Game Changers is just around the corner and I couldn’t contain my emotions. I’m hyped and so pumped. I’d either be super satisfied with the premiere or super dissapointed. I feel like everyone this time around is going to play hard because It’s a “Game Changers” season. If they have been changing the game, they want it to stay that way. If they haven’t been and confused themselves as to why they’re asked back, they are going to try to change the game. With some new rules, this is going to be a wild season. And with so many hungry players coming back, I’m expecting this season to be one of the craziest season of all time.



(Redemption Island – 5th, Caramoan – 7th)

Andrea is a very interesting player because I still feel like she’s underrated. I don’t feel like people really rewarded her for her gameplay and her willingness to play the game. During Redemption Island, she came back from Redemption Island defeating three other muscular, athletic and big guys and during Caramoan she was always trying to play the game and always targeting the people who she feels like she needs to get rid of. She doesn’t mind voting people out even If those people are part of the alliance. She’s cutthroat, sneaky and a really dangerous player.

Predictions: I think that her second try, Andrea will try too hard. First time around, It was bad timing. She tried to get Rob out but It was way too late. Second time, she lacks self-awareness. She got way too caught up with blindside that she lost all of her allies’ trust. This time, I think she’ll try to play a much more strategic game but unfortunately will overplay. I hope that’s not the case. But, I really think that It’s going to be super tough for her to win this one. Which is why I think Andrea will not go really far. Pre Merge.

Her best moment: Returning from Redemption Island beating three muscular and athletic guys.



(Kaoh Rong – Runner Up)

Aubry is another interesting character from Kaoh Rong. No doubt in my mind that she’ll always be asked back. She’s definitely the new Ciera who’s just adored and loved by Probst and the entire Producers. During Kaoh Rong, Aubry controlled most of the votes. The turning point was when she joined Cydney in blindsiding Nick and she changed the game when she managed to pull Tai into her alliance and totally changed the direction of the game into which direction she wants the game to go. Which is brilliant. And people believed that Aubry owned that season and It’s her season to lose, what people keep forgetting is that her social game wasn’t strong enough to get the jury votes.

Predictions: I think that Aubry will try to lay low a little bit because Kaoh Rong is still fresh in people’s minds. That season was the last season that the Game Changers watched and It will be so damn hard for Aubry because she’s seen as the strategist and mastermind of the season. Especially when there are four Kaoh Rong players returning on the same season, she’ll be targeted without a doubt. I think she’ll try to get people into her side but failed because people will know how much of a dangerous player she is. Pre Merge.

Her best moment: Flipping Tai and changed the course of the game from that point.



(Blood Vs Water – 15th)

Brad was on Blood vs Water and I remember totally hating on his gameplay and just him in general. But, he’s definitely playing a really great game early on by controlling some of the votes. His fatal flaw is his paraonia. He started gunning for people who had his back and he ruined his own game. He’s messy, all over the place but entertaining to watch at the same time. He’s definitely a villain, a stupid villain.

Predictions: I think Brad will use this opportunity to really play how the way he wanted to play. Early on, people were blaming him on everyone’s elimination and It’s really hard to recover from it but this time I think he’s trying to change his game and finally ready to play the game. I think he’s going to still be the villain that he is on Blood vs Water but I’m not sure how he’ll be able to gather people on his side because he’s playing with best of the bests. But, he’ll definitely go far. He’s not a threat, people think he’s easy to hate and just a dumbass. But I think he’s going to go really far on this season. I think Final 3, he won’t win but I think he’s going to get himself to the Final 3 this season. Final 3

His best moment: Can’t count.



(Kaoh Rong – 15th)

Caleb is originally from Big Brother 16 (the most boring season) and I remember he played the game based on loyalty and integrity so much that he would do so many stupid things because he’s paying attention on that way too much. He’s definitely not strategic but he’s physical. Which is the same thing in Kaoh Rong, he’s super physical that he pushed himself to the limit that he almost died on the challenge which leads to his scary and tragic evacuation (will always go down as the most nerve-wracking evacuations of all time). They didn’t really show that much of Caleb because the Beauty Tribe never attended Tribal Council and never lost an Immunity Challenge so we don’t really know his game that much. But a game changer? Is he really? I wouldn’t call himself a game changer but he definitely risked his life in the game as he almost died in the Island.

Predictions: I think Caleb is going to go super far in the game. What is the reasoning behind people targeting him? Is there really any? I mean the only reason people will target him is If he makes it to the merge and he’s becoming too big of a physical threat and that’s it. Because I don’t see Caleb as a strategist and as a mastermind really. I think he’s going to link up with all of the guys and possibly creating an all guys alliance that viewers will hate so much. But he’s definitely gonna go super far because people will have bigger fish to fry. I’d say… Late Jury like around fifth place or sixth place.

His best moment: I feel bad saying this but… almost dying at the challenge.



(Blood Vs Water – 5th, Second Chance – 10th)

“Fight for you spot in the game”, “Let’s play!”, “It’s not fun playing with people who don’t wanna win!” Ciera has now becoming the new Boston Rob of Survivor. With Boston Rob saying he won’t be returning again, I think the show will always have an open door for Ciera anytime she wants to return. And Ciera won’t have a problem returning for the tenth time I think because that’s just who she is. She’s competitive and fierce, you can also see that in her mom, Laura M. That’s just the Morretts I think. But, I really like Ciera. Ciera is a very strategic player, she thinks two or three steps ahead and she doesn’t mind lying to get to where she wants to be. Which is the epitome of a cutthroat player. Everyone loves a cutthroat player but not everyone is a fan of Ciera.

The hot debate is still, “Is it smart for her to vote her mom out or to force a rock draw?” It’s not about whether It’s the smartest thing for her to do or not, It’s about how she’s risking fourth place and be safe at that particular Tribal Council into being potentially get voted out by drawing a rock. I think she’s brilliant and voting out her mom? I think being the last couple standing is threatening so she had to vote out her mom. She’s on the majority anyways? And her mom isn’t a part of the sub alliance with Tyson anyways. So I think there are reasons why she did the move and It’s totally understandable. As for her second time playing, It wasn’t as great as the first but It was calmer and more go with the flow. Yes, she found herself on the minority early on the merge but she fought hard to stay and It took Jeremy to play his Hidden Immunity Idol to get her out. Had they manage to pull the blindside on Stephen, I think she’ll be going really far again like the first season.

Predictions: I think Ciera is a great player and she’s willing to change the game when the opportunity is there which is also the problem with her. She’s already too big of a threat. She’s willing to change the game and that will scare people. Which is going to be super difficult for her to win the season. She needs loyal army and really great strategic game to win. I think this time she’ll be way more subtle with her game, let the big players fight it out and she’ll take it from there. I really want her to win this time but I think she’ll only be until the Jury. I’d say Mid Jury.

Her best moment: Risking her game to draw rock.



(Panama – 4th, Micronesia – 3rd, Heroes vs Villains – 17th)

Cirie’s first appearance raised everyone’s eyebrows. How could you apply to a show where you have to be one with the nature but you’re afraid of a freaking leaf. But, she totally proved everyone wrong when she emerged from the girl who got scared of literally everything that moves to the one to beat, the master strategist, the mastermind, the social butterfly and one of the best players to ever play. Her game got even better on Micronesia when she lead an alliance till the end, voting everyone out and a part of one of the most dominant female alliances of all time, Black Widow Brigade. She took control of her own faith, she knows what she’s doing. She could have won, but It was Final 2 at that point and Amanda had to take her out because she’s way too threatening to take to the Final Tribal Council. Unfortunately, third time playing people kinda know her game and everyone was afraid of her and she got Idoled out. I feel like this is her time to make it happen, this is her last shot to win the game. It seems unlikely that they’ll bring anyone back for the fifth time. They might but the possibility is pretty small.

Predictions: I think Cirie is going to be in danger this season. It’s going to be very hard for her to win, she’s lucky that they put Tony and Sandra in this season, both of them are bigger fish to fry than her but she’s still the target numero uno in terms of strategist. I want to believe that she still has trick up her sleeves but I won’t raise my expectations too high not that I underestimated her but she’s playing against the bests, people know her game and they would want her out. I would love for them to let her stay because she’ll always be a threat but I don’t think they would want her around for too long. I think she’ll try to change the game and try to take the big players out but I don’t expect her to bring home the win. Early Jury.

Her best moment: Invented the “vote out the goat” strategy on Survivor. (when she created a 3-2-1 plan to vote Courtney out because everyone wants to take Courtney to the end)



(Kaoh Rong – 9th)

I was a bit confused when they brought Debbie back on this season eventhough I know they would want her quirky ass back on the upcoming seasons but Game Changer? She did change the game early on switching Aubry and Neal back on her and Joe’s side but that’s just it. Debbie never really took control of the game after that moment. She was a part of a blindside against Nick but that was it. She was just a number and a follower, not the leader. She didn’t make the move, she followed the plan. Debbie is a very quirky and one of a kind character and that could be working against her.

Predictions: What I meant by working against her is, people might see her as undeserving. And she’s not really the most strategic and she’s not sly enough to change the game by doing big moves. I don’t even think she’d lie to win the game. But, they might drag her far enough as a goat on Final Tribal Council. I really think that Debbie is a really fun person to watch and the occupation changes, hilarious. But, I think that no one would take her seriously and people would want them out. I just don’t think she’ll click with everyone on the Island. And I think they’d want her out because she’s annoying. Pre Merge.

Her best moment: Job Description changes.



(Worlds Apart – 11th)

It’s weird seeing her back, It’s kind of shocking because hot girls like Hali tends to be discredited. Whether they were a part of a move or they’re just playing a great social game, they have minimum edit. Which is a bit annoying because I really like Hali. She’s a smart woman and she’s intelligent but on Worlds Apart, they showed nothing about her. I think Jeff did show her trying to change the game when she tried to flip Sierra into her side from the misogynists (Dan, Rodney, Will) trying to form an all girls alliance with Sierra, Shirin and Jenn. She had great pitch, Sierra has other agendas. She has warm personality that will make people comfortable being around her, I think that’s her biggest strength and that will definitely help her in the game.

Predictions: She isn’t a big threat, infact I think she’s the one that comes to the Island with the smallest target on her back. She won’t be anyone’s problem, the only reason she’ll get voted off is if she’s becoming too big of a threat in the game this season. Hali is strong in challenges so I think she won’t be voted out because of her challenge strength. Hali has a great shot of winning the game, she could be the next Amber and take home the money and the title. Final 3.

Her best moment: MERICA!



(Australian Outback – 10th, Second Chance – 17th)

Wasn’t a fan of Jeff’s game on Australian Outback, the only thing I liked about his game on Australian Outback was his confessionals. He’s hilarious, I’ll give you that. Then he returned on Second Chance, playing a really aggresive too hard too fast kind of gameplay on pre merge, turning everyone against him. His problem is that he’s super sneaky but he couldn’t cover that with his social game. He’s very clumsy. It was a smart move to vote Vytas out on the first Tribal and then switching side to vote Shirin out. But, he’s doing that too fast that he lost everyone’s trust. And then he mouthed something to Kelly which raised Tasha’s suspicion that Jeff might be playing with other tribemates, If I were Tasha I’d do the same thing. I’d want Jeff out based on that. Jeff really needs to toned down a little bit. Toned down when to make a move, when to talk to people and when to really step up and take control of the game. If he does all of that with the perfect timing, he’d win hands down.

Predictions: I think that Jeff is really going to go far in the game this time. He said on the pre-season interviews that he had no pre-game alliances which is different with the Second Chance because he made a deal with almost everyone, this time he’s going to start off fresh. I think he’ll learn from all of his mistakes and actually play the game much better this time. But, people know his game and people see how sneaky and cunning he is. If he can gather people to his side, he’ll be doing just fine. Late Jury.

Her best moment: Voting Vytas out to wake the old schoolers to start playing the game.



(Tocantins – Winner, Heroes vs Villains – 10th)

JT started on Tocantins and to me played the most perfect game I’ve ever seen at that time, and possibly up until now. He burned bridges but seemed like he didn’t burn any bridges, he betrayed some people without making them feel like they’re being betrayed. With his charm, he manipulated the entire Timbira when Jalapao was outnumbered. It’s crazy how beautiful that worked out for him. He won the game fair and square and I feel bad for Stephen having to sit next to him and Stephen didn’t lose because he’s a bad player but he’s against one of the best players to ever play. But, he made one mistake by giving someone else an Idol when he doesn’t even know that person. People have been exaggerating it a little bit by saying that It’s the stupidest move ever on Survivor. To be fair, JT doesn’t know Russel at that time, he hasn’t seen his season yet but I won’t ever make any excuses about him giving an Idol to someone else, that’s just a big mistake. JT’s social game is his strongest attribute. He has warm personality and his southern charm that will definitely help him in this game the third time around.

Predictions: I think that the stupid mistake isn’t gonna make a huge impact on anything. People will still remember that he has won before and he’s a great player. That one stupid move won’t help him that much to me. The players this season, they’d want the winners out early on, they want the winner this time to be those who haven’t won before. And JT’s in trouble. But I have faith in him and his social game that he can worked his magic and stay for a while in the game. I feel like by making the stupid decision on the previous season, JT would want to fix that and will play a much more careful game this time. I don’t think he’ll win but I think he’ll go far. Mid Jury.

His Best Moment: Feeding to Coach’s egos and making him believe that he’s loyal to him.



(Philippines – 4th, Caramoan – 9th)

Malcolm is another great player and I could considered a legend just because of how he’s actually a great Survivor player. On Philippines, he almost won. Despite being dissolved from Matsing, he positioned himself well on the alliance and able to put trust into several people eventhough being perceived as a physical and social threat. He is obviously a favorite which then returned back-to-back on Caramoan. I actually liked Caramoan Malcolm better than Philippines, I feel like in Philippines he got a little bit scared to make big moves, in Caramoan we actually see a more ruthless, cutthroat and feisty version of himself. He found Idols, willing to make big moves and actually make some of Tribal Councils more interesting and worth watching. He ranked lower but he definitely played  a more memorable game than before. I feel like he’s actually going to play even harder and he could even be the villain the season. Who knows.

Predictions: Malcolm is like the person that guys want to hangout with and girls want to date with. You just feel cool around him and that’s his strength. You’re going to be connected with him the second you make an eye-contact with him, you’ll be fooled and you’ll be played by him. Malcolm is gonna be strong in challenges. But I feel like he’s going to be targeted really soon by the merge because they’re going to get the big physical threats out (Ozzy, Malcolm, JT, Caleb) if they make it to the merge. I think he’s going to be as entertaining as he’s ever been but I don’t think he’ll win this time. Early Jury.

His Best Moment: When he played two Idols at Tribal Council.



(Millenials vs Gen. X – 13th)

The thing is… Michaela is not a game changer. But for sure, she’s one hell of a crazy and fun character to watch. She’s feisty, fun, sassy, talkative, entertaining, she’s someone we’ve never seen before. Great in challenges, great one-liners and very funny as well. Her blindside is still the one that haunts me. It was so sad to see her go like that because I thought she would have at least made it to the merge and when people get her out by that time,  I would have understand and would have agreed with the plan but pre-merge? so robbed. She’s actually really strategic but she’s showing that to everyone which is why everyone suddenly targets her. She should’ve kept it to herself and she should control her emotions a little bit. She knows it but she couldn’t control it. Which is gonna be her downfall this time if she doesn’t fix it.

Predictions: I feel like because she’s playing back-to-back and everyone doesn’t know her will workout in her favor. Everyone will want her to be on their team because she’s a wildcard, everyone doesn’t know her game and Zeke’s as well so they will have no reason to vote her out until they get to see her game on the season. If she gets under the radar and control her emotions and let the big players get each other out while she’s sitting pretty and waiting her time to strike, she could win the whole thing. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll do that. I think she’ll be targeted because of her challenge dominance and her mental capability. I think this time she’ll place higher than before but will fall short still. I’ll predict merge, so Early Jury. But I cannot wait to see her play again. She’ll be very entertaining!

Her Best Moment: When she made a fire for the whole tribe and then had a breakdown and we got to see the vulnerable Michaela.



(Cook Islands – Runner Up, Micronesia – 9th, South Pacific – 4th)

I don’t know If I have ever been a fan of Ozzy, I don’t think I have. I think I’ve always seen Ozzy as a player that’s mean to lose. He’s very cocky and arrogant and the scariest part is he knows it and he doesn’t wanna change the fact that cocky and arrogant people will never win this game. You’ll be hated and you’ll be out. I mean, Boston Rob is cocky but he doesn’t show that to the entire tribe that he is. Ozzy is the best provider on Survivor like ever and the best challenge competitor, if not one of. But being good in challenges doesn’t guarantee you the title of Sole Survivor. In Micronesia, he’s so sure that he’s safe that he got voted out with the Idol in his pocket. In South Pacific, he spent most of his time on Redemption Island. Had there’s no Redemption Island, he would have been gone really early and wouldn’t have made it that far. Ozzy needs to toned it down and actually try to connect with people more. Be present at camp and try to connect on a personal level. I think he spent most of his time trying to provide for the tribemates (which is also a good strategy) but he missed most of the stuffs happening. He could have spend it by maybe sit down and actually have a one-on-one and heart-to-heart conversations with everyone at camp.

Predictions: I don’t think Ozzy will make it far. They either going to get Ozzy out or Malcolm. But in this case, I feel like Malcolm has better social game and he’s better strategically. You’ll always gonna be seen as a threat when your name is Ozzy and you won so many Immunity Challenges and become too big of a threat to bring to the merge. Pre Merge.

His Best Moment: Orchestrated the Trojan Horse plan.



(Pearl Islands – Winner, Heroes vs Villains – Winner)

Sandra’s first appearance on Pearl Islands shock everyone. She’s a feisty and fearless. She doesn’t care what everyone has to say because she’s going to get her way eitherway. She has won twice, she has yet to lose. The thing about her game is that she’s underestimated. But what’s better than to prove the haters wrong? She’s still the queen of Survivor whether you want to believe it or not. Her “as long as It’s not me” strategy works so well for her twice and her flexibility to vote anyone that’s not named Sandra has also helped her twice in the game. She’s entertaining and her beefs either with Jonny Fairplay or Russel Hantz are both so hilarious and funny and I’m curious who she’ll clash this time. I’m guessing Tony.

Predictions: I’m very worried. Sandra will not win this season, I’ll make sure of that and I can guarantee that she won’t be the winner. It’s going to be extremely hard for her to go far this time because people know her game. People are afraid of her and people aren’t stupid anymore. When they see Sandra on the Island, they will want to vote her out immediately. I don’t know If she has trick up her sleeves (I pray to God she has) but returning in a season filled with hungry for blood players will not help her resume. Pre Merge.

Her Best Moment: There’s honestly a lot. And she’s the one invented “As long As It Ain’t Me. But her top moment is possibly when she took the other tribe’s tarp with the attitude. So hilarious.



(Cagayan – 11th)

She got such a good edit back on Cagayan and shocked the entire fans that she’s out on the very first Tribal after the merge. But, that episode really proved me that she’s not that great of a player. She questioned Kass and made Kass to flip. She couldn’t made up her mind on where to vote and getting too happy to be the double agent which leads to her own blindside. But, she has always been reliable before that. She’s strong in challenges, great strategically and very sociable with the entire tribe. Eventhough she’s the odd man out after the tribe switch, she worked her social game and positioned herself well. She correctly guessed that Tony is a cop and targeted Tony and heck, I would love to see that happen. Sarah is a great player up until her downfall that is on the merge. I’d love to see her play the game this time around and prove that she’s capable of actually being not only a great physical player but also strategic.

Predictions: She’s possibly the other person other than Hali and Sierra who doesn’t have that big of a target on her back. People probably don’t remember her that much and that will help her in the game. She’s also strong in challenges so she’s definitely save as far as I’m concerned on Pre-Merge because why vote a strong challenge competitor? But, I’m afraid that she’ll overplay like she did on Cagayan. I think she will align with strong alpha males and voted out because of that. Mid Jury.

Her Best Moment: Copdar.



(Worlds Apart – 5th)

You know how young, hot, blondie, cute girl always got underedited on Survivor. They just don’t seem to be that interested and that’s why Hali is underedited and also why Sierra is underedited. Which is why I think I have faith in her that she is not just a confused player. Her game back on Worlds Apart is to linked up with the goats. Drag them to the end and win because she’s sitting beside the undeserving players. We can argue all night long whether It’s a respectable move but that’s for sure an effective way for her to win at that time. With players like Will, Rodney and Dan, you would want that kind of people at the end because they will never win the game by being chauvinistic and sexist and Sierra knows that and she took advantage of it. The thing is, by playing a quiet strategic game, you will not get edited well on Survivor. She played a great social game and was strong in challenges but her strategic game got overshadowed by other great strategic players like Carolyn or Tyler. She did take a part in a great blindside against Tyler alongside with Carolyn and Mike but other than that, she played a really quiet game. Which is effective but I’m not sure everyone quite understands her game that well.

Predictions: It’s great that she came back and she’s ready to prove that she’s not just a cute, young country girl. I feel like her challenge strength is going to help her and she’ll be respected by everyone. Her performances in challenges will help her get closer to the end. She’s going to be targeted later though with the same reason as to why people targeted her on Worlds Apart. I think she’ll go deep but not going to win the game. She could be Wentworth 2.0, who knows. Late Jury.

Her Best Moment: Fully aware of Tyler and campaigning to get him out.



(Kaoh Rong – 3rd)

I loved Tai at the beginning before he’s pulle through the darkside. Tai is loveable and very entertaining and his contagious personality that just brings joy and laughter. But Tai is a game changer. His decision to not combine his Idol with Jason’s Idol was really shocking and jaw dropping. It did change the game for the rest of the season and actually helped the women to have an easier path to get to the end and win the game. Tai is also strong in challenges. But his indecisiveness and his inability to convince the jurors that he’s played a strong game ruined his chances to win the game. When you have Aubry that’s just good with her words and Michele who’s turning into the dark horse and played stronger game each and everday, Tai failed to stand out. I’m curious to see how he’s going to play this time around. I think she’ll be overshadowed by other big characters.

Predictions: I don’t have that much faith in Tai to win the game. I think he’s going to overplay and got caught up with everything that’s been going on. I think that he’ll go very early. Pre Merge.

His Best Moment: Didn’t play his Idol and blindsided Scot.



(Cagayan – Winner)

Tony is possibly one of the most entertaining winners we’ve ever had. He’s just not great in the game in all three aspects of the game but he’s also very entertaining and provide great bombastic moments over and over again. He found three Idols, great in challenges, great strategically and always make the moves at the right time. The point is to get the people out before they can get you out and Tony did that. His aggressive gameplay although got critiques from the Jurors because he couldn’t convince them that he played the game aggressively and he didn’t own up to it. But he was sitting beside Woo, that would be undeserving to see Woo represent Cagayan. Tony is a great character and player on Survivor. A complete package who will always be remembered.

Predictions: It’s going to be hard to see Tony go far and win the game. He said he wouldn’t be back If he lost the game. Well what did you expect? You would expect people to just buy everything that you said after watching your season? He can find Idols as much as he wants and he can build as many spyshacks as he wants but that won’t help him get closer to the money. I think he’s going to be very entertaining to watch but he won’t win the game. Candidate for first boot. Pre Merge.

His Best Moment: I’m conflicted between Llama talk and introducing us to spyshack.



(One World – 8th)

He’s possibly the only deserving male on One World to come back and have another shot at the game. He knows the game, he’s strategic and great in challenges but he has a big mouth and he’s so loud that people just hate him so much because of it. He has no social game and that is the main reason why the girls want him out. But also the fact that he’s the only male who kinda have a shot at winning the game at the end. His showdown with Kim was way too short but entertaining to watch. Troyzan was outnumbered but fought hard to stay by winning challenges and trying to put distrust on the girls but he doesn’t know that the girls alliance are stronger than ever. But Troyzan was the only one who caught up to Kim.

Predictions: Eventhough he doesn’t seem to be the biggest threat out of all twenty returning players but he’s the candidate for pre-merge boot. He rubs people the wrong way and his loudmouth is going to hurt him again this time. Pre-Merge.

His Best Moment: “This is my Island!”



(Millenials Vs Gen. X – 9th)

Zeke was everyone’s winner pick because he’s in a such great position and great edit as well. He’s the narrator and knows what’s been happening in the game. He’s always in control and always trying to work with everyone and he’s connected with so many people on personal level. Eventhough he got blindsided early on, he worked hard to get to the majority position and make sure that It stays that way. He’s unique and different from the others and that’s why I think they’ll bring him back in future seasons and they did. With no one knowing Zeke’s game, that’s going to help him in the game.

Predictions: I think as a fan of the game, getting second chance means so much to him. That means the Producers all actually believed in him and there’s unfinished business that needs to be done. Zeke is a great strategist and also great in challenges. If he can hide the fact that he’s strategic and work well at camp and great performance in challenges, he’s gonna go far. I think that this is his time. He’s going to take advantage of the fact that people doesn’t know him and he’ll be using it while slowly making moves and suddenly he’s at the Final Three. I’m excited to see him play this time. Final Three. My pick to win.

His Best Moment: The moment he shared at the Reward Challenge with Bret when Bret came out.



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