Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance – Sixth Person Voted Out is…

Well, I’ve been away for 4 weeks straight and I don’t have time to review Survivor Cambodia but I’ve been watching it and I haven’t missed a single episode yet. It has been a really good season so far and some unpredictable moves (sending Peih Gee home instead of Abi) and some confusing moves (blindsiding Monica) as well. I’m going to review the sixth week of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. And the sixth person voted out is..


Woo is our last pre-merge evictee. I must say, I am impressed with Woo during this season. He’s played way more game and had more fight than his 39 days on his previous season. Woo has managed to convince people to keep him and was in the game and eventhough he’s still the confused prince, he got more fight in him. He’s willing to do anything to stay. I must say, his elimination was confusing. It would be make sense If they voted out Andrew instead of Woo. Because Woo didn’t say anything but Andrew’s the one instigating to throw Ciera under the bus and to send Spencer packing. It was another wrong call from these players. I thought they would be smart enough to send Andrew because Andrew has lots of connections that Woo doesn’t have in the Island. But, Woo has shown and completely shocked me and I’m sure a big majority of viewers and he proven himself that he deserved to be back.



I wish that I could give it to two of these people because Kass is the star of the show and Ciera is the sole reason why she’s still in the game and the reason why her peeps are still in majority. But If I had to give this to one person, It has to be….


Ciera eastin! Some people might say that she’s slightly overrated during her previous season. Nah, she has always been one of my favorites and has always been a badass player in my eyes. Ciera, once again proved why she’s back and why the fans loved her and voted for her. Because she’s a badass and she’s cutthroat. She made sure that her name wasn’t written down during Tribal. Andrew wanted to tell the other side that they’re voting for Ciera. Which I agree, It was too risky. Ciera made the right call to turned it around and put the target on someone else. And I get it why It was Woo. Because in order for them to have Abi’s blessing, if you wanna call it blessing, you need someone that Abi hates. Which is Woo. Abi would be fine If It’s Woo. So, Ciera made a really smart decision to target Woo and make sure that Spencer, Kass, Abi and herself are in majority. She didn’t just accept the fact that she was thrown under the bus and she’s willing to change things up.


It was a really good episode overall. I am really enjoying the switch and I like that we’re not seeing Bayon and Angkor back on Tribal. And we saw different people attending Tribal Council to see where their heads at. The challenges were fun. The tribe divisions, we saw it once again. And It was far better episode than the previous ones. And we now have seen the people who have been quiet (Kass, Ciera, Joe) to now play and see that they’re all capable of doing stuffs. There were some confusing moments like Stephen being super emotional for no reason and too much Spencer. I’m glad that we know can see many more players and their strategies and how their second chance turns out.


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