I would lie If I say Micronesia is not in my Top 5 because this season is the best season of All Time. And this isn’t coming from Parvati Fan. Micronesia just has everything that all seasons should have. And to compare to Caramoan, It’s almost laughable. Micronesia has better Fans and some of them were actually true fan. While, Caramoan doesn’t. Micronesia has amazing blindsides, Caramoan has some stellar blindsides (Andrea, Brenda, Corinne) but It’s nothing compared to Micronesia’s Blindsides. Micronesia has Black Widow Brigade, while Caramoan has “Stealth R Us” which I grow to hate. For a season, Micronesia just has the right balance of every aspects. Micronesia introduced some of the most epic moments and all great players in one season and they way they casted the Favorites, smart! Cirie is just enjoyable to watch, seeing the growth that she has from being a couch potato into a great strategist. Eliza always having that underdog status, Amanda proved yet once again of how amazing she is. Ozzy remains undefeated and the best physical competitor ever – at least one of-, Parvati proved to us that she’s not just a flirt but she’s also a great player and that is why she became the show’s Icon. And many more. It’s pretty heard to narrow It down to  10, because actually, Micronesia is a really great great season and It’s impossible to narrow it to 10.


For some of you who aren’t romantic, you might not enjoy this one. It sounded a little bit way too soap opera and sounded a bit too much. But, It was in the right portion for Ozzy this time. I haven’t seen Amanda smile that big and I have never seen Ozzy being so dedicated before. And Ozzy blamed Parvati for this, eventhough the truth is, It was Cirie’s decision and strategic move to send Ozzy home, but I think he just wanna blame it on someone else to sounded a bit more romantic. It was a great romantic moment. Ozzy and Amanda showmance has always been the best showmance ever.


Micronesia’s Auction is the best, everything about this Auction is just hillarious. From Cirie lying to Jeff about the money, Natalie sent Jason to Exile, the Bidding for Peanut Butter and Jelly, Erik pays to lick Cirie’s hands, Natalie got fruit bat soup and James’ comment about everything. Just hillarious.


The Villainious Ami, we all know her from the All-Female Alliance back in Vanuatu and she played an amazing game. She’s cutthroat. And I think that’s why she came back, but unfortunately, It’s a different Ami. Ami was just never on the game and her head wasn’t on the game the entire time, she was dragged and follow people around and this is not the Ami that fans grew to love. But, I love Ami and everyone seems to respect her game. The hardest thing to watch other than seeing Cirie robbed by the Final 2 Twist was Ami fighting for her life in Tribal Council when It came down to Ami or Erik voted out that time. It was hard to watch because Ami has potentials.


Cirie is an amazing strategist and everything about her is perfect. Especially her laugh. Of course, I expect more from her especially after her gameplay in Panama. It turned out to be, she’s much more strategic and she’s strategic than ever. She is a great strategist and her first big move was to get Yau Man out, because If Yau-Man goes to Exile, no one can beat him. And she’s correct. She’s the swing vote back in Malakal. There are 2 alliances, Penner/Ami/Eliza/YauMan and James/Amanda/Parvati/Ozzy and Cirie is right in the middle, whenever she goes, she knows taht she’s going to be in the Bottom. But she fought back and she tried so hard to get Yau Man out eventhough that’s not what the Alliance of Parvati/James/Amanda and Ozzy wants. And her move was smart because she sealed all four fates at a time and the way she convinced them to vote out Yau Man is amazing.


Natalie is an interesting cast for the show. She’s not my fave and sometimes she’s a little bit weird to me. She has been the villain all season long and all of that confessionals were just fun to watch because she knows that she’s a Villain. Her highlight was on FTC when she asked Parvati a question in her Jury Speech. I am confused, everyone’s confused but It was hillarious. I think the simplest way to say is that: how does being flirt helps you back at home.


This is definitely the Biggest Fight of the Season. I don’t think anyone can remember this fight because It happened earlier in the season, but It was a big fight. Cirie and Penner just had that clash of personality. Penner hated Cirie because Cirie voted Yau out and wanted Yau out and Cirie just hated Penner for always talking on and on about Cirie being untrustworthy and they had a fight in one place looks like a cave, usually they protect themselves in that cave when there’s pouring rain. This fight was so awesome, I have never seen this Cirie before.



This is why we should never cast recruits to the show. Jason can’t even see the difference between real Idol and a freaking stick. Real Idol must have been really special, and It’s a mysterious looking Idol or It’s just a goodlooking Idol, andyou could tell from the minute you saw it If this is an Idol or not. And If this is the Idol, that is the ugliest effin Idol I’ve ever seen. Ozzy decided to make a fake Idol and hid it in the Exile Island, he made the Idol and Jason brought it to the camp and give it to Eliza who is the next one on the chopping block. Jason confidently gave Eliza the STICK nad Eliza was so sure that this is not the Idol but Jason was so confident and said that It is the Idol. “This is just a fucking stick!”  will forever be one of the best line of the show’s History.


Erik received the award of the Worst Move of the Survivor History, and will always be, to me. Erik is locked for Final 3 or 2, whatever. Thinking of how physical he is. He can easily win all of the competitions until the very end and no one even came close to beating him all the time! And he has the better shot to get to the end with this Immuntiy Necklace and could break the All-Girls Alliance that he knew exists and he knew that there is an All-Girls Alliance. But, with all four girls sneakier than ever, they manipulated Erik into giving the Necklace and will have a Final Three Deal with Natalie and Cirie and they will vote out Amanda at that point. Erik buys it and gave the Necklace to Natalie, and Cirie was right. Before he even blink an eye, he’s gone. “I should have known better” is the last word that he said before leaving Tribal which for me doesn’t make any sense, like how dumb are you?


Without any doubts one of the best Idol play of all Time. Well for me, this one’s the best. Amanda gave the performance worth for Emmy and gave the looks of defeat and her emotion was just priceless and we all thought that she’s gonna leave because we didn’t know If she has it or not. Amanda acted all the way through the end of Tribal Council. But she pulled out an Idol, “But, I got iit!!”. And Alexis was blindsided. The looks on the Jury’s faces and the ones who voted for Amanda were priceless and for once, I have never seen Cirie so shocked before. Amanda played it well and this Blindside gave me everything that I needed in life.



Black Widow Brigade is hands down The Best Alliance in Survivor History. And still is the one. Black Widow Brigade was formed by Parvati Shallow to take the guys out and dominate the game. Consists of Parvati, Amanda and Cirie. And then after the Tribe Switch, to strengthen and tighten the alliance and the bonds as well, Parvati recruited Alexis and Natalie as the bottom of the Alliance, which seems to be the ones that are going to be sacrificed until they get to the Final 5. Black Widow Brigade orchestrated one of the Biggest Blindside in Survivor History, Ozzy’s. And voted out the males until there is one remaining. Unfortunately, in the Final 6, the plan was to get rid of Erik but he won Immunity and they have to send one of them home. And the target is Amanda. Thinking of Jury Management and Amanda has over the top social skills and they all believe that they couldn’t beat her, Amanda pulled the Idol and another Blindside happened. On the Final Five, once again, Erik won which is so hard for the Black Widow Alliance to decide which one to go because they were closer than ever. And the plan was to get rid of Natalie, but Cirie, Amanda, Natalie and Parvati workd their charm and they manipulated Erik into giving them his Immunity and Erik gave it to them. And the Black Widow Brigade Alliance member were all in teh Final Four and at least one of them is going to win the game. Cirie, Amanda and Parvati ended up being in the Final 3, which pretty obvious that Amanda is going to take Parv and Parv is going to take Amanda. Cirie got voted out and Parvati won. Black Widow Brigade wasn’t just an alliance filled with girls, It’ an alliance filled with smart, intelligent and sneaky girls that are all great in the strategic aspect of the game. And this is the season where Amanda, Cirie and Parvati were in control from the beginning of the season until the very end, well for Amanda and Parvati.


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