The twelfth season of the voice has been…. so dull. The talents aren’t as great as the previous seasons and aren’t as diverse. And maybe because they have lower the standard of age to audition to the Voice, there are way more unprepared singers that should’ve waited for at least 2 or 3 more years. They’re just not ready for the big stage and they still let them on because they wanna show there’s no age limit which is stupid because they’re still nervous and still shaky. It’s so hard even for me to just name 10 great performances from the KO Round Itself. 

10. JChosen – Without You by Usher (Team Gwen)

No It wasn’t the strongest performance from JChosen vocally and performance wise. I think this is a lame song choice, he could’ve done better than that but the runs and the melodies were so amazing and how he pours his heart into it. It was so easy for him to sing it, which maybe because the song was too easy for him.

9. Hunter Plake – I Wanna Know What Love Is by Foreigner (Team Gwen)

I’m not really a fan of Hunter, he’s not really my cup of tea and I wasn’t paying attention much about him. But as soon as he starts singing, he captivates me. He sang a different version of this song that I have never heard before eventhough this song is so overdone, he was able to make it sound so different and unique. He sounded much better when he was playing the piano but overall, It was so captivating and so sweet.

8. Lilli Passero – Tears Dry On Their Own by Amy Winehouse (Team Alicia)

Lili is my favorite since the beginning, she has this old soul inside her. She’s unique, she sounds different than the other contestants and she has 80’s vibe in her. I can tell she does well with old songs, which is also scary for me because I want her to also be able to be current and I want her music to sell well in this generation. But this particular performance, she did really well. She owned the stage, we still got to hear her crystal clear voice and she moved around, she wasn’t stiff. Not all the notes were hit perfectly, but It was enough to land herself in this list because It sounded so great that night. I am glad she was stolen, I hope Adam doesn’t screw him over.

7. Anatalia Villaranda – Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood (Team Alicia)

What’s with giving country songs to these contestants who aren’t even close to country? Is it like a pattern or something? Anatalia is used to singing big songs that allows her voice to soar to the studio. And she does well with uptempo songs because she’s just so present and so entergetic. She owned the stage everytime she gets up there. This time It’s different. I think Alicia wants to show a different side to her, a more singing from heart. I had doubts at first because I thought this doesn’t fit her voice, but she proved me wrong. It sounded so great from the beginning till the end. She hit those notes perfectly and she ended the performance with a bang.

6. TSoul – These Arms Are Mine by Otis Redding (Team Blake)

TSoul is another unique contestant from this season. He just sounded so unique and different. It will take him more than just being unique and different this season though to outlast the other singers especially when there are so many memorable singers. This performance shocked me because I wanted Enid to win at the beginning because as an overall journey, Enid did really well and dare I say much better than TSoul but he slayed that performance. The long notes and the runs that he did were unbelieveable. He poured his heart into the song and sang it really beautifully.

5. Stephanie Rice – Safe & Sound by Civil Wars (Team Gwen)

I’ve always wanted someone to sing this song and strip it down like Stephanie did. Just with a guitar and her beautiful voice, sounded so beautifully. It was so calming and so relaxing to hear her sing the song. At some point, I do feel like she’s holding back a little bit. I’m curious to see when she doesn’t hold back. I’m glad she’s given a second chance, I’m excited to hear her more.

4. Chris Blue – Supersitition by Stevie Wonder (Team Alicia)

Chris Blue’s Blind Audition was hands down my favorite Blind Audition this season and could be one of my favorite Blinds of all time. Alicia was so lucky to get him and she was  so patient to wait for the perfect artist to fill up her team. Chris is hands down the best vocalist when we’re talking about falsettos and high notes. She could hit it easily but we need more than that. With infectious energy and stage presence, he sang this song so well It was so entertaining. He jumped, he hoped and he walked around the stage like he wasn’t nervous at all. Which is so fun to watch.

3. Vanessa Fergusson – If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight & The Pipes (Team Alicia)

Vanessa isn’t really the contender and the frontrunner at the beginning. She’s good but she’s outshined by other characters. I love the thickness of her voice and she did sound like Alicia a little bit. She got the groove when she sings and she’s proven that she’s current. With her and the piano, she’s unstoppable.

2. Brennley Brown – Up To The Mountain by Patty Griffin (Team Gwen)

Brennley at first sounded so affected and so immature. I didn’t like her Blinds, I think they should have given her more time back home. She just sounded so pretentious when she’s singing. But I see Danielle Bradberry in her. But then, there’s this another version of Brennley on Knockout Round. She made my jaw dropped. Every single notes gave me chills. I got chills from the beginning till the end. Everything went right especially at the end, 35 seconds before the performance ended (specifically 1:37) gave me goosebumps. She sang it from the heart and It was so beautiful. It’s magical. She can win this.

1. Felicia Temple – My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion (Team Blake)

This is possibly one of the biggest upsets on The Voice ever to send through a mediocre country singer who I’m not even bothered to learn her name over Felicia Temple. Felicia belt those notes, sang it like she’s Celine Dion and just killed the song. No one should even tempted to sing this song for the second time on The Voice because she has put a high standard for this song. It’s such a travesty that she’s gone, here’s hoping that there’s a coach comeback and one of those deaf coaches bring her back. (Still mad no one stole her).


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