Ever since 2000, there is one show that captivates the whole reality show fans in the world, It’s called Survivor. And It also introduced us to one of the most charismatic host ever, Jeff Probst. Ya, Jeff Probst is still da bomb. Survivor is like a global phenomenon, It’s like a reality that no other reality can follow and be as succesful as Survivor. Utopia? I heard Fox cancelled it. On the other hand, Big Brother, It’s almost the same but the difference is It’s in the house. But Big Brother has It’s ups and downs. And Survivor is just always on the top and that is why Survivor is the best reality show ever! I have watched 17 seasons so far (doesn’t include San Juan Del Sur). And there are like so many players in 17 seasons that I had to put in the list. And here’s the list of my 50 Favorite Survivor Players and this might change If there’s a new season coming



Natalie is probably one of the most underrated winners of all time. Only few understand and completely realize that she’s playing a game, It’s just not a big game that Russel played. Natalie sided herself with Russel and she said it in the beginning that she wants to side with Russel because Russel is hated and probably going to burn bridges along the way and she will has a better shot of winning against Russel. Probably one of the most underrated moves, convincing the girls on Galu to vote out Erik in the first merge episode. And honestly, she has her social gameplay locked. At the end of the day, of course you would vote for her. Why would you vote for Mick who clearly doesn’t do anything and knows nothing about the game. And someone who doesn’t give a shit and treated people like crap and jsut wanting to get to the end without winning? Of course I’ll vote for Natalie for playing a low-key game but a smart, quiet and silent game. She’s pretty cutthroat!



Sydney is a bit overshadowed by the other big personalities in Tocantins. Tocantins is a season with big personalities, so you gotta stand out. WIth your personality, you gotta make yourself memorable, because If not, you’re going to just be the background of the season. And I felt like Sydney is the background of the show. She is not memorable enough that season, but I liked her. She’s a strong, independent, intelligent female player. And I felt like we didn’t get to see more of her back in the season. Well, I hope there’s a season where they brought back pre-merge players. Becuase there are some potentials pre-merge players, who went home too early. And Sydney is definitely gone too soon.



Darn it, so close John! One episode away until the merge. And what does that means? That means that John has a better shot at winning Individual Immunity. Had he stay longer until the merge, I think he’ll be tough to beat. John is a smart guy, I think he needs to come back for sure, given another chance of playing the game. He went home because of her lazy attitude around camp, where I saw it as a smart thing to do. He’s keeping all of the energy for the challenges and almost in every challenges, It seemed like he’s the one carrying the team to victory because clearly he’s the strongest physically back in Lopevi after the Tribe Switch. So, I think the team should be thankful for him. But, Lopevi is the worst tribe and the dumbest one. John just didn’t have enough time to show her true potential that he could might end up winning the whole entire game. He won the first Individiaul Immunity pre-merge and was sent to Yasur, and he quickly played the game. He divided the girls into 2 teams of who voted for Dolly and who voted for LeAnn. And John played a smart game by seeing who’s safe and took the safe and smart move by giving Immunity Necklace to Ami. Even Jeff said that he’s playing the game. I would’ve loved to see him come back for another chance for us to see his true potential.



One of the most impressive first time player ever! I’m shocked that she didn’t asked to come back in the upcoming seasons. She has an amazing gameplay in Amazon. Started the game being the leader in the females Tribe, I thought was gonna go Episode 1 or 2 or early episodes but ended up getting deep into the game even on the alliance with Jenna and Heidi and also with Rob. Denna played a nice game, a silent game and could possibly go far with Rob but she played too hard too fast that cost her the money because of her aggressive game. But, without a doubt, she played one of the best strategic game in that season.



No, she’s nowhere close near the best strategist and no where close near the best female player but definitely will find herself at the top of the most entertaining players list. She makes good TV. From her naïveness and her childsihness, there’s something to laugh about. Not in a bad way, there is somthing to laugh about because that is really funny. Just from he actions that she does, the statements, all the comments and actions. Even her blindside was so funny. Kat is a firecracker that is so fun to watch. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the real Kat in Blood Vs Water, but she did left with something to remember. “Who wants to date someone who doesn’t make to the merge?”



Anyone who thinks that Stephen doesn’t deserve to win in Tocantins is truly mistaken. He didn’t win, but he played one hell of a game. He was the master of almost every strategic moves in Tocantins, but J’T won because J.T played an amazing social game. And again, social game is really important and everyone seems to be forgetting that coming into this game. Stephen has rubbed people the wrong way too. And his Final Tribal Council wasn’t as strong as I thought, because I thought that Stephen is really good in manipulating and convincing people with his words. Stephen is not the most physical guy back then, but he was a really strong strategic player. Every strategic moves that he made, I completely understand. He’s truly a fan of Survivor, and watching a fan playing the game, couldn’t be more excited.



King Of Gabon, everytime I see Marcus’ name, “King Of Gabon” runs through my head. I don’t know because he does look like a king back in Gabon. Everyone seems to worship him, they trust him, they praise him and his blindside was probably one of the most shocking blindside for me personally. Because I knew 110% that he’s going to win that season. Just from the edit, It’s a silent edit, kinda the edit that Kim got pre merge, definitely another player that’s gone too soon. Because Marcus has the potentials to be a strong player. He’s already proving himself to be a dominant player pre-merge, Tribe Switch screwed him up. Marcus seemed to know how to play the game well. Had a really strong alliance with Charlie. And another strong alliance with Corinne, Randy and Charlie and I thought would be the alliance that blew up people’s game but turned out to be the alliance that is blown up by the underdogs. Marcus definitely has to come back because, DANGG! He’s too good.



Another underrated gameplayer on the list. If some of you can respect Kass’ game, well you might want to respect hers as well. Trish is really smart, but no one realizes it. Had Tony stay loyal to her and get to the end together, I think she might win. She spent her game since the beginning helping Tony and letting Tony get to the end and get the money closer. Just like her Jury Speech, nobody in the Jury trusted Tony, but they trust Trish. And Trish has to be the one who is playing the over the top social game, so that Tony can survive in the game while Trish kinda “sacrfice” her game for Tony. Trish has a lot of friends and with that being said, Trish is playing it super strategic. Because I think she knows that by attaching herself with Tony, Tony would appreciate her and respect her for being the “social machine” and kinda help Tony making all the moves. Remember Trish convincing Kass to flip to the other side? I guess Woo, Jefra, LJ and Tony need to thanked Trish for that move.



When you see “Bob Crowley” and you see him coming into the game. You would totally predict him to be the early boot. Anyoen who come to the show and is over 40s is absolutely going to be a target. Bob changed the whole script and completely shocked everyone. One of the most shocking win ever. Well, not really, I mean, he’s sitting beside Sugar, who doesn’t really wanna win and who doesn’t really fight for the win and Susie who clearly does nothing in 39 Days. And Bob has a really good shot. Bob started the game with his social gameplay that is amazing, and he is a hardworker. He did everything in camp and It’s really sad If I have to vote Bob out. I think no one thought that Bob was going to win that Immuntiy Streak and no one thought that he would be a threat along the way. Got the saddest Loved Ones visit for me personally and made a fake Idol and played it for Randy. I don’t think Bob played a great social gameplay, but he’s absolutely a social beast and definitely a likeable winner. I knew that he would win when majority of the Juries are the Onion Alliance, since the Onion Alliance really like Bob.


SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA - FANS VS. FAVORITESThe super villainious, Ami. Ami in Micronesia, is not the Ami in Vanuatu. It seems like Ami lost her swag, I know I know, It’s embarassing to say “swag” but that is the perfect word to describe it. Ami lost her swag in Micronesia, and It’s such a shame because she had a really strong game in Vanuatu. A really strong but cutthroat game. Before Parvati created an all girls alliance, Ami created her all-girls alliance and It almost suceeds. It’s so close, but they started to get cocky and they started to take them out when they could have gotten Chris out. But, not gonna lie, Ami is the player that has her heart in the game and truly loves the game. Her physical game was spot on, her strategic game was even better and her social game, was okay. She is definitely one captivating player who could kill you in a second with her charm.


92743_d5332If you really love underdogs and haven’t watched Vanuatu yet, you need to go watch Vanuatu and you’ll see the real meaning and definition of underdog. Hell no, I would never thought that Chris would win the whole entire thing. I thought that after the first Immunity Challenge’s poor performance, Chris would be out. But he strategized and kept himself in the game. He has never taken a rest all 39 Days because he knew that he can’t be relaxin, he was meant to play a flawless game coming into this game. He’s smart enough to let the girls fight and get them out one by one, and won some challenges. Put doubts on the girls mind and basically manipulated them until he had a Final Four Deal with Eliza, Scout and Twila. Chris played one of the most impressive game, eventhough him winning wouldn’t be my first choice, Eliza was my favorite that season, but him winning is one really shocking moment.



Wasn’t the brightest crayon in the pack. And wasn’t my early favorite as well. But, PG turned out to be one of the most enjoyable person to root for! Surviving time after time and got lucky because the other tribe were gunning for each other like crazy. So that was her time to find the crack. And she did find some cracks, in Denise and in Amanda as well, but Amanda and Denise was forced to stay with the alliance of loyal 4. Winning those 2 Immunity in a row might be one of the proudest moment I’ve ever experienced watching the show. It was fun to watch her, and would love for her to come back.


Survivor: Nicaragua

Brenda probably has the biggest fanbase in the Survivor Community. It was understandable, she played one flawless game in Nicaragua, hats off for that. Not only played an amazing, with the target she has on her back, she can stay a bit longer than I thought she would be. Of course, she’s a favorite. She came back in Caramoan and played a completely different game. I think she’s trying another different game, more low-key game. In Nicaragua, she played a really aggressive, cutthroat and careless game. But In Caramoan, I think she’s more common collected, eventhough there’s nothing that is memorable that she does in Caramoan except for her blindside and her Jury Speech. Brenda is falwless in every aspects of the game. She is a great physical player, amazing social gameplayer (In Caramoan, at least) and a great strategist. And there is no doubt that she has one of the biggest fanbases in the Survivor History.



I don’t think there’s anything bad about Yul Kwon really. What is weaknesses actually? Can anyone name it? Because he played a really clean, smooth and silent game but It was a smart game! Yul definitely raise the bar high for another player to come to Survivor and win. I mean, he played a really great three aspects of the game that you could never complain. Physically, I mean, he kinda brought the alliance into victory. Him and Ozzy, duo threats. Strategically, played the Idol in the coolest way ever. He made it counted. Socially? Who hates Yul? If you’re in a fight with Yul and in that case Yul was wrong, you are the one who’s going to be hated because Yul is so likeable. His remarkable gameplay really shocked me that there is someone who can play a game as smooth as Yul.



Probably one of the most badass male player ever in 28 seasons of Survivor. Remember him killing the pig? And he’s that one guy who would do anything to win the game. The first person to be medically evacuated from the game and it was nothing but a sad moment. It was probably the saddest medevac ever. And I love Skupin, he’s determined to win the game. And he came back in a perfect season, I even thought that they made the season for him. They made the season for him to come back because he’s always cut in the last minute every seasons and I think that It would be perfect to bring up the twist that would perfectly fit Skupin. And It did. He played a great game, but didn’t get all the praise that he could and should have. Mike isn’t just a challenge threat, but also a great social gameplayer. It was nice to see Skupin from Season 2 and season 25, It’s a different Skupin. Skupin is not as crazy as he is in the second season, and It’s a great transformation to be honest.



Shane is a crazy dude. Everything that he does crack me up. If I had to write it down the moments that reminds me of Shane in Panama, 10 big papers wouldn’t enough. Shane is just a funny, entertaining and remarkable dude. He’s mean and villainious but It was hella fun to watch. Him and Cirie are the two who are actually making Panama a bit more interesting because without him I think It would be bland.



James is probably one of the funniest to ever play but I don’t think anyone realized it. He doesn’t really show that. But If you listen to the confessionals and you really watch everything that he says, you’ll laugh for sure. Even his arguments with Peih Gee cracked me up. I don’t think James has ever played as strong as he was in China. He kinda stopped trying in Heroes Vs Villains, and I don’t think that he’s having fun in his latest season. In China, he’s the force to be reckoned with. I swear, Had James not tell anyone about the Idol, the second Idol, I think that he wouldn’t be blindsided and actually It’s going to be a great battle between him and Todd in FTC. He shared some funny moments in Micronesia, just eveyrtime he speaks, he cracked me up. The one thing that really confused me till now is that he has never won Immunity! He’s the strongest male to ever play the game, but he has never won any Individual challenges. James sometimes might come off as aggressive and straightforwarded. Just like what he did to Stephenie in Heroes Vs Villains, but he’s a really enjoyable person to root for.


Create a Little Chaos

I watched him play three times, and I don’t think that he has changed. He is a funny guy. All those comments about everything were just unbelieveably hillarious and he never fails to crack me up. In Cook Islands, I don’t think that he lived up to his potential. I think that he has the potential to do more than just that. In Micronesia, he started the game getting much airtime about the fight he had with Cirie earlier in the game, and he was medically evacuated. It was probably the saddest thing in Micronesia to see someone that loves  and respect the game so much being medically evacuated and he has to do that. Seeing Penner’s tears streaming down his face was really hard to watch. He returned in Philippines and played another different game. Kinda the target already, but he played a bit more aggressive game than ever. I think that Penner is without a doubt everyone’s favorite, just how he plays the game and how enjoyable he is at the same time is really amazing.



I don’t think I’ve seen a mom as hot as Laura before in planet Earth, she’s just mesmerizing and captivating. She’s still on a good shape. Laura is a two-time player. Just from the first time, I didn’t think that she would come back for the second time. Back in Samoa, she wasn’t the most memorable and the most remembered. The one thing that we knew about her is that she’s a challenge beast. And It took a while for Russel to get her out. Her and Russel didn’t really get along well back in Samoa. And her and Shambo didn’t really too. It was interesting to see that. Back for the second time, totally gained respect for her. She’s defintiely a strong fighter and definitely a true challenge beast. She’s on fire every single challenges adn I think that she’s probably one of the most physical women to ever play the game. I don’t know why her second time playing is so captivating to watch, because we didn’t get to see her that much. She went to Redemption Island kinda too early and we didn’t see her strategizing that much. I think It’s because we got to see her as a loving mother, a mother who truly loves Ciera. And willing to fight for her. Just the fire inside her body and the determination to win the game, that she would do anything to win the game. And her exit made me cry like a baby.



Elisabeth is the all time sweetheart, I don’t think I have ever found someone who consistently being sweet all the time in the history of the show. She’s sweet, but she played the game well. I knew since the beginning that It would be so hard not to love this cute little girl. Was definitely the one from the Kucha Tribe who actually worked her ass off to find the crack and Infact she did, and she survived! She found the crack betweeen Tina and Jerry and worked by upping her social skills so that Tina would trust her. It’s such a shame that she’s so close to being in the Final 2, but was cut because she’s such a strong competitor. It’s so fun watching Elisabeth playing the game since she’s the true definition of true beauty and natural beauty. A girl that is beautiful inside and out.


The Dead Can Still Talk

John proved me that Captain America is real. He’s the guy that every girls want to marry, he’s the guy that every guys want to hangout with. Seems really nice, enjoyable, outgoing and really trustworthy. But all of that attitudes about him, don’t really help him win the game. It takes more than just being a nice person to win Survivor. John is probably one of the nicest ones. I honestly thought that he’s gonna go far and deep into this game. But, what we saw clearly that he was screwed by the Idols that he got from Candice winning the Duels. Had John not take it, I think that he’s in the best position in the tribe. He’s a guy, he won’t get the boot. And he’s really helpful in challenges. I think that If he started the game equally with the guys, having no Idols and no loved ones, he will definitely go far in the game. But other than that, he’s really enjoyable to watch and was a root-worthy character that made us instantly like him as a player. Got the root factor quality in him that not everyone has.



Oh Alina.. Poor Girl. She had one of the roughest time in Survivor I think. She was hated since the beginning, picked the wrong side. Was in the circle of conflicts because she chosed to go with NaOnka about the stealing foods and having no one trusting her in the game when she could be the swing vote and the deciding vote of the majority of the alliance until the end of the game. Alina is so in the bad spot becuase she chosed to be in the alliance with Fabio, Kelly B and Shannon. Fabio got through it because he’s funny. Alina seems to be more quiet and contrived so that she couldn’t get along with a lot of people. Gameplay, she played a really nice game considering being the person that no one trusts. I just wish that we can see more of her when she’s actually in the position where she has the reason to make a move and she has those chance to make the move and we get to see her really going deep into this game without no one talking shit behind her back.



Todd is Survivor China champ. He’s definitely a villain, in my book. When people look at him, they’ll go, “Oh see, there’s a gay flight mormon”. But, Todd is the most cunning player that season. Everyone might see him as harmless and fragile, but the truth is, he’s so much more than that. Todd controlled all the votes in China, being in the majority alliance and the one who leads the alliance into voting whoever he wants to. It seems like It’s for the alliance, but the truth is, It’s for himself. Todd can send whoever he wants to and he felt great about it. He lies, cheats and steals and at the end he still ended up winning the money because he’s just so good at this game and the fact that Todd can convince the Jury that were betrayed by him that he played a nice game. Todd is an example of an interesting and entertaining villain to watch. Also don’t forget that he’s an entertaining confessionalist and never fails to crack me up.



I have never thought that Tina would have won in Australian Outback. I thought that Colby had it. But then, Tina had it. Tina won the season. And It’s an amazing example of you don’t have to win every challenges to win. It takes strategy and social skills to win the game. And the reason why Tina won is because Tina has that over the top social game and Tina was so nice and lovable towards everyone. She’s like a mother to both Kucha and Ogakor Tribe. Coming back in Blood Vs Water, Tina impressed me once again. It was so close for her to get to the end one more time. In the age of 53, she’s still looking good and she’s still doing a great and fantastic job in challenges and she’s still playing the game really well. Even I found more spirit in her this time as oppose to her first season. Tina is always fans favorite, everyone loves Tina and I don’t think there’s anyone who really despise and hate Tina for the amazing game that he’s playing.



“Dragon slayed!” She was on the outs right after her closest ally got voted out (Candace, anyone? Remember?) and was hated since then but thank God that Sierra was there because Sierra is just the most hated player ever. Erinn is a bit different. She knew she was hated but she keeps making fun of Coach. Erinn is the least person that I predicted would be in the Final 3. She’s so tiny, she’s so not physically fit, not a great cahllenge competitor and wasn’t the social beast but look how far she has come. And look at the transformation? She is the voice of reason for blindsiding Tyson. And she’s smart enough to aligned herself with Taj, Stephen and JT knowing taht she would go to end dragged by them. And along the way, she strategized as well with those three. So, I must say, Erinn is a completely interesting player. Her transformation from being someone that we thought would gone in first two episodes into someone that fought her way into the Final 3. And her feuds with Coach, that’s hillarious.


1e046-305px-colby_ogakorColby is the first alpha-male on the show. Let me tell you one thing, Colby in Heroes Vs Villains is not the Colby in Australian Outback. It’s completely different. Colby is a really likeable guy back on his first season. PUtting trust on people and convincing them that joining and aligning with him is a great idea. He kinda carried the team at least close at winning. Colby won 8 total challenges (Immunity and Reward combined) I don’t think anybod can top that. And Colby ended up being one of the most convincing player I think back on his first season. He’s good looking, he’s nice, he’s respectful and definitely a hero in my book. That one mistake cost him the money. He came back in Heroes Vs Villains, didn’t have the spirit back and kinda not the Colby that we all expected him to be. But, Colby is still one of the best male players to ever play.


Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian HighlandsTyson is that player who was brought back and definitely take a lesson in the previous mistakes he has done and be a completely different player in the next season. He was blindsided twice! And we didn’t even get to see Tyson that much in Hereos Vs Villains. He’s cocky, he’s arrogant and he likes to make fun of people. But still, he’s entertaining villain. If he makes fun of you, you wouldn’t be mad, but you’ll laugh instead. And that is Tyson in Tocantins and Heroes Vs Villains. Blood vs water, completely different. He had the game since the minute he stepped into the Island. He has the alliance with Monica and Gervis and had another alliance with the singles. And he took out the person who would be the biggest threat to him, Aras. He did it nicely, smoothly and so clean that Aras didn’t even thought about it yet. Tyson played a game as fabulous as ever and he deserved to win in Blood Vs Water. 



I don’t think I have ever seen someone who knows the game so much and had the edit of the underdog and has never won. I don’t know, I think that Eliza knows the game really well and I thought that she was gonna win in Vanuatu. Her biggest downfall has always been her social game. She never fix it. She was back in Micronesia and giving us moment to laugh for. Her facial expressions, her jury speech, her confessionals and her comments about everything giving me life. Eliza proved to me that she’s a tough competitor and he would do anything to win the game for sure. I wouldn’t say that she’s a villain, eventhough the way she comments on everything. But she has always been the one who’s left abandoned, made fun of, no friends and the one who’s underestimated. She was a badass in challenges and she was great in puzzles. Overall, she’s an amazing player.



“Have you all never a neat lady? Have y’all never met a person that isn’t selfish?” probably one of the best quotes of all times during Final Tribal Council. The fact that Monica came from Monica who seems like  a passive gameplayer in One World to Monica who actually played the game fabulously and really well. The things that I need to remind you from the game are, first, she was never going to flip on Ciera, Hayden and Tina. Never. She’s a loyal person, she wouldn’t want to betray anyone. Monica has won three Immunities in Blood Vs Water and was the reason that Tyson, Gervis nad herself could go far because Monica has the social game in her pocket and she’s playing it all the time for 39 Days. Monica gave the guys informations that the guys couldn’t have. And call her drama Queen or what ever, that is her and you can’t change the fact that It’s someone’s personality. Monica is a beautiful inside and out and she has her heart in the game. And the fact that she wanna make one day not about Brad but about herself, well Monica, you did it.



The one thing that we would remember from Jenna the most is that she stripped for PB&J. Before Parvati was even born, there is Jenna. Jenna is the girl who would use her sexiness to persuade men. By her looks, she can manipulate guys into trusting her. She did it with Alex and creating a Final 4 Alliance with Rob, Heidi and Alex. Jenna won 4 Immunities when she needed it back in Amazon and sadly had to quit the game to take care of her mother. Jenna is a great physical player and social player and I think taht’s what people forgetting about. People said that Jenna didn’t deserve to win but they don’t know that Jenna probably worked her ass to gain trust and to convince the Jury that she has been playing the game. The self-proclaimed to be playing the game honestly and with integrity, well, she kinda did. And I wouldn’t blame her for that.



Malcolm played twice just by being the Malcolm that he is. Such a loveable, nice and root worthy player throughout the year (he played twice, so..) Malcolm started in Philippines as an underdog, the last 2 remaining from the Matsing Tribe. And he came back being in the middle in Tandang, they aren’t going to vote him out because he’s a challenge dominator and It would be easier to get him out in the merge since he has no number. But little do they know, he used his looks and appearance to convince people to work with him. And everyone trusted him and he found himself on the top of the tribe. His physical ability was perceived as a threat but It was a little too late because Malcolm already had an alliance with Skupin, Lisa and Denise. Malcolm is a really likeable guy, eventhough he came up short in Caramoan, he’s still likeable. I couldn’t believe that he used his Idol to get rid of Phillips when he could have get rid of Cochran, Andrea or Brenda. Even Erik! But, he’s a great player who I wouldn’t doubt coming back in the upcoming seasons!


stephenie-lagrossa_lI’m going to thank Survivor: Palau for giving and introducing us to two most heroic players of all time, Tom Westman and Stephenie LaGrossa. While Tom looked like a hero just by leading the tribe in the challenges, being a useful tribemate in camp, creating a better camp life, a hardworker man. Stephenie is a different hero, yes she’s a great physical player and helping the tribe in camp, but she’s more than that. She is the last remaining Ulong member. I think Jeff would die If he decided to have a tribe switch at that point because I don’t know why didn’t they just switch the tribe. But, now I kinda get it. They wanna create an underdog, another hero, another person to root for and here she is, Stephenie. She is a determined, independent and hardworking girl. She was a challenge beast and definitely put her heart in the game everytime she plays.  She came back in Heroes Vs Villains, came short. Had a fight. But Stephenie is always root-worthy. She’s definitely the biggest hero on the female’s side.



The only one who has played twice and won both seasons she’s in. Call it luck? Absolutely not. Well, there’s absolutely luck involved in the game, but not all of it. Sandra’s strength is that she’s acting dumb, weak and not an asset in the game, which the truth is she is. She couldn’t win any challenges, so just scratch the physical gameplay. She is a strategist. She can manipulate people with her words. In Heroes Vs Villains, she sided herself with big players like Coach, Boston Rob, Tyson, Jerri and completely being the one that is not expected to win. Again, underestimated. She is underestimated all the time that is everyone’s downfall. She is smarter than that. She’ll lie to win. In Heroes Vs Villains, she convinced Russel to send Coach home, she put doubts in people and definitely act weak again and act like she has no shot at winning. She is nice with the Heroes knowing that there are 5 numbers plus Courtney is enough, so she build the relationships with the Heroes and make sure that she’s ging to be taken to the Final 3. She threw Russel under the bus and definitely made the Heroes feel like they are making bad mistakes by not letting Sandra really joins the Heroes. And BAM, she won! Not just the gameplay that is phenomenal and masterful but also she’s a great TV. Her sassines and fierce-ness is so enjoyable to watch and that’s why Sandra is one of the greatest player of all time, and will always be.



It’s really rare to see a pretty, cute and stunning girl go really far and deep into this game and play a great three aspects of the game. But Andrea broke the stereotype of beauties. Andrea used her looks and appearance to distract someone from winning the game and silently took the chance that they have. She was cutthroat when It comes to winning the game, but still can look cute and adorable at the same time. Andrea was probably the biggest, strongest and most surprising of how she evolved into a better player in Caramoan. She was the person who is going to be perceived as a threat because of how she interacted with people, but everyone still believes in her. Andrea is a great two-time player who I would love to come back and win.


Bag of TricksMiss Foxy! or well known as, Miss-I-Want-To-Strategize. Poor Tash, I don’t think she ever really strategize, does she? She was on the wrong tribe but she was such a hot mess as well. Other than that, Tasha was a fierce competitor. She has an Immunity runs, winning three Immunities in a row. I think that she did it way too early because she will be perceived as a big threat, probably bigger than Spencer, and once she doesn’t win it, she’s gone in a minute. Tasha is a great physical competitor but also a great social gameplayer. Tasha is a really fun, loveable and easy to root for player which I think would come back 110% in the upcoming seasons. Just wait and see.



I can’t believe that It took 4 times for Rob to win a season. It’s unbelieveable because he’s such a smart guy and always has that winner vibe in him. But, he said it himself that his survivor journey is over. Well, It’s good because I think that we need to bring back other potential players as well, other than bringing Boston Rob again and again. Boston Rob is a player taht everyone would love to root for. He was my favorite in Heroes Vs Villains, kinda carried the tribe but failed to do so because Russel saw him as a threat and cut his head off but came back in Redemption Island and completely played a great game. Is he that smart and strategic or he’s playing with dumbasses? Can’t really tell. But Rob is a really great player, he was made for the show and the show is nothing without Rob. Will be missing his “B” hat and the way he talks.



Parvati a.k.a The Queen of Flirting is definitely someone that is already known as the Godess of Survivor. I think she came into this game knowing what to do and how to play. She came close in Cook Islands, but she didn’t played a flawless game and seen as a coattail rider or a floater. But changed everyone’s perspectives in Micronesia, to be the one who created the all-girls alliance and took the guys out one by one, stirring the pot and had her game in her pocket and I knew that she was gonna win because she played a game smoothly, clean and eventhough she betrayed her friends, she can still look fabulous with her looks and completely made people think that they are the ones who are betraying her. She just has that look. In Heroes Vs Villains, I wouldn’t say that she should have won since I think that she didn’t have as much strategy as she could have, but I am not blaming it on her. She was flawless, still, target since Day 1 but went against the odds and made it till Day 39. Parvati sided herself with Russel, the person who for sure not going to win by playing the game to aggressively, and Parvati had her social game as well. She played one of the bests three-time player game so far, I wouldn’t want her to come back because It will ruin her reputation and she won’t make it to the end because she’s already such a big threat. Every eyes are on her when she stepped into the Island, and she won’t make it till day 39. So, I think three time playing the game is enough, we’ve seen of how badass and fantastic she is and without a doubt will always come down as one of the best player to ever play.



The realest player ever. What she thinks is what she is going to say and If you don’t like it, might want to stay away from her. She might be tiny and small, but she’s a fierce competitor. In China, who would have thought that a 93 pounds little girl can get her way by talking trash about people and making fun of people to the Final 3? But It’s not all about that, Courtney managed to convince the alliance that she’s a no-threat but absolutely Juries will vote for her for going against all odds and played a great social game by making everyone likes her and TA-DA, Final 3. She came back in Heroes Vs Villains, unfortunately came a bit short. Courtney is a smart girl that would do everything to please herself and to make herself better, she’s not there to make everyone’s happy, she’s there to win the money and to have a good time. And that is Courtney. And her confessionals and jokes will forever be funny to me.


Rob-Cesternino-survivor-13745635-396-594Rob is like a male version of Courtney, he also makes fun of people. Not only he has brilliant confessionals but also he has his game that seems prepared and ready to go since the beginning of the game. He knows the game and without any doubts the BEST strategist. I siad it one more time, BEST strategist. He came really close in Amazon, Had he won It would’ve been a season that was made for Rob. He dominated the season just by being a strategic player, eventhough he couldn’t help himself winning challenges, he is a great player. I would have love for Rob to come back and play the game and kinda teach and tell the newbies how to play the game. Because truly, If someone who knows the game the most and playing it well, It’s Rob. Rob is now doing podcasts, might want to check it out in Robhasawebsite.com.


One-Man Wrecking Ball

Aras probably has the coolest name ever. Aras Baskauskas. One of the most goodlooking guy, charismatic and likeable guy to win the game. He first came and played a great clean game in Panama. Was extremely liked and trusted back on his season. He wasn’t the most memorable winner, which I kinda understand. With a season dominated by Cirie and Shane, someone has to take the fall to be the forgotten, and It’s Aras. Not closing the fact that he played an amazing game, It’s just he didn’t have as much screentime as Shane and Cirie has. Coming back to Blood Vs Water, had a really really strong game in the merge. Everyone seems to be on board with whatever Aras has to say, but not for Tyson. He took out Aras and Aras is the first member of the Jury. It’s really weird because I thought that the one who’s gonna win twice is Aras, well other than Sandra of course. Aras is that kind of guy that would talk whatever he wants, but we still believe in him. The way he convinces people to trust in his words is like magic to me.


c3ac5-320px-corinneCorinne, you’re a bitch. And I bet ya, she’s going to say, “Oh yes I am”. Corinne is a proud bitch. She’s proud by being the biggest bitch in Survivor. And that is why I love Corinne. Don’t tell me that I love her only because she has great confessionals, no, Corinne knows the game and she played it well. Even better on the second time. Corinne worked her ass off in Gabon and ended up on seventh place by talking shit about people behind their backs and proud to do that. Corinne is a great strategic player that has her powerful alliance, It will be so powerful, unstoppable and undefeated allinace had it worked with Eddie, Reynold, Malcolm and Michael. Corinne played a great game considering she only placed 12th.


Rule In Chaos

Hayden is not invisible! He’s smart for playing the game that he played. He started the game quiet, I wouldn’t deny, but taht doesn’t mean that he’s just sitting down, relaxin’, drinking the coconuts (shoutout to Ginamarie). He waited for the time to strike. Unfortunately, It was a bit late. Hayden waited for the players to go for each other and waited his time to shine, he got that. 2 Episodes. Which for me, wasn’t enough. Hayden played a strong, convincing and fierce game once Caleb left. I think he’s that kind of player that will play the game once he knew he’s in danger and not that It wasn’t great, It was a convincing game after all, but It was a little too late for him to came strong. Had he strengthen his bond with the newbies + Ciera, I think he would have won the game. Wouldn’t that be amazing for a Big Brother champ to do a crossover and ended up winning it? Hayden rustled feathers during Tribal Councils, creating two big Tribal Councils and convincing Ciera to draw rocks. He strategized all his way through. And It would be amazing for him to come back after returning from Redmption Island instead of Tina (I love you Tina, but give Hayden a chance).



Am I the one who’s not so crazy If Kim is about to return to the upcoming seasons? Because there’s no way that they’re going to let Kim skate by because she’s already so big of a threat. Kim played the most flawless game ever, for her first time, It was unbelieveable of how smart It worked. I even thought that this is magic because I don’t understand why the other players didn’t want to take Kim out while they can. Kim is a great strategic player, the way he convinced the males that the alliance between them is still going on, and the way he kept all the ladies on track, not to do anything against him. The way she convinced the Jury that she actually played them. Yes, she’s hated, but she played the game badass-ly and flawless-ly until there’s nothing to be mad of. Kim won challenges that easy, It seems like she was made for every challenges with the body as perfectly fit as hers. Socially, come on now, how can you convince and align with everyone if you don’t have a graet social skills? That is Kim. Kim played her social game as flawless as she could be. It’s a 10 out of 10 game that she played. It’s all 10 in every aspects of the game.



Apart of his really bad move in Heroes Vs Villains, I’m trying to forget that one thing and moved on. He regretted it, and I know that he wouldn’t have done the same mistake twice. That really costed him the money. JT was introduced in Tocantins playing a perfect game, no vote casted for him and It was unanimous vote at the end which the Jury all voted for him to win the game. JT worked every aspects of the game. He won the last challenges when he knew that there’s a big chance that the  other remainings might vote him out because he knew that he’ll be seen as a threat, so he has to win the challenges. Infact, he did. He made everyone trust him, while slowly chop their heads off. In Heroes Vs Villains, I think that he would’ve had a great shot of winning If he kept the Idol himself. Fyi, It’s a different JT in Tocantins and in HvV. JT is one of the most likeable guy to ever play and to ever win. Kinda the next Colby Donaldson, infact, JT doesn’t suck on his returning to the game.



Candice is a bit confusing more people. Because she’s definitely a polarizing player. Played three-time and everyone was confused of the real reason why she came back on Heroes Vs Villains. Well, rumors said that she was originally asked back to be the Villains but exchanged with Parvati. But Jeff said that the reason she’s on Heroes Tribe is because she know which one’s right for her and she’s willing to fight for someone that she wants to fight for. I kinda understand what Jeff had to say with this one. She came back in Blood Vs Water and completely gained my respect even more. Eventhough she didn’t get really far, she did proved to many people that she’s a fighter. Candice has always been a great player. The fact that she’s willing to do anything to win the game (flipping to the Villains Side in HvV) and I think that’s a great thing when It comes to Survivor. She has always been a challenge beast in 3 seasons. She won 3 Duels and stayed in Redemption Island quite long. Candice is personally one of my favorites player.



Morgan came into the game predicted by almost every Survivor Fans to be the early boot and ended up getting pretty far. In the Top 10. She broke the beauty stereotype and ended up being the person who is actually adore. Queen Morgan. You just have that one player that you really love, and It doesn’t have to be the best one. Like, Brenda, did she really played a flawless game in Caramoan? No. But most Survivor fans liked her. The same thing with Morgan, I feel like Morgan has been the most likeable on the Beauty Tribe. She also has that one-liners, great one liners. She’s hot too. Morgan proved herself to be a strong woman, she doesn’t like butt-kissing and fakeness. She’s a woman that speaks the truth. Sometimes It hurts you in the game, but you can tell she’s really a nice girl. Morgan is a fun, entertaining and enjoyable person to root for in Survivor: Cagayan. And i feel like we haven’t gotten to see much of her.


Odd One Out

Always loving the player who we never thought would be so likeable and easy to root for and ends up being someone that we only can root for in that season. Seriously, in Cagayan, I was rooting for Tash and Spencer on the merge. Morgan was gone too soon in the merge, I couldn’t root for her because she’s gone in the second week of the merge episode. Spencer, we all thought that he’d be gone right after Garret went home, cause I thought the girl had a strong alliance. She’s so rootworthy throughout the season. The odds weren’t on his favor first time playing. She won challenges when he knew he needed to. It was so close for him to go to the Final Tribal Council beause he would’ve won. And wouldn’t it be amazing for Spencer and Tony in the Final 2, the two best player actually in the Final 2? We haven’t experienced it for a long time the 2 best player in the Final Tribal Council. I know that Spencer will be brought back for sure.



I mean, come on.. A girl who I thought would be out in Episode 3 or 4 or 5 and ended up being the force to be reckoned with. I mean, It’s kinda amazing of how far Ciera came. From being called the weakest link into someone that is so threatening in the game. If you could make a list of the moves in Blood Vs Water, I think the Top 2 moves came from Ciera. Besides Kim Spradlin, the best female newcomer or first time player. It’s not that she’s just a great strategist. But the way she convinced a lot of people is amazing. The way she convinced Monica, eventhough It didn’t worked out. But It was convincing. She knew that she couldn’t be the most physical player in the game and she decided to be the strategist. And she did. She voted her mom out to further her game, knowing that the couples were voted out one by one (Aras, Vytas, Tina) and she was afraid that It could be her. She aligned herself with a really strong alliance with Monica, Gervis and Tyson and sticked with them. And she made another big move by flipping into Katie and Hayden’s side. I wished she would have done it earlier, one of the fans would win the game for sure. It could be her or Hayden. Ciera is definitely someone that we’ll be seeing coming back in future seasons. Just don’t be shocked when she returns. Because, It’s not really a hard thing to explain why she’ll return.



Cirie is definitely one of my favorites. I’m so proud of how she went from being a couch potato into the best female strategist in the game in 29 seasons. Cirie started her flawless game in Panama, was so likeable that they brought her back. In Panama, she’s one of the funniest to play. She was a cheerful, full of joy and happy- go lucky kinda girl. But, In Micronesia she was more like a serious player. She took the game seriously in Micronesia. She was kinda the outs pre-merge but she managed to convinced Amanda, Parvati, Ozzy and James that she’s someone worth to keep. And they kept her. Cirie came back in Heroes Vs Villains saying that she haven’t been relax playing the game, and she wanted to play that game. Cirie is a great strategist and she was super strategic the whole time. And the best player to have never won.



Come on, guys! It’s not that shocking seeing Amanda’s name on the first place. Amanda played three solid seasons. And every seasons that she’s in, It’s a solid season. I’m not saying It’s all because of Amanda. I’m just saying that It’s lucky for her to play in three solid seasons. Amanda is that type of player who played three aspects of the game consistently. Each aspect, so good. She was a challenge threat in China. Won 3 challenges in a row that leads her to the Final Three. Was also a challenge beast in Micronesia. I was waiting for her to win some competitions to save her butt in Heroes Vs Villains, but she couldn’t do that. Amanda usually wins comps when it’s time for her where she needs it. She won challenges in end-season. Strategically, Amanda was a great strategist back in China. She didn’t took the driver seat coming back for the second time in Micronesia, she let Parvati do the dirty work and she’s sitting pretty. And she was the only one in the remaining 5 Heroes in the merge who is really strategizing. She orchestrated the James Blindside in China, It is a game changing move because no one was thinking about it and It was beautiful how perfectly It worked. It happened on the perfect time. When they have the number to do it and when James wouldn’t expect and wouldn’t use that Idol. Amanda convinced her alliance that James is a huge threat. In Micronesia, she was a part of the Black Widow Brigade and one of the most convincing player that season. In Heroes, everyone was so threatened by Amanda. Russel clamed that she’s the female version of Boston Rob, Parvati voted her out for the reason Amanda was too good. And everyone saw her as a major threat. Amanda is a great three-time player. If she had a strong Final Tribal Council performance, she’s for sure the greatest female to ever play the game.

And there It is, my 50 favorite Survivor Players. I definitely going to spend more times watching other seasons of Survivor, because I need to. Going to watch Guatemala, Borneo, Africa and South Pacific and the list will probably change right after the 29th season, San Juan Del Sur is over.

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