Australian Survivor Episode 03: Idol Hunt, Honesty or Deceit & Phoebe’s first victim


I’ve been loving this season of Australian Survivor. It’s so twisty, intense and everyone’s just so thirsty for the money and I’m here for it. I’d love to see 24 Aussies battle it out for the winning prize and nothing’s better than to see all 24 Aussies willing to lie, cheat and steal to get to where they need to (well, not all of them but a good bunch of people really mean it when they say lie, cheat and steal). After Des and Bianca, I really feel like the third episode is gonna be boring. Because I hate when they do the Idol Hunting Episode, It’s so boring and It’s not interesting enough. But, for some odd reasons this episode of Australian Survivor really brings the excitement. And this season just keeps on getting better each episode

First, the Sanaapu returned from Tribal Council and they just realized that they’re not one big happy family. Ugh, I’ve always hated the first confessional from Tribal Council and shit. It’s so staged and predictable. “So we back from camp… and Tribal Council was a debacle” this is literally every single first confessionals in every single episode of a boring Survivor season. Then Kylie realized that she’s out of the loop, which is great. Sometimes you need to be awaken to realize that you need to wake up and start playing the game. I think last night’s Tribal Council really woke her up because she now knows that there are a powerful alliance consisting of Flick, Sam, Brooke and Matt + Conner that are going to vote her ass out anytime they want to. But then I think again.. what can she do really? The alliance is so strong that I don’t think anyone can do anything. They had the votes before Bianca to make a big move to make a 4-4 but Conner decided that It was the right thing to do for him to be the fifth so I think they lost that one big opportunity to make that big one move to break the powerful alliance.


Anyways, they woke up. Peter was upset that he’s still in the game and the tribe was trying so hard to comfort him. Peter frustrates me. I hate when someone who doesn’t even wanna be there still be there. I mean I know, he’s never gonna win but I’d rather have someone who’s willing to fight than a dead weight like Peter. And the “fun” thing begins, they were given an order to pick two of the wisest of the group and they picked Peter and Kylie. Actually, Peter picked Kylie. And the rest of the group realized how idiotic they were that they just let the two outsiders to just go on some sort of a task. And their nightmare came to reality when they had to choose “Honest” or “Deceit”. This is so Worlds Apart, I’m getting bored. And Kylie was hestitant because she based her life on being honest with other… I’m screaming internally because any other survivor players who’s at the bottom would definitely pick the Deceit because they’re voting her ass anyways. They can shake the game by using the Hidden Immunity Idol. I was actually so shocked that Peter was pushing for them to take the “Deceit” option as for them, that was the right and the smartest thing to do.

And now the Nick Tribe and Aganoa’s time to pick. Aganoa’s up first. Phoebe and Rohan are the two that they picked for whatever reasons. I really like this duo. Phohan? Rohebe? They’re both smart players because they weren’t even thinking about the Honest as If those option weren’t there at all. They picked “Deceit” because duh? And they decided to make up a lie about now knowing what’s inside and they would expect a flint inside it. They made a pretty compelling story about the options but Evan wasn’t buying it. He didn’t trust the two because Phoebe doesn’t make an eye contact with anyone and her eyes keep looking at the sky. So, Evan decided to search around. And he found the clue. Here’s where I’m confused, they rock-paper-scissors on who’s going to keep the clue, Phoebe wins it and Rohan decided to put it into his swimsuit and It fell off. I blame the two for being super dumb about it but I saw Evan just picking up the clue like It was too easy for him to even find it. But hey, good instict that he caught the two on a lie like that.


Evan decided to tell El about it because El’s Phoebe’s close ally and that would break the alliance between Phoebe and El and also El is all about friendship. But Evan fails to do it. Because Evan is such a dork and he’s so not convincing when he talks. He’s also super obnoxious that no one would ever believe him. El like a smart ally decided to sort things out with Phoebe and Rohan and asked them whether they hide something from the rest of the group. Phoebe and Rohan decided to admit it that there’s a clue to the location of the HII. That move solidified El and Phoebe’s alliance even stronger because If Phoebe lies about it, that alliance is over. El totally threw Evan under the bus to Rohan and Phoebe and now the distrust and the crack of the 5 started to shown. Rohan decided to confront Evan about it and Lee like a boring dad, seriously.. Lee is probably the most boring person this season he has nothing to offer except good body for his age. Lee stopped the drama and decided to just re-connect the alliance that once so strong.

On the Nick Tribe, I mean Vavau.. Nick and Tegan (Who?) were chosen as the two wisest. Nick decided to pick “Deceit”. Yes, Nick. Because all Tegan does is “Yeah, Mhm, Sure, Yep” can she be more of a bore than this? Nick was very smart with the decision of telling a fake clue to the rest of the tribe back at camp but none of them trusted him. Nick sensed that there are some weird conversations going on behind his back and decided to came clean to Craig and Sue. But Craig ratted him out to Andrew (who was the first person to doubted Tegan and Nick) and Jennah Louise (Yes, actually we have to spell Jennah Louise instead of Jennah for whatever reasons). I think this really put Nick at the bottom of the totem pole because everyone now knows that he’s starting to play the game. I don’t know why Tegan’s name doesn’t get brought up maybe because everyone also forgetting that she’s still in the game.


The reward challenge. Aganoa lost. I don’t know why they sucked so bad they have Rohan, Lee and some strong girls like El and Phoebe. Back at camp, El decided to give them a prep talk about how they should do the next challenge to just have one leader. On the other hand, Nick Tribe and Sanaapu are enjoying their rewards. I really wish that the Nick Tribe really show some kind of personality other than Nick because every single one of them are so boring, they’re like a dry paint. And we’re now on the Immunity Challenge? As expected, Aganoa lost the challenge again. This one’s because of Evan. But I’m sure the tribe will blame it on Kat because they just love blaming it on women. Kat realized that she’s on the chopping block, at least she isn’t oblivious to the fact that she is gonna go home next Tribal. Another boring Lee confessional, next.

Lee immediately already set a plan to get Kat out because she panicked under pressure. Kat made an excuse of how she didn’t want to do the puzzle but the team wanted her to do it. She’s so pathetic for saying it and actually Lee’s right. It’s so much better to have someone say “I’m gonna kickass on this challenge!” than “I told you guys I didn’t wanna do puzzle” I think what Kat lacks is optimism and self-confidence. She doesn’t believe in herself that she can kickass in the challenges. If you don’t even believe in yourself, It’s gonna be hard for you to finally be able to do it. I think Kat really is someone who needs to get a boost, I don’t know what it is.. I mean start threatening her that If she doesn’t do well they might have to replace her with Des. She’ll freak out.

Evan felt like he didn’t need to rock the boat at this point and go for the easy option and that is Kat. And he will suck up to Rohan If he needs to survive. I mean, I really love everything that this freak says so far. He has the strategy and he knows what he’s doing but I don’t think he has the strong social game to back that up. Phoebe started to think Evan is no use to her. She doesn’t need Evan. And this is where It gets interesting (Yes, thanks Phoebe for at least making this game isn’t that easy for Lee). Phoebe decided that she has two options, either to go with the girls (get Evan out) or to go with the original alliance (get Kat out). Which put her in an interesting spot that she is the swing vote to either get Kat out or to get Evan out. Phoebe decided to let El know that she’s willing to get Evan out and join the girls. She doesn’t really need to scramble because she had the votes anyways. But of course, you can’t upset a lot of people. So Phoebe decided to make sure that Lee and Rohan know the plan of sending Evan home instead.

Lee of course disagreed with the plan because he really wants this season to be one boring season. Phoebe decided to get Rohan and tell him to flip to get Evan out. Phoebe reminded him how Evan’s trying to pit Lee and El against herself and Rohan yesterday. “How?” is Rohan’s response. Seriously. Rohan wasn’t sure because Kat sucks so bad in challenges (also in the game) that he thinks they’re just carrying a deadweight. Phoebe then got a very amazing confessional about how she’s playing hard to win and everything needs to be the way she wants it to be. Smart. I think Phoebe really has a good shot at winning. Just minutes before their fake walk to Tribal Council, Evan thinks that Kat is going home because Lee said so. Kat knows that she’s not safe and her name will come up and she’s BEGGING and PRAYING. Like, girl? If you really wanna be here you at least need to try? If Kat stays after this tribal council, It’s solely based on Phoebe flipping the votes not her trying to keep herself safe. Kat clearly didn’t do anything to try to flip the votes, she just needs the Survivor Gods to keep her safe apparently.


The Tribal Council started so slow and monotonous like there’s nothing really exciting. Up until Kat starting naming the foursome that have been controlling the votes and I have never rooted for her that hard before. I am yelling as she named the foursome. YES GIRL. Light the tribal council on your way out! Evan was confused that he’s not a part of the foursome as he claims to believe in. Jonathan starts to count the votes. And with 5-2 vote.. Evan was voted out of Australian Survivor and I am throwing a party. I didn’t know that this would happen because I think that the tribe would just go with the easy option to get Kat out. Kat survives another tribal council. She’s totally Abi Maria. Oh wait, that’s Kristie.

Overall, I think this is by far the least exciting episode of the three but also a reminder that the three episodes have all been so good especially the second one that set the bar high for the next ones to follow. It was a good move by Phoebe to get Evan out. Do I think that It’s a very big move? I don’t know because of how obnoxious Evan was and she had the votes and all she needs is to convince El to flip and to make sure that she doesn’t upset that many people after the vote. But Phoebe had a strong solid episode. It was going the way she wanted. She said that she needs things to go how she wanted and things did go the way she wanted and the episode also proved that Lee didn’t have any power at all with the group. He wasn’t the team captain that we all thought he was. Phoebe was the one in charge right now and I don’t think It’s going to slip away from her hand. She’s going to be controlling the votes from now on. All I need is for the Tribe Switch not to mess up her game.



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