Ugh! It was so hard moving on to TOP 11 without Sarina Joi Crowe. This is a really crucial thing. Sarina had one weak performance and America sent her home, while Daniel Seavey, Adanna Duru, Qaasim Middleton even Quentin Alexander had a so-so week, they keep her. Sarina Joi Crowe is the best singer in this competition. And the fact that she was only placed 12th really pains me because someone as good as Sarina deserved to go further at least until the Tour. I think this was based on the fact that she performed first. I’m not going to blame those people who put her first because I think that they expect that amazing performance from her as well, but Sarina said herself that she’s shaking because she just got through and they wanted her to sing. Fyi, It’s not an excuse. They had some times to wait and take a breath and just breath a sigh of relief. And I think Sarina is not really well known because she wasn’t really shown in the Hollywood Week. NEXT, I think that Sarina is not what teenagers these days are voting for. The days for this big crazy diva vocals are done and now we’re more focusing on unique, authentic and first ever singer like Joey Cook and JAX. And I think that by that means, Sarina needs to bring her A game every week and unfortunately this wasn’t her week. 


I’m trying to forget and just move on because there are still at least 8 or 9 great singers on the bunch. It’s a great theme! I think they want us not to get bored. Last year, It was all ballads and all the performances are so boring. And I think that they are trying to wake us up so that we’re not easily got bored with the performances. We’re expecting uptempo and upbeat songs and to be honest, It’s a really good week. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. The songchoices, some were never before sung on Idol and there are more current songs than old songs which was amazing. I’m always into someone who chosed current songs than singing songs that has been sung great on Idol and trying to do just great. Here’s my recap for TOP 11 Week:

1. Rayvon Owen – Burn by Ellie Goulding: C+

I’m expecting more from Rayvon. Rayvon got a beautiful tone and gorgeous voice and I think to be murdered by a song that I actually think that he can sang well was a bit confusing. It was underwhelming. He was not in the zone, he wasn’t connecting with the song, nor with the audience. All the runs were so forced and It felt like he’s trying to add something and trying to make it his own but It failed to wow us. We were talking about wanting to see the different side of Rayvon, and I am wondering that I am also waiting to see it as well. If he gives us this kind of performance every week, we’ll get bored and that worries me a lot.

2. Joey Cook – Fancy by IGGY AZALEA: A++ 

I gave Joey an A++, only for performances that killed me, in a good way. I don’t care If she was inspired by Postmodern Jukebox, she did it really great. She sang it well. And she’s not just that unique sounded singer but she also can sang. She sat down in the middle of the stage and just sang it with ease and confidence that we haven’t seen before. Sometimes, she’s all over the place all the time after Ryan called her name, but this time, she’s more relaxed and that’s a huge thing. With a consistent vocal from beginning till the end, I believe that Joey could be our dark horse of the season.

3. Maddie Walker – She’s Country by Jason Aldean: B

I’ve been her supporter since the Audition. And I believe that Maddie is starting to show us more and more each week. She’s growing. From “Love Gets Me Everytime” to “I’ll Be There” to “Suitcase” and now “She’s Country”. She’s getting more comfortable on stage. Got a tone as clear as crystal, as I always said and I am going to go back to “Suitcase” for a while and how confidence and how comfortable she was there. And also in “She’s Country’, I don’t think that she’s imitating, she’s trying to come out of her shell more and trying to prove why she deserved to be there. The one thing that I would like to see more is the connection with the audience and the song Itself just trying to send the message of the song that could be a powerful weapon for her. She’s country, country vote is strong. Just waiting for the whole package to be here and she’s going to be a rocket.

4. Clark Beckham – Takin’ It To The Streets by The Doobie Brothers: B

I love Clark. All of the growls, the runs and one of those performers that always had the pitch perfectly when he sings. It’s just, Is he current? Because we’ve had one FAIL winner, Caleb Johnson and Candice Glover wasn’t doing that well eventhough she’s an amazing star. I am just hoping that Clark can be current as well. He’s been picking songs that is so old and classics and not enough current songs. He’s choosing songs that’s not well known and sometimes the audience wants a song that’s well known that they can sing along and know soo that they can compare. Clark is good, but he needs to really really do something different next week.

5. JAX – Blank Space by Taylor Swift: C-

JAX Is an amazing, unique singer. And her executions to a song has always been creative. But the thing is sometimes she’s over-executing and the song got lost. And here’s the example. In TOP 12 Performance, I wished that she would just sit down and sang as good as the Audition. I think she wants to show a different kind of performance but I don’t think we’ll ever be bored with the performance. THis time, I don’t know what the reason is and why is she picking songs that is not suitable to her choice. She could just sit down on the piano, strip the song down and just sang the slow version of the song but she chosed to sing it like more into a rock kind of version that just doesn’t work. It was just weak and a front-runner messing up, Is she trying to let the other pass her? Joey has passed her. And now she’s giving Maddie, Adanna and Quentin passed her and she needs to get it back to the game!

6. Qaasim Middleton – Jet by Paul McCartney: C

Yes, he’s entertaining. Yes he’s a purejoy on stage and he can own the stage. That’s probably something that we don’t know If Joey had in her, If Daniel had in him, Quentin, Nick, Rayvon. He’s so comfortable on stage. But there’s always one thing that bothers me. His performance is always pitchy. He needs to remember that this is also a singing competition that pitch is also important. Harry told him earlier that don’t forget the singing as well. Entertaining with the moves and the stage presence but he’s sometimtes too busy cheering the crowd that the singing was so off. And this is another example of it.

7. Adanna Duru – Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars: B+

Adanna surprised me. I wasn’t a fan of her and I don’t think that she really deserved the TOP 12 Spot. I honestly think that Lorenn deserved it more. I don’t know. Adanna shocekd me this time. He chosed a song that I think she has sung before that’s why she’s so comfortable. She’s not always pitch perfect, but when she is, she’s so good. This is the performance that’s not perfect and the there were few pitch problems. But, Adanna has stage presence that’s checked. She danced and It’s always been a sexy performance from her. Sometimes she’s trying to do the runs that was totally unnecessary because It shows her weakness. If she’s trying to do runs, make sure she does it well. Because sometimes It could go all over the place. It’s a much better performance for Adanna this time.

8. Tyanna Jones – Tightrope by Janelle Monae: A+

Two A+s, this week is great! At least this night. I need to have fun and enjoy the night especially after the departure of Sarina Joi Crowe a.k.a SEASON 14 GODDESS. TYANNA DID IT AGAIN. I don’t remember the day that she’s not good because I don’t think she has. Her performances have always been great, pure of joy, entertaining, fun and her star quality is shining when she’s singing on stage. THe first minute was so intense and all of the moves, she sang it well. The last note was killer and Tyanna killed it with such a class. She doesn’t even have to try, she’s the definition of a dynamo.

9. Daniel Seavey – Happy by Pharell: D+

Oh Dear, I don’t know when will Daniel pass the D’s. Daniel is just so stiff and contrived. And I can see him trying to be comfortable and trying to have fun but he just can’t. He’s too young for this. He’s too young for this big stage. He needs 2 or 3 or 4 more yeras to come back and be a badass. This song was supposed to be Happy, having fun and joy everywhere. But this is just so underwhelming, nothing from this performance that makes me happy. And America chosed him over Sarina.

10. Quentin Alexander – Rolling In The Deep by Adele: C+

Quentin is another unique singer probably the most unique from the guys’ side. Not only just by the way he dresses but he performs really good. He manages to be creative BUTT…. he faild this time. Just like waht Jax did. He’s trying so hard when he shouldn’t. I mean, he should try but changin the song into a more karaoke isn’t going to do any good. As a result, It’s more karaoke than real singing. There’s nothing unique about the performance because we’re so used to Quentin being and having unique performances. This time, he failed to do so.

11. Nick Fradiani – Wake Me up By Avicii: B+

Good for Nick to choose this song, I didn’t think It was a safe song choice I think It’s a really good move by him. I think picking this song is a strategic point of view from Nick not to pick songs that’s too big but stick to a song that he for sure know that he could sing it well and Nick did it. Nick put the Nick twist into it and his beautiful vocal shines. Unlike the TOP 12 Performance, I didn’t like it, this time I enjoyed it so much. The guitar really helps the performance into a better one. As the closing of the show, It’s a really really great one!

So… with Sarina Joi leaving, I feel like It’s just how to perform great performance after great performance every single freaking time. Those who I think will be safe without any doubts are: Joey Cook, Tyanna Jones, Adanna Duru, Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham. I’m worried about my girl Maddie. I think that the country vote is so strong and I always think that but this time I’m scared. JAX too. Eventhough I feel like she has a huge fanbase, I don’t think that the swifties will vote for her only because she sang a Taylor Swift song. And It’s not even a good performance. (Sorry, Jax). I think Quentin, Qaasim and Daniel might be in the bottom. Rayvon might also be in the bottom. But, one thing for sure, A GUY WILL LEAVE.


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