Blindsides are always fun and exciting. I always get excited when something like that goes down” – Kat Edorsson

Blindsides are fun! It’s exciting to see it goes down especially when It happens to someone who is extremely cocky and arrogant. Usually people do that because It’s easier to do or to do that as a reminder that the person is being too arrogant. It might not always be satisfying, some blindsides are devastating as well. But for those who are entertaining, It’s good TV. It’s great to see the players’ facial expressions and the shock elements to it. I love blindside! Everyone loves Blindside. And that’s why I’m making this list of top blindsides so far. 


“You’re not the Kota God, bye!” says the sassy Crystal while she wrote Marcus’ name down on the parchment. Almost everyone thinks Marcus is gonna win because of how he handles the game and how he’s playing the game with his under the radar game. Until another switch happens and Marcus ends up on a tribe with Crystal, Kenny, Susie and Bob. At that time, Marcus was aligned with Corinne, Randy, Bob, Susie and Charlie and they named themselves the Onion Alliance. After losing the challenge, Marcus wanted Ken gone. And he tried to convince Crystal to get Ken out, Crystal who’s closer to Kenny didn’t want any of that plan to happen then convince Susie that Marcus was instigating a plan to replace Susie with Crystal. Susie as the swing vote, voted Marcus out in an unexpected blindside. I really didn’t think Susie would blindside Marcus because I think those bonds were tighter than Susie’s bond with Crystal. But good on them, Marcus is gonna win the title had they not done that because he has everyone wrapped around his fingers. Marcus played a great game but he just played too hard at that time promising too many Final 3’s with people.


Panama is still one of the craziest seasons ever. With so many big personalities and great moments I think Panama is forever be one of the most underrated seasons of Survivor. And we have to thank this season because they introduced us to the legend Cirie Fields. Courtney’s Blindside was smart, calculated and very well thought. It’s solely Cirie’s move. At that time, I think Cirie’s gonna win. She played an amazing social game and a great from zero-to-hero story arc. But, there’s only two spot in the Final and at that time everyone wants to sit in the Final 2 with Courtney because no one would vote for her. It seems like Courtney is always out of discussions as to who to vote for until Cirie brought up the idea to get Courtney out because she is a threat as she’s guaranteed Final 2 because everyone wants to take her. This strategy was then followed by the players on Cambodia who voted Abi out because they all thought Abi would make an easy path to the Final 3. Cirie was smart to make the move and rallied the troops and created a 3-2-1 vote without burning too many bridges and It went smoothly. It is the neccessary move and the move that needed to be made at that point.


Wes is probably the most invisible player at that season. They love to focus on so many alpha males and great characters but Wes was not one of them. Wes was under-edited and we don’t really know anything about Wes and even worse he was voted out on a blindside. After winning Immunity, Reed decided to rallied the troops against Keith and Wes but that wasn’t his original plan. He wanted the majority of 5 to split the votes between Keith and Wes so that It will allow himself, Alec, Wes and Keith to vote 4 strong on Jon who is everyone’s target at that point. The plan then ruined by Keith who ordered the group to stick to the plan and that made the majority of 5 suspicious about the plan with Reed. Natalie then convinced Jon to play his Idol. The Tribal Council was so crazy that both Idols were played. We almost got no votes on Tribal because both Keith and Jon played the Idol but Jon and Jaclyn stick to Reed’s plan to split the votes and Wes got voted out. It’s so devastating because Wes wasn’t even the target and there’s no clue and cue to Wes being voted out. The plan was great, Reed tried his best to mastermind it but Keith is so clueless that he had to ruin the great plan.


Cambodia is a crazy season with the famous voting blocs. There’s no really loyalties on the season because everyone was ready to just blindside and backstab everyone who they think standing in the way of the million dollars. Stephen has been the one who’s trying so hard to instigate and create the blindside against Joe. From the first episode, he has been keeping an eye on Joe. Stephen convinced Tasha, Kimmi and Jeremy to vote Joe out. But Spencer, Wentworth, Joe, Abi and Keith wanted Stephen out becuase of how strong the Final 3 of Stephen, Tasha and Jeremy were at that time. And Stephen’s got an advantage in the game that is also threatening to their game. With so many ups and downs and obstacles, Wentworth and Spencer had to really secure everyone’s votes especially the wishy washy Keith and Abi. But the plan worked really well. The majority who promised to split the votes between Abi and Joe stick to the plan and that allow Wentworth and Spencer’s plan to work and they got Stephen out after playing the advantage on the same Tribal Council. It was such a great blindside. I was worried at first because they lost one vote and they had to rely on the four to all vote Stephen together. This might not be the best game move for Wentworth but definitely a great one for Spencer who then replaced Stephen in the Final 3 spot with Tasha and Jeremy.


The first Tribal Council from the merged Tribe and we’re already spoiled by a great survivor blindside. I really hate the season because the ones who I like are the first four member of the jury. But one thing I really remember is Jenn playing her Immunity Idol on herself and blindside Kelly. Some argue that this wasn’t the best move for them but It’s still delicious and entertaining to see the other’s shock faces. The Blue Collar and the White Collar band together against the No Collar. With Joe winning Immunity, they decided to target Jenn. Jenn like a true badass played her Idol and Kelly got blindsided. I do agree that this wasn’t the move that they needed to make but It’s great because of Jenn’s intuition to play the Idol. The move that they should’ve made is to get Rodney or Mike out of the game. Had they done it, hands down this would be higher on the list. But this blindside is still so amazing and entertaining.


Vanuatu is remembered as the famous girls alliance lead by Ami. Female dominated the season but Chris got the last laugh at the end. Women definitely underestimated Chris’ ability to socially maneuver through the game and got himself in the Final 2 and totally deserved the title. Chris worked hard to get to the top and this was one of his works as well. The Girls Alliance wanted Eliza out because they thought that Eliza didn’t deserve to be there. Chris then saw this as the opportunity to work with Eliza and turning Scout and Twila against the other three girls. Eliza, Scout, Twila and Chris all agreed to the plan to get LeAnn out. LeAnn then blindsided. The new Alliance of Eliza, Scout, Twila and Chris then controlled all the votes from that point on. Chris was smart to see the crack in the alliance and convinced Twila and Scout to go against the All Girls Alliance.



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