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The house just sent Jozea packing and I couldn’t be more excited because Jozea has been running the house acting like he’s king of the house, the messiah? but let’s be honest he’s gonna come down to one of the most memorable pre jury players because of his stupidity. This season already started really well. There are bunch of root worthy players and there are already alliance to root for for me (8 Pack) and Fatal Five. It’s been a really memorable week with so many funny moments and great strategies. But with Paulie winning, It may not change the dynamic of the house and how things are going but It will definitely change when BB Roadkill winner chooose the third nominee of the week




Paulie was directly nominated on the first week of Big Brother, something that Cody has yet to achieve. Just kidding. I’m not gonna compare the two of them yet because It’s just week one and I don’t think It’s gonna be tough for Paulie to beat Cody because I’m not really a fan of Cody to begin with. So, Paulie went from the bottom to the top! He just won the Head of Household, the only thing that could guarantee you from not going home that week. Lots of twists, turnovers and roadblocks (hate to say this but only to fit the theme of Big Brother this season). Paulie isn’t in a solid alliance, there’s a pack between Paulie and the Eight Pack and I think If Paulie doesn’t have the alliance right after this HoH, I think he’s going to just do the Eight Pack’s dirty work and he’ll be abandon once he’s no use to the Eight Pack.




Zakiyah is playing a really solid and great under the radar game right now, she’s one of the few newbies that actually know what’s going on and playing smart. Eventhough she just blindsided the newbies with getting rid of the MESSIAH, I don’t think she’s the public enemy number one still. The newbies are going for the Veterans so this is a smart idea for her to side with the Veterans because at the end of the day, the newbies will have respect for the newbies more because they have never played the game before. But talking about this week, Zakiyah is in a very good spot. She has something going on with Paulie, cuddle-mance. Zakiyah is interested in Paulie and so does Paulie. But both think that they’re using each other just for the game but right now, I don’t see Paulie nominating Zakiyah in any sort of circumstances.



Frank is also currently in a very good spot. There’s an upgrade in the way Frank plays the game this time but not that much. Frank showed his mediocre social game by totally shut Tiffany down and also pissing Nicole off. Telling the newbies about the blindside is clearly ruining the fun for not only the HGs but also for the people watching. Feedsters were kinda pissed at Frank for leaking the secret to the other side. But, Frank won’t be sitting on the block this week. Both him and Paulie are on the same team and I think that the winner of the BB Roadkill won’t put up Frank because Frank has been doing his work this week making relationships with everyone.




Da’vonne is also one of the veterans who’s actually trying to change the way she played the game before. Da’vonne gathered the newbies to create the 8 Pack Alliance and Da’Vonne picked her number one ally. She has Final 2 with Zakiyah and also with Nicole. I think she’s way closer with Zakiyah than Nicole. But for this week and for BB Roadkill, eventhough the newbies were pissed that Da’vonne flipped. Da’vonne is still sitting pretty because they’re hungry for James’ blood. And Paulie isn’t gonna nominate Da’vonne.




Other than Zakiyah, I’m really liking the way Michelle’s playing the game. Everyone in the house is right now underestimating how good Michelle is. I don’t think she’s just going to give away the money to the Vets. She’s going for that moment, the right moment to put one of the Vets up. Michelle is currently in an alliance with 8 Pack and Fatal Five and also Michelle is close with Tiffany as well. I don’t think anyone would nominate Michelle for the BB Roadkill eventhough they suspected her before that she might win the BB Roadkill, but then eventually Jozea thought that It’s not her but Paulie. I think Michele just needs to lay low, play this cool under the radar game, act dumb, don’t show everyone that you’re the biggest fan in the world just play under the radar game and she can win this whole thing.




I knew from the beginning what game Bridgette’s gonna play. She’s going to play “the good people” game and I’m not a fan of that kind of game. But, she’s kinda in a sweet spot right now. Out of the “Revolution Alliance”, she’s the least threatening and she’s been touching bases with the other side as well. Eventhough she’s known as the “spy”, but she has good relationships with Frank and Frank I think is looking for a goat to take to the end. Frank will protect Bridgette at all cost and I think Bridgette isn’t going anywhere as well because Paulie isn’t going to nominate her and the winner of the BB Roadkill will be stupid for nominating Bridgette.




Good for Nicole that she won the first HoH and made the perfect move for her game. At first I thought nominating Paulie was a dumb move but It worked out perfectly so no need to moan again at Nicole’s move. Nicole’s unfairly targeted. I will never understand what the newbies have against her because they wanted her out badly. Jozea calling her “a thing” and Bronte calling her “blondie” stuffs like that makes me want to root for Nicole even more. Let’s scratch the part of Paulie nominating Nicole cause that’s not gonna happen, I’m still worried about the BB Roadkill. She might not be target number 1 on the other side, but she’s still a good possibility to go up as a nominee.




Apart from the goat story that just bugged me, Corey is still playing this game pretty solid. Of course he’s kind of targeted by the other side but I think that as long as you’re not “Veterans” or “Returnees”, you still can wait for your time to be targeted. So Corey right now might be targeted but not for sure going to go up. Corey has a good relationship with Paulie and with the 8 Pack. The 8 Pack never once talked about getting rid of Corey and he’s also having a flirtmance with Nicole. So, I think Corey is playing a really solid under the radar game that’s eventually going to get him far If he keeps playing this way.




The perks of being Vanessa’s sister…… I feel bad for Tiffany. People were kinda hard on her and calling her sensitive and fragile. There were times when I was gotten to point where I can’t just watch because they keep doubting her when she has always been loyal to the 8 Pack and to Fatal Five. But the fight last night she had with Frank, I think the 8 Pack’s gonn have even bigger doubts on her. Paulie isn’t gonna nominate her, but If Frank wins BB Roadkill there’s a huge chance that he might pull the move and nominate Tiffany. I hope It’s not happening because she has potential but right now she needs to repair her social game and keep everyone happy eventhough sometimes It kills but this is Big Brother. She needs to remember that.




James is currently at the lowest ranking from the 8 Pack because James has been causing unecesessary crap with his pranks and with his shenanigans. Paul is pissed at him for saying the “Girl Talk” and Victor is pissed at his pranks. Natalie apparently got into a fight because of his pranks and everyone’s been very skeptical about James even the members of the 8 Pack Alliance. James needs to narrow it down a little bit. Plus, the newbies now know that James threw the comp so that Victor doesn’t win and that’s going to piss them off because the last time I checked they’re going to nominate James if they win Roadkill and the newbies have been throwing James’ name under the bus hardcore to Paulie.




Sweet Natalie, she’s too pure for this game. If I were in the house, I would hangout with her a lot. She’s just so nice and positive and I love being around people like that. Natalie though in this game, is lost. Yes she figured things out but she’s trapped with Victor, Paul and Bronte and that’s not gonna get her far. The Spy Girls Alliace clearly isn’t helping her because they don’t even trust Bridgette and the Revolution Alliance is going to throw her under the bus the second they got a chance. Paulie has been thinking about nominating Natalie since last week saying that she’s fake and the positivity is super pretentious and that might be enough to send her packing because anything can happen in this house. I’m more worried about her being nominated by Paulie than Roadkill. Because Paulie clearly doesn’t really like Natalie.




Paul is possibly the meanest player this season. He belongs to the BB15 Houseguests, they would go along really well. Paul isn’t someone that is for sure going up because the Veterans have been talking about getting Paul to the jury because they wanna use Paul. The Fatal Five (Michelle, Da’vonne, Nicole, Tiffany and Zakiyah) wanna use Paul against the guys (Frank, James, Corey, Paulie) and I think that they won’t get rid of Paul. Even if Victor wins Veto, Bronte is going to go home. But right now, there’s a huge possibility that Paul is going to end up on the block again.




Really not impressed with Brontosaurus right here. The comments she made on Week 1 were very unecesessary and mean, something that you should never to say to someone ever. Clearly she’s not as smart as she thinks she is. She doesn’t do anything that she promised on the Interviews. NATO type of players. And she clearly wanna get to the jury because she wants to get paid. I hate when players are saying this, her main goal is not to win but to get to the jury. Bronte right now is looking very likely to go on the block because the ladies on the 8 Pack don’t like Bronte and Paulie also has no problem nominating Bronte. Bronte is secondary target at this point. She needs to pray that Victor doesn’t win the Veto so that she can stay another week.




Victor doesn’t know the definition of a social game because If he knew, he wouldn’t go around pissing people off. And when you pissed someone like Natalie, that means you’re a douche. Victor right now has the biggest odds of going home. Do I think he can pull the win on the Veto? Yes. But If he’s not, he’s a goner. Paulie hates him and Victor also has no problem showing his dislike on Paulie. There’s a lot of things that can happen this week but I think It’s time to say goodbye to Victor.



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