Sigh…Sigh..Sigh. I can’t believe that we’re going back to the last year’s Idol again. Mediocre performances. I am so confused. They’re so good in Hollywood Week, but now they seem like they haven’t been singing for 30 years. Some of these people are so bad that they were used to be so good in Hollywood and some of these people just chosed the wrong song again and again and the voters at home are just voting for some dull contestants and wrong contestants. Seriously? Adanna over Katherine? Really? And Daniel over Savion? Talking about robbed. This is the clear definition of what robbed is. Katherine could be a huge contender and a dark horse and also the saviour of this season. But, y’know, America confuse the hell out of me. All the time. I don’t know who came up with this “Motown Week” because they aren’t ready. And Aretha aren’t doing any coaching and mentoring I feel like. I think these nerves were came from the twist Itself. They’re so nervous waiting for their names to get called and once they were called, they freaked out and now they’re pitchy because they can’t control their emotion for 28 seconds ffs. 28 SECONDS. They have like this intro about hte contestants some sort of biography about the contestants for 28 seconds and honestly that’s the only break they can take from freaking out to real singing.

But, we need to see the good in bad and that’s how I did it last year. Apart from bad performances, I think that this season is going to be a good season, It’s just this Semi-Finals that are driving the contestants insane. Some of the contestants did well. Again, I blame the twist. I think that Motown has always been a hard theme for any contestants past Idol. Yes, there were some great performances but the contestants that are so good can crumble and fall during this theme. So, here’s my recap for the top 16: 

1. Daniel Seavey – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) by Marvin Gaye: D+

Well, I don’t know If Daniel really knows what he’s singing about because this has zero emotion and connection to the song. He’s just surviving on stage. I don’t see him enjoying the moment up there, he’s waiting for all of this to comes to an end so the nerves are gone. He’s nervous as hell and I can see through it. This was so awkward. Nothing about this performance really shows that Daniel is ready for the show and yet the judges didn’t mentioned her pitchy notes over and over again. Daniel tried to do the moves but failed to do so because he’s so contrived and stiff. The performance was catastrophic for me.

2. Mark Andrew – Papa Was A Rolling Stone by The Temptations: C

I was honestly shocked that Mark was in the TOP16. I don’t know which part of his Top 24 Performance that made people want to vote for him instead of Savion who at least brought the groove in a really bad song choice. Mark this time, did what he did last week. Brought a boring rendition of this song. He barely even move! There’s no connection with the audience at home and the song Itself. It was so dull and boring. His beautiful voice didn’t really go anywhere.

3. Rayvon Owen – My Girl by The Temptations: A-

I’m going to thank Rayvon for at least giving me something worth my time even only for an hour. This was so good that It was better than his previous performance. This performance showcased his voice really well. This performance had the Rayvon groove and falsettos. His pitch were perfect and his dedication to this song was so good. This was a really really good performance!

4. Adam Ezegelian – I Want You Back by The Jackson 5: C

This song was so overdone on this show especially for this year so I don’t know why should he pick this song out of so many songs out there. Just showed me that he’s not thinking out of the box and this was way too safe. He’s not thinking of creating a moment from the audience. I’d rather have Mark who was so dull but we know was amazing and such a great dude instead of Adam because I’ve had enough of Caleb Johnson and he could win. Judges loved him so much that I don’t understand. Adam didn’t gave me anything, It didn’t really do anything to me. This was another definition of boring but different with Mark Andrew’s. It’s that moment when you’re just so done with this performer and you’ve had enough of him and I don’t want to hear anymore of Adam. And Daniel.

5. Clark Beckham – Track Of My Tears by The Miracles: B

Clark has always been giving great performance after great performance. All of the performances, he knows what he’s doing and knows what the song is about and delivered it well. Eventhough he’s still good, I think he lost the spark. He lost the fire. He needs to show more “Try A Litte Tenderness” kinda performance for the audience to feel him more. He could win this. This performance was good but not spectacular. I think the Motown Week Theme did him over. Yes, he added new elements to this song, he made this song his own and still the growls suit really well in the song. But, It prevented his beautiful vocals to come out and roar. Eventhough I think that this performance is enough to get him through next week.

6. Nick Fradiani – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours by Stevie Wonder: B

I don’t know what’s wrong with Nick. But there’s something inside him that’s just so ready to be a superstar. He’s 29 and If he’s gone, he couldn’t come back anymore because he has reached the age limit to audition. It’s really rare for the old guys to get through this far. Sometimes, they don’t get enough votes. But different for Nick. Audience and voters really really like Nick. This performance I have to agree lacked of the emotion and the feeling to it. He reached all of the notes and sang it well with his own style. But we need more of a feeling into it. That Nick this time lacked. But apart from that, great vocal.

7. Qaasim Middelton – I Wish by Stevie Wonder: B-

Reminds me of Joshua Ledet’s version which was so entertaining and so groovy. I’m sure Qaasim could bring that too because he’s probably the most entertaining while performing. Qaasim still had those dances and moves but I don’t think that It really helped the performance fully. Yes, this was a good performance and still as groovy as It should be but Qaasim didn’t had all of those abilities to brought the song to life. It’s not alive.

8. Quentin Alexander – Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder: B

I was torn. I want Savion but also Quentin so I was just hurt that i have to lose someone so good like Savion. Quentin sang it but It seems like he was too lazy to sing this. I know that he got his own style, but the energy was missing. He didn’t hit all of those notes because some notes were a little bit pitchy but as an overall performance, I think that this performance was captivating enough as the closing of the night. He’s a really really exciting, unique character and also performer.

1. Tyanna Jones – Smokin’ Robin by Michael Jackson: A

I think that I am a bit different with others. People like “Lips Are Moving” more than this, I feel like “Lips Are Moving” wasn’t as “free” as this performance. I’m glad that Tyanna always picked a song that’s not ballad and an uptempo song that can wake up the crowds and he got us clappin’ our hands, stomping our feet and actually cheering for her. As the leadoff performance of the night, he shocked and wow-ed me. He got a stage presence and Harry was right, what can’t she sing? Nothing…

2. Loren Lott – Wanna Be Where You Are by Michael Jackson: B-

Even Loren is doing a pretty good job! Lorenn always had a bundle of energy and It was fun watching her. But was it good all the time? Sometimes she put a lot of dramas into the performance that It lost the song and sometimes she was too threatical but because she’s an actress, she can work that out. This time, she had the right amount of energy, fun, feeling and vocals were fine. It wasn’t spectacular, but I think that If we’re talking about earing the spot, she eraned it. She’s fighting for the spot and all she needs is a good song and a good theme so she can roar and fly.

3. Maddie Walker – I’ll Be There by The Jackson 5: B-

A lot of MJ! I remember her being SOO SOO good during Hollywood Week. Got a tone as clear as crystal and got the coolest hair ever. Maddie always had the perfect amount of performance and It was on the perfect dose. I think the same like Clark. The theme did her over. She lost the spark and the fire that we used to see in her. She lost the fire as red as her hair and It wasn’t cool because Maddie needs a moment. She’s an extremely great country artist and she can be a succesful in this music industry with that tone. The performance wasn’t bad, but she’s not used to be pitchy. There were notes taht were ptchy and she couldn’t connect to the song really well. But still, the vibrato was amazing. The vocals were actually fine but we’re used to listening Maddie killed a song with all of the vocals that came together, this wasn’t it. But still, was a fine performance.

4. Joey Cook – Shop Around by The Miracles: B

To turn this performance into a jazzy version of it was really really smart. And that’s just Joey. She’s just so smart, creative and innovative and a different kind of performer that the show actually needs. We’ve had enough of mediocre singers that sang the smae song over and over again. This girl will never choose a song that are mediocre. I expected her to sing songs like “Anything Could Happen” that are so overdone for singers like Joey. She thinks out of the box. She got those stage presence and she moved around and she’s freaking out the same time that I think was really cute. Joey is a great performer.

5. Sarina Joi Crowe – You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me by The Miracles: A

Harry is so dismissed. Saying that this performance was consistently flat? I’m sorry. I don’t think that I’m deaf because this wasn’t flat AT ALL. Yes, This wasn’t Sarina killing those notes with big voice and long notes but you don’t need loud moments and sometimtes small kinda performance was as good as loud performances. Keith got it right that she wasn’t swayed by the cheers that she’s getting. The performance was consistently right on from the beginning till the end. She didn’t missed the vocals at all. The runs was still there. I love this!!!!

6. Adanna Duru – Hello by Lionel Richie: B-

Well, at least Adanna stepped up. She hasn’t sounded this good before. She’s always having a vocal issue which I don’t think she’s ready yet for the show. She’s like 17/18 and that’s why I think that Adanna needs more time. I know  that she’s on The Voice and that’s also the reason why she’s cut because she needs lots of work to do. Still, Adanna was still sharp and the last big notes were flat. But, she has the emotion of singing this song. She tap into the song and suddenly positioned herself as the songwriter and she knows and sang it from her heart. Do I love it? No. But I think that this was still head and shoulder from the guys yesterday.

7. JAX – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye: B+

JAX always had those crazy performances that are so creative. I don’t know why the judged disliked this so much because I thought this was so cool. She turned this song into a jazzy sultry version. And honestly, everyone should hear this version. JAX can move the crowd and please the audience and honestly, we need this kind of performance!

8. Alexis Gomez – Sugar Pie Honey Bunch by The Four Tops: D+

Last week was excellent. Alexis was so into the performance that I thought she has to be in the TOP 16. And she did it. I don’t know If this has anything to do with nerves or not. Or the wrong song choice but this performance was pitchy from the beginning till the end. It lacked the energy that Alexis usually showed and shared. And If this has anything to do with not having instruments with her, I blame her. She can’t bring those guitar all the time! It’s boring. And I appreciate her attempt to shake things up and not pick a reall really safe songchoice but this was the wrong song choice. She attempted to do big notes in the middle and end that just didn’t work out. It’s so sad because Alexis was good.


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