Comparing guys and girls, not really that big of a different. Both guys and girls have good and bad performances. On the guys side, Clark, Rayvon, Quentin, Qaasim and Nick at least have a deserving TOP 12 Performance while on the girls side, Sarina, Maddie, Jax, Joey, Alexis and Tyanna had a really GREAT performance. But as an overall, there were less trainwreck on the guys night than girls. The girls seem to pick wrong song choice and some of them weren’t even seem to have the passion to be a star. It was a really dissapointing Semi Finals as an overall because I expect more cause I’ve seen great singing from these people. But we’ll just have to see what happens next, I’m still having high hopes for IDOL. 

1. Lovey James – Love Runs Out by One Republic: C

We all know of how marketable Lovey is. Her voice is what people nowadays actually listen to and someone that we might hear on the radio and the song that can be succesful in the music industry. Lovey had a really nice and steady journey on Idol. Some of the performances were good, some were acceptable. Her Group Round stood out for me. But, Lovey always lack the technical skills that the other girls have been practicing. This performance is so overbaked. She did it way too much to the song, the scream that she didn’t need to do. If she just bring the sweetness and the innocence of Lovey, I think she’ll do the song justice. But, instead, she overdid it and as a result It was way too much and way over the top. Not that bad, but for the semi-finals, It’s really important for Lovey to kill it. Not only for Lovey, but for all the girls. Right now, It doesn’t matter If she has 75k followers on Twitter because you gotta have a decent performance and she performed the first, that’s really deadly.

2. Adanna Duru – Rather Be by Clean Bandit: C

We didn’t see a lot of her during Hollywood Week which only means one thing: she needs to kill it. But instead, we got a really too much and overdo version of a really good song. Adanna started slowly but then screamed and basically trying to impress the viewers by giving a new version of the song, but failed to do so. It was too much. I think It was already a wrong choice for her no matter what she does or how she changes the song, It’s already a wrong song choice for her. I wished that she would really think waht song that suits her vocal because this song couldn’t do that much and didn’t showcase her voice. It was sharp, a little bit pitchy and just too much.

3. Alexis Gomez – Gunpowder And Lead by Miranda Lambert: B+

I was never really a fan of Alexis, I think that her voice is so thin and I’m having a hard time listening her singing on stage. But this time, for the first time I actually enjoyed her! She moved the crowd. I like that she’s not doing it too much, I like that she deicded to do it with her style and version. She didn’t do that as crazy as Skylar Laine and as sexy as Jessica meuse. She did it like someone that’s trying to have fun. She moved the crowd the clapping hand thing and she basically rocked the stage for the first time. And now I’m hoping that she could be on the TOP 16 so that I can see her more.

4. Joey Cook – Somebody Like You by Keith Urban: B+

I really like Joey, but I lost her. She’s starting to show that she’s not ready for the show, forgetting lyrics and being way too nervous and not comfortable on stage but then she did this and I fell in love back to her. She sang a country song and make it her own! She made a Keith Urban song into a more fun and enjoyable version of it. She danced, she moved the crowd and she had fun. That’s what we’ve been hoping she would do. She had fun on stage and she let go and that’s what Joey needs to do.

5. Katherine Winston – Safe & Sound by Civil Wars: B-

Katherine isn’t really that person that the show’s pimping which is hard to see because Katherine is amazing. And she’s not really what viewers really rooting for. Now that the show gave a little bit of screentime for her, she has to kill the chance that she has. Unfortunately, I think that Katherine took the safe way and sang it too safe. The song choice that was way too safe for her. She could do ten times better than this. I’m not saying that the performance was awful or bad but It was way too safe that It’s boring. There’s nothing really spectacular about it. It was good but we need something more from her. ANd I don’t think that this performance will help her advance.

6. Shannon Berthiaume – Who Knew by Pink: D+

The one problem that I have with Shannon always is that she never really seems to want it badly. She never really had a good time performing on stage and I know that she’s a cool chick but she gotta have that passion and commitment when she sings. And this time once again she failed. I don’t think we need to have another proof, I don’t think that we need to see her anymore because she’s done. I’m done with her. The performance was way too lazy and too laid back and she didn’t understand the lyrics and what the song’s about. It seems like she just woke up from a long nap and were asked to perform on stage and she’s not ready for it. I get it that this is her first time singing on stage, but we don’t need excuses.

7. Lorenn Lott – Note To God by JoJo: C+

Everyone are always crazy for big notes and long notes. And everyone are always in shock when someone can nail big diva ballads. After “Skyfall”, I honestly feel like that’s what Loren does best. Other than that, I think she failed to do another song that is other than “Skyfall”. This performance was okay, but we need more. It was too threatical in some parts and too forced. Her vocals weren’t that pretty and that solid for a song like this. I didn’t love it, but I think It was that performance that was placed in the middle of the pack and by that means she’s going to go through.

8. Shi Scott – Umbrella by Rihanna: C-

No, I didn’t think It was that bad as what people said but It wasn’t good. She wanted to make an impression and wanting to have an Idol moment so bad that she wanted to be creative but she failed to do so. “Umbrella” isn’t a song that was going t obe succesful to be renditioned. Shi’s voice was always heard and seem forced and that’s why I’m having a hard time liking Shi as a performer and a singer. This was really a mess and It wasn’t good.

9. Maddie Walker – Love Gets Me Everytime by Shania Twain: B+

I don’t understand why everyone hated it, I think that Maddie is a really competent country singer. She’s 17 and so mature. She got a really clear tone. It’s like a crystal. Everyone been saying that she’s too basic. This time, she came on stage and sang with attitude. She’s so cute. The boots are cute, the style is cute the way she sings is cute. And It was a really cute and adorable performance. She hit all of those notes and technically, she’s pretty great. It was a really solid performance and like it or not, I think that If she goes through, she’s going to be so hard to beat.

10. Sarina Joi Crowe – Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J: A

Sarina hasn’t been the most showed contestant out here, I think they’d rather pimp WGWG or someone like Lovey, Jax those who the show haven’t had before. Sarina is like too good for Idol. I think she should be making records out there already. I can’t believe that this is her fourth time and If America still doesn’t get her, I don’t know what kind of singers America likes. Sarina sang it with great attitude and those kick at the end was flawless. Technically was amazing. There are so many “Mamma Knows Best” versions on Idol that I am scared that she’s going to overdo it, but she didn’t do it like the others, she did it with those amazing crazy runs and It was almost perfect. She was definitely the best so far.

11. JAX – Bang Bang (Baby Shot Me Down) by Cher: B+

Jax has always been the frontrunner. She’s so creative in changing songs and make it her own. She’s good at it. She has done “Toxic”, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, “Let It Be”, “You And I” and none of these performances were similiar to the original. And this time, I think that she did it one more time. Quite frankly, I think that this was my least favorite performance from her eventhough she killed it everytime and that’s why, because she was SO good all the time that eventhough this was so good, It’s my least performance. She’s still head on shoulders from the other contestants. She’s the one that is going to beat all the WGWGs on this season. It was so good but I wanted more as a Jax fan.

12. Tyanna Jones – Lips Are Moving by Meghan Trainor: B

Tyanna always reminds me of Majesty Rose. I’m just praying that she didn’t fall and crumble like Majesty did. And stop picking songs taht doesn’t make sense. Tyanna has picked uptempo songs and I think that’s what she does best. And we kept on saying that we’re so tired listening to ballads and God sent Tyanna to wake us up. It was good but I wanted more. Closing the show, I think you need to make it really memorable because they put you last because they expect something more from you and I think that Tyanna dissapoint me a little bit eventhough as an overall It was still a great performance and still in that deserving top 16 category.


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