640Can you believe it that It’s now down to six? For them to really have a back-to-back episode is really weird, they also did that to Heroes Vs Villains and It doesn’t have to be a two-hours episode, an hour episode would be enough especially with a season like this season that has been quite boring. Eventhough the season definitely step it up a notch in post-merge, still, It is a bit boring and I don’t think that I would rewatch this season. Definitely right there with China and Palau for guilty pleasures. The last 3 episodes have been a great Episodes! Josh, Jeremy, Wes, all of them were unpredictable, but this time It’s a bit underwhelming because we knew who’s going home, and the fact that in this two-hours episode, there weren’t that much happening. No big moves were made, no really something to remember actually except probably Jon and Jaclyn fighting, because they’re trying so hard to make this show the Jon father has a cancer show and Jon and Jaclyn being the perfect couple. With Reed and Alec leaving this game, I am pretty sure that Natalie has no chance of doing that move, the only chance that he has is absolutley with Reed, Alec, Keith when they three are still there. And she’s definitely a bit late to make a move, why do you think Missy is going to flip with Baylor and Keith and yourself when you know that Missy is like a mother to Jon? And both of them are really close. And Baylor is wishy-washy and she’s unpredictable, in a bad way, you can’t never trust Baylor not because she’s playing the game, but because she’s clueless and she’s trying to figure out how to play this game still.

So, I think that If Natalie wants to make a move, the move has to be convincing MIssy over and over again. From the preview, I feel like Missy is probably not going to be medically evacuated because they wouldn’t spill the beans like that, they’re just trying to make us think of some things that potentially will happen. They are struggling with this season right now. And they will do everything. But, If Missy gets medically evacuated, I am going to scream because Keith is probably gonna win. So, I don’t know what move that is best for my girl Natalie, I think that sticking with Baylor and then take Jaclyn to the Final 3 would be amazing. Y’know, after getting rid of Jon take Jaclyn and in this case If Missy gets medically evacuated. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m glad that this season is about to end. It’s been a boring season so far and I knew that a Blood Vs Water for newbies is not going to be a succesful one. 


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.38.22 PM

I really don’t want Missy to get medically evacuated because I dig this woman, despite continiously defending Baylor and treat her like she’s a 6-year old little girl, she’s still a fun character. She is playing the game. Everyone just doesn’t realize it, and said that she’s boring and has no personality. You don’t have to be entertaining to play the game well, that’s just another bonus. Missy just doesn’t get much airtime, I’m not sure whether she has a shot of winning or not, What I am sure of is, If Jon and Jaclyn are in the Final Four, they are going to take Missy and Missy will get 2 or 3 votes casted for her. But, for winning, I don’t knw, so that’s why the only chance that she has at winning If she goes with her daughter. But, I don’t think that It’s going to happen because as much as she’s playing a good game, she’s not going to make a big move, and the only big move were left to make is sending Jon home and I don’t think she will do it.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.25.32 PM

Can the editing at least give her the edit with a little bit of brain in it? I feel like the fight that she had with Reed is so dumb. After Reed called her a brat, she instantly looked at her mom seeking for help, I mean, you’re twenty something, stood up for yourself. Your mother will always be there, but at least say something that is going to prove everyone that you can stick up for yourself and you can defend yourself. But she didn’t. All the time, all she does is try to find help from her mother, and that is all she does, that is why I don’t respect her game at all. I don’t think that I ever will because she is not smart at all. But, I wouldn’t be shocked If she ended up being in the Final 3 because It’s pointless at this time to send the unthreatening Baylor, and I don’t hear anyone wanting to get rid of her. So, I think that she has a good shot at going to the Final 3.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.33.59 PM

Girlfriend still looking good because she has the Idol. I am so happy that at least one of the Twinnies can go far in this game. Nadiya is the first person out, I couldn’t imagine If Natalie is not going far. Her game so far has been so quiet and she’s not getting that much airtime but Natalie is slowly playing the game. She’s a bit aggressive, her ambition of getting Jon out I don’t know If that will work, but I can see that working from the point where Missy gets Medically evacuated and Baylor goes with her. But she’s playing this game really smart, after last episode, she has been getting a great sign of her getting far. This episode, she has proven to be a strong competitor in challenges and she is tight with Baylor and MIssy. The move to take Jon and Jaclyn is smart, to comfort Jon and Jaclyn and make them feel like the strong five is still strong and trying to make Jon and Jaclyn not go crazy. And she has a Final 3 deal with Missy and Baylor. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but Natalie is playing the game real hard.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.24.22 PM

I honestly thought that she might have a chance of winning, but then she’s beginning to return to the old Jaclyn who is just follow Jon everywhere. Jaclyn right now is not gonna win because Jaclyn is so tight with Jon and basically letting Jon win, I think in her head is, If Jon wins, she wins. It wasn’t a good episode of her because It showed the other side of her that we haven’t seen before. Just by small things, flirting with Alec? Whatever. Getting pissed because she’s not chosen by Missy? She has been getting Rewards for two straight times! Get over it. Getting mad with Jon which is a bit too much for me. It’s not a great episode for Jac, but in this game, she might be going home because they couldn’t get rid of Jon. It might happen.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.41.23 PM

The show is trying so hard to make us feel bad about Jon. He has gone from everyone’s favorites to basically at the bottom. The thing about Jon is, If he’s being the old Jon back post-merge, I wouldn’t be mind seeing him win and take the whole money, like that’s not a problem. But the attitude that he’s doing is, he’s getting cocky and arrogant. Just like from the confessionals that he had. Saying that he is in control of everything, he’s just being way too comfortable in this game when you shouldn’t have. I’m glad that there is someone like Natalie that is willing to break from the comfortable alliance and trying to make a big move and kinda remain Jon that he’s not as in control as he thinks he is, he’s not in a good spot, really. He’s a big threat. And now he has the clue, I don’t know who made the clue, but whoever made it needs to be fired. That clue was made for a 10 year old kid who is trying to find something, way too easy. On the other hand, I don’t think I need to be upset because the last Idol-play is in the Final 5, so It’s not that long.


Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.38.46 PM

If Keith wins the whole thing, I am going to spit everywhere. It’s not acceptable that soemone like Keith wins! Keith does nothing, winning 2 Immunities might be the only case that he could make in Final Tribal Council. Why I think Keith has a shot at winning is because the Juries are like Josh, Wes, Alec and Reed who are bitter guys that will vote for their friends. But, Keith is at the bottom, Natalie might change her decision and send Keith home. Natalie might not have Baylor and has no choice but to go with the majority and wait for her time to go or wait for her time to shine in the challenges and win one.


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