640px-0005-s29_press_images_ep10_0005This might be a ho-hum season, but Tribal Councils have been amazing from the beginning of the season till now. It has been a crazy Tribal Council and tonight, It’s no different. For the first time in the season, the Idols were flushed. And shocking blindside. Would you consider this a blindside? Since Wes didn’t see It coming and none of us. So Wes is definitely #blindsided. It is a great season, Like I said, After Jeremy’s gone, I am definitey rooting for Natalie and Natalie is not going to let us down. She is a beast in this Episode, fiesty Natalie. I feel like It open the doors for her to get closer to the money. After tonight, I think It’s pretty clear who’s gonna win the entire thing. But, anything can happen. If Josh and Jeremy can be voted out, so is anyone.


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Damn it, Missy is so in a good spot. I think the reason why no one has brought up the fact that Missy and Baylor are couple. And Missy is always there to protect Baylor is because the approach that Missy is doing. Missy seems to be acting motherly around camp and that is why I think no one will ever try to get her out. Also, anyone will always think that Missy sucks at challenges so that they can send her home at anytime, but they don’t realize that Missy is playing this game smooth and steadily. She has everyone wrap up on her arms and I think that she will continue to act with kindess eventhough she’s definitely more cunning, sneaky and ruthless than all of them. Missy is so in a great spot. I think that If J&J stays until the Final Four, they will take Missy instead of Baylor (If those Four are the Final 4, which is, going to be the one).


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Baylor and her mom ain’t going anywhere, when Baylor kinda showed us the sign of having a functional brain, unlike Alec, Baylor is also trying to play the game, but she’s trying way too hard. The one thing that I’ve always disliked about her is, everything is about her mother. When she’s in trouble and in some kind of argument, her mother is there too. And there is not one time that she’s not too attach with her mother. It’s getting annoying because you’re playing this game, and there’s only one winner, you can split the money but you can’t split the title. Anyways, Baylor proved that she’s still tight with Alec and Wes. And that is good because you need to have a friend because at the end, if you have too many enemies, you won’t win because you have poor Jury Management.


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Turned out to be Natalie is not in a trouble at all. No one came up with the plan to get her out. I think this is because she is close with Jeremy but she’s not showing anyone of how close she is, so after Jeremy’s gone, she’s just like the same Natalie. The fiesty Natalie is always the best. She fought hard in that challenge and proved that Twinnie don’t play. The great thing about the episode is she has the Idol, and she made a smart move with it. Yes, she should’ve found it by herself because Baylor might ruin the plan when she’s trying to get Jon out, but she strategized with Baylor and Baylor seems to be agreeing with the plan. Natalie made a big move by persuading Jon to play the Idol, and that was SMART. First, Jon’s Idol is flushed. And she’s going to be the one who has the Idol and could play the Idol. Second, eventhough she is siding with Jon, It’s not neccesarily that she’s number 5, because she has the Idol and she can use it to herself or someone from the girls and try to get Jon out which is going to be her move and I am sure she’s not going to bring that Idol as a souvenir. Natalie is slowly showing of how strategic, smart and intelligent she is. Her not flipping out like she did to Jon Rocker is really smart, which i thought she’s going to be in sort of arguments like that, but she kept it quiet, she kept it calm and common collected. And Natalie is definitely playing this game as smart as she could be.


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Jaclyn is slowly going back into the bottom like she used to be back in Coyopa, not because she’s in danger and anyone really thought of voting her out, It’s because she’s been in power for so long, and the episode is showing a future underdog like Reed, Natalie and Baylor. And those three can take Jaclyn and Jon out at any times. Everyone now is going to have some more sympathies for Jaclyn because of her backstory, but that can work against her because anyone can came with the plan to vote her out because she has that story, but on the other hand, I don’t think these people are really that smart to mkae that kind of move. Jaclyn is really smart and she definitely knows how to play the game. But Jon is dragging her down with him. I would have loved to see her win the game instead of Jon because wouldn’t It be amazing for someone who is so invisible in the post-merge and completely changed 100% in the post-merge and be the force to be reckoned with? I’d love to see that.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.41.23 PM

Jon is definitely the target right now, everyone is preparing to make a big move and they want to be a part of it. Jon is showing of how much of a threat and how much of a careless player he is. Willing to step down for candies is the first dumb move that you could ever done in a challenge, he’s not just showing of how careless he is but he’s willing to be voted out. He’s feeling way too safe and he’s getting too cocky right now. Jon might get the winner edit, but he might go home like Josh and Jeremy because as beautiful as It is, he’s feeling way too safe and that might hurt him because everyone is waiting for their time to get him out. And I don’t think that he’ll see It coming.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.26.27 PM

I don’t care If he gets the Purple Alec edit, because I don’t think he’s gonna make a big impact on the show, It cracked me up when they don’t even show Wes on Exile, and I don’t htink that they’re going to show Alec sooner or later too. I feel like he’s not going to win, that’s 100%, but I can see him being in the Final 3 as a goat because he’s so dumb that he’s not going to figure out a great speech to convince the Jury. Just look at him during Tribal Council, he doesn’t know anything about this game and that is painful to watch when you’re casting someone as dumb as Alec, and Drew.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.38.46 PM

Keith is the one that I can’t stand right now, him spitting, his accent, his attitude, I can’t stand. And he’s only willing to speak in Tribal which is also annoying. He speaks way too much on that Tribal and It ruined everything. And Wes got voted out because of his damn mouth. Now that the Idol is flushed, It’s a bittersweet because he played the Idol for himself, which helped. But on the other hand, his son went home. Keith doesn’t know anything about this game, he’s just a clueless player that is just waiting for his time to be voted out, and I’m going to enjoy watching his torch get snuffed.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.28.13 PM

Oh Reed… Jeremy is right. Reed is a loosecannon, he can’t control himself when he’s strategizing. Reed almost got a perfect plan, Had Keith shut his mouth, It would’ve worked and Reed could be anyone’s new favorite. But, instead, Keith runs his mouth and It got backfired. He’s going next, unless he’s winning Immunity. I don’t know If the “Touchy Subjects” challenge is Immunity or Reward, If It’s Immunity, he’s tossed. If It’s a Reward, then It’s good for him because he might win all of those Immunity. I don’t like Reed, but I want him to win the Immunity just to see the other scramble, whether they vote out Alec, Keith or they’ll make a big move sending jon or Jaclyn. I’me exctied to see how It goes. BUt as of now, Reed is not in a good position at all. It seems like he’s going to FINALLY set the camp on fire next episode, I hope that he leaves with something memorable other than that wink and that split.


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