Episode 2 was such a mess. I know where this season is going, I predicted that this season is going to be a boring one. And It is! I don’t know If It kept the same, but I hope that It changes soon because I want more entertainment from the season. There are still some convincing players who are still in the game, but 2 of my favorites, my top favorites are out in a row and that pisses me off. My favorites never went home this soon in any seasons, and It sucked. Val just made a really horrible strategy move by lying to them that she had 2 Idols, John was beaten by Julie, John got the Idol, Baylor sucked at the game, Jaclyn is at the bottom of the horrible tribe and Jon is the most entertaining player yet. If Hunahpu keeps on winning, I believe Jeremy, Kelley and Missy all have a good shot at winning because It seems like they’re the most convincing. If I had to pick the underdog, I would pick Alec. And eventhough I got the Ciera Eastin vibe in Baylor, I hope that Baylor just sucked at everything and she’s no Ciera. I hope the tribe vote her out soon. It’s so frustrating that again, guys dominate the season and the girls are going home one by one. I needed change in this season. We have two great seasons that is on my TOP 10, and I don’t want that to be destroyed by this season.


1. Jeremy Collins

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.40.55 PM

Jeremy is definitely the leader of the tribe. Everyone listens to him. He made an alliance with Kelley, Natalie and Missy on the first Day they came into the Island, he said that he has a good relationships with women, so I guess this helps. And I think that he’s in the power position, If no one is going to make a big move real soon, I am afraid It’s too late for them to make a big move later on the game because you can strike Jeremy right now when he’s feeling so safe about his position in the game. As of now, he’s definitely safe because he seems like a nice guy to his own tribe and no one will vote him out. Proved himself a competitor in challenges and they wouldn’t want to take him out of the game because he’s an asset.

2. Reed Kelly

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.28.13 PM

Reed is also in the power position in this game. He seems to be the most entertaining and seems to be working on the social aspect of the game real quick. I think that he’s also tougher in challenges than Josh. And he seems to be performing really well in challenges. And I don’t see him be voted out real soon because he hasn’t upset anyone, he’s nice to everyone and there is no clear reason to vote him out. As a viewer, Reed is a bit hiding in the shadows, unlike his boyfriend, Josh, he seems that he doesn’t get that much edit and screentime so far. We’ll see how It goes, but I have a good feeling that he’s going to make it really far in the game.

3. Kelley Wentworth

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.39.44 PM

I don’t know about Kelley, I hope that she can make it through the end because I get a really good vibe from her. I hope she’s smart, and she said that she’s willing to take out her dad when she had to, and In her Profile, she said that she likes Parvati because Parvati is doing everything to get to the top, well, It seems like she’s that kind of girl. Could be the next Natalie from Samoa. But with a better game to play. Kelley is so in a good position. Better than her dad, obviously. She proved hrself to be useful in challenges and seems to have a really really good relationships with both males and females. And It seems like she’s attaching herself to Jeremy, which is a good strategy to attach yourself with big players. And she’s going to play that card. It’s not a bad strategy, It works sometimes. But If she does make it to the end, I hope she has something good to convince to the jury.

4. Natalie Anderson

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.33.59 PM

Natalie is proving herself a tough competitor. If you’re watching The Amazing Race, you would know that they’re both are individually strong player. They can finished tasks sometimes better than the guys did. And I am hoping that at least one of them can go far in this game. Nadiya leaving is probably going to give Natalie a better placing in the Hunahpu Tribe, because there is no reason for Natalie not to stick with the people in Hunahpu as she has no one on the other side and she probably hates the Coyopa Tribe for sending her twin home. I think that Hunahpu could use Natalie in challenges that she’s strong. And she is going to be loyal to the alliance she made on Day 1. Hasn’t done anything yet that could lead her to being voted out, hasn’t upset anyone yet, and hasn’t talked bad about everybody and offended anyone. She’s playing the game really clean, smooth and smart, different than Nadiya. And I hope It goes all the way through the end.

5. Missy Payne

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.38.22 PM

Definitely the “mom” in the Hunahpu Tribe and seems to be respected by everyone in that tribe. No one is going to hurt her feelings and no one is dare to do that because she’s so nice to everyone. When you think that she’s sensitive and a crier, but she’s tougher than that. She’s stronger than we thought, and she’s a tough competitor. And seems to be the one that Jeremy would protected. And If anything happens, no one will touch her because she’s not going home anytime soon.

6. Jon Misch

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.41.23 PM

Ken Barbie is not pretty at all when It comes to competing in challenges. He’s a badass, and to me, the most entertaining so far. His goofiness is going to work with Survivor for character. I don’t know If he’s a strategic player but I hope he lasted long so that we can see. The strongest in challenges, and with that size of his body, he can beat John Rocker who is slightly bigger than him and when he’s going for challenges, he’s going 110%. I know since the beginning that Jon and Jaclyn won’t make it to the merge both, at least one of them will. He’s not in the power alliance, but If they have to vote out someone, It’s not going to be him. Because he’s the strongest in challenges and they won’t waste it on him. Losing the flint for the tribe is costing him absolutely, someone will try and make it a big deal but I don’t think It will work long term game.

7. Keith Nale

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.38.46 PM

Okay, he make fire, and what? It’s not like everyone is not gonna make fire once he’s gone. Everyone seems to learn to make fire from hime. Was chosen by Jeremy to accompany her wife on the first Episode proved that Keith is a trustworthy guy. But, he’s not in the “know-everything” circle. He seems to be the outsiders. But was kept because he’s good at making things, provide them with foods and making fire of course. He played a quiet game so far and It’s helping him because he could be the swing vote. If they need more numbers, Keith is there. But he could be a threat because once the tribe switch happens, hes’ going to flip to his son. If someone is going to vote someone out based on performance in challenges, I think they’re going with Keith because he’s the oldest. And seems like the weakest in this season. Dale is 55, he’s 53, seems like he’s the one who’s older because just from the way he walks or he interacts with other, It seems like he’s not as strong as Dale.

8. Julie McGee

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.34.21 PM

Was hoping that Julie could survive for one more time If there is a Tribal Council. I’m going back and forth about placing Julie ninth or tenth, the reason why Julie is this low on the list is because Jeremy promised that If Val is out and John is not taking care of Val, he will take Julie out. And since John didn’t take care of Val nicely, I have a feeling that Jeremy will make a move to send Julie out of the game. But, I don’t know If Jeremy is willing to send out someone that could possibly get him furhter as a number in this game. Or, they can convince them to take Julie out because John will be vulnerable without Julie. And on the other hand, they will take credits for Julie for winning the last Reward Challenge. Anything can happen at this point, but I don’t think It’s a good one for Julie.

9. Drew Christy

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.40.12 PMDrew has annoyed some people even on Day 1. The one who Jeremy called as “cartoon character” for never take things seriously. And I can see him being so dumb. Could either be the next Fabio or not. But I hope If the tribe gets to Tribal Council, they vote him out for being so annoying. Haven’t shown us yet If he’s good in challenges, but physically, I think he’s more useful than Keith and Julie. Probably leaving because in the Preview Episode for next week, he seems to annoy some of them for laying down and not helping the tribe to build shelter. And Natalie called him out for being lazy. If the tribe takes that seriously, I think he’s for sure leaving. And the good thing to take him out is, him and his brother could be the two force to be reckoned with when they’re together. So I hope the Hunahpu Tribe can get that and vote him out.


1. Josh Canfield

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.24.07 PM

I don’t really love how Josh played the game, I feel like he’s thinking of himself as a great player and the genius one from the Coyopa Tribe. Probably the only one from Coyopa to understand the game fully, and seems to be on the Driver Seat and taking control of the votes. Had a backup alliance with Baylor but I could see It crumbles because Josh keeps on voting Baylor out. In the power alliance with the guys, because the Coyopa Tribe all all dumbasses, I don’t see they take a chance and send Josh out anytime soon. They’re just letting Josh take over everything and they’re getting Josh closer to the money.

2. Wes Nale

I don’t want Wes to be the next Caleb Bankston. So dull and boring throughout the entire season. But It seems like he’s going to be that one person who took the backseat and let the big players go after each other but then take the money quietly. Silent killer. But, It’s the smartest thing to do to be quiet and let the others take the leadership role and let the others guide him to do this and that, he will not have bloods on his hands and It’s great not to have that early in the game. Had a really good relationships with all the males. And Had some kind of alliance with the younger group, Baylor and Alec and could potentially be a strong threesome. I hope that he has more tricks up his sleeves to be more of a strategic player.

3. Alec Christy

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.26.27 PM

The younger brother is smarter than the older brother. That’s how I see Drew and Alec. Alec is a bit more quiet but more convincing than Alec. And just like Wes, letting someone do the move and do what the tribe wants. Is the most “invisible” player until the second episode. I don’t remember him having confessionals, but that’s good for him. He just needs to be quiet and no one will even think of sending him home. In the power alliance with the guys and seems to be in a good position whatever happens.

4. John Rocker

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.40.32 PM

I am so wrong about John Rocker. I thought that he’s going to be super annoying and so aggressive. With the reputation he has, It’s going to affect him in this game definitely. He’s an athlete and everyone will try to get him out and there’s no chance of him winning the game If he doesn’t do anything big throughout the game. In the next episode, seems like his true colors are beginning to shown and might upset some of the people, but he has the Idol, at least 3 more days to stay in the game. Is a strong player in challenges and the tribe would be so dumb to get him out of the game because he’s so useful for the tribe. Is in the Power Alliance but I can see the guy wanting to take him out because he’s way too much of a threat. We could never know. But, Jeremy and him will clash soon, I believe.

5. Dale Wentworth

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.39.14 PM

I was shocked that he survived 2 Tribals when they could have sent him home instead of Nadiya who is stronger than him of course and Val who looks more loyal and convincing then him. The Tribe is dumb not to get him out because he’ll do everything to protect her daughter and he’s more loyal to her daughter than the tribe. It’s dangerous for Coyopa to have someone like Dale. But, I don’t think the guys Alliance are willing to get him out of the game this soon. Was smart enough to convince the tribe to get Nadiya out. He’s good and useful at camps, I think that’s why they won’t let Dale go at this point in the game. I would love to see Kelley send him home just like Ciera sent Laura M out of the game. It would be a tearjerker.

6. Baylor Wilson

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.25.32 PM

It’s amazing of how I can’t stand one person as much as I can’t stand Baylor only in 2 episodes. Such a loser in challenges and celebrating so stupidly after her mom gave her the victory. Flipflopper, will never get credits in the game. Only used by the guys, once they have no one to vote out, she’s gone for sure. Made a really dumb decision not to vote out Dale on Episode 1 and went with the guys. Not that good at challenges, the thing that kept him safe from elimination is that Jaclyn is voting against the majority of the Tribe. And Baylor is with the guys 2 weeks in a row, surely they would rather lost Jaclyn than Baylor eventhough that doesn’t mean anything and that doesn’t change a thing. Her days are numbered If her and Josh don’t make a move soon.

7. Jaclyn Schultz

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.24.22 PMI don’t know about her, the guys can just save her and send Baylor home instead but I can’t find a reason why they’re doing that. It’s a no-brainer vote to send her home because who else are they sending home? Jaclyn is in the bad position in this game and I am hoping that there’s a Tribe Switch soon so that she would be safe. More useful in challenges than Baylor, and I hope that they realized that. But so unfortunate to be in the position that she is right now because It’s really hard for her to strategize as the guys seems not wanting to make a big move and It seems like they don’t wanna shake the boat too fast too soon in this game. If Coyopa lost, It’s another girl leaving.


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