1. Stephany Negrete – Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J: C+

The thing is with this song I think we were expecting more because this song has been done so many times and has been done great by so many people. And you can’t beat Jessie J but you can add your own spin to it. Just like what Sarina Joi Crowe did last season, It was magical. And I was expecting Stephany to really kick ass like Sarina did but infact, I felt like It was very boring and karaoke. There’s no connection, for once JLo was right. It’s really hard to connect with her on this performance, there’s no connection at all. There’s no “I want to vote for her on the voting rounds” kinda feeling.

2. Mackenzie Bourg – Say Something by A Great Big World: A-

Mackenzie isn’t the strongest in the bunch and isn’t the best vocalist either. But he’s always finding creative stuffs to brought to the table. His ability to pick a song and make it his own is undeniable. It happened again tonight. It was so simple but the simplicity made the performnace so pretty and so heartfelt. The performance was so laid back and so relaxing and I could hear this all day long. I want the studio version of this performance!

3. Jeneve Mitchell – Angel by Sarah McLachlan: B

I love this song so much and when Kree Harrison did this on the Finale Night, I got teary eyed because this song means a lot to me. When someone that I don’t really like sing this song, I am going to give that person a hard time. But Jeneve shocked me. Emotion wise, It’s so heartfelt. I feel like It’s ridiculous at her age that she has the ability to deliver a message from a song so well and she felt every words of it, like this song means a lot to her (well I don’t know, but…) It was a very solid performance from Jeneve shockingly. I think I am starting to join the Jeneve bandwagon, we’ll see…

4. Jenna Renae – My Church by Maren Morris: B

Damn, she has a really thick voice and she has gorgeous tone. I kinda dig the raspiness on her voice (I heard it on her “Flat on the Floor” performance) and I don’t really hear it last night. Last night wasn’t her strongest vocally. On the last chorus, she kinda oversing a little bit and It was a bit over the place. But the thing is she had fun. She enjoyed singing up there and she owned the stage and she moved the crowd and that’s a great performer in my eyes. If the judges are really looking for superstar, forget the technical issues for this one particular performance and look at the other side of her. She’s like a firework on the stage, she’s the one that will wake the crowds up when they’re bored listening to sappy ballads. I hope she makes it through.

5. James VIII – Love Lockdown by Kanye West: C+

I wanted to give him a C, but I gotta give him a C+ for song choice. Very unpredictable and he’s actually trying to give us something different and unpredictable. But there’s no captivation from the performance. I was already bored in 30 seconds listening to it. I think there wasn’t really a mistake in his vocals and there wasn’t really something fatal about this performance. It’s just there’s really nothing special about it.

6. Sonika Void – Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift: B+

I still think that I want more feeling when she sings, but this performance snatched me. Once again, she has a beautiful butter-y voice. Her voice is as smooth as silk and I could listen to her sing all day long, 24/7. But I am really worried. I don’t think she will pick a smart song choice. From her audition until now, It’s very very predictable and I felt like she only knows songs from Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift and big divas like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston which scares me. I hope that there are lots of themes so that she can explore more but for tonight, I think It was very solid and very beautiful. I think people are looking for this one performance that made them just sit down and stare to their screen captivated by it, this was it.

7. Gianna Isabella – I Put A Spell on You by Annie Lenox: D+

Seriously, tell me one reason why is ths chick still here? Because her mother is Brenda K. Starr and they would feel bad to cut her and because JLo know her mother so well? Are they really seeing a potential in Gianna? She’s not ready and the fact that she has the audacity to pick this song.. I am baffled. She has no maturity to sing this song. She might hit the notes perfectly, probably all of the notes.. but I bet on you, she didn’t know a thing about this song. There’s no connection what so ever. Don’t sing the song If you can’t deliver it perfectly, especially when the song has been done so well by contestants on singing competitions such as  Quentin Tarantino from Season 14, Casey Abrams from Season 10 and Jacquie Lee from The Voice.

8. Emily Brooke – I Am Invincible by Casadee Pope: C-

The thing about Emily Brooke is I remember how talented she was during last season and I am not sure why they cut her. She came back and they thought that she’s the most growing contestant which I disagree. She’s just as good as she was a year before. My observation is, she has limited knowledge of song choices. She picked a song doesn’t allow her voice to shine. She has done this mistakes several times. She sang a song by Carrie Underwood, Casadee Pope twice and I think had she picked a much better sing It would have been a much better performance. Especially last night. It was such a trainwreck. She started as too low and she’s struggling and I know she felt like she did something wrong, I can see a dissapointment in her face. She was so pitchy which I am very shocked. It’s so dissapointing because I was rooting for her and she could be a very good succesful last winner of American Idol.

9. Avalon Young – Love Yourself by Justin Bieber: B

I really dig Avalon and I don’t think she’s being praised that much as she should be. She’s very relaxed and very laid back but in a good way and still think that this is a serious bussiness. I don’t like the song choice tonight, It’s very predictable and I expected her to sing this kind of songs. I want her voice to shine even more, I’ve seen her sing this way before, I’ve seen this performance-alike this before and I wanted something more, something special. I don’t think that I get it tonight. But she is a breathe of fresh air. It’s very relaxing especially with the mess tonight, It’s a very safe performance but could very well land her on the TOP 14.

10. Jordan Sasser – All By Myself by Celine Dion: C+

I don’t know why and how did he end up with this song, such a poor choice. I wish he would have picked a much better song choice for his voice. But what I did notice is that he has a gorgeous tone, I didn’t realize this until last night. Yes, he hits most of the notes perfectly but It was very screechy in some moments that I couldn’t stand listening anymore. The other part that was missing was the feeling. I feel like he knew that he’s that good and It was a bit of a cocky performance to show that he can hit the high notes and stuffs like that. It would have been a beautiful-packed performnace had he added a little bit more feeling towards it.

11. Thomas Stringfellow – Creep by Radiohead: C-

Thomas is probably the person that I least liked this season on the top twenty-four. I don’t really get him and the squeakiness in his voice in EVERY SINGLE LINES. It’s very distracting and such a turn-off. His performance wasn’t as catastrophic as his previous ones, but still not a good performance. It wasn’t even hit the “OK” section. He tried to hit the big notes and I appreciate that but I don’t think that him picking this song is a very smart choice.

12. La’Porsha Renae – Proud Mary by Tina Turner: B+

La’Porsha can do no wrong. Eventhough the song choice was a little bit of a meh to me at the beginning and the performannce I felt like she didn’t have the move that much and It was so much better at the beginning when she was just standing up and dance with the mic standing. But as a whole, they were very smart to put this performance as the closing performance of the night because It was so good and so refreshing. It’s like a gift after the catastrophe that is last night.


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