Who would have thought that Survivor would last for 31 seasons and now 32? Survivor is such a good show that they have this loyal fans that have been watching from season one until now. Survivor is captivating and every seasons they give us something new. Something that other reality game show couldn’t do. And the theme, is what I’ve always liked from Survivor. The newest theme, us fans have been talking about this “Second Chance” theme for a long time. Why haven’t they brought it up? This is such a good theme until last June or July they decided to break the news to the fans that they’re giving us the right to choose all 20 players for the newest season, Second Chance. I was so excited. I don’t care who’s on the ballot, just thinking about picking the players that you will watch on tv screen, that’s big. And I know some of the names shouldn’t even be there and some of the names should be there, like I need more old school players but as a whole, the candidates were pretty competitive. And on the Survivor: Worlds Apart Finale, when Jeff announced the 20 players that make it, I am pretty satisfied. Of course, I would rather see Shane Powers and Teresa Cooper make it, but as a whole cast this is like the strongest cast ever. EVER. Everyone’s out there to win, none of these people has no shot to win at the beginning, everyone’s thirsty for the money and eventhough It would be so sad to see anyone goes like, the first person or the second person voted out, I am just glad that they know what they’re doing out there and they’re out there to win.

Survivor: Second Chance, I prefer to call it this way, has been very tough and exciting. It has been a very unpredictable season. The Tribal Councils, they were amazing. The blindsides, superb. And the fights, confrontation and the scheming, lying and backstabbing. It’s all on this season. Like you could wish everything that you would wish for in a season, it’s all here. The challenges, eventhough some of them were repetitive but seeing how all of the players fight for Immunity there’s still an element of “what will happen?” “who’s gonna win?” “who’s gonna break the record?” “who will beat Joe”. Eventhough this wasn’t the best season of Survivor ever, but still, to be able to pick the cast and to be able to watch the people that we all have picked was a really really enjoyable thing to do. This season has been so entertaining and Survivor is such a cool show to be able to make the fans feel belonged. To listen to the fans and to let us be a part of something. This is why Survivor has such loyal fanbase because they make us feel like we’re a part of the show as well.

Coming into this game, my favorite is Kelley Wentworth. She’s my player pick and I didn’t know as the season goes by that everyone has a shot at winning. I am starting to like the people that I didn’t like when they played the first time and also disliking the players that i very like on the first time they played *coughtashacough*. But as a whole, they all, every single one of them brought something to the table. Vytas, eventhough It was cut way short, he brought somethign to the table and Woo, who was always out of the loop brought something to the table. I am just so entertained by this season. The outcome, the end wasn’t how I wished would happen, but it’s still a great season. GREAT SEASON.




Who would expect Vytas to be the first boot on this season? When he beautifully manipulated the girls back on Blood vs Water and played a really sneaky and ruthless game, unfortunately he couldn’t do it this time. I know that part of his second chance was to build more relations with the other tribe members, but It came off as annoying. Like what Kelley said, like how Shirin was saying and also Abi that Vytas came off smarmy and trying to flirt. I know that he just wanted make friends, but the approach wasn’t subtle. But Vytas did bring something to the table, the yoga thing, It was so fun and hilarious to watch. When he’s trying to teach Shirin how to yoga with underpants, that was so annoying to watch. Why would he pick that underpants? Out of so many underpants? Vytas did play this game. And he did connect with some of the players but he also too dangerous and too scary. And I think they did the right move to get Vytas out. If he would play a better and more subtle social game, I am sure he would still be there until the merge and playing this game hard.




As a  fan of shirin, I am so dissapointed. Because she is a fan who wants to play. She didn’t really play the game that she wanted back on Worlds Apart. She was covered and filled with controversies and It wasn’t an enjoyable thing to watch. Now that she got the chance to return and play with “real” players, real thirsty players I knew this is where she belongs. Shirin beautifully gathered numbers for her to be able to make a move. She has Spencer Bledsoe, Jeff Varner and Kelley Wentworth wrapped around her hand. And she also has Abi Maria. And at that point, Shirin already managed to play a good social game by gathering the votes that she needed. And she orchestrated the Vytas Blindside. But, she was the victim of playing too hard too fast. Varner unfortunately saw her as a strategist, as a threat. And Varner wanted her out. But her fatal flaw was her social game. She was so unaware with the Abi vs Peih Gee situation. She should have not upset Abi, she should have talked to Woo earlier and she should have checkd on Peih Gee to reassure that they’re all solid coming into the second vote. Had she done it, Varner wouldn’t be able to gather the votes against Shirin. It was a very short but I know that she had more fun here than before.




Peih Gee’s second chance was all about her feud with Abi Maria. She’s just another character of “The Victim of the Brazilian Dragon” or “shouldn’t have mess with Abi Maria”. It’s sad because Peih Gee has so much potential! Tasha did say that during Angkor she was really mean to Tasha and Savage and that’s why Tasha went to Abi and created the majority with her. I think that’s the reason why she was voted out because we didn’t really know as to why Tasha and Savage went to Abi and Varner. Before the first switch, Peih Gee played a really good under the radar game. She flipped when she needed to and she was on the majority vote twice. She wasn’t the ring leader which means she won’t be targeted so I think her mistake was the fight she had with Abi Maria. And I hate that the show didn’t really give us anything but the fight with Abi Maria. We didn’t see her enough to actually see whether she has changed her game. She did say that she wanted to have a solid alliance and she wanted to have the people that she can trust along the way. I really couldn’t remember a thing or two she’s done on the Island on her second time which is devastating. Because Peih Gee could be the one to watch.




Jeff Varner is probably one of the most interesting pre-merger of all time. He’s one of the narrator this season. On the very first episode, It was all about how Jeff Varner picking up the pace and how he has just joined the Shirin Train, how he tried to fit in with the new kind of gameplay and he did it. He was in the majority and he gained trusts from different people which is amazing. But there’s method to the madness, he wanted to awaken the old school so that they will play the game as hard as the new school players because Jeff saw how much of a threat Shirin and Spencer are. So, realistically Jeff did control the first 2 votes, eventhough Shirin hinted about getting Vytas out first. But she wouldn’t be able to do it if Varner wasn’t in with the plan and Varner was in it because he wanted to show the old school how to play. I think It worked out brilliantly. But Varner was also playing the game too hard too fast that It blew up on his face. On Angkor, he played way too hard and he let loose his relationship with Abi that Tasha took away Abi from her. And the hinting to Wigglesworth, It was viewed as untrustworthy and sneaky. He has no game back on Australian Outback, It’s all about his funny confessionals and snarky comments. But this time, he has everything to be a good player. He knows how to play and he’s on the right lane. It’s just, he was playing the game a little bit too hard. It was fun while It lasted. It was really fun watching Varner play and his funny confessionals and to really see that he has stepped up his game.




I don’t know why people voted her back in. I think It was because that brief moment when she stood up against Russel, that only airtime she got on Samoa. But whatever, I’m not going to say it over and over again that she stole T Bird’s spot because clearly Monica was doing a much better job campaigning despite how much airtime she got during Samoa. She didn’t really get that much airtime this season. I think due to bunch of big characters that they have to sacrifice someone and unfortunately it’s Monica. I do appreciate her game that she wanted to do an all girls allaince. An all girls alliance is something so rare on Survivor. Someone said because women are catty, which I found really stupid and lame because If they wanna suceed on doing that they need to get out of that mentality and start working and prove that the reason why women aren’t doing well with all girls are because they didn’t have faith on the first time. Monica plead that plan to Kimmi but Kimmi shutted it down and viewed that as being dishonest and being a rat. I am upset. As a Kimmi fan, I am screaming on my screen and wanted Kimmi to stop. Because that is a beautiful offer to have an all girls and get Spencer out. Monica, unfortunately wasn’t sly enough and wasn’t s slick enough because It would have worked perfectly If she was a little bit more subtle with the plan.




Terry said in the beginning that he wanted to change how he play the game. It wasn’t all about the physical strengths. His lack of strategic skills and social skills were really obvious from Panama that he couldn’t even strategize and couldn’t even make a deal that could save him. And now he wanted to change that by having some people and create an alliance and solidify it. And he did approach Spencer early on and Vytas as well. But, the most beautiful thing that Terry did on Second Chance was convincing Abi to go on his side. I think It was very beautifully done. Very subtle and the desperate people, they will take everything that was offered to them and clearly Abi was gettting laughed at and she was alone. Terry was smart enough to come to her and work his magic and then get Abi on his side. It was beautiful. But at the same time, It was also painful to watch Terry this season of how arrogant he was and how unaware he was with the situation. He wasn’t a part of the alliance on Ta Keo and I am sure If they go to Tribal, Terry’s the first one to go. Terry was very clumsy to leave Kelley alone and to not create bonds and build relationships that could benefit him in the merge and thought that he didn’t need to build and form some relationships because he thought the tribe would win every single Immunities. Stupid logic. Such a shame because Terry could be a very serious player had he changed one hundred per. Of course, I am also bummed that he’s pulled from the game. I didn’t want anyone to be pulled from the game or quit because a season as big as this, I want everyone to have an equal shot and I want everyone to go home after being voted out by their own tribe members. Not medically evacuated, not quit and not pulled from the game.




I thought Woo would go to the end once again. He’s not really a big target coming into Survivor Second Chance and he’s really a viable asset to the tribe. His strong physical ability will get him far until the merge. But I was shocked that Woo was voted out early. Not because of Woo being seen as a threat, It was just a matter of getting Abi’s vote. Woo had more game this time than he had on Cagayan. It’s still Out of the Loop Woo and Woo was on the wrong side of the vote most of his time. But, Woo at least tried to show that he’s a competitor and he’s coming back for redemption. He chosed the wrong person to go to the end with the last time which costed him the money but now, I think he came to play. It wasn’t really a good second chance game for Woo, It was short but fans respected this Woo than the Cagayan Woo more.




If we’re looking at who has changed the most and evolved into a better gamer or even person, I think Kass is one of the top contenders. We see Kumbaya Kass from the beginning until before the merge. Kass built relationships and trust within the tribe members. And she changed people’s perspectives of her. Like what she said on the opening statement, “If I don’t change, they’re gonna take me down”. And I think Kass has changed into a better player, in every aspects of the game. And not just that, she buried the hatchet with Spencer and kept Spencer safe. But, It’s all over on the merge episode. Kass returned into Chaos Kass. I am on the Kass side, Tasha did say no more Bayon but Kass should have chill a little bit. She’s the one who has the bad reputation and she’s the one who has no solid alliance and she should have known that she’s the one that needed to be chill because Tasha has army, she has not. And she should have not go around camp telling Tasha lied and creating chaos when most of the people there don’t trust her. Eventhough that’s entertaining as hell but that’s probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. I love Kass this season because she has truly evolved and embraced the second chance but her downfall was trying so hard to bring Tasha down. I love that her intention was to take the Bayon Alliance down, so sad that she couldn’t convince all the people around her that she’s worth to keep. But Kass is very entertaining and It would have been different without her.




I don’t know what’s his second chance story is all about. All he said was he has a beautiful life and the only thing that made his life less perfect is Pearl Islands. I mean, the twist was kind of a bitch. Bringing the eliminated players back? I would be devastated. Savage came this second time and already found himself in the majority and was on the top of the alliance with Jeremy. Clearly, the male thing, he likes it. Just the way he protected Joe and Jeremy. He’s all about alpha males. But, I love the editors that edit him as this sore loser. Savage never really took this Second Chance well. He failed on getting Stephen out, he failed on getting Spencer out on pre-merge and he was blindsided with Wentworth’s Idol and clearly wasn’t very well liked by the other tribe members and he was very condescending and a hypocrite (saying that scheming, lying and backstabbing was disgusting eventhough that’s a part of Survivor and then go behind Stephen’s back wanting Stephen out). It was all about Savage’s failure. Eventhough he found himself on the majority most of the time, but Savage had no game. All he has is the alliance but If you can’t play a good social, strategy and physical game, you can’t win.




Too bad, I thought this season was gonna be all about Kelly Wigglesworth. The first runner up of Borneo clearly wasn’t interesting enough for the editors to be invested with her story. I don’t know much about her game to even comment on it because we showed so little of her during this season. Yes, she was on the majority alliance but she wasn’t at the top of the alliance. She was voted out because of her lacking social skills and Kelley, Ciera and Abi used that to target her. Her association with Joe also what caused her the blindside. To me, I think It was so different with 15 years ago. It’s not all about working as a team and building good shelter. Survivor has changed. It’s now about strategy and social maneuvering. You’ll not be judged by how you’re doing at camp anymore. You’ll be judged from your gameplay. And I think this change, Wigglesworth couldn’t keep up with it.




The show loves Ciera so much. Ciera has always been potrayed as this gamer. The best strategic. And notice or not, her confessionals were all about strategies and scheming. And she always got a special voted off music! Which is why It’s super clear that she show loves her so much. But I ain’t mad about it. I love Ciera and she’s a badass. The beginning of the season, she said she wanted to play the game from Day 1. Clearly on Blood vs Water, Ciera is the fish out of water on Tadhana Tribe. She’s the next to go It seems like every Tribal Council. But this time, she wanted to change that. She wanted to be fearless and not afraid to do things. This second time around, we didn’t see much Ciera on pre-merge but she’s in a very good position on Bayon and on the switch Ta Keo. She’s on the majority alliance. After the second switch, she didn’t even let Savage control the vote, she controlled the vote and orchestrated a beautiful blindside, for me. Maybe some people were confused as why vote out Woo, the out of the loop Woo. But Ciera knew that in order for Abi to be on board. Woo needed to go. As Abi always kept on saying Woo’s dead to her and Ciera knew that Woo needed to go to gain Abi’s trust. Ciera beautifully manipulated the entire tribe and keep Kass calm that keeping Spencer is the right thing. This second time around, I know that It’s gonna be very hard for her to win. Everyone knows her reputation and she will have to play this game hard from Day 1. She found herself on the bottom which is so unfortunate cause I am here for a Ciera win. But unfortunately, her continiously “Play the game” speech was what caused her. Everyone seen her as the leader of the Withes Coven Alliance with Kelley and Abi which made her the target. But I salute her though still, Jeremy literally needed to play his Idol to get her out. Ciera’s a strong player. But she showed too much of her game to others that made them wanted to target her this time.




Jeff once hinted, maybe Stephen should stop focusing on taking out the alpha males and that’s clearly his downfall. I am half agreeing on this one. If I were Stephen, I of course would take the golden boy out of the game. Joe is too good on the game, he’s like the perfect criteria to win the million dollar. But that also how Stephen lost on his previous season. He lost to the golden boy. And he failed to take him out while he had the chance to do it. And Stephen’s gonna make it right this time. Unfortunately, by doing so, he was seen as the strategic threat. Taking the advantage was a smart move, but he should have used that advantage the next Tribal so he wouldn’t have an even bigger target on his back. Stephen’s goal has been taking out Joe since like the second or third episode and he failed on doing it. I don’t think Stephen played such a good social game that got him far after being on the bottom of Bayon, he’s lucky to have Jeremy that kept him safe over and over again. Playing the Idol for Stephen and changing the target from stephen to someone else. It’s all Jeremy’s gameplay. Eventhough he’s in the power position since the merge, but I knew that Stephen’s never gonna win this second time around.




On his first time, I don’t think Joe has any game. All he wanna do is winning challenges and get to that Family Visit. Which I think a dumb goal. And on this second time around, he said it himself that he wants to make it to the Loved Ones Visit. So Joe’s game is all about that. And the edit showed us that Joe only cared about the Loved Ones Visit. Of course, to compare to the first time playing, Joe had more game this time. He built relationships and he’s on the majority alliance early on in Bayon and in Ta Keo as well. And Joe also got himself to the majority alliance on the merge. I said it pre-season that If he wanted to go far and win, he needs to calm down and stop winning the Immunity necklaces because It will make him an even bigger target. In a season where anyone could be targeted, Joe’s actually pretty safe. He just needs to stop winning Immunities and start building relationships instead because everyone seems to like Joe, Joe is a cool guy. But Joe didn’t learn from his mistakes. Joe continued to do what he did on the previous season and he made himself looked like the huge target. Keeps winning Immunity, 4 in a row, and not having enough social game to back it up. Second Chance is all about changing and evolving and learning from your old mistakes and play a better game than before and Joe clearly failed to do that.




I have always liked Abi. Abi is the true villain of Survivor. She doesn’t have to try, she’s just Abi. Coming into the Second Chance, Abi wanted to change how she’s been acting on the previous season. She said it herself that she should be more relax and calm with the situation and get rid of the craziness. Of course, I’d prefer the villainious Abi instead of Calm Abi. But, that didn’t last so long. Abi turned right back into the villain Abi like how she was on Philippines and Abi had several fights and disagreements early on. But, like it or not, the people who had feud with Abi left earlier than her (Vytas, Shirin, Peih Gee, Woo) and they were all pre-merger. I think Abi could go to the end and win If she could really articulate everything that she has done in this game. She obviously got her way most of the time and she was fairly good in some of the challenges this season, she’s done much better physically than her performances in Philippines and I think If she can really tell the jury her game, she can get some votes and win. Of course, the firecracker and the unpredictability and the shenanigans that she created will eventually making it harder for her to win but she has fought so much this season but also giving us entertaintment. From the snarky comments she made to the face-to-face comments and I dare to say without her this season would have been boring pre-merge. I’m sad that they have to show less of Abi on the merge because quite frankly she was a non factor despite being a part of the Witches Coven but she was the most consistent on giving us entertainment throughout the season.




Kimmi Kappenberg was the last old school remaining. Eventhough that didn’t affect the season at all, I do still want the old school to take the title. Because that would mean that they don’t have to change the way Survivor goes, the old school still wins. But unfortunately, It’s an uphill battle for Kimmi. She was a part of the majority alliance from the beginning till the end. She did control some of the blindsides and she did send some big threats out the door but she was always a little too late. She was late at trying to create an all girls alliance, trying too late to change her own destiny when It was all clear that she’s fourth, was also too late to get Jeremy out. She could have gotten Jeremy out had she went with Abi, Wentworth and Keith. But she didn’t use the opportunity well enough. I knew from the beginning that If there’s someone that will surely go far this season it’s Kimmi. Kimmi is the least threatening returning player this season. You have Kelley also who placed lower than her but Kelley showed some game savvyness while Kimmi was gone for like 14 years. I don’t know how she’s doing until they announced the candidates for this season. So, I think people don’t really know Kimmi’s knowledge about Survivor and the only thing that people fairly remember is Kimmi is a vegetarian and she’s fighting over chicken. And also the season was always trying to show how bad Kimmi wants to go to the end without really showing us how she wants to win. It’s all about getting to the end. That’s what Kimmi always said. Kimmi had a good game. She played a good solid game. She chosed to stick to the alliance that will get her far. But she realized everything too late. Of course, she tried to change the game but the timing was so off.




Keith is the biggest question mark this season. If you draw the line in the sand and everybody pick a side I think the one person that we wouldn’t know where to go is Keith because Keith hasn’t shown much game savviness, he clearly not the most strategic person so Keith is the one that I wouldn’t wanna come back actually because I want all the 20 players to be strong in the game. Keith at one point did say that he didnt’ wanna change anything maybe tweak a little bit. I think he’s correct. What he has done on San Juan Del Sur clearly almost the right thing because he got to the fourth place just one step closer to the million dollar maybe Keith needs to have loyal alliance. Keith was such a non factor in this game. It took 30 days for Keith to play the game that he should have been playing early on. It was also a little too late. There are lots of things that Keith could do that could get him closer to the money. Like trying to play the fake Idol that Kelley made. If he could threaten the three maybe one of them would flip, who knows. But Keith is still the old Keith. Still out of the loop, doesn’t know what to do. I must say, he survived long enough for us to experience some Keith moments. The Tuk Tuk was very precious and some Keith Nale moments that cracked you up. He might not be the strongest strategically but he gave us some moments that were memorable.




Kelley started this game saying that she’s very happy that she’s not playing this game with her dad and she wanted to do everything that she didn’t do the first time. And she did. From finding 2 Idols, winning several challenges and playing the Idols and made the BIGGEST move of the season. The Blindside was so juicy and delicious. That was iconic. When someone said that Kelley’s game is idol-centric. No It’s not. How can you survive until the Final 4 when you were literally at the bottom from the beginning? How can she survived the Tribal Council after she beautifully played the Idol and how is she not the target after that Tribal? Social game. Kelley played a very effective and brilliant social game that It paid off for her. Her under the radar game got her far. For an example, they wanted Ciera gone, not Kelley, not Abi. Kelley used Ciera as her meat-shield. Which is a new kind of gameplay using small girl as the meatshield. Kelley doesn’t have to scream out loud to play the game, she has someone else to do it for her, Ciera. Kelley also played a very strong pre-merge. Outnumbered 4 to 2 and outnumbered 6 to 1. And It was clear If her tribe was to go to Tribal, she could be going home. But she used that to throw anyone that she could throw under the bus. Voting with majority as well. So, she might not win. But I know she has proved the haters wrong that she can play and she play hard. She came to the Island to win and she indeed play to win. She’s the player of the season and you couldn’t convince me otherwise.




I was rooting for Tasha in Cagayan. What a freaking badass. She came back wanting to play a more cutthroat game turning herself into villain Tasha. And the show have no problem showing us the very unpleasant, unrootable, annoying Tasha Fox. It’s not feisty, it’s catty. Yes, the Angkor moment. She controlled Abi like a champ. She owned Abi, something that most people couldn’t do, I’ll give you that. But most of the game, she was Jeremy’s lap dog and she’s only playing for second or third. The thing with Tasha is, the allaince member don’t even appreciate her. You could tell from the Ponderosa Videos and from the end-game interviews, she’s viewed very negatively by the jurors and the pre-jurors. They all thought that anyone could win against her. Which means she failed socially this game. She might have been more strategic than before but she forgot to make relationships with others. Yes, she’s so tight with Jeremy and Spencer but not to others. And the comments she made, just little comments like “maybe It’s feel good for her to play” referring to Kimmi. And saying that It would be insulting to fans to have Kelley Wentworth,  Keith Nale. That’s little comment but that showed how condescending and arrogant she is. And I am having a hard time watching Tasha because I know how good she was during Cagayan. And man, this season changed my opinions about her. She’s not that good of a player.




Spencer wanted to play his second chance to fix his social skills. And he wanted to have more feelings and actually treating human as humans not chess pieces. I must say, he did it. And he played a much better game than his previous season. He came from the bottom but then positioned himself to the top. He came from almost going home to choosing who to go on Tribal Council. And the show showed how he has changed. How he shed a tear and how he has more feelings now and he managed to say “I Love You”. Eventhough to me, it’s too much. Too much Spencer airtime. But I can see he’s trying to change and he managed to change it. And he embraced the Second Chance. But, Spencer build too strong relationships, giving false hopes to those he’s lied to and that hurted some people’s feelings. Which means all the single thing he has built from the beginning of the season all collapsed. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. Spencer also turned into ugly Spencer and It’s crazy how he’s changed into a very arrogant Spencer. So unrootworthy. Spencer could win this game and Jeremy’s speech was all about doing this for Val and Family type of speech and Spencer could take that away from Jeremy but he’s made a very confusing decisions like threatening Jeremy to make sure that he’s going to persuade them to vote Kelley if he votes him out. Like, Why in the hell would you do that infront of the jury? In Tribal Council? Do that back at camp! And he was so arrogant on the Final 6 Tribal Council. I think he thought has the title on lock so he’s being arrogant. I would be fine seeing Spencer winning everything cause I know he’s truly changed and he’s the definition of owning his second chance but Spencer’s arrogance ruined everything




To me, Jeremy doesn’t really have to change anything. I think he’s played an effective game in San Juan Del Sur. He has a solid alliance, strong relations, good physical game to help him win Immunity and keep him safe. But that’s just that damn Idol that ruined everything. He came back, wanted to do this for his family like he said thousand times. He doesn’t care about himself. Ya ya, I shed a tear on that Final Tribal Council when he said that he only wanted to win this for his family to provide for this family. But the show potrayed it as if he’s the only one doing it for family at home. Kimmi, THE SINGLE MOTHER, the show didn’t even show her enough. Kimmi wanted to do it for his son who has kidney disease. It’s just unfair to me. Jeremy played a good game. But, he’s so boring to be a winner. His game’s really monotonous, so static and predictable. Like, “let’s chop off the outsider” I know that that’s the most effective way to win but It’s not entertaining for viewers. He’s not captivating enough. That’s why the editors focused on Spencer because Spencer is intriguing and entertaining to watch. Spencer wanted us to join the Spencer Train unlike Jeremy. Jeremy’s game wasn’t interesting enough for editors to focus on his game and that’s why we all thought Spencer is winning because of the good edit he’s been receiving all season. But Jeremy did play a good game. He controlled literally everything from pre-merge to the very last Tribal Council and that’s a very hard thing to do because no one targeted him. It’s a little too late for Kimmi but no one has tried to get him out of the game because he has strong enough relationships that If his name came up, his alliance members would come back to him and protect him right away. So, he deserves to win but I wish he’d play a more interestin game.



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