The Hollywood Week has ended. And to be honest, I am feeling the good vibe. I think that American Idol 14 is going to be much better than last year. They’ve already showed us great talents from this year and they’re focusing more on the good singers. And there are some frontrunners that we all know going to rise to the top and there are some names that we all know going to be a huge star right after the show whether they’re going to win the title or not. At least the contestants are way more promising than last year’s contestants. More unique contestants, more diverse talents. Eventhough kinda wished that Jillian Jensen, Adriana Brodgen, Kenzie Hall and Austin Wolfe came back, I’m still excited with the 48 singers left. There are definitely some robbed contestants, Jess Lamb. Sadly she won’t be coming back because she has reached the age limit to audition Idol. Kelley Kime, 100% robbed. Tara Honda is robbed. And Piper Jones a little bit. And where the heck is Mickey Duran? But, we need to see the good in bad and there’s definitely a good in this year’s Idol. 

I’m going to begin this with the 12 girls that I want to see in this year’s TOP 24:

1. JAX: Without a doubt, Jax can bring a lot to the table and something fresh and new. She’s unique, her voice is different from the others. The way she change the song and add something new to it so It doesn’t sound the same and boring is refreshing to me. She had performed four times and all four of them were flawless. Jax is definitely the one that I want to see in this year’s top 24, or maybe even who I want to see win.

2. Najah Lewis: I am so dissapointed that we don’t get to see Najah Lewis once in Hollywood Week, but I can see her being a sleeper. Najah can be an underdog and she can be that old contestants that keeps killing it week every week. We’ve seen her beautiful rendition of a Maroon 5 song and imagine that we’ll be seeing it every week on the Live shows. That’s something new.

3. Angelica “Jelly” Joseph: Just because we haven’t had someone like Jelly in the competition. She’s refreshing, she looks like a star and her voice is a superstar voice and I think that the way she did with that Adele song on her Audition she can do it with the other songs, we just need to see her do that and please Idol show her more. She’s not the younger contestants and usually they don’t do well with votings so I would love for them to stop showing Trevor, Daniel, SHI, Savion and start showing some real singers like Jelly, Najah and even Casey Trasher.

4. Tyanna Jones: Tyanna is also someone that we haven’t seen yet on Idol. Maybe Naima. But she’s so free-spirited. She’s a young, energetic and refreshing 16 year old who did really well with current musics. She can definitely own the stage and she won’t be giving us sleepy ballads.

5. Sarina Joi Crowe: Oh God, I want this fourth time to be worth it for her. She’s so good that Idol didn’t see her because they’re afraid that their favorites will be overshadowed by her existence. We only seen her ONCE. During the Group Round when she’s singing “Grenade”. I think that Sarina can bring big voice back but a bit more refreshing. We’ve had big voice on this competition and they can only sing big diva ballads. I can see her singing current musics that’s actually liked by the voters especially young voters. Sarina is needed this year!

6. Katherine Winston: Once I saw her during the Audition, I know that she’s the one that I want and have always been my fave. She can put the depression and sadness into a song but not in a bad way. She is our underdog and what she did with “Wild Horses” was so good that my jaw dropped. I want to see her every week, please!

7. Maddie Walker: She’s the only female country artist that was showed by them right? That means that when she gets into the Live Shows, she’ll be having all the Country fans out there voting for her? She has that crystal clear tone and her tone is so gorgeous. What she did with the song, she did it really clear. It’s like the fresh water from the river that when you wash your face with it, you won’t be sleepy. And that’s Maddie’s voice. All female country artists, watch out!

8. Hunter Larsen: I love her tone so much. I may not be a fan of her audition but once I saw her on the Group Round (yeah, Team Dimples rock!) I am starting to love her. Her tone is so good. A type of singer that can sing anything and do it justice.

9. Emily Brooke: Oh I forgot, she’s also a country singer. Emily got a really beautiful tone but her voice is also so big. She might not be the most memorable, but when she sings, I cannot believe that It comes out from the 16-year old beautiful girl. I can see her do no wrong in this competition and slide her way to the end with Maddie (country singers battle!)

10. Joey Cook: Joey is definitely the definition of unique. What she did with a country song and made us forget that It was a country song is so good. She respect the song and didn’t changed that so much but when she sang it, we forgot the original version of it. I want to see her squeezebox on the Live Shows. It’s just, we haven’t had this kind of singer before on Idol and I want to see this unique singer deal with theme weeks. She’s definitely unique, innovative and creative.

11. Shannon Berthiaume: Shannon is a soul singer. When she belt those notes, It’s like bringing us into a beautiful planet because she’s not from planet Earth. Sometimes she overdoes that, but sometimes when she did, It’s beautiful. What she did on Group Round was SOOOOOO good that she turned me from a no-fan into a fan of her. Definitely need to keep an eye on her because she could be the underdog this season.

12. Erika Davis: Not everyone know her, but I really like Erika Davis. She has a beautiful voice and she’s doing so much better. She has a great attitude and she sounded so current. Erika can be really deadly when she gets the right song and sang it like nobody’s watchin’.


13. Ellen Petersen: I like Ellen, but she’s still 13th, so she’s not that far, 50% still wanting her in the top 24 (divided by Erika), but It’s just they didn’t show her and I don’t know how she’s going to do well eventhough country votes are so strong when we have Maddie and Emily in this competition. I feel like she can be a pretty legit contender but I don’t think that she’s special enough to be in the TOP 24.

14. Kalynne Schoelen: I remember when “A Song For You” sounded so good and that’s the first time really that I liked the rendition of it. Kalynne just lacks the originality and I feel like I’ve seen so many singers like Kalynne. I want her to do well, and I won’t be mad If she advanced through the TOP24, but the other singers are going to eat her alive.

15. Jaq Mackenzie: I wasn’t a fan of hers since the beginning, but she’s starting to improve and turned to be a really good contender because she sounded so current and she can make Idol a lotta money (I stole it from Loren Lott) with that unique voice. Sometimes It can be squeaky but sometimes It can be really soft.

16. Erica Washington: She has that ridiculously great thick voice, but I don’t think that we need her to sing big diva ballads. She’s so passionate, but I think that there are more unique and creative singers that are better than Erica.

17. Lovey James: She’s so ridiculously current and without a doubt If she wins that she’s going to be in radio and we’ll be hearing her voice a lot because she sounded so young. What she did with “All About That Bass” is so good and It doesn’t matter If she surprised the judges. I ain’t feeling Lovey James. I feel like her voice isn’t strong enough. It’s not an American Idol Standard voice.

18. Maddy Hudson: Maddy, seen her once, I like it. But she’s not strong enough. I don’t think she know what she’s doing and what she did on Group Round was such a hot mess.

19. Adanna Duru: Adanna has that crazy wide range, but I think that she doesn’t know what control is. She almost broke during her Audition and her Group Round sounded a little bit shouty to me. I know she was from The Voice, It’s just I don’t think her voice wow me.

20. Lorenn Lott: I am starting to like her just from one performance on the Solo Round. What she did with “Skyfall” was undeniable one of the most beautiful Hollywood performance. I cannot find anything wrong with it. I don’t know If It’s lucky, I don’t feell ike she can bring it another time. I don’t know how many more songs that could make her cry so that she sounded great but If she has 100 songs that could make her cry like Skyfall, please bring it to the table and prove me wrong because I love to be proven wrong.

21. Alexis Gomez: GAH! Another country artist. I was such a mess for not recognizing country singers this season. Because they’re so forgettable. Well some of them. Alexis seems to be shown a lot and has this homeless free-spirited singer. I’m not feeling her because she’s too screamy and shouty while singing. She has a thin voice and I think that when she screams It came off a little bit squeaky. She sounded great in one performance though, but I don’t think she’s going to do well with it.

22. Gina Venier: Gina Venier replaced Nalani on the TOP 48 because Nalani has to do something that I don’t care about. Gina is better than Nalani. What Gina did was good but she’s not memorable.

23. Hannah Mrozak: Hannah had one audition and It wasn’t that good. And I don’t think that she’s going to do much better.

24. Shi Scott: I don’t know how this girl ended up in the TOP 48. None of her performances really stood out. She’s trying so hard to be funny and entertaining, It’s not working. She sounded the same to Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Etta James and I am sure other singers taht she covered. She still has stage fright which to me a huge issue because you can’t have that on Idol, you need to be mentally prepared for what’s going to happen. I don’t think she’s going do well under pressure. Shi is so stunning, unfortunately none of her performances was as stunning as her looks.

The other two were: Monica Laire and Rachael Hallack, I can’t judge both of them because I have never seen her or heard her sing. Idol didn’t showed her a single bit during Audition until Hollywood Week so I don’t think I should judge them.


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