Survivor Game Changers: Survivor Jackpot Review!



I couldn’t recap the first two episodes because I got no time and I got busy. But I want to recap the episodes from this point and on. So far….It has been a pretty solid season. I think that this exactly what we expected in a season with game changers, 14 game changers, I had to go there. This is basically shark tank and everyone wants to show off their moves, everyone wanna build their resumes and show everyone that they deserve the spot in this Game Changers season. I personally like the season so far because my favorites are all still in the game, I really don’t care about the three that just left the game. I don’t think Ciera should accept if she was offered and I don’t think Tony should ruin a perfect resume. So I honestly think none of those two should return because they’re just going to ruin their statistics. Meanwhile, Caleb shouldn’t return because he is not a game changer and his game just isn’t fitting with the theme. Game changing? Really? Not even Jeff can convince me that what Caleb did in Kaoh Rong is game changing. But, moving on….there are some memorable moments from the episode and I am going to just recap the highlights;


Everyone gets very hungry in that Island and when you’re hungry you just wanna eat everything and that’s basically Sandra. Sandra thinks that they need to eat the goat, she doesn’t care If It’s Mama Goat or the little one, she just wants to eat. Even when there’s chicken there. JT was the first one to put the idea on the table to catch the goats and Sandra was very entertained by it but JT and the rest of the group were all hestitant to eat it because they feel bad. But, Sandra is being Sandra. She doesn’t care, she thinks the goats are all there for human consumption. It was entertaining to see how everything went down, Sandra was still pushing for everyone to eat the goat while everyone’s kinda not thinking the same. What I realized is that Sandra is pushing it way too much and everyone was aware with the situation that Sandra just doesn’t care. Malcolm was very annoyed by Sandra and Michaela was aware that Sandra only cares about Sandra. That’s really terrible for Sandra’s game because If next Tribal, JT can pull something to convince everyone to keep him and get Sandra out (from the preview) the others will think they should have no business to keep Sandra because she only cares about herself. Sandra might be going home.


I usually hate Idol Hunt Episode, It’s boring and predictable. It’s super bland. And they have one every season which I hate it so much. This time, I feel like for the first time I actually kinda like it. This is probably JT’s most entertaining time on the Island. First time playing, he was Rodney’s 3c (Calm, Cool & Collected). Second time playing, he’s more ruthless but he was stupid. This time, he’s fun and entertaining. He wanted to find the Immunity Idol because he knew he would be going home If they go to Tribal Council. So he decided to go catch a fish with his fellow tribemates, Malcolm bend the spears. JT is a gentleman, he’s gonna fix it. But his intention wasn’t to fix the spears, It is to find the Immunity Idol. It’s hilarious and fun to watch how JT executed it perfectly at first until the others started to realize that JT’s basically leaving them in the middle of the ocean on purpose for him to do something back on the Island. The other caught him and he didn’t know If they did. But It’s amazing to see JT still got it in him, he’s not running out of ideas. I’m afraid his old school gameplay will ruin his game this time but turns out he can adapt to the new school kinda gameplay. I’m super excited to see how JT’s gonna play this game, If he can turn everyone against Sandra he’s going to get major points from not just me but everyone watching.



The second Idol hunting is from the Tavua Tribe. The same with JT, now Troyzan is the odd man out. He was originally from Mana and the other five tribemates are from Nuku. He needs Immunity Idol because he believed he’s on the outsider. Turns out, he’s right. As Zeke said in the Secret Confessional that he’s aligned with Cirie, Sarah and Andrea. And I’m sure they aren’t willing to get rid of Ozzy that soon so the obvious option is to get rid of Troyzan. I’m not a fan of Troyzan, I think he’s extremely annoying and he’s too hyperbolic. Unlike JT, he succesfully found the clue to the location of the HII and found it on the Immunity Challenge. I’m glad he fought for it, but I’m not really excited that he got it because he would have used it and I like everyone from Tavua. So, there’s someone that needs to be sacrificed. But when he was trying to collect woods with Andrea, there’s one confessional that’s really foreshadowing. Because the editors didn’t need to show that If nothing happens. I’m worried that Troyzan might write Andrea’s name down and Andrea’s getting Idoled out because Troyzan stated in the confessional that he doesn’t trust Andrea and Andrea is like the little devil. So, I’m worried. I hope I’m wrong.




If you seen Big Brother 16, you probably recognized Caleb. He’s strong in challenges, was never in a minority, always in the know, always knows what’s happening in the house and was voted out because he’s a big threat. It’s not the same on Survivor. Caleb is just not fitting for Survivor. First he’s medically evacuated and now he’s out again screwed by a switch. In an original season though, he would’ve been safe. But this is a sharktank basically, there are so many players trying to change the game and they’re not just thinking two steps ahead, they’re thinking five-six steps ahead and that’s what the whole Mana were doing. They voted for Caleb, who is a threat when the merge comes and is really close with Tai. Also there are three players from Kaoh Rong on Mana, so they had to vote someone out and the choice was between Caleb and Hali. So Caleb’s gotta go. They didn’t show much of Caleb campaigning, not on the Island I think becuase he knew the logical thing to do was to keep him safe. It stinks for him to be voted out on the same day as Kaoh Rong but If he had the influence or the eager to actually campaign, I think It would’ve been different.


I’m trying to figure out what happened to Hali. I really liked her on Worlds Apart and so sad to see her go and when I saw her coming back, I’m really excited and I got so much faith in her. I think she’s a great talker because she’s an attorney and I think she really can campaign for her life. Turns out, we see none of them. Hali showed no fire in her, she showed no willingness to fight for her game. She was basically playing a passive game. I dont’ know if the editors just hate her so much but they would’ve shown us If Hali campaigned to stay. It seems like It was all Sierra, Brad and Debbie who controlled the vote this week. I’m sure she talked to a few of them but I’m shocked that they didn’t see any of it. I hope that she can show us more than just a great talker in Tribal Council.



108343_D03849b (1).jpg

Player of the Week has gotta be Brad. Brad, Debbie, Sierra and Tai wanted Hali gone at the beginning but they were all really worried with Tai and Caleb’s relationship that they decided to just cut Caleb’s head off. Tai wanted Caleb to stay at that point but Brad told Tai that for his longevity, It’s best for Caleb to go so that Tai and Caleb won’t be seen as a duo anymore. I think It’s a brilliant play from Brad. It’s basically Aubry all over again. Aubry flipped Tai last time and this time It’s Brad. It showed us all that Tai is wishy-washy and he couldn’t made up his mind. He isn’t consistent and that’s something that’s scary on Survivor when you’re playing with him but fun for the viewers to watch. Brad seems to be changing a lot, he’s been really calm and I’m glad he’s changing his game. He’s not neurotic Brad.


Overall, I think the episode is really great. I ain’t complaining about the boot because the first two boots were all entertaining characters. I’m glad the episode didn’t take away someone that could be great and fun to watch. Caleb is Caleb. He’s great in physical challenges but he’s not the most entertaining players in the group so If he’s gotta go, I don’t mind. There were so many funny moments, It’s like way more light than the first two episodes who to me seemed to be very dark and gloomy. Less strategy and this is the episode where the under the radar players starting to show that they got game.



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