Survivor is back and on It’s eighth week, Wrinkle In The Plan, is obviously the best episode so far from the season. This season has been boring from Week 1 till 8, there’s nothing really amusing about the episode except for the episode where Drew got blindsided and I think that’s all. But, Wrinkle In The Plan is definitely the best one so far. Josh, surprisingly got voted out. It’s so shocking because he got that winner edit and It’s just shocking that Josh got voted out by having that big edit to him. I don’t know how long will Jon and Jaclyn survive being the Power Couple, no one seems to be interested in breaking them apart. ANd I am shocked that no one was bothered by the fact that there are still few couples and they don’t see them as threats. Jeremy might be playing the game, but I think that people like Missy, Jon, Jaclyn and Natalie, they should be rewarded too.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.40.55 PM

Our dude Jeremy is back on top again. I guess we need to thank Julie for that. Jeremy has been battling for control with Josh and now he got full control of it. I don’t think that his allies will try to blindside him as Missy and Natalie both thinks that Jeremy will take the two of them to the end, and Jeremy has been nothing btu nice to them. Jeremy is so playing the game. He knew that he has to be nice in order for him to be trusted. Got Natalie, Missy and Baylor on his side. Just need to make sure taht Jon and Jaclyn are both in his pocket.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.33.59 PM

If Jeremy’s on top, Natalie’s also on top. That doesn’t mean that Natalie is just Jeremy’s lap dog and Jeremy’s slave. Both Natalie and Jeremy are so close since the beginning of the game. That makes them actually the Power Couple as well. Natalie will take Jeremy, Jeremy will take Natalie. Remember when Jeremy said that If Val was here, I wouldn’t want to be too close to her because that will make both of them targets. We might not see both of them hanging around camp together and strategizing because both of them want to make things calm and doesn’t want to rock the boat. Both Natalie and Jeremy is back on top because both of them has the numbers on their side and I think It’s gonna be hard to send Natalie home, I mean, why would you send her home? She has been playing a smart, low-key game and I don’t think anyone realizes yet that she could be a huge threat when It comes to physical challenges.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.38.22 PM

Missy seems to be the ones who got the closest and tightest bond with Jeremy but I don’t think that Jeremy will take Missy to the end with him. But as of now, I think that Jeremy will respect Missy because Missy helped him rally the troops and convincing Jon and Jaclyn to be on Jeremy’s side. And Missy helped the alliance so that they will have the numbers on their side by convincing Julie not to quit. But It failed. Missy is going to get in trouble when Baylor decided to be Ciera wannabe and send her mom home, I don’t know If that’s gonna happen, but Missy is playing a really really good game. And quite frankly, I’m surprised.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.24.22 PM

She’s definitely not pretty and pale. She’s definitely smart and intelligent. And definitely smarter than Jon. Jaclyn flipped to the Jeremy’s side and she is right about it. There is no way that Jaclyn can beat the physical guys and Jon wil have a hard time baeting them as well. The way Jaclyn convinces Jon is amazing. Jaclyn is good with words. Jaclyn not also considered her game but also Jon’s game. She wants to make sure that by flipping, Jon will have the benefits to it. If the power couple are in danger, Jaclyn’s not gonna go. Jon will. Because Jon is ten times more threatening than Jon in physical challenges, and Jaclyn is not gonna be seen as a threat eventhough Jaclyn is always the brain in Joclyn, she’s actually the one who decides what to do and Jon follows. It seems like she’s following Jon everywhere like a little puppy dog, but the truth is, Jon is actually the puppy dog and Jaclyn is actaully the one who keeps Jon’s head in the game.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.41.23 PM

The reason why I put Jon ahead of Baylor is because he has the Idol. Using it or not, still, Jon is a bit more powerful than Baylor at this point. Baylor’s name has been floating in the air since the beginning of the game, till now, she has 15 votes casted against her and that’s already too much. And that makes Jon a bit safer at least. Jon has Jaclyn and going to be kept by Jeremy. Jon is going to be useful for Jeremy because he’s a challenge dominator and that will help the alliance. As long as Jon doesn’t do stupid things, he’s safe. For now.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.25.32 PM

Keith is right, Baylor doesn’t do shit. But, If the alliance decided to send Baylor home, then they must be all idiots. There are clear bigger targets and even Natalie is a bigger target. If they want to send Baylor because she’s lazy, they’re playing the game really stupidly. Baylor is not a threat, If she doesn’t do anything in camp and she gets to the end, she will get minus points for being lazy and that won’t hurt anyone but herself. Baylor doesn’t do shit and It’s irritating, just the way she asked her mother to convince people and she just sit there in the shelter. Like, girl, are you nuts? You should be playing the game! Baylor is the most clueless person to ever play the game, I’ll tell you that. None of her confessionals make sense and she’s just a hot mess. But, she’s no threat and I think that eventhough she gets to the end, she won’t win.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.33.28 PM

Wes seems to be the strongest physically on that side but It’s amazing that no one realizes it. Wes almost won the challenges with his dad and he’s been helping so much in the Reward Challenge. But, the great thing about his game is, you can call him “Purple Wes” but he’s quiet around camp and doesn’t stirs up drama. And doesn’t annoy people and basically tell them to vote him off. He played this low-key game taht proved to helped him stay in the game for so long. I think out of the most guys, Wes has the potential to be the challenge beast and he’s gonna win the Immunity when he needed it. And that doesn’t seem good for the Jeremy Alliance.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.28.13 PM

I still think that Reed is going to stay even after that sneak peek for next week that he’s going to stir the pot. I feel like they wouldn’t send Reed home because Reed is originally from Hunahpu, and I think that they’re not going to send Reed right after he lost his Boyfie. Reed is keeping the game really quietly and he’s notg oing to shake the boat too soon, but I feel like the move next week is going to help him with the game. He’s on the outs, but I think that he’s going to get a lot of respects. Right now, he might be the outsiders, but he might be safe for a while. We’ll see.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.26.27 PM

Shut his damn mouth already! He’s talking way too much and It’s showing us of how dumb he is. Drew and Alec both are the worst player, definitely in that category of should not be casted. Alec’s mouth is going to hurt him big time and It’s going to bite him in the butt. Because the girls now are gunning for him because he’s being mean. And the way he treats the female, that’s going to annoy Jeremy. Missy and Baylor will have their personal vendetta on Alec and they will probably try to send him home.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.38.46 PM

Keith is so basic. But he’s so annoying. The Hilton comment, It’s so dumb. He’s basically telling that no one farts in the Hilton, no one burps in the Hilton. That doesn’t make any sense. Keith might be likeable at the beginning, but his stupidity started to shown. He’s starting to become irritating and Missy&Baylor will try their hardest to get him out. It seems like he deosn’t have the Idol, eventhough he has it. Keith could use the Idol and try to save Josh and they will have the number, either it’s going to be 6-4 or 5-5 and they will still have hope. But Keith seems like he’s going to use it on himself. Keith may have the Idol, but I don’t think that It will help him go ar in this game, yes he might be safe for one Tribal but he’s going home the next one or the next two. Keith is just playing this game so badly.

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