Christine screwed her and messed her up told the guys that Nicole is going to do a move and the guys take over Nicole and screwerd her chance of winning the game. Her showmance with Hayden didn’t distract her game at all, Infact, It strengthen her because both really capable of winning competitions and really good in both mental and physical comps. The odds are never in Nicole’s favor. She came back, but she has a big target on her back and she felt like she needs to do something right but she keeps on messing up becuase she coulnd’t focus on winning competitions. But, Kudos to her, the one that actually wanting to do a big move and got cut because she has bigger balls than any of the guys inside that Big Brother House. definitely going to come back in upcoming seasons. | B- |



Christine has an amazing and flawless game on the first weeks. Was always in the good position. In the Power Alliance every single time. But, she’s spending too much time with Frankie and that screwed her game. If she stick with the Hayden-Nicole alliance, I think that she will go further in this game and will not get Britney’d because trusting too much to the guys. Christine is really controversial. Everyone talks about her. If any of you wondering why is she hated, she is totally mean inside that big Brother house. She talks a lot of shits about everyone and she is totally saying unnecessary jokes about every HGs that is in there. DId she deserved the Boos? I don’t think so. I feel like the Boos should have been given to Frankie instead because he sucks. Christine’s gameplay is so flawless at the beginning but it was such a downgrade because the guys kept on messing with her head and she couldn’t focus on winning the game by herself. I am the only oneI think that praised her game for playing with the guys, I mean, she has no choice. Playing with Victoria? Her biggest mistake definitely would be getting rid of Nicole. Too easy to be persuaded. It’s really hard to talk about Christine’s game because I felt like she knew what to do but when It came down to making actions, she couldnt’ do it right. But, overall, she played a pretty decent game that is not bad at all. It’s just, she talked shit about everyone way too much and some comments were really really unnecessary to say. | B |



I am not a fan of Frankie James Grande. I think that he’s a vile human being, he’s arrogant, he makes everything about him and no more words can express of how much I hate Frankie. He made really rude comments about everyone. But, I am not going to make this post about him because I don’t want to talk about him anymore. Frankie came in, week 1, I knew he’s going to be a physical threat. He won the first Head Of Household Competition, and no one saw him as a threat. Almost broke the record that Janelle made. Fortuntaely failed to do that. Won so many competitions. And by that means, Frankie is a strong physical player and without a doubt played great physical game and play consistent all the time. Strategically, he knows everything about the game and he knows evrything about the Houseguests. About what’s going on and so on. Strategically always on point and was a huge player in the house. Socially was amazing, hugging everyone and ust being nice to everyone eventhough he’s another two-faced bitch. But, other than that, It’s amusing of how all Big Brother Fans get together to hate him. He’s so hard to watch, he thinks that he’s so loved by America, and he’s not. Everyone hated him. And his arrogant, annoying attitude turned everyone off. The most hated Houseguest of all time, but played a great game. | A- |



Honestly, pre game, everyone hated Caleb because of the comments he made on Instagram. And then he won the first HoH, I felt sick on my stomach. I wanted to throw up of how cocky this guy is. Caleb is always making some rude comments, some delusional comments that I cannot stand. He believed that he can win AFP and he’s loved by America. That’s so not true. Eveyrone is so fed up by him outside the house every single time. But, he’s kinda entertaining to watch because of his dumbness. He’s always saying that he’s the strongest in the house, but only few competitions he had won. I am so frustrated when he decided not to put up Frankie when he could have been America’s Favorite Houseguest, well not really, I mean, when he could have gained a lot of respect from the fans by making that one big move. Caleb played a really static game, he didn’t really do anything, he was doing what the house wants all the time and I don’t think that is a flawless game. | D+ |



Victoria is flawless all the time, with all that fashion styles she has, she’s definitely a beautiful girl. She is kinda nice. But she’s kinda delusional at the same time. When she said that she’s proud of the game she plays. Seriously, what game have you played, Victoria? I would totally say that she deserves the money If she’s acting dumb and play dumb all the way through the end, but she’s not. She is dumb. She’s worried about losing in the Final Episode of Big Brother when she didn’t give a shit all the time to win a competition. She was nominated 9 times and survived because It would be a waste to send her  home, no one would waste their HoH to send someone that is not a threat at all home. Victoria didn’t played any kind of game in Big Brother. She’s definitely worse than Jocasta and Joey, I must say, no one really care about her inside, so she must have been playing a bad social game too. Outside the house, crowds love her because she’s kinda nice to the ones that we’re rooting for, for an example, she was totally nice to Nicole when Nicole is in the house. She didn’t do anything to Donny so we love her too. And she didn’t do anything to Zach except for that hat thing that is just hysterical to watch. Victoria is not playing any kind of game, but at least this girl has class. coughfrankiecough. | F |



Cody is the Hottest Houseguest this season, but he didn’t just win that, he won several awards too! “The Pussy Of The Year”, “The Ones Who Called Out People”a nd “The Biggest Idiot Of The Season”. Look! Cody is a big embarassment, If you think that Cody would bring Victoria to the Final 2, he’s not going to ! Do you think that he’s going to have that guts to do that and cut Derrick? No! He doesn’t even have the balls to call out ten thousand people that he promised to call out. He promised to call out so many Houseguests but he has done none of them. And that’s why he’s the pussiest Houseguest because he’s so afraid to make big moves. Do you think that his reign as Hoh he’s doing all of that moves by himself? No, Derrick “coached” him to do that. Strategically, he didn’t have the strategy coming into this game except looking pretty. Cody flirted all his way through to the end. Flirted with every single girls, (Amber, Brittany, Nicole, even Christine), and he cut them off. What a dumbass isn’t he? He is playing a great social game, I do believe he played such an amazing social game that everyone liked him. And definitely is a physical threat and really strong in physical challenges, would be a shock If he’s not right? He wasted some of his Hohs especially sending home Brittany. When he could have sent Caleb home. And If someone thinks taht he deserved that $500,000, you have got to be kidding me becuase he has done nothing in this game. If you wanna win with social aspect of the game, you gotta play like Jordan from Big Brother 11 who is extremely likeable and I believe was deserving of the title. | C |



Without any doubts, Derrick played a flawless game, but on the other hand, he’s so hard to watch and hard to root for. He has offered nthing to the table. He’s so bland and boring. He should be fun to watch, because he’s an undercover cop, he can be anything that he wants to and will know how to be fun with the surroundings and how to adapt with the environment around him. But, he’s a complete opposite. Strategically, he is the puppet master, and Cody is the puppet doll. Derrick whispered everything to Cody and Cody will do the dirty work, and not just Cody, almost everybody. And he can convince everyone to trust him. I think the reasoning behind taking Victoria to the end is so that he can bring her to the end, and I 100% believe that If he won that Final Hoh, He would take Victoria and that is the smartest thing to do to win. He is so under the radar in the first weeks, and just came out when he needed to. I personally not a fan of throwing competitions, but he did it, and he built that weak personna like what Dan and Will Kirby did in their seasons, and that kinda worked becuase he doesn’t have to have bloods on his hands. Seeing Derrick play is like seeing a returnee in the house full of dumb newbies, Derrick is definitely playing for the money, and like it or not, he’s playing a great game eventhough he’s so boring. | A |

2 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Season Review! (Houseguests Rankings!)

  1. I totally disagree with this hahaha I loved this season and was so glad to see a winner who deserved it. I don’t think Derrick was boring at all. It was nice seeing someone be so sneaky without blowing up his own game. Cody was without a doubt a moron for taking Derrick to the end but if nothing else, he showed loyalty. Maybe not a good move for the game but definitely a step in the right direction for the friendship he so clearly valued. I 100% agree with Derrick keeping Victoria to take her to final two and that’s why I’m glad Cody won. Great article though! I love reading everyone’s view!

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