My Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains 2 Version


Heroes Vs Villains probably the most effective and succesful twist of all time, when some of the twists just won’t work, Heroes Vs Villains is right all the entire time. And the first season is another proof that Heroes Vs Villains can be another huge and big season. ANd without a doubt, we’ll be seeing that Heroes Vs Villains season again. If they can have another Blood Vs Water, they will have Heroes Vs Villains too. I think that It will be another huge season and they will need to cast a better casts so that It won’t let the fans down and It will hopefully be a better season than Heroes Vs Villains. So, here are my version of Heroes Vs Villains 2:




Shane is one of the unhappiest person in the History of the Game I’ve ever seen, he is already a villain since the beginning of the game, I admit that all he’s doing is for his kid, Boston, but his game throughout the season has been nothing but vile, mean and ruthless. He has so many conflicts with Courtney, Danielle, Terry a little bit, even Aras. Shane ends his season with really bitter Jury Speech telling the Final 2 that they don’t deserve to be in the Final 2. Shane’s comments towars all the players has always been mean and rude towards them. Threatening to kill Courtney, calling Danielle a bitch and many more. But, hey, he’s going to be an interesting villain.



I honestly feel like Kim is a nice person in real life, but in this game she’s cunning and cutthroat. She came here for a reason and to win, and she would do anything to win the game. And for that, she’s a respected villain and a great villain. You can be a trashy villain, Alicia in One World season, or you can be a great one. And the great one is Kim. Hands down one of the best newcomers of all time, and Kim played a really cutthroat game. She burned bridges but still managed to pull the victory. Got everyone trusting her, but in a second cut their heads off. Kim broke so many promises, but the good thing about Kim is, she never trashes, talked shit or talked about people in a negative way. She crushed people’s game, but she didn’t lost her class.



Kenny oh Kenny, the professional video gamer who I thought going to be voted out on first Tribal Council, I repeat, the first Tribal Council. Or pre-merge to say the least ended up in the Final 5. He came so far. But he came so far without doing nothing, he did everything that he could, which includes being a total villain and being super sneaky and cunning. Him and Crystal are the 2 meanies. Being sneaky, cutthroat, ruthless, cunning and evil during his time playing the game. But he was respected. Yes, he’s super mean and vile but he played a really nice game.



Started the game as a hero but ended the game as a villain. And how did it happened? That’s Dawn. Dawn started the game, I thought she’s going to leave the game early for sure. She’s gonna be perceived as the weak link, but she surprised me that she’s more cutthroat than I thought she would be. Got determination, spirits and fire in her more than ever. I must say, couple of times she would fake tears to get what she wants and play with everyone’s emotions and used her tears to get the sympathy votes. The most villainious thing that she had ever done was sending Brenda home. Brenda helped her find her teeth and heroic-ly gave her Loved Ones visit for the other people, I think Dawn was upset, but Brenda picked her on the first place, so I don’t think that Dawn should be upset by that.



If Todd does return, I hope that Todd will not have targets on his back and kinda start from the beginning again, like It’s his first time playing the game. Watching Todd scheming, backstabbing and lying is so fun in China, I don’t know If I should openly confess to everyone that I enjoyed it, but I did. It was fun and entertaining to watch that Todd never stopped scheming back in China. And Todd is a really great villain. He owned his game and admitted to be the villain. I would love to see him runs the show one more time.



Abi is full of hatred all the freaking time in Philippines, everything that she does is villainious. Except for winning a challenge that shocked the crap out of me. Abi started the game as a sweetheart (taht’s truly what I thought) but turned out to be the biggest bitch in the History of the game. When she confronted her bestfriend RC, that really turned me off. But, she turned out to be one enjoyable character when she had no numbers on her side. Abi is going to be another great villain because she’s a true villain, some of people faking it to be a villain, she is who she is, and she is a villain.



I mean, come on.. Wouldn’t It be amazing to have Brad? I dislike Brad, but for Heroes Vs Villains, I think It would be amazing to have Brad back. We need to have another season of Brad to see his dumb actions and decisions. Brad made some pretty dumb decisions, too. Brad is really enterataining in some parts, he’s a loose cannon, but he’s fun to watch when you know he’s going out of control. The funny thing is, I think he didn’t realize that he is a villain.



Kass wasn’t my favorite back in Cagayan, but the fact that she would do anything to win the money and that included backstab, lie, cheat, steal that is a villainious thing to do. “No one has integrity, it’s a million bucks” that is what she said, and she said it once that she’s proud of how she plays the game, “Do you want me to be your mom, or do you want me to come out and win?” Kass is an underdog, she is a chaotic all the time and she will turn on everyone anytime she wants. It would be amazing to have this girl as a villain.



Pete is a really interesting choice, and I would love to see him come back for another season because we need to see more of him! He’s the one that turned RC agasint Abi and plotted against it. He manipulated Abi and secretly hid the Idol and made it like RC did it. And Pete is also a villain throughout the time. It would be interesting to see what others villainious thing that he would do next.



You really think that I would forget to put Corinne here? Corinne is always on the list when It comes down to this season. She’s on top of my list and will always be. Her hurtful comments towards everyone, making fun of it, trash people and all her confessionals were all mean. It was fun, but It was mean. The highlight of Corinne was her jury speech to Sugar. She came back in Caramoan and again proved us that she is a really rude and bitchy. But she owned it. And Corinne is hands down the most entertaining female villain of all time for me.




Brett for another season would be amazing to see how far he has came. Galu is getting picked off one by one by the power of Four Foa Foa members and Brett stayed there and fought to be in the Final 3. The last remaining Galu member. He is a hero because he is fighting for his life in the game and he’s extremely nice and truly a humble guy. Almost won the fan favorite, It’s telling me that having Brett for another season would please everyone.



She started the journey and was the victim of the First Impression twist. Everyone hated her. Was lucky to be on the Timbira Tribe so that she didn’t get voted out, knowing that Timbira didn’t attend Tribal as much as Jalapao Tribe. Sierra was bullied, trashed, made fun of, hated and left abandoned by everyone. A girl who had no ally and a girl who had no one to be there for her. Completely alone. And tell me that she’s not a Hero. Watch Tocantins back, and you would feel bad about how she played the game. It’s a bad circumstances, If she give it another shot, she will soar through this.


The Dead Can Still Talk

John is a truly nice guy. While Candice seemed to be perceived more like a Villain than a Hero, eventhough she is a Hero back in Heroes Vs Villains, John is a Hero from the minute he entered the game and fought to win the money. He fought hard in Redemption Island and seperated from Candice. My pick to go far and deep into the game, came short and really close to the merge. Would love to see him come back and play a different game.



Peih Gee is definitely a hero when It comes down to surviving and outlasting longer than I thought, or anyone thought she would be. I thought that PG didn’t have that spirit and capability in her to win the challenges. She fought hard and proved the fans that she’s a fighter, winning 2 Individual Immunities right when she needed it. And PG is definitely a hero.


Odd One Out

Everyone agrees? Right? Spencer Bledsoe? Everyone’s favorite. Spencer is an ultimate warrior. He thinks that he’s the biggest loser, we all think that he’s one of the best fighter we’ve seen in a long time. His game is up and down not just in the merge, but early in the game. Found himself in the bottom of the totem pole in Luzon, had a tribe switch, at the top of the food chain, and got back down again. It was a roller coaster ride, his journey has been inconsistent but he fought hard, won some Immunites and fought so hard to stay in the game. There are so many people gunning for him, but he focused on winning challenges and he came fourth, which is amazing.



It’s one interesting choice because Sally wasn’t the most memorable of the pack but still, she played a really good game considering that we all thought she would be out in a second. We didn’t see much of her because she couldn’t strategize and basically playing the game because the alliance of Casaya was so strong, but her and Terry figured some smart ideas but It didn’t worked out. She fought so hard and was strong in some challenges. And Sally is definitely a hero that needs to be recognize more.



Defnitely a hero in my book, he played a great loyal, clean and smooth game in a game where you could lie, cheat and steal all the time. It wasn’t neccesarily the option for him. He’s super nice, super humble and down to earth all the time and he is defintiely someone that won’t hurt anyone’s feeling. He basically strengthen the Aitu 4 into the Final 4. He never stops believing and he won the game. That is how you play the game!



Alina from the first Tribal Council from La Flor, became the most hated player out there. Everyone was making fun of her, distancing themselves from her and act like she has done something really vile and vaulatile but in this case, she didn’t do anything. She just went with the wrong side of the tribe and ended up being the most hated person. She was always down but she was nice all the time. She never talked shit about everyone who basically talked shit about her. It’s just being a Hero. If someone’s treating you badly, you don’t have to treat them in the same way, infact, you can be kind to others and forget and forgive. That is what Alina is doing. She fought hard but It didn’t paid off. She went out with class. And I can’t think of a better female Hero than Alina.



Troyzan is probably an odd choice because honestly you can’t think of any heroic things that Troyzan has done. But If you re watch One World you would notice that his ass is on the line, and the girls were all ready to picked him off in a blink of an eye. He rustled feathers but It didn’t work. Watching him winning the Individual Immuntiy kinda made me proud a little bit, for once the girls couldn’t do what they have planned before. And he went with class, he forgives everyone and in Ponderosa, he’s a really mature guy. He put personal things aside, and It was nice to see him being super nice eventhough he wasn’t treated that nicely in the Island.



Not the smartest, prettiest, toughest, most badass, most intelligent but defintiely the nicest. She has a sweet heart, but no one called her a sweetheart. Bullied by Colton and Alicia and basically has no friends in the game. No one was going to bring her in the Final 3. Everyone thought that she was undeserving of the titel and said that the person that didn’t deserve to be there still. But all she does is smile back and just be nice basically. She did all of this for his dad, It was nice. She’s a Hero.


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