Survivor Cambodia: Just like that…. first person voted out is..


And just like that.. first person voted out from Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance is Vytas Baskauskas. Aras’ brothers. I’m a bit sad because I think Vytas was seen and edited to be creepy, the Vince edit back in Worlds Apart, but I know he’s upping his social game. I think Ta Keo should have sent Kelly Wigglesworth home instead. It should have been an easy vote, she literally costed the tribe’s win, but Vytas had to pay for it. The premiere was fun. It showed so many social game, several alliances and It showed some potential winners and some dramas as well also we’d know those who won’t win. It’s a really fun episode and I am just so in love with all of these second chancers that seeing any of these people go would be so devastating


S31_press_images_ep1_0050 copy

My player of the week goes to… Kelley Wentworth. Kelley has 7 total of confessionals. The most this episode, and the most she has ever had. She has more screentime than her previous season, she said she came back to play and indeed. She came back and slayed hard. Kelley could be our winner, like a Parvati style winner. Kelley found Hidden Immunity Idol. Production decided to change it and shake things up by hiding the Idol on the challenge, Kelley ballsy-ly took the Idol when no one notices. This is very dangerous because If someone from your tribe sees it, or even the other tribe, you could be in danger. If someone from the other tribe sees it and you ended up on the same tribe with that person, you’ll be in danger. So It’s definitely a gutsy move from Kelley’s part, showed us that she came to play and she’s ready to get dirty.


Abi-Maria Gomes during the special 90-minute season premiere of SURVIVOR, Wednesday, Sept. 23 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT). The new season in Cambodia, themed

Best moment from the episode has to be, Abi Maria and her bracelet. She said several times that she’s going to change, because If not, she’s not going to win. She’s already perceived as the firecracker, the bomb that’s ready to explode. No one will trust her and count her in. The thing is, Abi wanted to change, but clearly from the episode, she couldn’t. I prefer the entertaining villainious Abi, eventhough that’s not good for her game but It’s good TV. It’s interesting. And she proved it once again that she’s so entertaining. FIrst, she lost her bracelet. It’s no where to be found, she said It’s some kind of powerful bracelet. She began searching and she doesn’t wanna stop until she finds her’s. Until then, she found it on Peih Gee’s bag. She didn’t take it very well, she siad she would be quiet but then told the entire tribe that she found it on Peih Gee’s bag and soon believing that Peih Gee wants to weakened Abi. I think It was a complete mistake. Peih Gee apologized and said that the bag has no name, but Abi seems to be not buying it. I think It’s gonna be Peih Gee vs Abi this season, because Peih Gee pushed for Abi to go and Abi seems to be not impressed by Peih Gee’s existence. So we’ll see, I think It’s going to be very confontional between Abi and Peih Gee.


My thoughts on the episode is.. It’s a good episode. Not as good as I was expecting. But they’re giving us clear standouts from the first episode. Clearly, they’re focusing it on Joe, Kelley, Kelly, Jeff and Abi. And a bit of Jeremy and Stephen. But, only few of them I think can win. Right now, my money is on Kelley Wentworth. I think she can win. The episode was a bit lackluster, I think they wanted us to show the social game on the Island and on the camp which is good but It gets so boring when It goes to the Bayon Tribe. And I think they made a wrong decision sending Vytas home because as annoying as he is, he’s still so valuable in challenges. Something that Abi lacks and Kelly completely blew the challenges and costed the tribe’s win.

Props for Shirin because she’s the very first person to tell Jeff, Spencer and those who voted for Vytas that Vytas has to go. Vytas has the connections with so many people and Shirin immediately pulled it through and sent the guy home. It’s also so refreshing to see Kimmi, Kelly and Jeff Varner back. There were also things that bugging me, such as the #Joega. They’re trying to make Joe as the likeable person, which is true. But It’s getting too obnoxius. The thirtiness, I feel It’s forced. It’s not just girls, it’s all guys. Andrew, Jeremy, they’re all thirsty for Joe. I don’t like it. Too many yoga segments. The other thing that bugging me is the Tribal Council. I feel like Jeff is trying to push these people to talk when they dont wanna talk. It’s boring. So, It wasn’t a WOW opening, but It’s definitely still a solid season and I feel like we’re going to have great things to come in the upcoming episodes.


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