I honestly think that this season isn’t going to be a watchable season due to the amount of medevacs and as we can see from the preview during the Cambodia’s finale, there will be lots of medical checks and I personally don’t wanna watch that kind of stuffs because It’s not compelling, It’s painful to watch. Seeing that, I think that makes most of us lower our expectations. Especially after an amazing season of Second Chance, we kinda knew that we need to lower our expectations and this is going to be a good season but this will not top Cambodia. But, two weeks gone by…. Kaoh Rong is arguably one of the most entertaining seasons I’ve seen. I love how everyone is just so memorable like none from the cast that I felt blend. Everyone brought something to the table and are so memorable. My personal favorite is the Beauty Tribe. They haven’t been to Tribal, but they gave the most at this point. They strategized the most. There are clear majority on that tribe as oppose to Brian who’s still unclear and Brawn who’s just a hot mess. I love the girls from the Beauty Tribe, they seem like they know what to do and what It takes to win the money and I’m loving it.

The second episode to me was even better than the premiere. There are #StolenKiss, 30 or 40 cats (yes, I’m laughing hysterically), Liz having a meltdown, Alecia making fire for 5 hours and last but not least, Jennifer self destruct on Tribal Council. That Tribal Council was insane. But I love every second of it, Jennifer gave the two most memorable moments so far with the bug incident and the Tribal Council when she just completely self destruct and It leads to her being voted out by her own allies. If you think that this season is going to be a bad season and you haven’t seen it, you’re wrong. Try watch it for one episode, you’ll like it!




I’m going to start with the least entertaining tribe, Brain Tribe. It’s very different from the first Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty.. Brain seems to be the most entertaining and I love every second of it. It was just a hot mess. Well, I think Brain is going to be a hot mess this season but they seem to get their crap together. At this point, I do believe that Neal Gottlieb is at the top of the heap. He’s the first person to gather the people to create a majority in a six-person tribe and he sucessfully gathered all of them positioning himself in the top and as the leader eventhough he doesn’t neccesarily have to look like one. Neal has Liz on his back pocket, and he seems to be getting along with Peter as well. But the question mark is Aubry. He just needs to make sure that Aubry remains solid with the initial alliance.

Peter Baggentos is also very safe placing second. Eventhough the preview made it seems like Debbie is catching up onto his game but I don’t think Debbie has the ability to gather them all to vote against Peter because physically, Peter seems to be doing the most eventhough I haven’t seen him doing anything back at camp. But in the challenges, Peter is very strong and helpful and that would be a stupid decision If they want Peter out of this game this early.

Joe Del Campo, the guys seem to be on the top of the pack leading. The thing is with Joe, his name gets brought up several times. But he was never in danger. No one is really plotting against Joe and I haven’t heard anyone says that they want Joe out. They just said that the primary target are the older ones which is most likely to be Debbie. Joe expressed his hatred towards Liz over boiled water but I don’t think that will cost him the game. I think that Joe is for sure still remain safe as long as he doesn’t annoy the tribe members and as long as he just stop associating himself with Debbie.

Aubry Bracco is the quitest of them all. I wanted to like Aubry, but I couldn’t. She seems to be the one that’s going to overplay and get voted out by doing it. I don’t really have that much faith on her because she had a mental breakdown on the second day and that’s not a good sign. But I was impressed with her physical ability. She completely earned her spot in the game trying to win the challenge, single-handedly collected all the paddles on the first challenge and I think that will show the other fellow tribe members that she’s there to play and she’s very helpful in challenges. And I think that she’s the swing vote. She could either go with Liz/Peter/Neal or Debbie and Joe. Either way she goes, she’d be fine.

Liz Markham seems to be everyone’s favorite pre-season. But, I am dissapointed by her since the first episode. I need her to really wow and impress me. All she talks about is Debbie’s being annoying and Aubry’s having a mental breakdown which is no good. There’s not game-related conversation with her. Yes, she’s on the majority but that’s the earlier days when she haven’t annoyed Debbie and Joe yet with the boiled water. And I think that she’s going to annoy them more when her and Peter was plotting to get Debbie or Joe out. I don’t think It will come and bite her in the ass but there’s a possibility that It could happen. She said something about Joe being medevaced, something tells me that she’s the one that being pulled from the again over injury or something. I hope It doesn’t happen because I see a lot of potential.

Debbie Wanner left me speechless. She annoyed me but I guess she’s good TV. I don’t know why people were crazy over her because she wasn’t really playing a good game. She should toned it down a little bit and relax. She annoyed half of the people on the tribe and I’m sure that she’s going to annoy her even more. The constant scheming I think will come and bite her in the butt and I don’t think that anyone would believe anything that she says which is why she’s at the bottom of the tribe. She wasn’t really aware with how she would come across. Her mouth is her downfall and If she keeps on doing it, she won’t last long.




Brawn is such a hot mess. They already had a major advantage that they’re on the Brawn Tribe, the strong ones on one tribe, you don’t have to go to Tribal Council. But, Brawn is such a hot mess. With Darnell going home and then Jennifer, at this point anyone could go home. Alecia is like a cat. She has 9 lives. If I were on the Brawn Tribe, hands down I would try to get Alecia out of the game because she’s just not helping at all. But right now, Kyle Jason is probably on the top of the food chain. He continues to be in the control position. I don’t really like him, I think he comes across as very vile and very mean-spirited. The way she talks down to Alecia calling her “blondie” wouldn’t even try to get to know her and continiously calling her stupid and useless, when Alecia’s the one making fire and being tenacious for 5 hours and he goes lay down on the shelter. I don’t think Kyle is going to win, I think that we need a winner that we can root for and as of now the edit isn’t showing us that Kyle Jason is really the one who’s gonna win. Too negative to be the winner. But he won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

Right now, Scot Pollard is on the second place. He’s a calmer version of Kyle Jason. He does all the work, he talks to people, he socializes, he strategizes while Kyle does nothing and wait for the informations that he gathered. People call him Jason’s bitch, but to be honest Scot is going to be the one that’s seen as playing the game. He might be doing all the work but It will pay off at the end. He has the social game and I think he’s playing the best game on the Brawn Tribe. I don’t neccesarily like him as a player and as a person, but I will admit that I think Scot is going to be a major player along the way.

Cydney Gillon is doing the best thing on the latest episode. Brawn is super unpredictable when It comes to voting. We haven’t seen unanimous vote yet. We haven’t seen a 5-1 vote or a 4-1, they don’t even know how to vote together. Cydney voted Jennifer out maybe in order for her to placed higher. If she voted with Jenny and Scot and get Alecia out, she might be the next considering how tight Jennifer was with Scot and Kyle. So, Cydney is doing the best for her game eventhough she doesn’t neccesarily has to like Alecia to keep her safe. She put her emotions aside and focus on the game and do the right thing for her which makes me think that Cydney is playing a really good game at this point. She just needs to get away with the two guys and find her #1, Darnell’s replacement. They might lose another challenge and get rid of Alecia but after that, I think It’s pretty clear that the guys would keep each other over Cydney.

Alecia Holden is for sure the most memorable player at this point. Doesn’t have to be positive.. but she’s not all negative as well. Her edit on the first episode was very negative. How she’s just not meant to play this game and clearly she was on the wrong tribe. But, the second edit was very interesting because Alecia seems to be the underdog this season. ANd Jeff Probst said earlier that the theme is bullying and If she stays longer It could be her as the one being bullied and she has the story If she makes it to the end and she could really win If she can explain her game from being the underestimated to surviving until the very end. Her making fire for 5 hours could be seen in two sides, either the editors wanna show us that she’s a joke for making fire for 5 hours OR she’s being tenacious and passionate to make the fire. Seems like she’s the clear fourth, hope that she can get the Idol.



Beauty Tribe seems to be the most complex and the most entertaining when they don’t even have to go to Tribal. Which is weird because I love the Beauty Tribe on Cagayan as well and both the Beauty Tribe on Cagayan and Koah Rong seems to always bring the most to the table. It’s really hard to see who’s on the top of the pecking order because there’s no conflict on the Beauty Tribe, they all get along and I don’t think that they’re going to lose any challenge because If they were, the editors would at least show us some conflicts or drama instead of just showing how the others were sketched out by Tai’s idol search. But, If I had to pick… Anna Khait is probably at the top. She was the first person to really gather the girls to make an all girls alliance. Michele talked about it, but she was just saying that the all-girls just seem natural without really trying to bond with the girls. And Anna was the one that approached Julia and Julia even said that she will pull in Michele, so right now Anna seems to be the leader of the all-girls alliance.

Anna also has the best edit out of the three girls at this point. She was very strategic and aware with the situation that surrounds her. How she would just come up to Tai and asked whether the Idol was planted down below, how she just basically told Caleb that he’d be fine. Little things like that but It really showed us that Anna is playing the game real good. And she was also aware to bring in Tai in order to have the majority on the sixth-person tribe but also long game. Julia Sokolowski has a fair edit. Not really much of her but she’s really positive. She has motives to win the game and to prove people wrong about her just being sorority girl. She bonded with Anna early on and she seems to be doing very well in the tribe. She hasn’t done much but her and Anna is clear first and second. Michele Fitzgerald is people’s pick to win at this point because of her edit which is weird because I can see Julia winning but I don’t see Michele winning but I could be wrong. Julia’s edit is very positive while Michele talks about getting the girls to work together and talking about Nick shaving his legs and being suspicious over Tai. Tai is edited to be very likeable and root-worthy and for Michele to say that her number one goal is to try and get Tai out seems like the editors did it on purpose. But Michele could be very dangerous and a major player along the way. She’s not seen as the leader and she’s very laid back and chill and that’s very good in the game. You shouldn’t be seen as the one pulling the strings.

Here comes the guy.. I must say I’m not that impressed, well.. not impressed with Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother. Freaky creep and just oblivious to the game and very unaware. But he’s really likeable on here. I think he learned a lot after Big Brother. And he’s also playing a great game at this point. Out of the three guys, Caleb seems to be the most reliable person and the girls seem to like Caleb’s existence on the tribe and that’s very good for him because he doesn’t need to scramble. Caleb’s reputation about him being very loyal on Big Brother also seems to be helping him a lot as the girls now trust her. Caleb is loyal, but he’s not very strategic. You just need to tell him to do the things that you wanted him to do, and he’ll do it. I think we’ll be seeing Caleb a lot this season and If he keeps on being this fun Caleb, I don’t mind.

Nick Maiorano probably the one with the least content in the game by far. There’s nothing game-related that came out of his mouth. He didn’t get confessionals on the second episode and on the first one. He said about being beautiful and that’s all. I don’t know how good he placed on the Beauty Tribe but I think he’s still ahead of Tai at this point. It was shown that he’s close with Anna as they walked together but other than that.. I have nothing to say about Nick. Not really impressed but he’s okay. Tai Trang unfortunately is at the bottom of the totem pole. His ass is on the line. If he couldn’t get the Idol, he’s done. The Idol itself is very hard to reach and verrrrrrry unfair because the only person that can reach it is Tai. And Tai’s having a hard time getting it, imagine If someone else find it? It’ll be harder. They definitely want Tai to get that Idol. Being seen looking for the Idol is Tai’s downfall in the game. He has the girls trust but he lost it because of it. And It’s a shame because he really is a nice guy and seems to be very entertaining and I love his story and him in general. But I don’t think he will last that long.




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