What a season! This season started with unbalanced males and females. Which is kinda unfair. But, with the ending of all Three Females sitting in the Final Three, It’s amusing. Girl Power! I wouldn’t say this the best season ever, and I wouldn’t say this the worst as well. But this season is definitely right in the middle, thank Natalie for the win, that kinda redeem the season. The pre-merge was really boring and slow. Eventhough some shocking eliminations, Post-Merge was great! Big blindsie after big blindside, the weird thing about this season is, eventhough It’s big blindside after big blindside It’s still boring. The Merge Episode is definitely one of the worst episodes of Survivor I’ve ever watched. Overall, “San Juan Del Sur” is still one of the most boring seasons Survivor has ever had. But, a bad season of Survivor is still better than that Julie Chen show. 


Nadiya Anderson the first voted off, I know It sucks. Twice for Twinnie. But, It paid off, her sister got to the end and win. I think Nadiya has prepared being voted off first because she experienced it once. I mean, It’s her own fault though. She told from the first minute her and Natalie stepped into the Hero Challenge and said that they both have participated in another reality show called The Amazing Race and that definitely put a huge target no matter what, and It sucks. I know It is, It’s just you don’t speak way too much, you might want to watch what you speak because that might hurt you. And Nadiya continiously calling Josh a girl is to me annoying. And she should never said that, eventhough Josh told her It was fine, but seriously, I don’t think It was fine at all. Anyone would be offended. But, we knew who Nadiya is, she’s a badass. She’s a strong woman and I think my perspectives of her (positive ones) would never change as I am her true loyal follower since the Amazing Race. Val Collins, Val is different here, I liked her ince the pre-season and was one of my other options to win, and I thought that Val would had a great run n the show and would be that best female player, or one of. Val had a strong first episode eventhough she was directly sent to Exile and had no clue about what’s happening but she was definitely one of the strongest players on the tribe and was a smart and I can see a strategist. But, damn…Her big fatal mistake about lying having 2 Idols messed her up big time. That is definitely her downfall. That would be amazing to see John, Julie, Jeremy and Val working togehter! John Rocker, John is definitely my Top 5 this season, he’s a nice guy, I can see. He’s trying to get out of the past that keeps haunting him and that’s not fair that these people are juding him with the past and that article. He was homophobic, but that was the pst. It is what it is. It happened on the past. Get over it! It’s Survivor now. John is making soem strategic moves and trying to align with Jeremy but failed. It sucks because John tried so hard to be a great person and also a good solid player at the same time, but It never worked out. So sad, had a lot of potential! Drew Christy, nothing much to talk about Drew except stupidity. He’s trying so hard to be a great player, calling the girls “bitches”? being super mean to them and checking out Jaclyn’s butt while on Exile. Super rude and conceited. Really stupid and making dumb moves. I was so happy to see him got screwed with the things that he’s done himself. Throwing challenges? What the hell is he thinking? And thinking that the tribe would do everything that he says. Drew is definitely on that level of stupidity with some other players. He’s not going home trying, he’s going home trying too hard. All fatal moves in one episode, dedicating the whole entire episode for his stupidity is so entertaining to watch. Great blidnside!


Kelley Wentworth, don’t get me to Kelley’s blindside because I might be so mad and pissed all over again. Kelley is my favorite back on pre-merge so don’t even think that I would be chill for once talking about Kelley’s departre. Kelley had her game flawlessly on the palm of her hands. It was going perfectly, as she planned. Had Jeremy and Natalie locked for her as her allies and smartly getting herself outo f troubles. Was seen as a mastermind because she’s one of the biggest fans out there. And Kelley is really playing a great under the radar game, until his dad Dale messed up! UGH. It was so dissapointing seeing her leave becuase she has a lot of potential and so much to proof. Kelley got screwed by the TRIBE SWITCH. And that pissed em off. But that doesnt’ change the fact that she’s still one of my very favorite players in the game. Not only for this season but for all 29 seasons. Dale Wentworth, that would be suck for the Wentworth family to see Kelley leave the first day on the Switch ands eeing her dad Dale left after her. But Dale left doing everything that he could though. Like him or not, kudos to him for trying to save his ass. He made this fake Idol and almost sold Jon and he is continiously save Tribals after Tribal. 3 Tribal Council he’s safe and he could have gone furhter If he can convince maybe Keith. So that there will be a 4-2 and Missy and Baylor would be cut. Dale definitely should have never stir things up and should just keep his mouth shut. Especially pre-merge, you don’t wanna mess things around during pre-merge! That’s like shaking the boat way too soon. It was sad to see him leave but he leave with doing everything that he could so he must be proud. Julie McGee, Julie was definitely misjudged. Her sexy bods definitely perceived as being only the pretty lady. But she’s not just a pretty lady, I can see her going deep into this game. She might be that one player that would be perfect to tae to the end as a goat but she’s definitley not Sherri, Natalie Tenerrelli and Sugar that everyone seem to hate and disrespect. She definitely put her game on the table right away and definitely put some trust on these people. It sucks because she quits! That’s what pissing me off. She should have never quit! It was unforgiven. And the reasoning behind that was just painful to watch. As much as i love her, It’s just so wrong when people quits because so many applicants trying to get to the show and you quit?


Josh Canfield is definitely the one that I thought would win since Episode 1. It’s different from who I thought would win and who I want to win, but I put my money on Josh. It sucks because I don’t like his gameplay, I think he’s overrated. His vote for Baylor on that first Tribal was a big question mark. And he continiously getting the strong players out again and again. Josh made some confusing mistakes. First, If he was the stud of the game he would knew that there is no such thing as “you owe me” like that’s not going to happen. Baylor didn’t owe him anything. So shut up! And he’s trying to be too close to Reed that will piss the other players off! And you might want to stay away from it. So It’s confusing because Josh is seen as the best player but he’s not. Jeremy Collins, Jeremy could have been the winner and the best player this season If he didn’t be that suspicious over Jon and just pretend like It never happened. It was too obvious that he’s suspicious over Jon. Jeremy played a flawless game. He sat down while anyone is having an argument and won Immunity on the time that he needed it the most. And Jeremy has Natalie on his hand, Julie, Missy and he worked them well. He treated them nice, that’s why they’re so into him. And that’s why Jon and Jaclyn flipped because Jeremy’s ability to be that likeable guy that attracts everyone. I think that Jeremy played a really flawless game and strategic game, you can see in the confessionals that he had. It’s smart confessionals. Wes Anderson, yawn… Definitely the most invisible player. Had no airtime whie he was on Exile that means that he’s way too boring to even get a 2 minute airtime. It sucks because i think Wes is a really great guy and really smart because he stayed out of drama. He was always in the majority allinace back in Coyopa and he had his allies, Baylor and Alec back in Coyopa. Never pissed anyone off. Play that under-the radar game. Figured out John Rocker the first. And recognized Jeff on Two and A Half Men! That’s amazing. Reed Kelley, Reed is trying too damn hard to stay relevant to me. But, at least I had one thing taht I like about him. His jury speech. Not that i have something against Missy, but Reed made it seem like a great ending of FTC. Other questions were horrible, boring and he ended it up like Beyonce trying to close a show when Britney Spears, Lorde, Taylor Swift were the ones before. That’s how good it is. But, he’s so irrelevant back on the game. His only confessionals were about foods. And he’s so over the top, too over the top and his plans were confusing at times. He took the Idol from Keith bag and seems to be just to create a mess that was unnecessary. His plan almost worked and It could perfectly worked but Keith….y’know, Keith is just Keith. He’s annoying. As the student of the game, as the fan of the show, I expect much from him. I expect more than just being mediocre and boring.


Alec Christy is one of the most unpleasant players of the show. His face, I wanna punch him. It’s annoying. But I would say that he’s way better than his brother eventhough still these two Christy’s are annoying. Alec is one of the most chauvinistic men ever on the show and was so rude to the girls. Flirting with Jaclyn is the only thing I remember about him and he doesn’t know sh#t about this game. He just follows order. Said that Baylor is his little sister, I see it more like a maid. Alec seems to be strong in challenges but sucked in Individual Challenges. Most of all, his strategic aspect of the game sucked af. Jon Misch, ouch Jon.. I thought that you’re the winner! After the two big players are out, I HONESTLY thoguht 100% that Jon was gonna win. Just by the edit that he’s getting and the confessionals and the airtime that keeps on leaning towards him making big moves and being on the center of the game throughout the entire time. But If you think that Jon is dumb, he’s not. The one thing that annoys me is he never listens to Jaclyn. Jaclyn makes MORE sense than him, he’s playing way too comfortable and thinks that the other allies member are just going to fall for him, no. You need to really make sure that you are in the best position ever and make sure that there will be no knife on your back. Jon never seems to get that and was unaware throughout the game. But he was in the center of everything. Dominated the game and has always been the swing vote. So, It’s him who’s playing a great social game as a likeable guy that helps. Not the dumbest, definitely not but not the best strategic player. But Jon definitely was far better than I was expecting him out to be. Baylor Wilson is probably another player that I am not really a fan of. Yes, her exit was so mature, she walked out from Tribal with a class, without hard feelings and she said herself that she respected the game that Natalie played and thought that It was a great blindside. But Baylor really doesnt know anything about the game. I think she should stick with singing. Baylor is clueless as hell. The one thing taht is bothering me so much is how she’s always depending on her mom. Especially after the argument with Reed, she immediately looked at her Mom and waited for her mom to defend her which I thought really stupid and immaure. If you can defend yourself, why not defend yourself. I disagree If someone said that Baylor played a strong game that kept her till Final 5, she didn’t do anything. The reason why she’s still there was because of how much of a useless player she is that the tribe thought that sending her home was as useless as she is. Yea, she wasn’t my cup of tea in the game. Keith Nale was also not my cup of tea. Eveyrone seems to like him, I don’t. I always dislike players that are clueless in this game. I don’t care If he wins multiple Immunities and he skates by, he doesn’t know sh#t. He doesn’t know how to strategize, he messed up Reed’s masterplan, he spits a lot (and the only thing that he’s done in the Island). I think that Keith is obviously over-praised for something that is not actually needed to be praised. He might be entertaining at some points and funny with the things that he said, but he’s not really a good player.

Survivor_612x380 (1)

Our Final Three Females, Missy Payne is probably the most invisible one. I don’t know but Missy seems to be the ones that is forgotten. It’s weird because Missy is in the Final Three, they might want to give her slightly a better edit than just Baylor’s defender and the mother of the tribe. Missy played a top-notch social game. She’s the mom of the tribe, If Reed thinks that he’s being rude to the outsiders, I don’t think she’s being rude at all. Infact, she’s being super nice to Keith and Wes and both seems to really like her or just neutral. I think she’s just being rude and mean to Josh and Reed. Missy defended her daughter but Missy also is a fighter, don’t forget that. She loves the game and she won’t give up. I don’t think she’s the smartest, strongest and the most strategic but I think she’s smart enough to position herself in the place where she’s not going to be targeted. Not because she’s useless and clueless but because she’s acting all nice and being the mother of the tribe is hard to be voted out. Jaclyn Schultz, one of the most shocking players out there. Definitely not just Purple Jaclyn because there are so many layers in there and so many things that we haven’t seen yet coming out from Jaclyn. Pre-merge, so invisible. Post-merge, dominated the game and became Joclyn’s brain. Jon’s just dumb for not listening to the things that she said because she does make sense when she’s strategizing. And she’s trying to fill things into Jon’s head that sometimes It’s okay to be aware but Jon just never listens. Jaclyn is pretty strong in cahllenges. She won the most crucial Immunity Challenge and managed to get Natalie to trust her. Jaclyn played an awesome game. Probably played the fourth best game out there right behind Natalie, Jeremy and Missy. Jaclyn is one of the most awesome runner-up of all times. Natalie Anderson a.k.a the winner Of Survivor San juan Del Sur, who would have thought? Awesome! Played an awesome game. Was so tight with Jeremy, Kelley and Missy on the pre-merge and was a strong player in challenges. She won just one but proved to be a force to be reckoned with. And we all know that Twinnies don’t mess up. Natalie did some risky moves and big move after big move. That long-awaited revenge for Jeremy to get Jon out was worth-waiting for as It was brilliant. Natalie did her last big move by sending Baylor home and that was TV- Worth watching. Natalie is a well-deserved winner that is really playing this game as It should be played. Talking about girl power? Yes!




It wasn’t the most memorable things to ever happened this season. But, Julie and the Trail Mix did change the game. It changed the game and changed it differently. The story behind it was It’s a merge and of course, there’s a feast. And the 12 remaining players attend the feast and eat as much as they do. And they decided to bring all of the foods that were left to the camp so that they can finish it and can save it for everyone. Julie took the trail mix and put it in the bag and she took it so that she can eat it. I don’t think It was super mean, I do think It was selfsh. But Julie is no wrong here, If you wanna take it for yourself, go take it. You can do that, but you don’t want to. Julie took it and hide it in the bag. They noticed that the Trail Mix is missing and they decided to go check to everyone’s bag. And Jon found it in Julie’s bag and tehy’re so pissed. They mocked Julie and Alec decided to just badmouthed Julie and Julie realized. It was unconvenient to watch because I feel bad for Julie. Julie decided to quit the game. She said the reason was not because of this, which I believe not. but I believe It has to do with this too. It was the weather, missing Jon, being hungry and keeping trail mix on her bag. Sigh, Julie…



John is a really really great guy, he’s a guy that’s willing to change. I mean, If someone’s go at me like Natalie did bringing something from my past that I am trying to get over, I’d be pissed. If someone’s screaming and yelling at me, I’ll be pissed as well. It’s understandable. And Natalie is the first one who snapped at John. Of course, John is a really temperamental guy, It doesn’t matter how long do you try to hold your anger, It’s going to blow up at some points. And It did, “If you’re a man I would knock off your teeth” and that comment made the whole Hunahpu Tribe pissed. It was an epic fight between the two. Natalie has been campaigning to get John out since Val and Nadiya got voted off. If only they knew that John is doing everything that he can to try to keep Val…


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 10.47.16 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 10.47.37 PM

Reed and Missy aren’t like oil and water or cat and dogs or Eliza and Twila or Russel and Sandra, they aren’t two that are so against each other back in the game. But, It was became clear when Reed pulled out one of the fire-y speech and It was all spot on, not because It was right as If I know which ne is right and not, but because It’s just hurtful. Reed was saying how rude Missy was to the outsiders and was basically treateing them badly by giving them less rice than the alliance that she’s in and make sure that the outsiders got no satisfaction. That seems really mean, but we never know If It’s true or not. “And that is why I love fairytales, because the wicked stepmother never wins”



Drew is hands down one of the worst players to ever play the game. He made stupid move after stupid move and still thinks thad he’s a mastermind. We do realize that he’s a dummy from the small clips that keeps on showing his dumbness. Supporting Josh instead of Reed who was on their team. And the “We Are A Hot Mess” episode was all dedicated for him. For his stupidy basically. His “masterplan” to get Kelley out was dumb because no one was agreeing on it. He threw the challenge and thought that he can manipulated the whole tribe into voting Kelley. The episode was such a hot mess because It’s showing Drew’s unability to control himself and he doesn’t even realize that he’s being delusional. It was a great Tribal because the girls basically took him out. The Four Girls + Jeremy, even without Jeremy, he still could be voted out just by the girls. It was a season that was also memorable for Drew’s stupidity.

640 (1)

It was a big fight. “Don’t touch me!” When a girl says that, that means that you’re doing something wrong. Something fatal. And that is what Jon did. Jon didn’t listen to Jaclyn, actually I don’t think he never was. I think that Jon expects Jaclyn to follow his order and he can’t be like that y’know. It was a fight that started when Jon got back from Exile Island, Jaclyn as a great girl friend wanted to fill Jon’s head with stuffs and gave him ideas and strategies. But Jon didn’t wanna listen becuase he was so tired and wanted to have a rest especially after going back from Exile Island. This fight lasted for 5 hours. And It was a big fight. It was a really really tiring segment because none of the two really try to make things better, It was before Tribal, I mean come on! At least talk some things for Tribal.


This is the episode that I never saw coming. It was when Reed won the Immunity Challenge, the plan was to vote Reed out because he’s the most dangerous. But, Reed won and It was Wes, Keith and Alec for the options. And It was neither of them. Reed wanted to trick them and manipulated them. They try to get them to split the vote and when the vote were split 3-3, the 4 outsiders can vote Jon out. It could have been a great plan and a great strategy but Keith said “stick to the plan” on Tribal and things got messed up. Keith played the Idol, Jon played the Idol. So the splitting votes meant nothing and It didn’t do anything as Wes who doesn’t have the Idol got voted out with only 2 votes. It was shocking!


After Jeremy got voted out, Natalie decided to seek for revenge for Jeremy. She wanted Jeremy out with a passion. She waited patiently and her long awaited revenge paid off. Jon got voted off. It was a great plan! Natalie voted off Alec because she thinks that she couldn’t work well with Alec and she had a better shot to get Jon out when she kept Keith. But not only just that, Keith is a strong Immunity dominator and could stop Jon from winning it. Natalie then convinced Baylor with the plan, Baylor agreed on it. Because she thinks that she didn’t promised Jon anything. The hard part was to try to convince Missy. Missy decided to agreed on it and they voted Jon out. But not just voted him out. In order for Jon not to play the Idol, incase he played it, her girlfriend went home. They split the vote into 2-2, so they’ll have a 2-2-2 threeway tie. Jaclyn, Jon and that time Jonclyn was voting for Keith. And then the three ladies voted Jon out with a style. It was an epic revenge! Thanks Natalie!


Since Josh is gone, I would love to see Jeremy to win because he played a really great game. That episode he went on Exile and he was trying to find the Idol so he was looking for it. And Jon found it earlier, he was skeptical. He was so sure that Jon has it but he was pissed that Jon didn’t tell him as the allinace was supposed to tell everything to the other members of the alliance. Jon didn’t like the way Jeremy was being suspicious over him and decided to vote JEREMY out in a shocking vote. It was one of the most shocking blindsides ever because we never saw that coming and we never saw anyone really try to make it happen. It was a blindside that made our jaw dropped.


The whole season has been a mediocre and boring, but the finale episode was a killer. On the Final Five, Natalie was so sure that herself, Missy and Baylor wants to go to Final Three together. But, Jaclyn told her that she thinks Baylor and Missy are dangerous together because they would make a great case together, Natalie realized it. Natalie played the Idol for Jaclyn, a shock!, and then all the votes for Jaclyn don’t count. It was a shocking blindside because Baylor was so tight and we would never think that Natalie would turn on Baylor. It was a really shocking blindside.


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.08.41 PMThe best moment of the season has to be the most deserving winner Natalie wins right? She is a great winner and a well-deserving winner. She worked her ass to the top and worked so hard. She rustled feathers, she made risky moves, she made big moves that paid off and she avenged Jeremy. Natalie is trying to play the game really well and she did. The only thing that would redeem the season is If Natalie wins the seasn and she did.

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