Survivor Game Changers: Survivor Jackpot Review!



I couldn’t recap the first two episodes because I got no time and I got busy. But I want to recap the episodes from this point and on. So far….It has been a pretty solid season. I think that this exactly what we expected in a season with game changers, 14 game changers, I had to go there. This is basically shark tank and everyone wants to show off their moves, everyone wanna build their resumes and show everyone that they deserve the spot in this Game Changers season. I personally like the season so far because my favorites are all still in the game, I really don’t care about the three that just left the game. I don’t think Ciera should accept if she was offered and I don’t think Tony should ruin a perfect resume. So I honestly think none of those two should return because they’re just going to ruin their statistics. Meanwhile, Caleb shouldn’t return because he is not a game changer and his game just isn’t fitting with the theme. Game changing? Really? Not even Jeff can convince me that what Caleb did in Kaoh Rong is game changing. But, moving on….there are some memorable moments from the episode and I am going to just recap the highlights;Read More »