TOP 25 American Idol 14 Auditions!

There were so many crazy singers this season. Some of the episodes might be mediocre and boring, but If you take 2 or 3 in every episodes and sometimes more than 5 in cities like New York, San Fransico and Nashville there were some potentials contestants that can definitely win this season. The Auditions this season were more focusing on the crazy determined singers. Less character more true singers and that’s what I like which for me is an improvement from previous seasons. Here are 25 top auditions of American Idol 2015:

25. Savion Wright – Change The Wold

I am not really a fan of Savion, I know that he’s good. He’s just not my cup of tea. But, for someone who’s not my favorite and make it to the list, that’s pretty awesome. Savion came back after last year’s shocking (yeah, still shocking to me) elimination.. Just so short before the Top 30. Savion came back, ten times more confidence that he was back on the previous season. He suddenly told all the judges that he’s been taking their advices and worked harder than ever which I think was unnecessary things to say and that’s just completely BS. But, Savion did very well. His cover of Eric Clapton’s song is so light, so ease and so ear-pleasing. Savion is a really great contender, because he also has a huge fanbase and American Idol Fans love him and It’s just a matter of picking good songs so that he can get to the end and sing on the Nokia Theatre.

24. Adam Ezeglian – Born To Be Wild/I’m Yours

At first, I’m not sure with Adam. Because I think that his version of Born To Be Wild was just… that. Been here done that sort of thing. But, when he decided to sing a second song and tap into his softer side, I’m kinda digging this guy. He’s pretty rock-ish dude when he sang “Born To Be WIld” but when he decided to sing “I’m Yours” It’s soooo good that I am just blown away that the dude that is meant to sing rock songs can also sing a really laid back song such as “I’m Yours”. And he seems nice.

23. Lovey James – Break Free

Lovey, such a cute name. First of all, Lovey James is adorable. She got that star quality in her, great attitude, cute, nice and extremely likeable and I haven’t even mentioned how pretty she is. Lovey James before coming into Idol already got such a huge fanbase that without any doubts will help her in this show. She started to sing and she’s so current and she’s going to be so well liked by the listeners these days. The fact that her voice is so soft and so airy I feel like she can sing anything and make it her own. She suddenly became the contender to beat, well not from the quality side because there are so many other great singers out there which are better than Lovey, but she’s definitely going to be hard to beat because a lot of young kids can relate to her and she got this likeability factor in her. Good for her.

22. Angelica “Jelly” Joseph – Rolling In The Deep

Remember when we all so tired of hearing Adele, Adele and Adele every single time? I believe It’s back on Season 11 where I feel like everyone needs to have a chance to sing an Adele song, that’s how popular Adele songs that season. I feel like we’re going to also listen to it quite a bit this season. Jelly came in and completely got my attention. She’s dressing well. She’s going to be discussed when she got to the live shows and they’re talking about her dress and how fabulous she is. It’s not just that, when she entered the room there’s already a fresh atmosphere in the room I feel like. She started singing and she got a beautiful pitch and a great control. She held back when she needed it, and Adele song, “Rolling In The Deep” has never been this beautiful and pretty.

21. Tyanna Jones – Wings

Tyanna is the last auditioner of the season. I don’t know If they’re trying to save the best for the last or what, because she’s so far from the best. I’d rather see Adanna Duru singing last than her. I’m not hating on her, It’s just there are so many things that’s going on in the performance that she does consistently wrong. But, she’s so captivating. She’s energetic. She has this aura of a star and she can definitely worked the stage because she’s working with everything she got. That bowtie, that hair and that smile. Maybe they’re trying to make her the pimp spot especially with that sob story. But, without any doubts, this girl is talented.

20. Maddy Hudson – Resentment

She’s such a cheerful, lively and easygoing gal. And that’s the first thing I like about her, because other than that. She’s not just pretty, she was phenomenal. To deliver a song at your age of 16 and got such a true connection with the song and sang it as If you’re the person who’s writing the song. Connecting to the song and delivered with which such a perfect balance, not too much, is really hard. And I believe that Maddy did it well. She’s becoming everyone’s favorite because of the Audition. And she’s so pretty! That lipstick color, that’s sexy.

19. Erica Washington – Halo

I think It’s another challenge other than singing in front of three crazy singers, is to sing a Beyonce song. I think that Erica has been doing this for a long time because she’s so comfortable in singing this Beyonce song. Erica has a thick voice and I hated Harry for stopping her because I wanted to see more. When she reached the high notes, It’s beautiful and she has a big voice that can sing any songs and belt those notes and we’ll all be shocked by it. Erica is a mother, she’s doing this for her daughter. Who doesn’t love that? But I hope that It’s not the only reason why I’m rooting for her not just now but in the upcoming rounds of Hollywood.

18. Jess Lamb – Ain’t No Sunshine

At some point, I feel like It’s waaaaay too much for Jess Lamb. It’s a short performance but there’s so many things going on. I really like her. She’s such a genuine girl. She’s really quirky. And that is what Idol needs really. To cast a contestant that is quirky, weird and unique (yeah, what happened to Kenzie Hall, Adrina Brogen, Jill Jensen and Austin Wolfe?). Jess as the closing of that episode of Idol was really mindblowing. But, I either going to say that It’s way too much or It’s just mindblown. I am still loving Jess Lamb and when she sings with her piano, It’s like watching such a great artist coming to full circle. Jess is adorable, I hope that she gets a shot to the live shows because she’s not going to be able to audition back, right?

17. Maddie Walker – Suitcase

I remember her last year and I kinda like her. But when they cut her, I was so pissed. But I get it, she’s not ready. I mean, she’s 16 years old, she’s way too young and she can grow into a better vocalist. They always did it well of sending someoen home and then that person came back into a better singer (Caleb Johnson, Melinda Ademi, Candice Glover, DeAndre Brackensick, Hollie Cavanagh) and those are killer singers. Maddie came back and she seemed to be more prepared, more relaxed and calm. And I liked it, her tone is gorgeous. It’s so pretty. She can be a huge competitor when the whole America realize that Maddie and her tone is what the show is needing right now. Plus, She looks like Rachel McAdams!

16. Kelley Kime & Hope – Sunday Mornin’ & Let It Go

I don’t remember watching Auditions and cry. I cried. Yes, I did. Hope brought me to tears!! She is so cute and she stole the show the minute she sang, no It’s not like cruaaazzzy vocal, but on the age of hers she’s prtty good! She sang that popular song that was played million times and brought JLo into tears. It’s so touching seeing Hope sang like that. And she got a golden ticket (of course, not real) But when It comes to Kelly herself, I was hoping that she can sing because It’ll stink If your daughter has it but you don’t and you’re the one who wants to audition. Kelly started to sing and It’s gooorgeeeousss. It’s so calm and so serene. It’s like I’m in peace. What I am worried about her is, I’m worried she gon’ be that contrived vocalist and she just needs to showcase her tone, which is a gorgeous tone, and pick a song that suits her vocal really well. Don’t sing big diva ballads!

15. Adanna Duru – You And I

Look at this gorgeous little gal. She’s just 17 by the way, sometimes when you’re like 15-17ish you’re not ready for prime time, you’re not ready for the pressure, the hard times on Idol and especially Hollywood. As a result, we can see of how unprepared Lauren Alaina was back on Season 10 and I wished that she would come back because I dig her but she’s not ready. Eventhough she got to the end of the show. But stil… And I ain’t going to talk about Lauren Alaina too much. Adanna caaan sangggg. Eventhough she broke at the very end of the performance and the situation seems to be taking over. I think she’s being way too excited about the Audition until she lost it, the version of “You And I” was nothing different, but when It got to the “you youuu you aand iii” the part where Haley Reinhart killed it, I’m starting to like her. She can belt those notes and she can sang those high notes really well. I am afraid that she can’t control her own voice, but still, Adanna can really be a huge contender If she can work on that negatives..

14. Quentin Alexander – Royals

Quentin dresses unique-ly and dresses like he doesn’t care about what’s everyone’s gonna say about it. And I like it, such a confidence without being over confident of course. He started singing that Lorde song and did it with his own version. He made his own version adding little twist here and there and make it completely his’. I like Quentin, I think that he’s so unique and I am always loving those unique singers that we’ve never had on the show before. And that’s Quentin.

13. Katherine Winston – If I Didn’t Know It Better

Katherine only had like a little snippet It was dfinitely overshadowed by the NOs that episode and It sucks because I wanted to hear more than that. Katherine caaan sanggg. The fact that Katherine is so laid back and seems so relaxed in singing is so beautiful. She’s so haunting in a good way, her voice is so haunting and makes us just wanna close our eyes and just listen to her all day long because voice like Katherine’s, we want to listen to that voice all day long because It’s so relaxing.

12. Piper Jones – Mamma Knows Best

Okay this one song haas gooot to stoppp! It’s already been done so many times that I feel like anyone who does that is just doing the same version that has already been sung on the show before! Eventhough I hated it, but Piper killed it! They definitely wanted to pimp Piper so hard because It seems like piper Jones is going to have that. It’s Episode 2 and we’ve already had a big voice and I am excited for it. No, It wasn’t perfect, but the part that weren’t perfect were at least spot on. She got style, swag (UGH!), sassy-ness to sing this song and It’s a great song to showcase that she has a big voice and America loves big voices.

11. Ellen Peterson – I Wanna Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart

I remember the episode when Ellen is the only person that’s worth-watching that episode. Others were meh and Ellen stood out amongst the mediocre singers. There were so many names that I wouldn’t give the Golden Ticket If I were the judges. Ellen started to sing and she yodels. I repeat, SHE YODELS. And she sang it beautifully. She’s going to be a really tough competitor to beat because first, she’s country and country vote is a strong vote and when you have country singers like Ellen that’s like so related to eveyrone’s out there, It’s the end for other singers because she’s going to have it. And the fact that quality wise, Ellen seems to be preparing for American Idol for a long time and when the time comes, It counts.

10. Mikey Duran – My Demise

I can’t remember being drown into an original, oh yes… “You Set Me Free” by Angie Miller. That’s probably the one original that I really like. And then Mikey came and almost took Angie’s award. But he failed. Because Angie’s original is more surprising in a weird way. He got a beauutiful tone and I am digging it. When he started to sing his “My Demise”, I was so into it. It’s like the song “invited” us to enter the world of Mikey Duran and It’s really hard for us to get out. It’s also funny when the judges stopped him but he’s still singing. I feel like the other singers are going to eat him alive with so many big crazy vocalists out there. But I believe that originality is what Mikey has and that’s a really great quality that you could ever have.

9. Cody Fry – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Cody came into the Audition Room and immediately I know that he’s going to be such a fun person to root for. But Is he a good singer? Or just a character or a nice guy? I must say, Cody surprised me. I’m not going to have any high expectations on someone who sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and expect that person to do an amazing rendition of it. But, Cody did amazed me. He turned it upside down and It was a really great version of the song. The fact that he has a wide crazy range is going to help him in singing and I’m actually going to be so shocked If Cody doesn’t make it far on the show.

8. Travis Finlay – Stay

Do not ever sing songs like “Stay” and doesn’t have the emotion and connection to the song itself. Travis sang great! He’s cheerful, he’s nice and he’s going to be so fun to root for. Travis’ audition is what I called spot on. Everything went right, It wasn’t too much and not also less. It’s on the perfect dose. The fact that he sang this song and sang it with so many depression, sadness and hurt that’s what makes the Audition sooo so good.

7. Najah Lewis – Payphone

I can’t rember anyone singing a Maroon 5 song and sang it really well and make it their own. Najah came in with that star quality in her and something that is so refreshing and new to this franchise. Najah even surprised the judges by picking a rare song to sing in the Audition. Najah took “Payphone” and sang it like a calmer, more enjoyable and soothing way. And her lower register was so good and so does the upper register. Everything is so good at this Audition.

6. Emily Brooke – Blown Away

Emily does look 15, isn’t she? Emily came in with a little shy and not so confidence in herself. So timid and shy. I actually dig this woman right away. And when she started singing, her guitar and her is like one of the most matching couple ever. If she gets through, we’ll be seeing this guitar and her a lot. She sang “Blown Away” so good that I’m afraid It will sounded too karaoke and not her own and just another copy-paste version of Carrie Underwood’s, but It’s different. She has all the meaning to the song and sang it well and she knew what she’s singing about. And the last part was the best when her voice is getting bigger and I heard some echo-es which I really like. Emily is going to be a true contender. And she’s shonfidence! Why don’t the judges said this to her but Jax?

5. Clark Beckham – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

I don’t think a lot of people will remember Clark because he’s not a standout, he’s pretty underrated to me becuase his audition, wasn’t amusing to the judges. When they said that they aren’t feeling it, I was more into believing that they’re kidding. Clark sang the heck outta this song. For a song that’s killed by Josh Ledet, I found it really hard for anyone not to be intimidated by that. Yes, It was a bit weird to sing it with guitar. But, Clark sang it with beautiful runs and made it his own rendition. It was a really beautiful performane!

4. Rayvon Owen – Wide Awake

Rayvon is a guy that is I knew can sing before he even open his mouth. Rayvon sang the song so well that I found it really hard to even call this a “Katy Perry” song. Sometimes I feel like there’s too much vibrato in it. But the big note at the end was a killer. Not only that, the runs was also so good that I think Rayvon is going to sing any song and sang it well.

3. Joey Cook – King Of Spain

Joey is hands down the most unique, quirky and weird contestant we’ve ever had on the show. Squeezebox, I believe? It’s  a really creative, innovative and one in a million performance. Joey has a voice as unique as ever. Kinda similiar to Caroline Pennell. I just dont’ want America to take it differently and took it wrong with her voice. Some said that her voice is annoying, that’s what I am afraid of. I’m afraid that It’s going to affect her with the voters. Which is a shame because he’s really good. And she’s right, originality needs to be brought back!

2. Sarina Joi Crowe – Love Runs Out

If she’s not being overconfident and minus the pitchy thing going on in the word “wants” and “love” before the beautiful and crazy runs at the end, I would really rank her first and the best audition this season. But she came close, so whatever. Sarina came back for her fourth time, showed us how determined this girl. We never really seen her before because they decided not to really showed us her because she’s not good enough? Or she has no shot at winning? I think she realized the problem that she has zero personality on her three previous seasons. She sang this crazy One Republic song and sang it with class, sassyness and fierce-ness. It’s everything that we’ve been needing and wanting to see for so long. We might see some big performances this season with a voice like Sarina.

1. JAX

Jax, the coolest name ever is as cool as the performance and as cool as herself. She’s so unique and the performance Itself kinda letting us see the thing that she’s going to give to us during her performances on Idol. It’s definitely the performance that she’s going to give which is unique and something different. She changed the Beatle song into a more romantic version and so many dedication from the performance. Her voice is so good and I died when she reached the high note with her beautiful voice. Jax is going to be so hard to beat at this season. And I believe that she could win the show.


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